Jesus Is Lord

In fact, the earliest Christian creed that is recorded in the New Testament happens in the book of
Romans, in chapter one, and it goes like this. And I would love for you
to repeat it with me. It goes like this: Jesus is Lord. Ready? – [Audience] Jesus is Lord. – This was the earliest Christian creed, and think about what that’s saying. It’s not arbitrary or thoughtless. This was a subversion of power. When you said Jesus is Lord, it meant that you are not affirming Caesar as the divine ruler of the world. You are affirming Jesus
as Lord, not Caesar. That Jesus is love,
not fear, not coercion, not moving out and dominating, but love, and that Jesus is peace, not
war, not violence, not hate. Jesus is Lord, Jesus is love,
and what does love look like? Love lifts others up. It works for peace, even
in the face of an enemy. Think about how crazy that is. Paul’s instruction to the Romans is, we know what you’re going through. Know that, likely, you
will all die for this, as will we all. Love your enemy. Embrace the teaching of Jesus,
the Sermon on the Mount, this thing that He gave us His life for, that we find life in. Love your enemy. Pray for those who persecute you. Embody the way of peace at all costs. Always be willing to die for your faith. Never be willing to kill. It’s a counter-cultural,
subversive movement that Paul is giving instruction to, encouraging these believers.

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