Jared Kushner's Middle East Peace Plan Isn't Going Very Well

Jared Kushner is in Bahrain today unveiling his grand plan for Middle East peace or at least phase 1 which is to develop the Palestinian economy my direct message to the Palestinian people is that despite with those who have let you down in the past tell you President Trump and America have not given up on you the Kushner plan calls for raising 28 billion dollars in investment into the Palestinian territories and billions more for neighboring Egypt Jordan and Lebanon as well but all the famously intractable political questions whether there can be a two-state solution and the status of Jerusalem all of those are being left for some later date can Adele genady is a Palestinian olive farmer who 10 years ago came up with a plan for a joint venture between Palestinians and Israelis the US government's at first agreed to fund it but in 2018 the administration decided to impose on the Geneva is still better how the administration treated his project so imagine his surprise when we told him that his face was being used in the glossy White House brochure promoting Jared Krishna's peace plan did you know that they're using your your image in these proposals Krishna plan yeah you didn't know that they're using all yeah yeah there's this is a system report this is the White House website that's you right they'll kill a Marine this is this is from olive oil without bodies crazy crazy crazy this is not good they didn't tell you that's the first time you've seen a the first time to see you today this is before many years this is all before still have time so have long hair yes I said Kazmir is very bad student he don't know nothing [Applause] that disappointments is common amongst Palestinians in the past couple days have been widespread protests like this one in Ramallah those who'd normally welcome investments into their economy like aspiring business student Mohammad hiya say Kushner's plans are fatally flawed had beloved Eduardo Felli who would you hold them initially yeah oh we're not really high yet currently works in a chocolate factory making around five hundred and fifty dollars a month managing the production line he says the plan overlooks something fundamentally fish immerseus who live Hannibal I'm addicted no good wish wish more dude best lemon confit and xes see if given at the hood masala philosophy do you think having your own company building your own business is possible in these conditions machine has me to a year Hayek's boss mouse in cynic rats is one of the biggest Palestinian businessmen around this is the invitation that we had received from his Excellency the minister the Secretary of Treasury you didn't even consider going no I didn't even consider going under under the circumstances of today you cannot tell me what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine let's talk it cannot work like this what's what's yours is yours and what's mine is mine let's talk it makes better sense but now saying Jerusalem is not there on the table anymore so can I talk about it borders are not there anymore so we cannot talk about it your sovereignty on land is not there anymore you cannot talk about it settlements have to grow a setter must have to be annexed to Israel you cannot talk about it so what is there to talk about as simple as that to talk about piecemeal approach some cosmetic surgery here and there this will not give stability this will not give prosperity this will not give life to a Palestinian independent states even there a danger that you'll just be completely cut out of the process moving forward and the you know these things are going to be decided without your engagement I mean Bahrain the conference is going to go ahead even without your attendance so confidence also went ahead without us if you remember in Warsaw I think that this this conference in Bihar e'en is not for us this is to normalize Israeli economy with the Gulf region it's as simple as that for the Palestinian leadership there's an air of this belief around cushions proposals President Mahmoud Abbas doesn't even seem to be taking on seriously mr. president mr. president have you read the report have you read the report Jarrid Christians report has refused to engage with the US officials since President Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital he sees the deal as a one-sided plan to give Israel everything at once about a hundred miles northeast of Jerusalem close to the Syrian border there's a striking example were fans of President Trump okay and we had planned a family vacation or canoe to Israel for several weeks but as part of it we wanted to come see Trump Heights what do you think so it's wonderful it's really amazing I think the area has a whole lot of potential I mean could be become something very great wonderful Golan Heights deputy mayor Galilee expects hundreds of families to move him once construction goes ahead and for him the plan is really about recognizing what Israel's established is facts on the ground gesture in fact he thinks that's been Trump's strategy all along he's not just good friend he is a good friend of Israel but forty what he did with the in Jerusalem the community recognizing Jerusalem and moving the embassy and with the Golan and of course with Iran how do you explain the this is the decisions strategy make best explain is that we want you

26 thoughts on “Jared Kushner's Middle East Peace Plan Isn't Going Very Well

  • There are things which you can't undo, especially those done by the US. You can't get Jerusalem back, you can't get Golan Heights, you can't reoccupy Gaza Strip. But you can support the proposal of ceartion of a binational state…

  • If you think some white guy from America / Israel is going to make a deal regarding land , just look at the models around the world , North America , Hawaii , Canada , Australia , New Zealand , South Africa . They take the most fertile land , and send the people of color to live in the most unproductive areas. Look at N Y , L A or any American city . If they don't get what they want then they find a way to start a war.

  • the Israelites need to control Jerusalem in order to build the third temple signaling the apocalypse. Its insane. That's why all these people suffer and our tax dollars fund this. Loose quote from a fanatic I once met "the antichrist will come when the third temple is built and say we don't need war and then we will stone him to death". wow.

  • The only peace Israel wants is another piece of Palestine. And we all know that all this bullshit with Iran is because of apartheid Israel, thirsty for war with Iran since trump was inaugurated.

  • Fun facts:
    Jerusalem is still divided in half, one has been recognized as capitol of ISRAEL and the other is to be capitol of a future Palestinian state. No one has denied it.
    The Palestinians have many millionaires and a very steady flow of cash going to them, but they choose to keep it for themselves, in offshore accounts (I think a few names popped up in the Panama Papers). It’s easier to control people when they’re poor, especially when you can avert their eyes away from your busy hands…

  • This problem is crazy unstable and lopsided. This is like gentrification in NYC (Brooklyn, Harlem, Queens etc.) except if you widdle it down to 1 ethnic group and put up huge walls with armed security. Trump sees there's money to be made so why not get 28 billion, and maybe make a few buddies with Saudi, Qatari, UAE sheikhs in the process. This is a b.s. rollout tour by Kushner to push a "let's be friends" powerpoint presentation, so we can gentrify your Palestinian lands and push you farther and farther east

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