Jaybird Headphone Quality for JUST $25? Jaybird Freedom F5 VS. Knockoffs

The Bluetooth Headphone a device that was
once novelty, now turned into a necessity by Apple Apple, the company that has decided that true
innovation is removing useful features that people like Fortunately my phone the Oneplus 3, still
has a headphone jack, but since Apple says that inconveniencing people
is the future, I wanted to taste it. So I picked up 2 pairs of bluetooth headphones
– one that many people would consider mid-range and the other many would consider chinese
knockoffs. I’m Titus This is The Search For Awesome It’s time for a showdown. Let’s talk about the companies behind these
products first Jaybird is a US tech company that specializes
in high end – high quality Bluetooth headphones or as some would call them, headsets. I’ve heard many great things about them especially
from people like MKBHD for instance. He is a huge advocate for their products. From the recommendations, I’ve always wanted
to try a pair On the other hand, Taotronics – please excuse
me if I’m saying that wrong – is from – well I don’t really know After Googling around, I don’t see any sign
of where they’re from, so I’m assuming it’s not America. They make lots of different products but one
of their popular products that is very popular and highly rated are a bluetooth headset They are The Bluetooth Headphones, TaoTronics
Wireless 4.2 Magnetic Earbuds, Snug Fit for Sports with Built in Mic TT-BH07 Red (IPX6
Waterproof, aptX Stereo, 6 Hours Playtime, cVc 6.0 Noise Cancelling Microphone) I see they like to keep it short and sweet
– how eloquent I bought the Bluetooth Headphones, TaoTronics
Wireless 4.2 magnetic… Okay okay I’m not doing that again I bought the Taotronics for just $25 And I bought the Jaybird Freedoms over half
off at Best Buy on sale for just $50 So even being on sale they’re twice the price
of the taotronics and when not on sale they’re at over 4 times
the price at over $100 just to put things into context I understand the Freedoms aren’t Jaybirds
high-end headphones and they are what you’d consider entry level for Jaybird But given the kind words I’ve heard about
Jaybirds, my expectations were high. For the Taotronics, I wouldn’t have had
high expectations except for the fact that they were a highly rated top sellers on Amazon. In fact, top seller isn’t really doing it
justice – at the time I was looking to purchase, they occupied several of the top spots Each available color of the Taotronics were
in different top selling spots. And after reading the reviews it gave me hope
that I just might get a great product at the price of $25 So are the Jaybirds worth the extra cash for
that premium experience? Spoiler alert. No, no they are not! Let’s start off with what’s in the boxes Both have carrying pouches Both have small – I mean very small micro
usb cables But neither include a power brick to plug
into the wall. I can forgive taotronics for this sin because
of the low cost – i mean they got to cut corners somewhere. but Jaybirds -come on man – that’s $100 headphones They both have several rubber attachments
and although Jaybird had more options The defaults sizes that were included were
what I preferred for both headphones. Both headphones are really nice and modern
in appearance I do personally prefer the Taotronics flat
cable design over the normal rounded cable in the Jaybirds It being flat allows the cable to bend more
easily around your head – the cable just sorta gets out the way- Whereas the Jaybird’s cable might fight
with you for a little bit This is a minor gripe though Both are comfortable to wear for long periods,
but they are notably different feeling The Taotronics stick a little deeper in your
ear so it’s a little bit more snug And the Jaybirds have a more defined hook
design that allows them to hold in place in your ears Where they really start to separate, is the
battery The jaybirds have an external battery clip
that is used for charging and for getting a few extra hours of battery life Just charge the external battery and have
it ready for when the Freedoms run out of the regular battery And with a snap, you’re back But to be honest though – in practice, it’s
really not great Although it doesn’t add that much weight,
it’s kinda uncomfortable to use the external battery attached to the headphones it sometimes just kinda tugs on ears and when
you’re doing something really active it sometimes falls out from the extra weight Also I nearly lost the external battery many
times And if you lose that you can’t even charge
your bluetooth headphones anymore. They are basically become shoelaces at that
point But losing that small external battery could
just be a me problem The Taotronics have a micro USB cable port
for charging built right in I think this design makes more sense although I’m not a big fan of the rubber
door – it’s a little hard to open. But it’s a better solution to this external
battery dohicky that the Jaybird Freedoms use With the Freedoms you have 4 hours of battery
life and with the external battery attached you a total of 8 And The Taotronics give you 6 all by
themselves And both headphones seem to be on point with
these battery life estimates in my experience For me though, I gotta prefer the Taotronics
here – 2 extras hours with no weird battery thingy just seems like a better design decision But where Taotronics leaps over the Jaybirds
in design is with the magnet built into the back of each bud. This allows you to wear it like a necklace
which is super handy. You can attempt to leave the Jaybirds around
your neck when not in use, but when they are not in your ears they fall off easily And this problem is only made worse when you
have the external battery attached adding weight to one side. Lastly both of these are made for exercise
and I’ve sweated with both of them on with no problems And both provide a battery indicator on your
phones top bar at least for Android. I don’t have an iPhone. And both of their built in mics worked great
for calls I had no complaints from anyone I talked with. The sound quality is what stopped me in my
tracks I had my wife put both of these in my ears
one by one just for a blind test right after I unboxed both of these I was just dumbfounded. Not because one was better than the other. They sounded exactly the same to me Literally the same I’m not an audio engineer or anything, but
I like to think I know good sound And I really can’t hear a difference in
quality in either. And again the Taotronics were half the price
of the jaybirds even when the Jaybirds were on sale. Also another thing I prefer about the Taotronics
is the volume buttons actually control the volume on the phone itself Whereas the Jaybirds control…their internal…
volume… This is really kinda hard to explain. Both systems can increase and decrease volume
with the press of a button But the Taotronics actually change the volume
of the phone itself. And Jaybirds change the volume somehow outside
of the phone So for the Freedoms if you turn up the volume
as far as it will go and that’s still not loud enough It’s because your phone’s volume itself
is set too low. So you have to take out your phone and fix
it from there. This happened to me several times. I’m sure Jaybird had their reason for this,
but why exactly? And you might think for the extra price you
can get some extra range in the bluetooth headphones Nope! I did a test in my house to see how far I
could get away from my phone before I lost signal and both lost signal at about the same spot Each on a different floor in my house a few
rooms over So each get pretty good range So buy the Taotronics, right? Well It’s not exactly that simple The only saving grace for the Jaybirds is
they allow you change the EQ on the headphones themselves. This is a pretty sweet feature even if you’re
not an audiophile They have several defaults you can try You can customize your own profile And they have a whole community of people
that share their customized EQs for you to download. Not only that, the profile you pick downloads
straight to the Jaybird Freedom headphones themselves So even if you switch these bluetooth headphones
to another device, it keeps your EQ profile of choice in tact. This is a pretty killer feature, but to be
honest it’s a feature that I can live without I wholeheartedly prefer the Taotronics – especially
considering the price. The default sound on the Taotronics sounded
great to me But if you value the ability to change the
EQ on the headphones themselves, then by all means go grab a Jaybird Even though I think the Taotronics are a much
better value – I will defend Jaybird here. This is their entry level bluetooth headphones. I’m sure their more expensive ones are notably
better. MKBHD Last I heard still uses the X3s as his daily
driver and this a guy that can literally rock any tech that he wants. I mean have you seen how many subs he has? He could walk into any tech company and be
like hey would you mind if Here’s everything we’ve ever made. I was just going to ask where the bathroom
was oh yeah just down the hallway on left Right now you can grab X3s for just $129,
but they were alot more at launch So that does seem like a pretty good deal
if its as good as MKBHD says they are In fact that weird battery design I griped
about earlier – they don’t use that in their higher end headphones. But in comparison to the Freedoms, I’d just
save your money and grab the Taotronics – they’re an amazing value for the price. Link in the description Since I bought these they even released new
ones with better battery life and still great reviews. Link also in the description. I really enjoyed using Bluetooth headphones
again It’s been a while and they’ve made a lot
of progress They are perfect for exercise specifically. But here’s my problem. I don’t need another device to charge each
day See Apple, I’m okay with this – this didn’t
need to go away! I know wires aren’t convenient, but not
having to charge headphones everyday is also convenient. But as time goes on, the options of great
phones with headphone jacks are becoming more and more sparse One day I won’t have an option because of
that domino the Apple knocked over a few years ago Hopefully when I’ve run out options and
my last phone with a headphone jack croaks, the battery life of wireless headphones will
be calculated in weeks instead of hours. Thank you so much for watching this video. I’m Titus as always. please hit the like or dislike button to let
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and that’s an easy for you to get something really cool and also support the Search For
Awesome. Also let me know what you thought of my opinions
in the video do you agree, do you disagree. Do you think bluetooth is the best thing to
ever happen to headphones. Or do you think that maybe Apple shouldn’t
have jumped the gun like they did or maybe you think the Jaybird Freedoms are awesome
and I’m overeating. Let me know what you thought. I really do appreciate you guys feedback and
I just like having a conversation in the comments. And as always thank you so much – I will see
you next time.

18 thoughts on “Jaybird Headphone Quality for JUST $25? Jaybird Freedom F5 VS. Knockoffs

  • great video,  still enjoy how you tell the reviews,  sense of humor is right on!the headphones for 25 look good and have you used them while doing the max trainer?  that would seem to be a good test for both sets of headphones.  have to say that Bluetooth seems to be a great option ,  having the cord attached can be a pain at times,  and like you stated, having another device to charge is a pain too.  just another choice too make.  please keep up the great videos,  peace!

  • Great review. I purchased the BeatsX for my max trainer M7 (purchased after watching your reviews). They have the same flat cable as your bargain earbuds and work great for only a $125 dollars more 👎 Wish your review came out 2 months ago. Recently purchased Apple AirPods and use for everything else. You should review a true wireless earbud. A whole new level of wireless freedom while looking like a cyborg dork. Keep up with the great reviews.

  • i'm having a lot of good experiences with taotronics. i got the in-ear noise-cancelling headphones – sadly the right earpiece broke but I'm only useing them when I ride my motorcycle and I only have 1 earpiece inserted anyway. I also got the Over-ear bluetooth noice-canceling headphones I use most of the time while walking to uni or shopping – they might lack a bit bass and while the highs can be annoying at full volume I found settings I like on the spotify equalizer app. The 3rd product by taotronics I use is the small soundbar. While it sure doesn't compare to a Sonos bar or the likes it's a lot better then the built in speakers of my TV. It lacks base – which is to be expected if you get a 65cm(?) $60 soundbar. It's pretty loud has clear sound and an optical, aux as well as bluetooth inputs. In my experience TaoTronics makes great budget products

  • Damn dude, why does this not have more views? Phenomenal video!!! Edit: Did Taotronics send you those or did you do this on your own?

  • The "Taotronics" (and their zillion references) are ok for sound (lack some bass) but where they fail miserably as sports headphones is for RUNNING, you simply CANNOT run with them as the cable bounces all over the place which is annoying in itself but worse produces dull thuds in the music. The Freedom's have that covered and that alone is worth the price difference if you're a runner !

  • Just looked at Amazon at the newer TaoTronics… they're £108 (US$130) on Amazon UK…WTF?! May as well buy Jaybirds

    Good video though; enjoyed the review

  • My OG jaybirds died after a year or so, so I've been back to wired headphones since. I'm about to get OnePlus bullets wireless so hopefully they last longer.

  • So today, when I compare soundpeats q30 earbuds – anker slim+ earbuds – dudios zeus earbuds – taotronics tt bh07… which one would u prefer comparing Bluetooth range, call quality, sound quality, IPX rating, Bluetooth version, etc?

  • I kinda disagree my jaybirds are a whole lot better then the others, the sound is amazing especially with the app and the fact you can tailor your headphone signature

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