Jared Kushner Recaps the Peace to Prosperity Summit in Bahrain

Jared Kushner: We just
finished a very exciting two days here in Bahrain
where we had the Peace to Prosperity Workshop. We had over 20 countries
participate and 350 business leaders
throughout the world. Everyone reviewed the
plan; they gave us a lot of good, constructive
feedback. But the overall consensus
is that this is a very executable plan if we're
able to get a political solution and if we have
the right governing structure in place. There is so much thirst
and exciting in investing in the West Bank in Gaza,
and Jordan, and Egypt, from the global community
if we can create the right conditions for
that to happen. I want to thank everybody
for giving their feedback. Go to the website,
download the plan, and read it. We've passed just over one
half-million people who have done it and we're
hoping to get many, many more. This is a very important
blueprint for the Palestinian people, and
hopefully a step in the direction of making this
a safer, more prosperous region with tremendous
opportunity for all the people. Thank you.

23 thoughts on “Jared Kushner Recaps the Peace to Prosperity Summit in Bahrain

  • A second redone of recap at 10% feed rate at 50M a year sounds almost the same plan but less waste and controlable that a 250M air drop. Goverment and their wild Experiaments, yikes! Quick change of Sea Way for Jordan? So cool to plan ahead of ages. Trees/Pillars/Bridges.?

  • Those who get things DONE have to start somewhere. Commerce will build a better economy, and is the opposite of hate and terrorism, which should be welcome in ANY country! ThanQ Jared. I count you and Ivanka as my "Economy Warriors"! God Bless

  • There are no Palestinian people or land they are Arab enemies of Israel and peace we should not be giving then a penny or any legitimate standing,I am sorely disappointed in this so-called peace plan, Arabs no Peace no Arabs Peace. They are Muslims who hate Israel and the USA
    The peace plan should be Live in Peace or leave, Live in Peace or DIE.

  • Turks put in their Empire at risk and didn’t give up Palestine 100 years ago.
    Shame on you Guys.
    So sad to see the grand kids of our Messenger like this….

  • LORD JESUS IS COMING 🙏 ❤️ ARE YOU READY ??? RAPTURE TIME 😀 REPENT IN JESUS NAME ❤️ ADONAI❤️ ….WW3 (Usa and Israel vs Russia, China, Iran and Turkey) REPENT IN JESUS NAME ❤️ ADONAI❤️ (We are JESUS bride 👰) 7 years big trouble is for Israel and this Evil world 🌍 not for us 😀 Father ADONAI ❤️ speak with us !!! Church Rapture any day now !!! JESUS IS COMING 🙏 ❤️

  • Good work Jared. Glad you're focusing on development of the west bank to bring improvement to all who are basically camping there rather than being able to live a good life. Good work. Glad youre holding the plan close to your chest to give it a chance when unveiled. Cheers.

  • What I believe, this stupid peace conference, which a 100/100 unfair to the Palestinian, will lead the whole region to violence, I have no idea , why not just agree to the tow state solution, 1967 line, and end the conflict??!!

  • Kush needs OUT! He is a Soros/Kock brothers puppet. He shouldn't be involved in anything we didn't vote for him.

  • Money can not solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. No one with a clear mind accepts this parade that they call peace deal, this is a game that we all played, a movie that we all watched, for the last 26 years the only idea that was tested and tried was economic fees on the Palestinians.Everybody knows that the major obsticle for unleashing the Palestinian economy is the obvious issue of restrictions, and also the Israeli occupation, the inability of the Palestinians to use their resources, to make trades, lack of control etc. In the moment when Palestinians get back their political rights and economic sovereignty then they will be capable to build their OWN thriving economy.

  • What ever happened to America first? Now trump is gonna fight Israel's wars for free, well with our tax money of course. I'm sick of this lying shill. I think either don't vote or vote Tulsi 2020 to end this BS, and finally put America first once and for all

  • You are all looking at the the Messiah that Israel's been waiting for, this guy will give everything Israel was promised/wishing for

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