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president Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner will today unveiled a fifty billion dollar economic package in Bahrain the first steps aimed at restarting a peace plan between Israel and Palestine but leaders from neither country will attend Palestine president has dismissed the plan saying a political solution is more important now I had Lee yeah this is this is quite interesting I mean perhaps more interesting who's not attending then who is attending so what can really come of this meeting given that the two key leaders are absent it's a excellent question Julianna and I think it's one that they will be seeking to answer over the next couple of days later and today we're expecting to hear from Jared Kushner who's really the author of this peace to prosperity conference we also know that the US Secretary of the Treasury mr. Steven the neutron is in attendance as well Steve Schwarzman is coming but as you say representatives from the Palestinians and Israelis in short supply year they didn't attend they decided not to come the Palestinians have really been hitting out at this ahead of this peace to prosperity conference saying hey listen this is an attempt to buy us off you're basically liquidating our cause and and then the Israelis remaining pretty silent maybe willing to watch and wait here but at the end of the day what this is about is an opportunity according to mr. Kushner and others for the Palestinians to really invest or have their economy prosper so basically the World Bank said that last year 2018 that the Palestinian economy grew by zero and we're talking about the future and prosperity of some five to six million people here aren't way no this is fifty billion dollars of investment over the next ten years the bulk of this investment they're hoping is going to come from Gulf Arab allies like Saudi Arabia like the UAE Bahrain etc and essentially this is broken down apparently into thirteen point five billion dollars in grants twenty six billion dollars in low-interest loans and about eleven billion dollars in private capital investment now make no mistake about it this is investment that the Palestinians desperately need no matter what side of the peace plan or peace accord that you might follow on at this point this is something that they desperately need but at the end of the day this is being framed certainly from their side as an attempt to buy them off now in terms of what this can money can actually put be put to work to do this is also actually quite political because in one instance for example they're talking about a multi-billion dollar trend or transfer corridor between Gaza and the West Bank that obviously would have to go somewhere through Israel so so this ends up being political whether they want it to be or not but again the White House really framing this as an opportunity for the Palestinians in terms of their economy talking about high-speed Internet talking about massive infrastructure development as well opportunities for education opportunities for basic things like potable water supplies things that they desperately need but at the end of the day whether this moves the dial forward when it comes to peace in the Middle East that's a bigger question cuddley I'm just frankly confused here so maybe you can help me out I've looked at all of the headlines on Jared Kushner's interviews and his program and he says this is going to have to this deal is going to have to fall somewhere between what is it the Arab Peace Initiative and what Israel may what on earth is he talking about the Arab Peace Initiative has been endorsed year after year after year by the Arab League it effectively has a signature of confidence on it from the Arab community and yet he says we're going to get something that doesn't look anything like this that perhaps is going to force the Arab community to accept concessions what on earth is he talking about I think that you've had this yet again Jeff the nail on the head right there I think the problem of course is very much a political one and essentially what we were told ahead of this conference is it was all going to be about the financial side of things all going to be about the economy they didn't want to be talking about foreign policy they didn't want to be talking about I'm all the minutia when it comes to working out some kind of future peace process or priests deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians they really wanted it to be focused on the economy but you can't have that conversation as you very rightly point out without having the bigger conversation about how this plays into the future of this region and I think it's going to be interesting to see over the next couple of days you know at the end of the day these are good ideas these are things that as I say the Palestinians desperately need in terms of that kind of investment but there is a political arm to this and it is if you're not going to resolve the political side of this it's difficult to see how these economic initiatives will really be able to be put to work hi I'm Johanna Versace and thank you for watching you can check out more of our videos by clicking on the boxes on the screen and don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more from CNBC international thank you for watching

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  • Israel is a sovereign nation and a sovereign nation has the right to determine its Capitol. – J Kushner

    Apparently, this also includes places outside of your sovereign borders. Cool, this works well for Canada's full annexation of Niagara Falls and Buffalo, New York. What? Its not like they built anything there. Look how ugly and desolate it is. Not to worry, it will be Canada soon and properly looked after and cared for. All the people that live there should leave too since in this book here it says that it was actually originally Canada anyway… soooo…

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