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thank you we're back up the scobie's for liberty conference more than a thousand students have gathered here in washington DC to advocate for a free society and that includes free speech free thought right to start a business or right to try new things you want that but this presidential campaign one surprise has been the success of an old Democrat socialist candidate Bernie Sanders he wants government to have more power and money and for that is getting big support from people your age what's that about well Emily Eakins of the Cato Institute's a pollster who studies voters who say they feel the Bern what's wrong with those people well there's nothing wrong with young people today but I do think that Bernie Sanders has captured their hearts and minds I'm in ways that other candidates like President Obama and also Ronald Reagan did in the past they like inspiring honest candidates who they feel care a lot about them Bernie Sanders is actually the most civil libertarian candidate of all the different presidential candidates so after Rand Paul we found that people who score hot who score high on a preference for libertarianism go to Bernie Sanders next it's surprising because Sanders economic planning would take power from individuals and give it to the state young people are just not that alarmed about socialism across a number of different polls we see that young people are the most supportive of socialism compared to older cohorts and they're about as likely to say they like capitalism as socialism so are they dumb are you dumb or your friends dumb yes it's part of it is young people don't know what the technical definition of socialism is a recent poll asked people to use their own words to define it and only 16 percent of Millennials were able to do it they grew up after the Cold War they don't remember socialism in the context of the Soviet Union like older people do for young people socialism means Scandinavia that's something I think that needs to be corrected is that Scandinavia is not socialist the prime minister of Denmark even when after Bernie Sanders and said stop calling a socialist we are a free-market economy and in fact they are and across a number of different economic indicators Sweden Norway and Denmark actually outrank the United States on property rights freedom the ease of starting a business when they liberalize their markets like that that actually got rid of labor laws yes that actually helped that's a cut that accommodates their large social welfare states and that's what Bernice and he's talking about their large social welfare states he's not acknowledging how they liberalize their economies in the 90s that actually helps pay for the social welfare state how many of you would consider voting for Bernie Sanders no one here when government is planning either an industry or an entire economy it tends to result in the same set of consequences which are long lines rationing lower quality care and less innovation if you want less innovation then we can we can embrace those systems but if you want to have a cure for cancer if you want to have a cure for HIV in the future you have to have innovation you have to have free markets even in the healthcare system Millennials start to turn against socialism the more money they start to make that's exactly right we found that as Millennials started to make between 40 and $60,000 a year their support for income redistribution flips and their support for raising taxes to increase spending should sound like it's all about selfishness selfishness no I don't think that that's it I think as young people start making sacrifices they start working longer hours paying more in taxes by house have kids they want to be rewarded more for those efforts and that's actually what most Americans think questions for Emily Aikens on the popular Netflix TV series house of cards which I'm sure you've heard of the main character President Frank Underwood states to the public that you are entitled to nothing sounds right to me you're entitled to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness the root idea of socialism is that everyone should be rewarded equally or at least according to their need regardless of their achievements and efforts a question that really gets at this gets at the root of this is a question about kids sports trophies we asked about it on a recent poll where we asked should all kids who plan a sports team get a trophy for their participation or or should only the kids who win get a trophy a majority of Americans 57 percent said only the kids who win should get a trophy at the end of the day but one group stood out who thought all kids should get a trophy regardless of what they do and that were that those were the 18 to 24 year olds college age Americans the Socialists next question I'm a state representative in the south of Brazil huge concern from parents and students in Brazil are that many profit each errs in school they indoctrinates in socialism and Marxism instead of giving education if this is the case in the United States as well what to do about it now a lot of people are not learning about what happened in the Soviet Union when they had an experiment with socialism or other countries that have experimented with socials and instead we talk about socialism as if it's Scandinavia and they're not even socialists so let's talk about history see what could what can we learn from those experiments and they didn't go well and I think we should see that your whole continent is experimented with socialism it hasn't gone well and they keep doing it they do so and we have to do something about it so that's why we are here actually

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  • So, if we want a cure for cancer we need innovation and competition… okay, so we have always lived in a capitalistic society; where are all the fucking cures? Where are all the solutions and innovations. You have brought nothing to the table. You talk about socialism in the context of something that happened in the U.S.S.R. long ago. How about you stop talking about the past and pave the way for the future and innovate on the idea of a socialistic soceity that is not a dictatorship. If your so innovative then come up with that solution, or do I have to pay you with an incentive. Capitalism breeds laziness, becuase if you are not given incentive, then you are worthless and will not want to do anything, but wait around till you are given an incentive. The way "modern" society incentivizes you is by creating something that has value e.g. goods or placing value on your life. So, to business people you are nothing but a value, to pharmaceutical companies you are a value, a doctor you are a value. Hmmm…. incentive right. We need to breed a world where value is out of the question. And create a new form of living. You destroy the humanities if you place value, do you not see it or do I have to pay you to see it. In 5 years lets see the cure for aids and cancer and everything else that capitalism brings with its innovation.

  • Very civil & educational questions & answers, so now to duplicate this by the thousands across the USA 👏👏👏👏👏

  • “Free Education” and “Free Healthcare” are definitely not free. It costs exactly the same amount that it always did, and probably even more since the government can’t seem to do anything at lower cost. These things are only free to the student or the patient. Society as a whole pays more for it than ever in the form of taxation. And the people that higher taxes hurts the most is the poor and middle income. Socialism is a flawed principle because it disincentivizes workers from becoming more productive. It’s the same problem we have now with the welfare state.

  • Millennials are used to getting everything for nothing because you're a dumbass parents so they expect it from government

  • "Young people just aren't that alarmed by Socialism". Translation: Young people haven't been ANYWHERE to Learn ANYTHING ABOUT ANYTHING! Ignorance must be outgrown! There's a better way to learn what "Hot" means than grabbing a hot tailpipe! Listening to those who HAVE grabbed a hot tailpipe is a GOOD way! Listen to people from Venezuela! You don't need to throw the whole country into the toilet to find out it doesn't work!

  • There never should have been any unequal wealth worldwide. And do you know that computers make it possible to have equal wealth worldwide today? That would end world poverty. What do capitalists think about that?

  • This is how it works in UK (not scotland) it's not free, if you work you pay towards your children's education. It is all free if you don't work. The debate in UK is it may be better not to work and live on welfare (benefits) why do Americans look at Europe as perfect. Look at it this was, you work all your life to provide and then one or all of your kids go to university, (college) if you work you have to help financially, if you don't it's free. So someone who can trace his ancestors back 10000's of years in the same country has to pay, a migrant from Africa or any were can not have worked a day contributed anything and just soak up money in benefits, gets it all free. You understand Brexit and why Europe is falling apart.

  • Countries like Sweden were able to afford expensive social welfare programs because they spent virtually nothing on the military and because they had a hardworking populous that,though heavily taxed,used little in government benefits. However,Sweden,like all of the EU countries is under invasion by Black Africa and Islam. Needless to say that changes the equation,dramatically.

  • Of course the young would go for Sanders, he's offering them Free Education ,thus removing their Student Debt.

  • Why are we even talking about Socialism? Scandinavia doesn't run on a Socialist system. Why do students think that Scandinavian countries are Socialist? Where did that even come from?

  • Giving everyone a trophy regardless if they win or not is not benefiting anyone. It may make a kid feel special for that one moment, but when they get to my age, they will see their trophies and realize that they didn't really earn them, they were participation prizes which means nothing. Don't get me wrong, I did try and win, but I didn't win any tournaments, but I still got a participation trophy each time even though my team didn't place in the top 3. The trophies I have now only show me that I didn't win. I didn't compete for a trophy though, I did it because it was fun. Even though I didn't win, I still had fun in competition. That is all someone participating needs to get from it, not some trophy to say "you are all winners!".

  • America has been given free education for many , many years.12 free years of education paid buy tax gald you get that because other countries don't give you that at need to work for higher education in America.always have , always will. Not is free or given to you.

  • Why doesn't Bernie redistribute his millions!End elected official's welfare!Any proposed tax must apply double to elected officials!

  • Bernie is a 20th century snake oil salesman, Imagine paying 36K for an education and have nothing to show in the end but stupid. Now you have a free education, what is the incentive to do well or better in the second scenario. The bottom line socialism does not work. Never has and never will.

  • Sanders has a grandfatherly mystique about him and that's why the younger crowd snuggles up to him and are willing to take him at face value. But he's just another dangerous politician and maybe even more so. Why? Because he puts on a pedestal other Socialist countries that aren't. That either means that he has no clue about foreign affairs which is dangerous by opening the door, with a welcome mat, to other countries that might want to do us harm. Or, by blatantly lying to his enamored followers. Both of which further Socialism as almost a religion instead of a societal construct, enhancing its "belief" as good, as it decays the very freedom fabric of our society.

  • The reason why its so expensive is brainless useless course like "Gender studies" are included. Now outnumbering actually useful courses. THATS the cause of it all

  • Is there anything ANY government run agency or entity on any level in any country from the top legislature to the county trash collectors has ever done right? Just complete @$$holes, incompetence, thievery and corruption everywhere all the time.

  • Why is a representative from Brazil getting advice this way I’m sure he could contact someone in our government directly to get advice

  • This must be hate speech. AOC says we can have free education until age 35 and easily pay for it by increasing tax on cow farts. Also she said if it's free the colleges can charge a lot more so will be able to have world class basket ball courts and subsidised Starbucks on campus. It's like obvious!

  • That's because they don't understand what socialism is. They think it's something about being social like a social network.

  • The real issue here is that there is a myth in circulation that the US "used to be great". But it is just what it is – a myth.  The country grew up on the "mental inheritance" that it ran away from Europe with. Now it's pretty much gone. The US has no ideology left to run on.The "progressives" have no idea where to "progress". The conservatives want to conserve a corpse. We are – pretty much – fleas on a dead elephant.

  • People reject "socialism", others reject "liberalism". But those are not simple concepts. There are several ways to define socialism, several ways to define liberalism. What do we mean by socialism/liberalism? First and foremost, those are both economical theories you can accept or reject. Then there are ethical sides to them like how are people expected to behave in a socialistic/liberal context. Traditional communism as in Soviet Union and China were hier- archical systems with very conservative moral and laws. Left wingers today may claim they are socialists, but their ethics are rather super liberalistic, that is freedom for everyone to act anyway they please, something that is more anarchistic than hardcore communism, really. No socialism but pretty much a liberalistic spectrum from right to left. Right wing liberals being on the conservative end, left wing liberals and radical feminists are thought of as socialists and may call themselves that, but they argue for things and do things that would not in a million years have been accepted in Soviet society. They would have been thrown into Gulag heads before their feet. And then we have that concept of cultural marxism which is a third aspect besides economic theories and moral/ethical expectations of the believers.

  • Doesn't make sense kids go to college pay high prices for college as they are overcharged after college they will get a job and give 70 percent to the government which in turn if college was free would receive a big portion of the tax and if they are OK with the system will cost more than if they just paid protest high cost of college at college ripping you off

  • I am very reluctant to hire any new college graduates. Most are dumber than the ones that did not go to college.

  • Wow ,you get 2 idiot politicians who say the word socialism and now society has to educate college kids instead of college teachers, because the teachers are filling our children's heads with garbage only about tolerances not real life or real facts.

  • It is my belief that the reason for the rise of the belief in socialism comes from "union" mentality. Unions, which controls the Democrat Party, are in favor of socialism because they somehow believe that socialism will guarantee incomes, pensions, and health care for them. Unions are very narrow minded and will destroy businesses and nat'l economys in pursuit of their goals. The schools, of course, are operated by union member teachers. Some are militant. Most probably are not. All are nitwits, in my opinion. And they are all also propagandized. Of course Stalin or Lenin, or one of those commies said it best. "Give me the school children, I'll raise the next generation of believers." And , well, the beat goes on.

  • Young people aren't dumb, they have been brainwashed by the teachers union and liberal professors, who never lived in real world.

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