Joseph Schwartz on Social Democracy vs. Democratic Socialism

it's my place those identified those great difference well I think you know this money keep my rattle upon the finest would say yeah I mean I think most democratic socialism and Stephanie the terms used interchangeably and not accidentally because the Swedish sheet in the late seventies early eighties did phenomenally political tender eventually socializing democratizing control over capital right so then that social would say ugly were for polishing capitalism and will for figuring out some sort of institutional mechanisms of giving democratic control over at the workplace and over investment Social Democrats generally not always but many Social Democrats left-wing ones and modern Social Democrats would generally say this is 1956 coming across on the British Minister of Labour system capitalism is the ancient right and social democracy is the government that steers the engine but a progressive taxation and strong public goods is the more common safety regulation environmental regulation what do you think social democracy in America I think it'd be great if you have then we can fight the Democratic social but whether that means ignore me or forty-five percent of the gross domestic product is challenged real estate in the US only thirty percent so what's the difference a thirty percent as we said on incarceration and militarism but they have Universal child care they have universal health care and they have really good public pensions along answer to your short questions probably to get to downtown social you have to build of class parent imperative that we first get the social democracy I'm all for a revolution but you know I think the German he left was right a revolution in the complex post-industrial society is a long march through the institution's I'm a revolutionary but I'm not a slogan here now how's it been saying an arm stroke on sure like I can't even shoot enough call 45

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  • interesting point you made about Soviet Democracy because the idea of government control is that the people run Government, thus in the Capitalist System of the US Government Lobbyism, and that  even practiced on the floor of the senate and congress not to mention the Governors, and Mayors of each state who want for Corporate Dollars and who scheme up ways to use Lottery systems and Casinos to better education when in fact they manuever funds thus replacing the same amount that never gets spent correctly nor spent in areas where there much needed thus to improve education overall, thus there's always unfortunate masses of people who never get the jobs they went to school for nor a decent job unless you find folding cloths in a Dept. store decent at " minimum wage. think of  it like this if the worker Party controls the major organizations that protects workers in a socialist state while allowing with certain definitive controls so as to develop certain aspects if industry for semi private industries who have adhere to laws, could the same be said that Capitalist call upon government, and government always answers because its a business too them, it to will set up controls that would be more to the Capitalist liking and not for workers, create laws more liking to Capitalist and not workers and remove laws more liking to workers than Capitalist?
    Socialism hasn't been the enemy when it come to regarding the 3rd world also,  Nazi's were completely against Socialism as set by Marx and Lenin, in fact the intellectuals of Fascism including the Nazi's regarded the idea of private property as more important and central to their economy than the USSR ever did thus the militarized form of its government assured in all Fascist states that the heads of the party would spend more on the industrial military complex, remember it wasn't the Soviets who started the World Wars, it as always Capitalist states of some sort. In WW1 the Monarchial Mercentalist Capitalist and WW2 those who spearheaded Fascism and gained much support by the US who for much of the 1900's up until the WWII indirectly, and directly  supported Fascism as a legit position especially that against the Soviet Union, the Nazi's saw they can cut everybody out especially with the war machine they built extremely fast.  They managed to build the Wiermere Republic as an answer to what the Monarchy wanted in WWI with mercantilist style of Capitalism.  Mercantile Capitalism demands rapacious pursuit of primary resources at all corners faster than "market capitalism" but with the same demoralizing and debilitating and instable effects on both end of the spectrum.  Market Capitalism is a popularized label to put into effect Friedman's form of Capitalism which was raised to the highest standards during the latter part of 20th century the 60's and the 70's, till now.  Fascism gives for the co-operations between workers and corporations as private industries, the Marxist, and Marxist Leninists struggle for a different relations ship to the means of production where industry is understood in a very different relationship where needs are met and are changing, while cultural needs are met and changing. Education is a principle economic factor because it also means the development of continuously new industries while other cease, or develop into something different, it also emphasized a higher education at such a mass level even if you were a master mechanic, or a plumber, not just for lawyers and judges or politicians. It emphasized the very opposite of what all Fascist states including the Nazi' fascist state which by the way its head members said that a worker need not worry of too much education,  Stalin would not have been happy nor Lenin nor Engels.        

  • There were no "corporations" in the USSR. There were production associations and state enterprises, and cooperatives. These were not autonomous entities but subdivisions within the state apparatus… it was the other way around. The Party controlled all these major organizations, and democracy was limited to being within the Party only.

  • Social Democracy is supposed to be better than capitalism but it really is a conspiracy and it uses the media and labor unions to control you . And they claim to be the only right cause and you have to agree with them or you are the bad guy.

  • no it isn't.

    Stalin was a socialist, but Soviet Russia was not a democracy in the sense you're thinking; it was "Soviet Democracy" — similar to representative democracy except the "People" were the unions and corporations – which were ultimately controlled by the Government.

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