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the Jonas Brothers are joining us this morning guys thank you so much for coming in thanks for having us now obviously I know Nick I know Joe the Kevin we've never met before it's a pleasure this is this is this is really really nice you've just come back from Ibiza and surprisingly you're looking all incredibly good working you were there to play at this stage in our life in career we figured out the balance you have to work very hard so my jackets very loud those people listen but what we're saying is you know work really hard as you can play even harder very nice and I knew that we did that good well listen I mean it's been six years and then coming back recording again together I mean were you making the songs together before was it was it literally just like this is it all brand-new again right yeah no we'd written one song Joe and I did one song for potential dnce song yeah this was when we dove in to write this new music it was really the beginning of the process and it was you know it all started with a documentary that we made last year that comes out you know the fourth Genet worth and basically just to tell our story you know from childhood into the beginning of our career and then our lives now as solo people and Joe and dnce and Kevin with his family but what we found was that we were all missing that magic as we were reminiscing and talking through the things we need to talk through to heal some things as family yeah we got to a really good place and then we dove in with you know Ryan Tedder Greg Kurstin Max Martin Shellback and made now more really proud of I mean um yeah I'm super super excited I love you Jackie Sammy's the jacket making an appearance in the in the documentary this is just a today's special this is just for you guys Kevin jizz really so so in terms of like the catalyst lie in terms of bringing you guys back together again you know Nick sit there there was a lot of stuff that you guys needed to heal between the two of you but between three of you who exactly this find you know who exactly who exactly made that you know that that first call it actually was Nick both ways right like having the initial conversation and then they bringing us back together he talked to us at different times um in different perspectives but it was when we were all together and you kind of see that moment it's really actually the one to really watch through the documentary other than myself obviously is Joe who definitely changes his whole perspective he was last at the party like he was not into doing this at all again or even around the thought but his interviews get continually more like opening and open like his whole attitude just shifts like through the whole the arc of the film it's really cool amazing you must have proud parents very proud yeah obviously you guys know each other more the more you know normal bandmates would know each other like what's it like touring together really good fun it's great it is family though still you know siblings there's rivalries and there's also moments you can just tell the person to shut up and say leave me alone for a while and it's not like the band's gonna split up because of that it's it's cool it's it you know how to work through it and so having that relationship but also being able to go on stage and do what you love again it's it's kind of surreal II don't expect to be able to do that mmm what a noise has anyone got anything that annoys a horse I mean listen we all know how to get under each other's skin I'm sure but what do we say what we know is annoying about like but yourself this is dangerous did I try to sabotage interviews by word just moves his jacket around while we have it this is that we can't ever get on the same like we're all either full of energy and have got enough sleep or not yeah one of us will be like full throttle ahead and they're like kevin:today yeah yeah I think different level he got a great night's sleep yeah five hours and I feel awesome after a visit like five hours feels like 13 days I've got say congratulations to all of you all now happily married most recently Joe in Vegas with sophie turner how was that yeah I love Diplo but he loves his Graham more than a 13 year old he posts every five seconds he literally like live stream with dogface filters yeah it was I like we just laughed we loved it we thought was ridiculous and I just loved that he was walking into the chaplain he's like gonna hit this wedding real quick have you had time from a honeymoon you know we've we've got plans that will be hush-hush about but yeah we'll make time for them I'm not telling you your wonderful wife of course it's a part in the show who's in the show we did see what you can or can't say but we were talking about stealing stuff from the set oh right yeah because because it's a difficult task and we asked we had a lot of members of the cast come in and and they told us that they could only get away with taking some waterproof socks right which is a little bit disappointing how did you fare I'm very pretty good there was I mean I have to be careful because I oiled the show for a few people on accident I posted a congratulations message right for somebody and I got like a bunch of people that wrote me back they were like I unfollowed every game of Thrones account and somehow Joe Jonas is the one that spoiled the show so I'll just say there's something in the promos that if you watch back for Sophie's character that it's going to be sitting in our garden oh wow okay it's still it because I can't pick it up yeah they had it delivered slyly try to get away with not saying what it is so no one's mad at me again you know guys there's there's obviously you've got your documentary coming out your movie coming out and then so the doctor mention is out 4th of June yeah and then 8 8 the June you've got the summertime ball but the day before the ball the album first album in 10 years Wow crazy right this is big how long it take to mate like it took about six seven months once we got into the creative process and started writing one of the first songs to come and kind of set the template was sucker yeah we had a pretty clear vision for what we wanted to do and we also had a lot to say I think that the album the title you know sort of embodies where we are in our lives we're all very happy we're happy that we worked through all of the stuff we needed to work through and that we found love and and get to travel the world again and see our fans you know most importantly and it's all in there so yeah June 7th so excited so excited and a day after that 80,000 people Wembley Stadium let's go yeah time for all of you together doing our ball yeah it's crazy it's gonna be a party Kevin's never done it before yeah oh I'm so excited I saw images and videos obviously of their performances so as you know the bow is Indian documentary it's in a dock it's like one of the main performance sequences talking about my solo chapter so it's in there pretty cool so as a band what can we expect then from the performance yeah they're just in life new old songs we have a big surprise surprise I'm really big surprise huge huge Wow and you can't tell us what it is Kato you order dance because that would ruin don't miss our set cuz it's gonna be crazy mate we're gonna be watching we're gonna be sign of stage for that I'm so so excited I like that you've also telling us just doing the song that there's no after-party because there's no time beat told us what a p2p pizza yeah TP party to the plane you just we got a flight in the morning the day after so we're just gonna stay up all night and hang out that is so good I'm baffled now I love this a massive surprise during the Jonas Brothers performance at the summertime ball 80,000 people Wembley Stadium we're gonna find out right boys we've spoken about pretty much everything so it's time for me to hand over the reins to miss Miley Cyrus finally now you can imagine Miley Cyrus coming on to the show live she had yeah she came on and we gave her one question one question only for the Jonas Brothers oh no now thank you very much to everyone else texting in your question to the Jonas Brothers text in your hundreds of thousands or millions in fact but we gave that question to Miley so there's over to Miley Cyrus for the biggest moment in capital question for the Jonas Brothers is did it feel so good taking off your purity ring and did it feel so good taking off your purity right you know I was a good time yeah I told you it was a proper Miley Cyrus question boys thank you so much for joining us on the show thank you not wait to see you at the summertime ball on it's like in a week it's time to say goodbye and thank you very much to the Jonas Brothers you

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