Jesus: Our Root of Freedom

(Singing) I know my God
has made the way for me. I know my God has
made the way for me. ANNOUNCER: The Righteousness
of God has been bought and paid for by Christ Jesus. Join
Gloria and Kellie Copeland today on the Believer’s Voice
of Victory as they reveal that Jesus is our root of
freedom. Now, here’s Gloria. GLORIA: Hello, everybody.
Welcome to the Believer’s Voice of Victory. Kellie is
back with us today to share some good things on, what
are you talking about? KELLIE: Well, if I said we were
talking about sin, would you make me leave? Would you turn me
off? GLORIA: Depends on what sin you’re going to talk about. No,
I’ll let you stay. KELLIE: I’m not the one that was really one
to talk about it. This was a very directed topic from the
Lord. He wants to have a conversation with us about
ourselves. When we’re talking about free from sin, we’re
talking about it from a free place. We are free from sin.
GLORIA: That’s right. KELLIE: Even when we do sin in
our life, we should be able to freely, the word says freely,
admit your sin because we’re free. GLORIA: That’s called
repent. KELLIE: It’s called repentance. But the Lord in
Revelation 3 and remember if we’re talking about Revelation,
we’re really talking about the end times in the church and all
of the signs are lining up that we’re getting at least closer to
the end now than we were. And on his timetable, I don’t know when
Jesus is coming back but I know that he’s come … You see
evidence that he’s come in his presence in the earth like never
before since he left, come in his spirit, in his very tangible
presence in our lives and in our day and he’s calling us deeper.
I’m not basing this on my own personal call I’ve gotten
from him but he has called me deeper, but I’m hearing it
everywhere and I’m seeing it everywhere and I’m seeing how
he’s manifested himself in more of a very personal way, he’s
showing himself more today. And then the word in Revelation is
all about the unveiling. And we can see in the
New Testament, he continued to tell his disciples about his …
The Word talks about the unveiling of Christ or when the
day of the Lord comes and we’re so quickly approaching the day
of the Lord. And so if he’s coming back for a church
without spot or wrinkle, there are some work to be done here,
some revelation of him that we need, some places we have to
come up in our own lives not through working of our own
effort but through allowing him to come in and do what only he
can do to help us. He was sent to redeem us. He was
sent to not just forgive us but to cleanse us. And so I heard
him say that a war on sin, he declared it. He fought it but
here we are on earth fighting a battle. That yes has been won,
but how do we have that come in our lives? Because it’s not
automatic that you get to receive all that Jesus did.
That’s not automatic. You have to walk it by faith. You have to
live it by faith. GLORIA: Well, it sure is but you have to take
it. KELLIE: You have to take it. In Revelations 3, it talks about
he’s knocking and he wants to come in and sit down with us.
And what he was saying to the seven churches was in essence,
“I love this about you but not this. We need to do something
about this.” And it wasn’t condemning. There is no
condemnation in those who are in Jesus Christ. He’s already
defeated that but that doesn’t mean that we just get to repent
and move on. You don’t let your children do that. They repent of
whatever it was and then they get a teaching, a correcting, a
maintaining, a standard that’s here. We’re not … Maintenance
is important. So, they have to develop an understanding
when even after they repent because you demand that they
repent and sort of the law of the house demands they repent,
but now we need some change. And so we want to talk about that
this week, and really I pray that you’ll join us for the
whole thing because let me just jump to the end here, I am the
freest I’ve ever been. GLORIA: Praise God. KELLIE: Mom,
I mean, this has been a journey. I’ve been pretty upfront with
you about my journey on the broadcast. We actually left off
last time I was on the broadcast with you, we’re going to pick up
there in Mark 11 with some things that came out during
those broadcast, so I’m going to start there. But I’m telling
you, it is so good to be free. It is so good to be free
of stuff on the inside that drives you, that you don’t know
is there because … And we’re going to go deeper into this but
I just want to set you up a little bit. We’re going to talk
about sin but when I say the word “sin”, there’s the sin that
I call that thing you did; that thing you did thing you kick the
cat; that thing you did you lost your temper; that thing you did
you stole something and lied; that thing you did we have
thought so much about that as being sin. It is but it’s not
the root of sin. You didn’t lie because you just
wanted to lie. You lied because there was something inside you
that was a place of unrighteousness or weakness-
GLORIA: It’s like… They said a lie is … A little kid.
A lie is an abomination to God in a very present help in the
time of trouble. KELLIE: That’s right. GLORIA: That’s what it
is. KELLIE: Well, that’s a good example because if that’s the
help in time of trouble, then there’s a lie inside of you that
said- GLORIA: We are in trouble. KELLIE: … there’s no help from
me and God or there’s a lie inside you that said, “It’s a
bad thing to get corrected.” That’s a funny thing but it’s
really true. People will lie when they don’t want to get in
trouble because they don’t want to face the correction, because
there’s a lie inside that says, “Correction is a bad thing.”
There’s a lie inside that says you have to be perfect on your
own so don’t expose your weakness. But that’s not
the truth. The truth is Jesus is our Savior and he came
to save the weakness that’s on the inside of us. GLORIA: That’s
right. KELLIE: And the sin nature on the inside of us, he
has renewed our spirit when we got born again but our soul has
to be renewed and washed and cleansed by the Word- GLORIA:
And our soul being our mind and our emotions. KELLIE: Yes, our
mind, our will, our emotions has to be cleansed by the Word, by
the Word that he speaks to you. You have to realized too, the
Word of God is in the Bible and the word of Jesus, that is
synonymous. The Bible says he is the Word. The Word was made
flesh. Jesus was made flesh. The Word is the Word that came from
the Father and Jesus was the living expression of
every Word that came from the Father.
We’re going to be so Intentionable…intentional
but we’re going to have a- GLORIA: Intentionable,
is that a word? KELLIE: It is now. It’s probably a word in
heaven. We’re going to keep one hand on the Scripture that says
there’s no condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus.
GLORIA: Amen. KELLIE: And we’re going to keep the other hand on
the fact that we’re already made free but we’re going to realize
that he wants us really free. The Bible said, “He whom the Son
sets free- GLORIA: Is free. KELLIE: … is free indeed.”
That’s not just something on paper. I know maybe you’re
sitting there thinking, “Well, I know I’m free as a promise but I
don’t look around my life and seek freedom.” And sometimes, we
don’t know why the same thing keeps coming around to our life
or why people keep trying to offend us. And even if we’re
standing against being offended, there’s just some reason people
just keep heaping stuff up on us. It feels like sometimes.
Well, I have some very strong answers to that and I’m
so excited. GLORIA: Good. KELLIE: Because you’re going to
be free. But we’re going to start with Mark 11 and I really
had never seen this before in Mark 11, imagine that. There’s
more to learn. GLORIA: I’ve just about worn out the pages.
KELLIE: Yours is all marked up, Mom. GLORIA: Where, Mark 11,
yes. KELLIE: I know. My parents- GLORIA: But
that’s where you learn. That’s where we
learned faith was in Mark 11. KELLIE: Well,
Jesus walked it out right here for us and he
walked out some things even backing up, we’re going to look
at what happened in the temple as part of that story. But the
Lord had really opened my eyes the last time we were on the
broadcast. I think, as I was sitting here, it hit me so hard
that I saw some things and we talked about that if you don’t
… I’m going to say this right. If you don’t know the truth, you
won’t recognize the lie. We’ll just get started there.
I’m reading out of the New Living and said Jesus in
verse 11, Mark 11:11, “Jesus came to Jerusalem and went into
the Temple. After looking around carefully at everything, he left
because it was late in the afternoon. Then he returned to
Bethany with the twelve disciples.” I think it
was a shock to me the day I realized that when Jesus came
in and turned over the moneychangers’ table, it was not
the first time he saw that they were in there. He came into the
temple and he looked around. Some time, if that were me and
you, that might be … I’m taking care of this right now.
Bam, bam, bam, you know and instead of operating out of the
Word of the Lord about the situation, you start even in a
righteous way because you love Jesus and this is not right and
this shouldn’t be here. You don’t have your purpose
in line. You don’t have what? He’s saying about it in
your mouth. You’re just reacting out of your soul. But he didn’t
mark and walk like that. And so he looked around but apparently
he didn’t have the Word of the Father on it because John 5:30
says, “He didn’t do anything without his Father telling
him what to do.” He did everything based on what his
Fatther said to do. We are made to do the same thing where he’s
concerned. He gets his words from the Father. We get our
words, we get our actions from him. That’s what we’re told to
do, John 15 and we’ll read all these verses in the next two
weeks. He comes in and he looks around, he leaves. It
says “The next morning as they were leaving Bethany, Jesus was
hungry. He noticed a fig tree in full leaf a little way off so he
went over to see if he could find any figs but there were
only leaves because it was too early in the season for fruit.
Then Jesus said to the tree,” and I think in the King James,
it says, he answered the tree. So, what is Jesus doing?
Well, I don’t totally know all that was behind this but I
believe that there’s many layers to why he spoke to the tree like
that. There’s layers of he wanted you and I to see
something here. There’s layers of the time that was at hand.
All of this whole Scripture also has to do with the temple, and
what was going on in the temple, and what was going on in Israel,
what was going on in God’s children, in God’s family.
Everything was about to shift. Everything was about to
shift from the law to the kingdom of heaven. John said
when Jesus was … He said, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.”
And he said also, “I must decrease and he must increase.”
But when Jesus approaches this tree and we see that there was
… I’m sure he knew that it wasn’t time for figs.
Circumstances don’t matter when it comes to the Son
of God. And Jesus said to that tree because it spoke back to
him. It didn’t give him fruit and he was coming for fruit. It
should have given him fruit. Whatever needs to happen needs
to happen in that tree. GLORIA: That’s right.
KELLIE: And that tree resisted and it didn’t give fruit but if
you think about it, it’s also a picture of the temple and the
priests and the way when he went in and he saw the day before,
the house of God was not a house of prayer like it should have
been and the house of God should be a house of prayer at all
times. There’s no on season or off season for the
house of prayer. There’s no on or off season for our own
temple. But we treat it that way sometimes. My on season might be
Wednesday and Sunday. It might be … I read something Kathryn
Kuhlman said and that was people want … This is not a quote
what she was saying. People want the glory in the four hours that
they’re ministering but what did they do with the 20 hours before
that? She’s talking about preparing for the Gospel.
And so, what is going on in our temple that we could be
off season? That’s what the Lord is wanting to correct in us is
that all these stuff that takes us in and out and keeps us from
abiding in him, he’s wanting to wash that away. And so, this is
a really good picture of the church or not the church, but
the temple and the priest and the Jews in that time, they
should have had fruit in the temple. But they had some
other thing going on. They had some other lies going on in
the temple. And so, he says to them, to the tree, “No one ever
eat your fruit again.” And the disciples heard him
say it. “When they arrived back in Jerusalem,
Jesus entered the temple and began to
drive out the people.” I mean, he had such a purpose.
First thing he got there, he didn’t start teaching. He’d
already looked around and he already had a word from the Lord
about how to get rid of this problem. “He began to drive
out the people buying and selling animals for sacrifices.
He knocked over the tables of the moneychangers and the chairs
of those selling doves and he stopped everyone from using the
temple as a marketplace. He said to them, “The Scriptures declare
my temple will be called a house of prayer for all nations, but
you have turned it into a den of thieves.” We got stuck
on this for three days the last time we were talking about Jesus
and it was a wonderful broadcast. We have those online
at but that stayed with me about if you don’t recognize
the truth … If you don’t know the truth, you won’t recognize
the lie. He came into the temple and he began turning out and
driving out the lie that had become a way of life in the
temple. And the way of life in the temple had been it’s
not the Father that you come pray to and ask for money. The
priest and the leaders of the synagogue in the temple had
themselves chosen a different source of supply than Jesus.
Man, he made them mad that day. He came in and he messed up
their source. He messed up the lie about what the temple was
for. He came in and he ran all that out and then, it says, “He
began to teach them.” He began to teach them and we’re out of
time right here but I want you to just focus up on that thought
that he came in and he drove the lie out of the temple.
Instead of being a house of prayer for all nation, they
had turned it into a den of thieves and we’re going to
pick up there tomorrow. GLORIA: Kellie and I
will be right back. ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries. And
remember Jesus is Lord.

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