Jossie Coleman: Finding Freedom in Dance

Here we go. Five, six, ready go. One and two, go three and
four, double five, six. And reach out, come in, out, come in. Go out, come in.>>Dance for me is life. It’s Everything. I remember when I was in my 20s, I came across a quote that I
still carry with me today. It says, the feet may learn the steps,
but only the Spirit can Dance, and I think that my students
get that every class from me. My name is Jesse Coleman and
I’ve been teaching I’d be since 1998. 21 years. Yeah.
I teach a cardio just front class and that’s a high energy jazz. Fusion class, they’re coming in there to. We also teach a hip hop class. In this semester,
we’re exploring the evolution of hip hop. So we’re trying to cover as many dance
styles as we possibly can in such a short time. And I also teach an afro fusion class and that’s a mixture of Caribbean Dancehall
and African movements.>>So you guys are becoming so close
that you’re going to be just like this. Put your back towards me,
the other dance can. [LAUGH]
>>Just be very intimidating. So coming into a room where people
are experiencing dance for the first time. My main goal is to be kind and
to encourage. My students. So that it is a positive experience. I will break the smallest thing down. I have a student who used to say,
Jodi is it like this or like this. [LAUGH] The smallest thing,
but that was important to her. This is a safe place for them to shine and
just dance and be true to who they are. [MUSIC] I used to dance when I was a kid, and
I was always the girl in the back who would never you know add
the hot sauce to the dance, or try to do anything other
than the steps you’re given. And then this class I feel like I don’t
have to hold back, like I can be myself. She told us, why can’t you be
the best of yourself right now? What are you waiting for? And that sentence is hitting me so much. And every time I feel like I need to
push myself to the best I can be.>>There’s freedom in dance. It makes me think of a student of mine. Gave me at the end of
the semester years ago. She said dance allows her to
escape into an inspirational world where she can express herself in. And I remember that so clearly because
I feel that I understand that and I think my students feel that as well. I think a lot of us just as human beings crave that freedom just to be yourself and dance gives us that space to do that. [MUSIC]

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