Jared Kushner Unveils $50 Billion Palestinian ‘Peace to Prosperity’ Plan

good afternoon guys let's start this this is Breitbart here Jared Kushner it says here that letters reports the Trump administration is 50 billion dollar Middle East economic plan calls for creation of a global investment fund to lift the Palestinian and neighboring Arab state economies and construction of a five billion dollar transportation quarter to connect the West Bank and Gaza according to US officials and documents reviewed by Reuters a peace to prosperity plan set to be presented by President Donald Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner and an international conference in Bahrain next week includes 179 infrastructure and business projects according to the documents the approach toward reviving the Mormon israeli-palestinian peace process was criticized by the Palestinians on Saturday the economic revival plan would take place only if a political solution to the region's long-running problems is reached let me say this Trump has something in mind when it comes to dealing and remember cue said first Iran and then they will deal with Israel last whatever he has in mind for Israel it's going to be it's gonna be a shocker for the Israeli government not for the people but for the government and and probably a shocker for the the Palestinian those that control the Palestinian people that's it's going to be a shocker for them as well life is not going to continue on over there probably as it has been that's good peace needs to happen one way or another and Trump is Trump and Putin are in the process of doing that and perhaps is even ping as well it takes I think it's it's for sure gonna take Trump and Putin together and it wouldn't hurt if she Jinping went along with it and helped out a little bit moving on to little Alexandria she blames the the oil refinery explosion or climate change you know we all understand we get it I mean she's a mental midget has been probably for most of her life she's not been all that bright and you know something I'm not gonna hold my breath waiting for her to become intelligent and it's just not going to happen she is knee-deep into being corrupt being part of the process being part of the the whole get what you can while you can attitude there in the politics it's certainly not just a Democrat thing it's been a Republican thing forever as well and she sees no reason why she shouldn't be getting what she considers to be her fair share now well she's in for a rather rude awakening I think a lot of them are in for a rude awakening moving on to a GOP Rep John Stewart showboating and 9/11 hearing that's about all they do the vast majority of these guys that's all they do the only people that didn't show both that actually mean what they say Kanye West from what I can tell there's a few there's a few celebrities that actually do mean what they say and they put their money where their mouth is Jon Stewart's not one of them and then Jordan Egypt attending Mideast peace meeting good near times brooke says Biden is tone-deaf Brooks I Got News for you the vast majority the politician that tone-deaf for umpteen years for my entire life they've been tone-deaf because they've been so corrupt and stupid he says glad that Iran strike was halted I'm sure Trump is very happy to hear that I'm sure he was sitting on the edge of a seat waiting for you to say that no I don't like Brooks Brooks is a moron he may not be as bad as some of the other Democrats but that's not saying much and then man on trial throws feces at judge you know I don't think that that's gonna help him in his cause I I just um you know that's that's not the way to get on you know number one where the hell did he get it from yeah I know I know I he pulled it out of his ass I know I know but my goodness I mean did he carry yeah I don't think I want to know you know we'll leave it right there yeah it's I I doubt he's literally pulled it out of his rear lalala that's code for me to shut up move on shoppers guilty I mean there's so many places you go with that you know it's ready sis please dump shop owner is guilty of 3.4 billion food stamp fraud you know every week you hear about some major fraud on welfare it's crazy just crazy and then Hong Kong protests show historic split between northern and southern China interesting and then how the West enabled China organ harvesting expansion I tell you what there's a lot of I mean there's more organ harvesting going on than we've ever imagined way more us blocks more Chinese firms on national security concerns that's I tell you what he is telling their economy and he's gonna get done what he needs to and let's see here migrants spotted shooting at Arizona Bert wall you know something that guy yeah he need yeah I would say shoot back absolutely and Sinaloa cartel meth lab seized in Mexico oh that's one of thousands yeah but you know at least they got one coyotes use agencies to smuggle children to parents in US and you know all that stuff has got to be stopped absolutely and then please call to late-night tear up tear up between Boris Johnson and girlfriend do you think they're trying I guarantee you that the establishment over there they want so bad to stop Boris Johnson from winning because they know damn good well if he gets in he's going to he's gonna get he's in to finish brexit he will do it and and they're like oh crap we don't know about this and then boats topped with hundreds of migrants headed to Europe good good Germany lawmakers want prison for burning EU flag to hell with the EU he was all but done all but done and and then prosecution suffers massive blows in Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher trial yeah for sure when this guy here when he admitted to doing the killing himself and the tenth American dies after visiting the Dominican Republic you know that is not the place to go whatever's going on there stay away stay away and then surveillance video shows TSA attacker at Arizona Airport and what else tariffs on China the number one issue driving Hispanic support for Trump I tell you what they want then these people want jobs and they you know if they if Trump can bring the jobs back to America it's so be it you know and let's see here what else I think Mike Braun Rick Scott urged GOP leadership to attach no budget no pay to the budget it's not gonna work but it's a nice thought and anyway that is all for now god bless you all have a good day up next is Zero Hedge bye-bye now

28 thoughts on “Jared Kushner Unveils $50 Billion Palestinian ‘Peace to Prosperity’ Plan

  • Almost as treasonous and stupid as sunken chested Bath House Barry's Iran deal. We need to ask Kushner and Trump if any of this money will support the Palestinian terrorists like Kerry said the Iranian money would be used for terrorism.

  • This is an exercise in futility. Its going nowhere. I don't know why Kushner and others cannot figure this out. Its a waste of time.

  • Kick the jews out of israel and give it back to the Palestinians, then there will be peace in that part of the world.

  • WATCH OUT THAT US TAX MONEY . IT MIGHT GO INTO KUSHNER'S POCKET. they're great magicians, the zionists.

  • I rarely disagree with you outright, Martin, but Jon Stewart has been working and speaking in support of the first responders since the attack happened. He knows and is friends with many firemen, in particular, and is pissed off that they've been cast away like our veterans have.

  • Can anyone tell me which video was on. I couldn't finish it because I had to go get the kids. Thank you

  • Save 50 billion, let the arabs take israel out to the woodshed without creepy uncle sam helping out or donating sheckels. If they get along with folks they will survive, if they fail, we lost nothing, why would we want a bunch of limp dick future light fixtures dragging us down? If they win they get to live, like everyone else.

  • Daniel 9:27And he will confirm a covenant with many for one week, but in the middle of the week, he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And on the wing of the temple will come the abomination that causes desolation, until the decreed destruction is poured out upon him.”

  • 50 billion dollars of which probably two thirds will be lining the pockets of the already corrupt and wealthy, seen it all before. Poor people of rich countries (in this case forced) giving to wealthy people of poor countries. Tha's a quote.

  • The Palestinians do not want peace or prosperity.  What they want is to see every Jew in the country of Israel dead.  Their religious books command them to kill the Jews, Christians, atheists, and every other religion.  It is a waste of money.  How about helping the 50,000 homeless people in Los Angeles instead?

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  • Israel Genie Energy Oil pipeline. Board of directors include Rothschild and many well-known USA White House officials.


  • First Trump works with the Kardashians and lets blacks out of prison while doing nothing about the epidemic of black on white, asian, hispanic crime and murder! Now more money for muslims! outrageous!

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