JCCC Mascot Commercial

Welcome ladies and gentleman to clas today,
it is my pleasure to introduce to you Jean Claude, who is our guest speaker. He will
teach us how to become a mascot. Since Jean Claude doesn’t speak I will interpret for
him. Jean Claude the class is yours. Thank you for that introduction, I want to begin
with a brief history of how I became a mascot. First I started with my childhood dream of
becoming a mascot. Second I kept my dream alive in my developmental years of school.
Next after my body grew into my head I got involved in extra curricular activities in
high school. Finally I decided to make JCCC my first choice to study to be a mascot. Any
questions so far? Whats a mascot I just want to be a fighter fighter. What do you want
to be when you grow up? I want to be snow white. He has an idea. Johnson County Community
College, where your dreams can come true.

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