this is sunday gardener and this is your
online travel boss and I am super excited again to be bringing you another
installment of journey and entrepreneurship and we have today
Stacie Daniels that she is a well strategist insurance broker national
speaker and Amazon best-selling author and before we get and we meet Stacy
fully what I wanted to say is everybody’s journey is different and I
am just so excited to have Stacy here because she is gonna like pour into us
tips and recommendations for how to make that leap into entrepreneurship and as
always if you feel that this information is useful go ahead and share it and with
that Stacy thank you for being here I’m so happy to have you just telling you
before we hit record that it’s my passion it’s it’s my skillset it’s my
gift and it’s also my story to help people learn about their finances and be
better positioned to do what they want what they’re wanting some people want to
be millionaires something you just want to be comfortable but we still have to
know or strategically how I’m gonna get this well I’m grateful that you are and
inviting me to talk to people inspiring entrepreneurs when it’s so that’s such a
I don’t want to describe it a sensitive area you know I want to help I want to
do this but I’m not quite sure how we’re it’s overwhelming in so many different
directions right I don’t know what doesn’t want to do that you know what I
mean and so we really do need to have some guidance especially when it comes
to our money and so thank you thank you for trusting me to come honesty I
appreciate you being here so let’s start with how long have you been an
entrepreneur I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2008 okay yes
I started off face to face I wasn’t online I transitioned my business online
at 2017 and I was like I can sit I have the gift of gab I have a passion I have
a story to tell people like stories right and come to find out that that was
not what we needed to transition my business online I had to learn on my own
it was very humbling it’s a whole different world well you’re not well you
don’t have that body language and that nice little touch
know when you face the face you have to find other ways to stand out and to
getting someone’s trust that’s so true because I similarly started to with the
physical business and that transition for online was a big slap in the face so
it’s certainly not the same thing so what made you decide to jump into your
physical business and then also transition into the online space oh wow
you know money was not a story another conversation we had even though I had a
child I just had my mother’s forty years older than me and she was raising the
south and so I’m gonna mid what but there’s a lot of these traditions that I
already knew or was instilled in me be manner of all and don’t go to people’s
house hungry make sure you’re the one that speak all these different nuances
but I knew that I needed to follow but she did not talk to me about money and
that’s okay you know that she that was something that she wasn’t aware of if
you’re not taught you can’t share it and that’s okay
I learned though from a 46 credits for bankruptcy the father student loans
repossessed be it goes ain’t a check sister file on that wow this might be
something I need to learn a bachelor’s degree in computer science as a
programmer did not mean that I would officially know how to manage my money
so I created the statement and I like to say it all the time personal finance is
not common sense and effective money management is a skill that must be
learned so I want you guys to take yourself give yourself a break
i’ma let yourself off the hook because we feel like just because I’ve been
successful in other areas of my life before the harder math we know they know
how to do this you know if you want talking strategic rules and routines and
he’s powerful but hitting money rules then you won’t know and so that took me
a long time to learn and wasn’t gonna pass all of the ego and the pride and I
was actually willing and able to ask for some help then I realized as I was
sitting down in front of people they don’t know as well you know I’m trying
to help you with a life insurance policy and and tell you about protecting your
future but they don’t know how to manage the money monthly
um effectively either oh my Wow it’s so much further back than just a life
insurance policy if you don’t have money or you have the money but you make a
$90,000 salary but if your your bills and your debts and your emotional
spending is $80,000 you’re still just as broke as anybody else
amen when I started realizing as soon as
there was a shift in their income their insurance policy and I was like wow we
need to take a couple steps back you know they realized the value but
they can’t afford it because of other things so that’s not creating the
motivating money Academy and it kind of went from there as much as I learn and I
spoken I received awards and accolades for
being able to help so many different families and and writing all these
policies and you know creating different avenues for them working in churches and
things and I was like you know what this is my calling
I now realize why within the financial transitions that I went through so that
I can relate and then this whole gift of gab gift that God is comfortable early
on in our interaction so I share my stories and my experience and my
strengths and failures and I’m transparent and they like wow and and so
they are able to just purge all of that and now I’m like that’s fine thank you
for sharing now here’s the steps to Windows 8 how do we get better yeah yeah
so I love talking to computers I’m still a techie at heart but I realized that
I’m better and more effective talking to people and so that’s why I transition my
business online at 2017 ah but oh I can help people like so you got the best of
both worlds right so some issues that I know I’m gonna have technically all
these people that I wouldn’t be able to be internationally you know this is
awesome not just like a rap song internationally known but motivating
money I love that yes I have Zeeland I have clients and Africa I have
clients over but in London so but I realized that all of that everything
that I went through was so that I can help people reach people and explain to
them how just because no matter what you’ve been no matter what you’ve been
through no matter where you are right now you still have a chance to reach
financial freedom and that was after again I had to learn okay Stacy just cuz
you know this and you’ve done that for several years let’s sit back and learn
how to do this correctly and that’s awesome Stacy that’s a great story and I
think you know I just want to touch on the one little thing that you said and
because I personally feel the same thing is or have felt it is you know just
because you’re making six figures and you graduated from college doesn’t mean
you know like it does not mean you know because if my because my parents my mom
grandmother never talked about money either and it was always a struggle I
just knew we never had enough so to be able to put that into a way that people
like me and other people can understand it’s a powerful thing I mean you
position us to be so much more powerful in the positions that we are so I’m just
grateful that you you know what your gift is and God give you that gift okay
so you you made the jump you’re in the online space and so you know you have
two areas where I’m sure you’ve had experience struggles so talk about three
of your struggles or major lessons learned that you had when you first
started your business okay so when I became an entrepreneur I was scared
because it’s Commission only as its commissioning and you know okay so they
are right first of all I hadn’t really been into selling but it says something
it doesn’t even tangibly exist yes I didn’t even have a life insurance policy
at first I believed in it and I saw the money and I was a single parent and a
whole different region of the country and I was like okay well I need to make
money in order to make sure that my son is okay I graduated during
bubble burst and so there were so many other people
a bachelor’s degree and I didn’t realize that I need to have an unpaid internship
as well so when I went to get my outfit abuse I didn’t have that so I wasn’t as
marketable so thanks for the degree and things were just doing along I still
have a son I need you’re like thanks but I still need to make some okay this is a
lot of money and I can do this and I was beautiful but I felt like I believed in
and I can do it great what I’ll say about that is the
tip that I want to get to all aspiring entrepreneurs it’s wonderful to have a
passion and have a dream I’ll be able to help so many people because I believe in
this and never let anybody to tear you from doing that however to make that
road from idea it’s a success less hard let’s hard enjoy less hard and shorter
find something that you’re good at I did about what your strengths are identify
what your gifts are and then identify what people are needing or they’re
already buying so that’s to list that’s actually something I just sent out today
for my midweek money minute it’s an email that I do on my email list
I’m just tips and tricks but I’ve mentioned to them you know find out what
you like a lot of people like I wouldn’t do it on a side hustle but they’re not
quite sure where to start and so my tip is make a list of the things that you
know you’re good at people always try to pay you for that come to you boy make a
list of what you see people need or they’re already buying you know and then
combine it and see what you can come up with a position or a product that covers
both of them an example that I put in my email today
is if you like talking about beauty and fashion and jewelry and you have the
gift of gab or you’re not an introvert you an extrovert and so you don’t have a
problem talking to anybody and everybody maybe you should try being a network
marketer for for Avon paparazzi or Mary Kay try to work for them because they’ll
pay you you talk to people about fashion and right that’s right that’s something
that you want to do long time but it’ll put money in your pocket
so that means it’s giving you a seed that you can now invest into the vision
or the passion that you have married at the time and so he was taking care of
our finances at home while I was trying to learn the ropes of what’s the right
way to do the policy or the right way to do did I’m calling make an appointment I
was cold hauling you know door knocking and all of those types of things so that
I’m learning curve I had someone who had my back but you know after oh wow he
wasn’t wanting soon support me so it was a struggle at home because he but you
need good job you know most your job like you know that just day needs more of a result
that I was gonna I’m not a person I don’t like failure and I’m a hashtag
reform overachiever so I was like I’m gonna get this I learned too much time
and I could do it you know and so and it just made me go harder but I wish I
would have had that tip to just do something that I’m good at first find a
need and that’ll give me some of the money so that would relieve some of the
pressure and some of the conflict at home until I was able to be more
successful as an entrepreneur so that’s a great tip I think that’s great okay so
you you know that’s a that’s an amazing tip for people to be able to leverage in
you know as you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur I’m even if
you’re thinking about going into the travel space so any other tips that you
want to share before I go to the next one no all right so now you’ve been
doing it and you’ve been doing it since 2008 mm you said 16 for the online part
right 17 and so you know my audience is people who are either they’ve launched
and they’ve started a travel business and they need to uplevel or they’re
about to launch what tips or recommendations would you have for
somebody who is thinking about launching above what you’ve just said and they’ve
never done it before like they’ve never well you know this I have a freebie that
I want to give you guys and I’m gonna explain it a little
and then I’ll make sure that she puts the link in description for you guys
whether you are getting ready to leave maybe you have a full-time job you like
you know what 2019 I hear is the year of entrepreneur I want to have dreams and
aspirations I can do it too or if you already leapt and you like okay I’ll
make us some money I’m feast and famine and there’s just no system or process to
the money I needed to be more regular I need to rent I need to assistant yes
regulate as to what I did to regulate my finances and my expenses and my
emotional spending so that I can live what you know making money and spending
things that I want and paid unnecessary am say for my future and if you an
entrepreneur you need to find your own retirement as well right so let me have
more consistent income and savings of my money and leads that’s going to turn to
income so what can I do I suggest there are four different areas and I call this
are you financially prepared to be an entrepreneur
and you know most of us aren’t and we don’t think about that you know 50% of
it jerk the first two years and it’s been due to cash flow problems not
because you’re not making enough money but you don’t have it readily available
when you need and so you get credit you get business loans so what can I do to
make sure I have these strategic pillars in place so that I always have money
coming in customers coming in and I’m putting my money where it needs to be so
there are four areas Japan Japan way so the first one is mindset you know as an
as an employee we kind of get comfortable I don’t really like this job
I’m a-goin and I’m a half work but long as I come in I’m on time and all
starting problems so we plan in two three months in advance Kathleen I’m
saying $50.00 out of here you know I’m starting this trip we planning it cuz
it’s kind of a surety long as I show up you don’t know unless something major
happens um well that’s not the same thing when it comes to
as your entrepreneur we need to have some discipline needs sex and hours at
work when you’re working don’t laugh I’m telling you from experience I tried to
work it I’ll tell you before about three hours I give you three hours and have
the mindset check you know there’s a different there’s a major shift between
being on an employee and an entrepreneur that’s right come on is your personal
finances have an understanding a clear picture of what your variable expenses
are and your expenses yes we need to know that and then whatever they are
then you need to have that money in an account for six months and if you an
employee then you can say okay well these are this is how much it takes me
to run my house my lighting phone and gas and my leisure expenses that I like
those tools infused or lattes or whatever those movies like you know I
need to have this for six months four to six months at least bare minimum
just how long it takes for your business to kick in and be regularly bringing in
customers in and referrals and such and also by the time you have a clear
understanding of how to run your back office you know for my business and for
my personal so that’s three and four so one is my mindset work on some different
questions realize what your strengths and your weaknesses are what are you
spending tendencies you know on where you may be lazy when it comes to things
that you need not to be because it will directly affect your your business
become an entrepreneur and personal finance know what my expenses are my
overhead and things I like to spend on in the same thing for your business do
you have a domain charge do you have an auto responder cost you
know things energy do you have these pay for contractors like Fiverr to purchase
graphics and such whatever that you’re spending on a monthly basis know what
that is and then have that for six months put it in an account and then
the last one guys which i think is the most important in the secret is the
secret to entrepreneurs you’re like leaning in no yes you see me I mean I
like the way you leave it I’m leaning a liquor totally entrepreneurship is our
relationships that’s a good one I can’t do it all but we do and I don’t
know why we do we superwoman and Superman and it’s my baby it’s my
business my money you know so I’m not you know we learn from so many different
people how to do so many different things let’s go ahead and find someone
that we like know and trust and give some guidance born well we can do this
and where we can do that and rub elbows with them but you have to make it you
know like I’m not saying so it’s mighty show me how you burn your business how
you treated it all spending your time with me and help me build up make it
neutrally beneficial you know so fighting some power partners you know
your clients came to you after they went somewhere else and after they go to you
they’re gonna go to somebody else so maybe rub elbows with the people that
they’re gonna go to before you and their people are gonna go to after you so they
can start sending you their clients you know when they mention something like
I’m a lost strategy when they mention to somebody it’s asking how can I have
guaranteed paychecks and paychecks when I retire that’s tax free and it’s
monthly you know I’m an entrepreneur I don’t know how to set my money up
but I don’t want to have to pay taxes and I don’t wanna have to lower our
market risk so I put my money like a 401k or 403b or you know IRA and then as
soon as the stock market up and now I’m losing my money what can I put in here
and she could grow they will send it to me so I deal with accountants you know a
lot of people start off fixing their tech they’re on credit first that’s the
first time the first thing they become financially aware about I need to fix my
credit it’s free something’s wrong yeah the law is on my side it doesn’t take
that long you know I really do have all of the power
let me start worrying about fixing my credit and then after that they said oh
I want to do more now so their next step is usually coming to me how do I
builder business how I hope objects emails monetizing sales master personal
finance and he positioned to monitor maximize on their retirement options so
they come to me for the middle of the road before you go to the investment
side of things so I relationships credit specialist especially they’ll picture
taxes but they can’t help you start your business and all that so they come to me
on that and so that’s what I suggest that’s the whole thing
build up your relationships with different people who can feed you
imagine if you had ten people that you were rubbing elbows with you’re sending
them people there’s ten of you people you might even have a package that if
you go to that person they give you get if you give I have an accountant and if
you go to that person to fix your business she’ll give you 20% off of her
seed or something like that so that is mutually beneficial have you about five
to seven to ten people can’t have too many and if they all send you one person
each month that’s less work you have to do nothing literally that person is
gonna talk you up they’re already gonna sell you you know everybody call you
they probably know your prices they already know some testimonials you know
nummy that’s right mess it up at that point so you can get that those clients
coming in through building those relationships then that’s half the
battle have your money in order so I don’t have to do all of the hustle to
bring in money because I have friends bringing me bringing me clients and then
when I make my money are you strategically know how to put it in
different places because I have a complete picture of where my money goes
where it needs to go how I make it how I’m spending it and I have mine set up
even though I have things going on at home I have a tummyache unless is an
emergency I need to be in my business doing certain things is what I suggest
we all have a good hold of whether you can ready to jump in so entrepreneurship
or you already have you just want to get off that hustle real yeah you’re gonna
get off that wheel I love that’s right the link will be I don’t never know if
it’s up or down but it’ll be here and it is available for you guys to click on
there so Stacy it was amazing to talk to you and you
know Stacy talks fast so I got him for you and click on her link
is she’s gonna have there she also Stacy talk about your group I do want people
because I think everyone that I know you know you talk about rubbing elbows
everyone that I’m come in contact could benefit from your services and just
being motivated by what you’ve got so just talk a little bit about your group
and how someone can get more of you all right well I do have the motivating
money Facebook community if you are looking to live your best 2020 and
beyond or you have a 20/20 vision you guys a play on words so next year is
2020 hourglasses 2020 spotty perfect vision so if you have it yes beyond and
your wanting to work towards it with support with a judgment-free zone will
people post things that postive winds tend their failures and then people
support you and offer their only win if there’s stories as well
so what’s camaraderie then come join us in our free Facebook community and again
that’s at motivating your money I do have a coaching program um and that’s if
you actually wanted somebody to we do a two hour training twice a month so it’s
all about remember I told you I hope you monetize your so I hope you master
personal finance and then after you’ve done that I can even talk to you about
better position your so to maximize on your retirement options so those are the
two that’s my group group environment but with the link that she’s bleep wish
you will be putting up there I’m gonna give you guys a discount of pricing it
will come with a video and one workbook but that’s only the beginning if you
want somebody to work with you one-on-one and you want all the complete
course then instead of it being $67 I’m actually gonna give you to you guys for
forty seven dollars so she’ll be an affiliate for you guys so that’s right
and Stacy is amazing so she is my financial coach and I love love love all
that she is helping me accomplish personally so I know that she can help
you guys as well so Stacy again thank you so much for coming to talk to my
community it was great to have you money is so important to what it is that
you’re trying to do whatever you’re trying to get accomplished so it’s
important a great relationship with it so and stace is gonna help you get there
so with that Stacy thanks so much and we’ll talk to you soon you bye guys


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