Jesse Ventura: 'We don't have democracy in US anymore' – Full Interview

Artie is sitting down with Jesse Ventura former governor of Minnesota former Navy SEAL former professional wrestler actor and best-selling author it's very nice to see you back at our New York studios great to be here now Jesse you've recently announced that you are considering participating in the presidential race in the year 2016 as an independent candidate because of course you believe that the two-party system was crippled and corrupt so while what better timing than now why not do it this time around well because it would take too long you have to build for this see the difficult thing if I if I do it I will be with no party it'll be just Jesse Ventura running for president if I do it well that requires me to get go out and get ballot access in all 50 states you can't do that overnight and it costs a lot of money that's why I've made the statement it will require a grassroots movement of people in every state to go out and do what it takes to fulfill to get me ballot access so that I can be on the ballot and then there's a second requirement I have to be guaranteed I've got to be in the debates because if you're not in the debates you can't win and I do not run for political office just to make a statement when I run I run to win now your new book of course Democrats and Republicans focuses on the parties being gang like right and fighting for power just for the sake of having power and you talk a lot about the need to eradicate corporations from politics and my question to you I guess is how can this realistically be done in a country where this has been the system forever and you yourself compared politicians to you know possibly wearing a NASCAR racing suits because they have so much support from corporations well that first NASCAR racing suits like if you look at Jimmie Johnson the great rate he's got patches all over the tells who his sponsors are well if we require them to wear that then we as voters will know who owns them because they'll have to wear patches stating who owns them that's kind of a joke because you know it will never but there's so much corruption and and it won't take long it just recently happened it was against the law for a corporation to contribute to a political party until the Supreme Court of our land made that what I call disastrous ruling where they said a corporation has the same rights as an individual and that money is free speech well I'm waiting for the next guy to rob the bank and use that as his defense I was only exercising my First Amendment rights of free speech after all money is free speech so that just recently happened what we need to do is reverse that we have to overturn the Supreme Court's ruling on those two issues and there is a movement to do that the only way it can be done is to amend the Constitution to specifically state corporations do not have the same rights as individuals and money is not free speech if we can get that into the Constitution then that's the only way you can overrule a Supreme Court decision not to me one of the curious details about corporations in powers that we're seeing the same companies investing in both parties and some people say it's a win-win situation for them but in reality others say well listen actually this is a lot more like betting on both red and black in roulette because you know either way you lose so what's the point what do they do well you don't lose cuz one of them is going to be the president and now you own money that you invested in the other well that's nothing did you know what we pointed out in the book in the book these major corporations spend more money on lobbyists than what they pay in taxes and that's a fact they spend more on lobbyists than what they pay in taxes let me repeat that you don't find that astounding and why would they do that so they don't have to pay taxes and so I mean like GE two years ago they made 14 billion dollars not only did they not pay taxes they got subsidies from the government that's obscene what do you think about the election campaign this time around I mean obviously critics are calling it a reality show we're seeing Obama and Romney just bicker do you think there's ever really been a bigger disconnect between what we're seeing in the debate in the debates and in the campaign then what real Americans are actually need of right now I think what you're seeing is them finally rising up to the level of professional wrestling and I say rising up to it because in pro wrestling in front of the cameras we all hate each other behind the scenes it's a business and that's the same way it is for them it's a sham in front of the cameras and the public they hate each other and they're on different sides of the fences behind the scenes they're going out to dinner together they're ensuring that their two-party dictatorship maintains its power there's no difference between these two don't kid yourself now the September marks the one year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement in which you support the ideas of what role do you think if any will this movement have played in the United States in the long run do you think in a decade from now people will look back and say this really was a movement that changed the national dialogue yet because they've disappeared temporarily they need to come back where are they they need to continue they need to keep the fight up now they've disappeared a decade from now no one's going to remember the Occupy Wall Street movement not unless it's victorious or does something it hasn't done that yet how can a movement like that be victorious what do they need to do ah by changing the country they need to continue to stay at the parks they need to continue to get arrested they need to continue to be vigilant how do you think we stopped the Vietnam War the protestors it took a more than one year to stop the Vietnam War and to me the turning point of the Vietnam War many people say it was the 68 Tet Offensive that was huge but I don't believe that was the real turning point for America I believe the turning point of the V nom War was when the four students were killed at Kent State because all of a sudden the public the general public went back and said wait a minute we're even killing people in our own country now because of this war were killing students on campuses because of this war I believe that was the true turning point the Kent State massacre of the Vietnam War and I hate to say it but it's going to require something of that magnitude for the wall street movement to truly have an impact and get to the psyche of mainstream America right now they're not the psyche of mainstream America it's the old thing how to sight out of mind well they're now out of sight and rest assured they're out of mind now they must come back I would ask about the way the u.s. treats elections abroad while actually really drowning in electoral process flaws here at home why this double standard uh there's always a double standard there was a double standard on the wall street protests while we're busy pepper spraying him and running them off with dogs we're heralding the protests over in the Middle East oh-ho hint this lovely go go go we're like cheerleaders over there while at the same time here we're squashing down our own protesters the height of hypocrisy but what about elections elections the same way we want to bring democracy all over the world and we don't even have it here anymore because the two gangs pick your president don't they you have no say-so you know Mitt Romney was picked four years ago you know how I know that he wasn't picked at the convention they knew four years ago you know I know that because when Obama won right after Obama won you started seeing these mass advertisements on TV about Mormons do you recall those where they'd show a person who is a fireman or a teacher and they'd show all these attributes of how wonderful they were and remember the person would look at the camera in the didn't say and I'm a Mormon well they were preparing us because I remember as a kid when John F Kennedy ran he was the first Roman Catholic and there was great fear in this country that the Pope would be running the country if we elected this Roman Catholic until Kennedy came out with a very strong speech talking about his belief in the separation of church and state I might be a Catholic on Sunday when I go to church but when I govern this country that won't enter into it well that showed me right there Mitt Romney was there picked four years ago of the game so you think considering me you say started preparing four years ago he's going to be the next US president no I so much effort for some because he's the Republicans main man he's the one on the pedestal right now John McCain was four years ago George W Bush was the eight years private you know what I find interesting about the Republican convention they didn't mention one word about Bush and Cheney how do you ignore a president vice president who a mere three and a half years ago served for eight years it's like oh boy you know why they don't want to identify with the true culprits who killed our economy they're selling the people now saying we're going to fix the economy well this is the same party that ruined it because let me explain something the economy doesn't happen overnight it's decisions made about four years ago that will show up today it takes about four years for those decisions because it's so massive it takes about four years decisions made four years ago you will see the results of them now and so the economy went bad in oh eight that means it was the decisions in oh three oh four and oh five that caused the economy and oh eight to tanked and that falls directly on the lap of George Bush Dick Cheney and the Republicans after all from zero zero two zero six Bush not only was in the White House he had a Republican House and a Republican Senate so he had anything you to do rubber-stamped the republicans caused this economy to fail Barack Obama inherited it you're obviously an advocate for eradicating the institution of the electoral college United States right because every vote has to count this is a system that's not applied anywhere else in the world not applied to any other election in the United States when that we will run for governor functions how can this be done usually a requirement in chairs between Democrats Republicans they're obviously not interested in changing that system the people have to demand it the people after demand there are a lot of things that people demand that they don't think well they have to be persistent and truly demanded they have to threaten to vote amano office you got a threatened if you don't change the Electoral College you won't be sitting now next year that's the only way they respond it's the threat that they could lose their job the American people could really get worked up enough about the electoral college when they have difficult other things difficult to do it difficult but you know the electoral college was good when they put it in you know why you had to travel by horse back to Washington that's why it was there they could that was the only way they could determine that all the states had to send delegates by horseback and it's ridiculous it's the only election like that in this country I've been a mayor you will you gets the most votes wins governor Congress Senate whoever gets why in this and then they tell you here's their excuse well without the electoral college they'll forget about these tiny states like Montana I Got News for you with the electrical electoral college they've forgotten about Montana if I'm running for president you got to win with the electoral college where am I going to spend my time Montana or California California there's 3040 electoral votes there Montana has won all right well apart from a mess at home politically economically the u.s. is also struggling right now with handling issues abroad as we speak right the second of course as you know there our anti-american protests going on and doesn't in a dozen countries in the Middle East do you think the United States is really on track to becoming pretty much isolated in the rest of the world except for maybe by its Western allies no it's religion its religion that's the lesser causes all the wars look at every war so you don't every war every war is caused by organized religion and this this will what started this some crazy film that went out on the internet here knocking the Muslim religion so that's what caused it you don't think there's any connection between what's going on now with these anti-american uprisings and the fact that the u.s. did play somewhat of a role in supporting the Arab Spring maybe but I think it's far more religion all wars are caused by religion why do you think religions the root of all evil in my opinion that's one of the reasons I'm an atheist because I don't believe that there's a Supreme Being but that's one of the reasons why I don't like religion at all and guess who else didn't like organized religion Jesus he was opposed to organized religion and yeah it's all about religion I mean I worship God this way you worship God that with all you better do it my where I'm gonna kill you this is this this is Muslim versus Christianity what you got here and I don't despise Muslims because you know who my Idol is Muhammad Ali and you know what I saw when I visited Muhammad in his home on his shelf I took note of this was the Quran side-by-side with the Bible in Muhammad Ali's house they neither one prioritized over the other and he didn't say it pointed out to me I just happen to notice that when I was there I'm observant at times so Jesse the Syrian crisis the conflict has been gripping really the world for over a year and a half what kind of role if any should the United States be playing in this in this whole conflict and if you were president what would you done it's their business what about the whole idea of the United States trying to help out the Syrian people who have the right to stand up against their guts up to the Syrian people so as US president you would I'd stay out of all of it it's not my business and if they don't like us they'd get no foreign aid I'd ignore them if they don't like me I don't hang out with people that don't like me in my real life if I know someone dislikes me I don't go out of my way to befriend them no if I I don't think the United States who made us the world's policemen in fact I took it a step farther if I were president every every foreign military base the United States has would be closed and that bring our men and women home we have the technology today with our military we can destroy anyone in the world at any moment what do we need bases and occupy I mean we got multiple bases in Japan Korea and Germany haven't those wars been over for sixty years why are we there i I'm making the United States today is an empire it's time to end the Empire empires always fall we're going identically down the road that Rome went I saw you mentioned in an interview recently that you're 60 years old and for half of your life the United States has been involved in Wars no it's all my life now I redid that Stadium because a statement because if you count the Cold War and the war on drugs 60 years of fighting can that mentality ever be change I hope that's a dream we all have to have it's a dream that John Lennon had it's a dream of give peace a chance why don't we try it sixty years of my life and we have yet to listen to John Lennon give peace a chance do you think the same rules apply to no matter what kind of geopolitical interests the United States has with a country in crisis does it apply to every country do not get involved in it well no I would get involved with another country's affairs only if that country specifically asked please come and help us but clearly in the Arab world they're not asking our military doesn't defend the people of the United States and our freedom our military defends multinational corporations that's why we're in the Middle East because there's a lot of things corporations need there and it goes back a century you know General Smedley Butler was he's the most decorated marine in US history he won two congressional medals of Honor he died merely 40s he wrote a book called war is a racket and in the book he said I didn't defend this is back in the turn of the last century he said I didn't defend the American people or this country he said I worked for the United Fruit Corporation whenever they go into central of South America and didn't get cooperation they'd send in the US Marines to get it can I ask with the support of you know you say that presidential candidates should be independent and should not be affiliate affiliated with any party how does that I think all elected official should not be part of it but how does that guarantee that there will be no corporate involvement uh it doesn't we have to change the laws back to to say corporations cannot contribute to political parties corporations are not individuals the law used to stay here corporations could not contribute to a political campaign and tell this latest Supreme Court decision that's what changed it all when I ran corporations couldn't contribute I wanted to ask you about the whole Julian Assange ordeal do you think it's been way overblown by the United States in the West and the whole story of his attempts of political asylum to Ecuador how do you what's your take on this whole case um my take is that I want to know what they know and I have every right to know what my government does you want to know why whose money did they use mine taxes and as a taxpayer I have every right to know what they're spending it on every right now I understand there's certain clandestine things that happen but a year after it's over I have a right to know what we were doing they're running on my tax dollars and again let me repeat I have every right to know what they're spending my money on do you think you'll find out oh absolutely not unless I become president all right Jesse Ventura thank you so much for being with us thank you appreciate it's always a pleasure

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  • I think war is about profits and religion is the escape goat. Like always you have to have someone else to blame.

  • I think the Federal Reserve boys are responsible for the economy. Sorry Jesse but I disagree with you on that one.

  • Jesse — smart guy. He is correct about it all. Nobody is listening. Nobody is thinking. Nobody cars. Look at Benjamin Ferencz's youtube interviews. Ferencz cannot be impeached and he is indicting our own government. He says it in a nice way but he is saying that we are committing the supreme crime, the crime of aggressive war. No lie.

  • Jesse is correct – they support a corrupt monopoly federal reserve that benefits Rothschilds, Rockefellers, JP Morgan, Loeb, Warburg financial terror regimes – they support criminal spying, like PRISM, fake media Mockingbird media – they support having tax payers pay for criminal behavior of illegal aliens, while ignoring feces in the streets of tax payers; they support running up deficits, with an expectation that the federal tax payers will bail out states like Illinois, New Jersey, California… these are fake, phony establishments, promoting monopoly institutions and they need to be exposed, broken down completely, and destroyed economically for good… the two party Reich is failing the people and democracy has failed

  • Wrestler, navy seal, governor, actor, mayor, professor at Harvard, bodyguard for the Rolling Stones, best selling author and sgt at arms for the mongols motorcycle club Jesse can do it all
    2020 let's put a wrestler in the White House

  • Seriously this guy should be president and let's get rid of the CIA they're so crooked they think they're cops of the world!!!!

  • Its hard for me to say in this day and age, but I wish I could say you are a pure American, but you are a pure patriot, thank you.

  • See the excellent interview of Jesse Ventura about the banned government documents, at Google. The current ad for the movie 'Child's Play' is extremely sick. It is amazing what crap is produced as 'entertainment.' June 2019

  • Her hair looks like Jesse gave her a wrestling lesson before the interview. I like the hairstyle, but a bit overdone!

  • Jesse is right, if the people no matter how we voted the last time don't gather ourselves together in a peaceful revolt politically we will never bring this country to We The People.

  • Say it all again Jesse!! The sluggish Ds and Rs don't realize what is being done to them. They do not know how to wake up. Wake them up Jesse!!


  • america just pick up this guy for president so the peace can spread all over the world … just make this guy president

  • Russians and RT

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  • He is % 100 right and all he is words has true jesse is honor man and fair man jesse world loves jesse Ventura

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