37 thoughts on “Jimmy Carter Promotes Sharia for the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)

  • We need women’s rights!!!!!! Yeah
    And we need shariah law in the U.S.!!!!! Wait what?
    🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♀️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♀️

  • Why, once politicians are out of office and close to death; do they have to stick their 2 cents in? Can’t they just enjoy retirement? How ignorant a statement could’ve been made as this one by Jimmy Carter! I’m sure he meant well or maybe someone nefariously set him up to do this; but why couldn’t someone tell him what Islam is all about and that Allah is not god! He is a useful tool for an insane individual who loves evil!

  • As a Christian, you should be honest or at least consistent as the bible is also discriminatory against women as they are to "keep silent in the church and submit to their husbands." They are often the only ones punished for adultery, and all their property owned before marriage goes to the husband after marriage. True or false?

  • How is it liberals and Democrats. Can side with muskims while claiming to want to defends women. It makes no fucking sense

  • Yeah…. I think you're missing a few marbles in your head, David. Your self study of Islam is a bit off. Maybe you have really bad translations or something; I don't know. Something is off with your thinking though.
    Maybe it's because you have a specific agenda in your interest in Islam, that blinds you from really learning about Islam.

  • that shameful marxist/globalist dim-witted peanut farmer should be dead already. not only one of the worst presidents in american history, but also one of the absolute dumbest. he shall be rotting in hell very soon.

  • David would you honour me with making a video of the Hadith where Mohammed sucks his grandsons penis Al Hussein I think it is and french kisses him. Hahaha it's like Satan is mocking them for being so stupid.

  • Ol' Jimmy is still hanging onto life, even now? Someone let him know Islam sucks before he bites the big bazooka. No one should spend eternity in Hell next to Muhammad.

  • Jimmy carter claims to follow Jesus who is a Jew and he follows a Jewish book that was written by Jews from start to finish.Both the Old Testament and the New Testament were written by Jews.The first 100,000 Disciples of Jesus were Jews who believed in the Jewish messiah..Jimmy Carter even teaches Sunday school from a Jewish book and yet he is not able to connect the dots.The god of this world has blinded him.Who is Jesus returning to? Yes you are right,to the Jews.His feet will land on the mountain of Olives Zechariah 14;4

  • Jimmy Carter was the reason I have never voted Democrat and never will. Reagan had to clean up his mess in Lebanon and everywhere else in the world and in the USA. I will never understand that leftist, liberal (which has gone socialist/marxist crazy) Islam-loving mindset. Thank you Jesus that Obama has left the White House; Those were 8 torturous years I want to forget.

  • He can’t be too ignorant of Islam. He at least knows that Allah and the God of Christians and Jews are two separate entities. He pretty much says so three minutes into the video.

  • Since Muslim men can't keep from raping women who aren't in burkas, it sounds to me that Muslim men have no morals or self control.

  • Bol-. Oh my true God of the Bible Help US, (USA) against ignoramuses in our government and former government people promoting Islam.

  • I missed this one 3 years ago. Poor Jimmy Carter was just misinformed about Sharia law and Islam. It's disgusting what he said

  • As a foreigner, I never had much time for President Carter. He seemed unwise to me and I have never had second thoughts about that. Thus I am not surprised by his comments. Well done again David and thanks.

  • please Mr Wood, dont give up on mankind i beg of you sir!
    i pray for the grace to deal woth Islam according to the will of our God never to be afraid to speak the truth.

  • Makes me want to give up peanut butter & eating peanuts at baseball games. If I only had the nerve.

    Oh, Mr. Wood. I'm a recent follower of your site. (I'm a devout Christian. I'm a Lutheran with Evangelical beliefs sprinkled in.) How about doing the Islamic theological conundrum that goes that Adam was the one that got tempted? You can freely quote me. Go right ahead.

    Great videos, BTW. I hope you do well. 🙂

  • Thanks for educating. In previous video expert Robert Spencer & you said majority Muslims have not studied Quran, Hadeeth, biography of Muhammad. So they sanitise Muhammad or choose to think Muhammad was as peaceful as Jesus or Buddha. Few Muslims lie to cover up

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