Jill Stein explains socialism in 30 seconds

final couple of questions for me and would you describe yourself as a socialist um so yes I've been asked this question before and what what I would say to that is if you define socialism as sort of the golden rule kind of doing unto others applied to the economy or if you define socialism as democracy applied to the economy so that it's an economy in which the people who are impacted actually have a controlling say and how the economy works if that's how you design socialism I would say yes bring it on and that's how you define socially yes okay

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  • Notice that NOT ONE antisocialist hypocrite below EVERY mentions the fact that socialists have as MUCH RIGHT AS CAPITALISTS TO MAKE AND ENFORCE LAWS BENEFICIAL TO THEM.

  • am STILL INCREDIBLY proud of my ENTIRE voting history!
    To anyone who doesn't like it: GO KILL YOURSELVES!
    TOO bad there was NOTHING you could do to stop me, nor in the future.
    My conscience is 100% clean.
    Here were the only candidates worth mentioning, let alone voting for in 2016:
    On the ballot in New Jersey for President and Vice President of the USA:
    Dr Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka, Green Party
    (my vote in 2012, 2008; my friends & family vote in 2016)
    Gloria La Riva and Eugene Puryear, Socialism and Liberation Party
    Monica Moorehead and Lamont Lilly, Workers World Party
    Alyson Kennedy and Osborne Hart, Socialist Workers Party

    Zoltan Istvan, Transhumanist Party (my vote in 2016)
    Clifton Roberts, Humane Party
    Ralph Nader, Green Party (my vote in 2004, 2000, 1996)
    John McAfee, Libertarian Party

  • thank God she did not win…socialism breeds marxism , and totalitarianism.. it is the steping stool for all to take control over the people they govern. there is no other definition or way to use it.

  • This is what most people in western societies who nowadays call themselves "socialists" and "liberals" THINK socialism is. It isn't. Socialism by it's very nature is anti-democratic and is nothing but an authoritarian mass mind-control cult whose goal is to eradicate individuality and force everyone to live off a meager income that will insure they will never be a threat to "The State" as can be seen from any example of any country which has adopted socialist ideals. North Korea is just about the most perfect socialist society you can get. That is socialism par excellence!

  • sorry to break it to you but $15 minimum wage is going to cause companies to buy robots to flip your burgers…. also college and healthcare can't be free (at the expense of others it's not right) abortion is murder and is not the mothers right to murder her child…… climate change is a natural way of earth going through cycles it'd not a human caused thing ( how else did the ice caps melt in the ice age) I do agree with gmo labels and no more gmo food and stopping the use of roundup in food….. and ending wars for oil and resources and also bring the world police (which is why we are where we are because nobody pays us for protecting them ) I'll just say socialism is a very very dangerous thing…. because it's never made a country better in the long term it always turns into communism because when you work for your money and have to give 50% to some Joe shmoe for not working and living off the system the government has to force you to give money then it turns into a big ass mob with unlimited power then they tell you how to live

  • That's not what most people equate socialism with. That's anti-capitalist but not socialist, which is bureaucratic or collectivist management of the economy.

  • I didn't hear "seize the means of production," nor did I hear "destroy the bourgeoisie," nor did I hear "must crush capitalism." So no Jill, that is not socialism.

  • She kind of beat around the bush and didn't give a straight-forward definition of what her economic policies are.

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