Hi everyone I’m Kerry Cassidy from
Project Camelot and I am here tonight with David Wynne Miller and he has
judged David Wynn Miller and we’re going to get him to give his own bio simply
because it’s a little confusing to me and-and-and he has a website I’ve linked
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TV so if you have any questions you can go over there and you’ll see a link to
his website to follow up on things that are said here today and then we’re also
going to be talking about leighton ward and we’ve got some family pictures that
were submitted by his sister Mandy and I do have an audio that we’ll try to play
it’s quite a short audio it’s a phone call between Leighton Ward and his
sister and that was a phone call made from prison it’s quite a short audio the
audio is not terribly clear but we’re going to try to play it anyway so that’s
the plan for tonight and and welcome David it’s great to have you on the show
thank you this is I’m 68 years old now I’ve been in law for 37 years
I got 90,000 hours of research written several books put on over thousand
seminars travelled around the world we have registered over 5 billion people on
our website in 150 languages under the DW MLC comm website and the reason it’s
gone that big worldwide is because of our government trying to slander the
correct sentence structure communication farce a syntax grammar and in trying to
do so they cause people to look at the data but when Miller name and then it
takes them to the website takes them to the videos and now we’re the first page
on YouTube Facebook Twitter and several the other carriers because
of the amount of volume and traffic it is within this on my technology I get
about 100 to 150 emails a day and a dozen phone calls a day trying to get a
hold of me and ask questions or go through people are realizing that
grammar is the foundation of every contract and syntax grammar verifies if
that contract was written correct all things on planet Earth did our own our
own because of a contract if the contract is written in adverb verb or
adverb adjective pronoun it’s been modified to color or modified for
opinion and so therefore your contract is fraudulent and we could
mathematically certify by that rajala and engineered to be a fraud both
frontwards and backwards so with that said it has embarrassed the eleven
thousand judges in 1.6 million attorneys and every court on planet earth that
uses fiction language now one of the things that took place fort for hearings
ago at the Leighton award one of their ominous hearings is Lane says to the
judge I want to see the law rule regulation and code of your contracts to
hold me in prison and the prosecuting attorney says to the judge I read I
object to the use of correct are say syntax grammar in this court and the
judge stands up and says I agree we will not use any correct our se syntax
grammar in this quirk in front of 20 prisoners sitting in a jury box
a dozen attorneys sitting in the audience and realized that he just
confessed a perjury under Title 18 section 1621 because he says we will not
be correct and that also violates Title 18 1001 which is fictitious conveyance
of language which carries a 10-year prison sentence and $10,000 fine and
under Title 15 section 1692 we under the fair trades Act
it carries a 25 million find for a corporation and the judge in
the district attorney creates a corporation within court system that’s
the Bernie Madoff case who sold sixty nine billion dollars from Wall Street
and wound up in prison four hundred fifty years
why is Layton in prison because he sin taxed the judges of Lake Havasu and a
district attorney also of offices and he did it on the federal postal court
website it’s about a one-hour presentation where he identified the
parts of speech and shown how the oath of office was fraudulent for both the
attorneys lawyers and judges and so they issued a warrant for his arrest and then
he went ahead and he filed a complaint against Bank of America not at the
corner court clerk’s office but the county clerk not a county clerk is
responsible to to lodged or file complaints under Federal Rules of Civil
Procedure 70 a and 70 B a complaint was filed against Bank of America they
faulted a judgment was issued by the federal postal court and then lodged at
the at the Lake Havasu County Commissioners Office and so they issued
because that was an official lodging they went ahead and issued a warrant for
his arrest because he blew the whistle on the fraud that Bank America was using
on the mortgages now we syntax the Bank of America mortgage with 4700 syntax
grammar mistakes and with with that many mistakes if we proved that it was an
engineer in fraudulent mortgage so the state being exposed and since 2008 when
we syntax Washington Mutual’s mortgage that one lawsuit shut down Washington
Mutual which opened on Friday at $60 a share and opened Monday morning after
filing bankruptcy for 10 cents a share the major banks Wells Fargo Bank of
America Citibank and Chase all rushed in and bought those two million fraudulent
mortgages but when he got the accompanying lawsuit with it their stock
dropped ninety-five percent in six weeks all the major banks at creating the
market went from twelve thousand seven hundred all the way down to eight
thousand which was the housing bubble burst and collapsed then Eric Holder
came in and sued the banks through the securities in exchange for selling
fraudulent mortgages to the securities in exchange and collected four hundred
billion dollars from the banks for fraudulent mortgages then camel Harrison
in California I brokered a deal between the four major banks and Kamla Harris
for the fraudulent mortgages of California and Kamla Harris received the
check for twenty six billion dollars from the banks she used that twenty six
billion dollars to pay off the 19 billion dollar bankruptcy of California
is 2010 that’s all on the internet that’s that’s public record the other
eight eight billion dot are seven billion dollars from that when said a
whistleblower fund do for mortgage relief for the people that were
displaced so I mean isn’t this is these are some of the biggest lawsuits ever
settled in the United States because of grammar and because we blew the whistle
on Lake Havasu they’re saying that grammar correct grammar is a prod it’s a
simulation of their fiction grammar because we blew the whistle on it so
they’re trying to chart charge Layton with simulation of a legal process the
legal process being fiction now there is no such thing as fiction there is no
such thing as negativity there is only performance there is only energy and
different values of measuring energy you can never create the negative condition
of anything and yet the entire court system is engineered on the word no not
without no thing read this um in which our
prefixes all prefixes me know every word that you see what a vowel in two
consonants means no contract we prove that took us two thousand hours to to
look up every word in the dictionary and all the synonyms of those words to make
that statement a true statement and then wrote a dictionary with 750 words to
prove the wrong words in the English language and the correct syntax words
that are positive performance words that you should use as synonyms and we
published it in her book and on the website alright now what I’m gonna do
here is some of the work we’ve done thank you well can you I don’t know if
you can see the screen I’m just putting the Attorney General I can hear us
judgment up here for people because I’m sure there’d be curious to see a bit
more detail on that that’s the 2016 that’s a 2016 settlement
the 2010 she got twelve twenty six billion dollars okay paying off the
bankruptcy of California and and and did she do that the deal was that yeah she
paid off the bankruptcy of California okay he was supposed to reinvest the
money back into the banks which could have fractioned it at ten to one and
made a two hundred fifty million dollars by paying her twenty six billion dollars
and she didn’t do that and so she broke the the trust with with the banks and so
they won’t do business with her now okay well that’s interesting so uh all
this money changed hands where exactly did it go well the cheque was cut for
twenty six billion to the Attorney General
back in 2010 and then she dispersed nineteen billion of it to pay off the
bankruptcy of California and the balance was sent over to the to the
whistleblowers okay and what that money is being done
with since I went to the whistleblowers is still a mystery to us all right well
that’s that’s very interesting did this stuff hit the news Kamla Harris
paying off the the bankruptcy of California yeah a promise
Obama had a big ceremony in Washington DC honoring her for paying off the
bankruptcy when that money changed hands that was back in 2010 so this is 2010 so
we’ll try to do another search on that as well just trying to find room you
know let people know what’s what’s going on with this issue so can you give a
little of your actually bio background you know your background in terms of how
you got into this line of work and and I understand you spent a very long time
learning law and learning the real law 37 years okay yeah in 1980 went through
a divorce and the judge took judge Stanley Miller took away my my children
saying men cannot nurture children only women can I says why violates the 1964
Civil Rights Act under sex discrimination I charge you with sex
discrimination he says I’m a judge I can do whatever I
want I said I don’t think so I said you took an oath and your oath
was to uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States and 1964 Civil
Rights Act was a very major law passed in the United States and supported by
the United States Supreme Court well he brought him up on judicial charges and
he was disbarred as a judge seven years later he was reassigned in two weeks
after that I showed up in his courtroom and he was disbarred a second time and
eight years after that he he was reassigned as a judge and I showed up in
his courtroom and again he was disbarred within a week of my being his courtroom
because I brought charge new charges against him each time and he wound up
dying three years later and there as a judge on the bench but 1985 was
Judge Wasilewski Milwaukee County yes I went in front of him 65 consecutive
times under ridda de novo two weeks apart and he said David every time you
say yes I’m gonna say no and every time you say no I’m gonna say yes he says no
matter what you write no matter what you say in this court you’re gonna be wrong
I says well it’s three plus three equals six he says yes it says you said you
never agree with me he says well that’s a math problem no one in the history of
mankind ever went to war over a math bro no religious no sex no political
organization he says because you could always check the math by doing it
backwards and he can prove somebody made a mistakes there was no reason to go to
war over so then I said to him I says well then you just said to me if I can
find a mathematical interface on grammar and proved that grammar is a linear
equation in math that you’ll give me my children back he says yes he says I’ll
have to he says because then you will be correct
he says you’re a smart guy you’ll figure it out took me 1,000 days of working
with every kind of math I could figure out add subtract multiply divide sine
cosine tangent quantum physics string theory in quantum physics and guess what
the answer was 1 plus 2 equals 3 3 minus 2 equals 1 2 times 3 equals 6 6 divided
by 3 equals 2 we add subtract multiply and divide sine cosine tangent to prove
frontwards and backwards the operations well when you write a prepositional
phrase or the bridge is over the water well that’s 7 words for the brain which
makes the bridge effect is is the verb thinking over the water makes water
effect and over it’s a preposition if you say it backwards for the water is
under the bridge and over and under up so the practice like adding subtracting
R and both pictures are identical and with that simple sentence I was able to
prove and I’ve done it 400-page website 12,000 lawsuits and
over 400 hours of teaching in seminars join 2,000 seminars since 1995 on radio
TV live stand-up traveling all over the world to put this point across to the
people and the people are listening because of the volume of people that are
studying and it’s been proven by by university professors and my website is
written in 150 different languages frontwards and backwards with no
translation deviation only website on 4 billion websites on the internet that
can that can make that claim that every sentence I write on my website to be
written backwards with the same volition as it was written front words with no
translation deviation when I went to Germany in March 2016 it took me 15
minutes to learn the German language and I could syntax the German language when
I went to New Zealand and I was New Zealand with the morning language it
took about an hour for me to learn them the Mori language and syntax it and then
when I translated to English it was a perfect mathematical translation with no
translation deviation and so I wrote the the the New Zealand Constitution in
quantum language a lot of the Australian Constitution incorrect grammar
I wrote the Ireland Constitution in 2 August of 2012 and they got their
independence from Ireland after 660 years of war now Scotland’s going for
their independence using the same Constitution which is published on my
website these things are facts on Iceland saw the lawsuit the quo warranto
complaint for fraudulent mortgages kicked out every bank in Iceland gave
every homeowner and Iceland clear title to their properties and told London and
Wall Street to suck it up or they’ll go public and expose the fraudulent grammar
that’s being used to steal 30 million of the 68 million mortgages in the United
States are now in foreclosure that’s 40% of the population of America’s in
foreclosure and then I had a comment okay wait wait
slow down Thank You officer can you explain that
statement all these people are in foreclosure on their mortgages what does
that have to do with you that has to do with me because I was the one day that
has been syntax seen in publishing the mortgages all over the United States
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were wrote 40 million of the 68 million mortgages they
are all 100% fraud and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are filing bankruptcy for 40
trillion dollars because they they got caught in a lie oh I mean it’s gonna be
the biggest bankruptcy in US history all right you know what 40% of the
people in foreclosure that’s pretty serious
okay David I’m gonna ask you some questions roll around at 24,000 I know I
mean you know that’s very fascinating but first of all they’re in foreclosure
are you saying that you argued some of their cases are you just stating a fact
in general no we have filed 700 quo warranto complaints with the Justice
Department with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau with the Treasury with
the Comptroller of the Treasury with the securities in exchange for securitizers
had any choice okay Ashley back mortgage fraud okay but have you had any 700
cases 14 and a half trillion down a 14 and a half billion dollars in damages
I appreciate that now have you had any of these cases go to court to be decided
it’s up to the we’re laitanan ir whistleblowers we have supplied the
government with signed confessions of criminal activity right the departments
that I just said are responsible to stop and correct criminal activity okay and
they’re not doing it when Trump took office he thought 47
attorney generals the first thing he did was fire to the Attorney General’s were
not doing their job so somebody’s got to be responsible for all his criminal
activity I understand to further the the injury okay then to further the injury I
had a car accident where a lady was texting and went through a red light
smashed into my car when they found out that the federal postal Judge David when
Miller was a driver and my passenger was injured 14 law firms refused in sequence
to take the case the the farmers insurance company which is owned by
mid-century insurance which controls 25 the largest insurance companies in the
United States went through six six law firms before they got one to take the
case and then I sent sex the the farmers insurance policy and state farm and at
mid-century insurance and I posted it on my website so anybody that has an
insurance policy wants to compare it it’s up on the DW MLC website under
insurance fraud and when you see that your your insurance policy is 125
percent fraud and yet you really don’t have insurance and if you get into an
accident they only pay one percent of the claims and only ten cents and a
dollar of those claims and these insurance companies that advertise these
two three four hundred thousand dollar claims yes they will pay one in a
thousand and then use that to average just for advertising purposes to bring
people in thinking they’re covered but when you go and you file your claim you
get nothing your basement is flooded well too bad you’re not covered for that
you had a fire well too bad you didn’t have fire insurance because the fire was
written as a verb not as a fact insurance policies are written entirely
an adverb all right be that as it may I’m you know you can’t fight every
battle so there’s some people going out there trying to use your
methods I think to fight that system and failing for the most part from what
I understand I don’t know whether Sean David Martin I don’t know whether you
remember him or your and you know knew him but Sean David Martin used some of
your language from what I understand I’m not sure exactly I don’t know whether
you consider yourself part of what’s called the sovereign movement are you
you know no there’s no such Tom Hanks in the movie castaway was sovereign
that’s what sovereignty is a huge man on a desert island with no contracts that’s
sovereignty okay can you explain that further you
are in our system yes if you’re carrying money in your pocket to buy groceries
because you look well-fed and you have a MasterCard and you have a driver’s
license and you have insurance policies you’re a postal employee because money
is postage stamps printed Treasury is owned by the post office the post office
owns all 3800 branches of government all military comes under the postal okay I’m
not a big fan of the post office you know you’re never with um what’s that I
said I’m not a big fan of the post office um and and I do wonder you know
what is this virtual currency you know cryptocurrency how is that going to
change that scenario don’t know anything about it bit Bitcoin that’s a joke as
far as I’m concerned okay just because somebody fool of some gimmick out of the
air okay well have you studied it though are
you talking sorry I said where’s the sweat equity of gold and silver and
where you earn something not just created something and and and threw it
out there is a bit going um well I I think that’s a good argument but what
I’m asking you is is you know I’m just curious whether you’ve investigated this okay we have you know we have just for
my listeners I just want to let people know that um you know I apologize
because we do have kind of a delay at David’s end I’m not sure if what country
he’s in but it’s I don’t know why we have a delay but that’s what you’re
seeing with David he’s trying to speak to you and and there’s a delay so that’s
why the I don’t know if you’re seeing and delay you’re in but there is one at
mine so David I wanted to know what in Milwaukee was granted okay there’s no
reason why we should have such a weird delay but we do maybe it’s your internet
connection or whatever but I’m just wondering are you able to speak to how
this digital currency sort of new sort of virtual currency what’s happening is
changing your approach or whether or not you know the Postal Service as you’re
claiming is the you know rightful owner of whatever you know I caused I sorry I
don’t understand that you know it’s a post office United States Post Office is
responsible for the United States dollar it’s not involved with bitcoins that’s
an internet that’s a cyber a cyber technology right so so you don’t have
taxes involved well ships well apparently today there was an
article you want there’s an article saying today that the IRS is planning to
do something about taxing the returns from Bitcoin well then they better use
the correct parse a syntax grammar because if they don’t it’s just another
adverb BER babbling you know it’s where the internal means I n means no ter
cetera earth and Al its contract revenue Ria’s no Deanna’s venue and you ia’s
contract no venue contract so you have a no earth contract and a no venue
contract service everything in the IRS codes is written in adverb verb title 26
there is not a single fact in the entire at IRS codes
everything is in a box and under maritime law boxing anything in a box is
an enclosed area and can’t be considered and when I sued the Treasury on March
1st 1997 they took the boxes off all the old money look at your old money a vs.
here no money and had to print all new money I did the same thing to Canada and
they had to go from paper money to plastic money sewed in Australia New
Zealand I’m public enemy number one to the currency issues worldwide okay medical proof on my side okay let me ask
you about an interesting thing that happened to do with the consumer I don’t
know the department of consumer Consumer Financial Protection Bureau where they
actually a person was resigning he wanted to give that sort of had the the
directorship on a temporary basis to the person below him you know in the
subordinate position he was then gonna move into his position at the same time
Trump elected his own person as a president and he put that person in in
in place apparently I don’t know if it’s already happened I don’t know the date
but it was something like this week or next week these people are both going to
show up for the both the same job did you hear about this no I haven’t I’ve
been traveling for the last week okay well you it might really interest you
because it does have to do with it in Vegas I’ve been back and forth to Vegas
okay but it has to do with consumer advocacy and it’s very interesting to me
it’s an area that well it appears that late mortice to some degree involved in
and when would you consider yourself involved in that area or not no he’s not
involved with any of that he’s been in jail for 180 days with no charges well
prior to that I thought the internet refers to him as a okay prior to that
the internet refers to him as a consumer advocate does that mean anything to you he’s doing his because people are buying
mortgages and buying and he just strictly does mortgages but because they
were buying homes that’s a consumer issue and the
mortgages were fraudulent and so he was exposing the fraudulent mortgages and
Bank of America Bank as a pronoun I was in America an adverb modifying the verb
America there’s no such thing as a verb America that syntax that’s basic syntax
under the federals styles men so it’s a bank fraud and everything written in
their in their policies is fraudulent they use double line spacing in all
court cases which breaks the continuance of evidence under the to space rule they
use a vowel in two consonant words which means no contract they separate the
prepositions and articles to create adverb verb an adverb adjective pronoun
phrases they absolutely do not use prepositional phrases to certify the
value of a fact and every fact has 900 definitions and I prove that
mathematically ok community of musicians and 38 articles ok can I ask you in it
your interest in this and you’re sort of emphasizing these as either laws or
facts is this coming from the Constitution or is this coming from
judicial procedure and manuals that they published years ago the federal Styles
manual the official procedures Sublett procedure and federal rules of Criminal
Procedure PR o means no and Sitra means contracts so you have the federal rules
of no contract so because everything is no trespassing don’t walk and they use
the word no and no contract words throughout everything they publish the
only thing we’ll use in court is negativity because
negativity does not exist you cannot be found guilty of not doing anything okay
but anything because they don’t do anything okay but I want to know where
these rules come from is are they written into the Constitution of the
United States if are they written somewhere oh the styles manual okay okay
one minute you say they’re using it the next minute you tell me they’re not
using it the Styles manual is the only was the standard to communicate between
5,000 different foreign languages otherwise you were going to have a train
you would not have banking you can’t have commerce if you can’t communicate
because everything functions on contract and if your contract is fraud you don’t
have a contract okay so all right work with me here are you telling me that
sometimes they use it and sometimes they don’t they never they are absolutely not
only allowed to use correct syntax grammar they will be disbarred as judges
and be disbarred as attorneys and lawyers 90 percent of everybody that’s a
politician in the United States isn’t an attorney or a lawyer it went to law
school and learn how to use adverb verb we wrote a perfect law for equal shared
parenting using correct sentence structure it had to go through a group
of attorneys when it came out the other side every single prepositional phrase
was taken out and only adverb verb was put into hands to the Senate of
Wisconsin and the Senate came back and said this is stupid that doesn’t say
anything and throw it out it was a perfect bill that they destroyed the
take away equal shared parenting between parents and destroying all the children
and 70 percent of all people in the United States are divorced 70
percent of all kids going to school in grade schools come from broken families
all right look at all that messed up yeah all right those are some good
statistics I appreciate that but what I want to ask you is if they’re day you
know if they have it written down somewhere and they decided on it in
whatever year that was cuz I don’t know when that was but they don’t use it then
it’s no longer used but you’re trying to bring it back is that what you’re trying
to do the styles of boxing the styles of to space rules and the styles of those
two factors right they’re just boxing and double spacing destroy 100 percent
of your contracts ok prepositional phrase to certify a faculty and if you
destroy the prepositional phrase you destroy the fact and make it a verb okay
now I really see they say dunk that okay I appreciate your logic I think your
logic sounds sound but what I don’t understand is you’re talking about a
language it takes two people to communicate and I’m wondering if the
problem you know we have a problem here right you’re saying they have written a
certain type of procedure down but they don’t follow it anymore I don’t know if
they ever did it’ll teach it in school all right if you never learned it in
school here’s a little exercise for everybody’s listening go ask somebody
what the word syntax means the only person that’s going to answer you is a
computer geek that studies computer code you’ll understand the word syntax
everybody else never heard of the word it’s the biggest secret the most
powerful word in grammar is syntax why there are two federal judges of the
United States were allowed to know this well since that’s why when a winner
our Court made a decision they said go ends because he knows the syntax and yes
or no because if the cent taxes is written an adverb verb it’s babble thus
courts are a sham they’re just using fiction grammar and harvest people
Maggie Thatcher sent all the people in prison put themselves there because they
were scared scary 33 million people are on probation
40% of the American population is under a because I can’t read and write above a
2nd grade reading level ok I know but I’m talking you know I think it’s
interesting but I wonder as a usability if no one is using a system they’re no
longer using the system then it’s antiquated and out-of-date and the new
system has to be you know put into place when you say if you’re gonna teach
people fiction because they want to cover up the line he told on July 4 1777
Franklin who was a French attorney working for the English crown opened the
federal postal court by the by the England Oversight Committee appointed
him the first federal postal judge a year later when the Revolutionary War
broke out he closed the court on 12 21 2012 the day of the Mayan calendar the
end of quote the world Russell J Cole and myself walked into
Benjamin Franklin’s federal postal court and ordered ordered it open with the
correct parse a syntax grammar Constitution banking and postal codes
and made it retroactive to July 4 1777 court the President of the United States
the Justice Department the Treasury the Congress the Senate in the legislature
114 in page document on why the federal postal court was opened one year one
year later 45 days and three three days under the
rescissions Act not one person in government complained and we were seated
in government as a third court system open and legal with the correct are say
syntax grammar Constitution order of operations banking on a gold standard
and we are a functional federal postal court and the only thing we do is one
thing we do sin tax correct syntax grammar because correct syntax grammar
covers every topic on planet Earth in every language and and identifies and
goes after every single contract that’s ever been written in 8500 years okay
when you control the contract in correctness you control the world okay
well I think that’s an interesting execute Yuri well huh I think that’s an
interesting theory I appreciate you think it’s a fact but what I want to ask
you is okay so you did all this but are they letting you operate because you
know there is actually you know there’s something in writing that you seem to be
talking about but there is actually what’s actually happening to the planet
and to the people on the planet that seems to be bypassing this sort of rule
of law as you see it so you know it’s in the application stage it doesn’t seem to
be very effective have you considered this yes the answer to that question
when hey liar tells a lie he has to keep telling lies when a fact comes in front
of them and a Bachelor comes in front of them a fact in a lie can never meet
fiction in fact can never see each other so when we bring correctness into a
court system it becomes a fact but the fiction cannot see it because they would
confess that every single person in jail and every single person on probation
and every single person they took money from in violation of the titles 15
section 1692 their fair trades act was a violation of false and misleading
statements you look at the repercussions that after two hundred forty years and
do the math we’re talking about a real serious lie and you know we’re four
percent of the world’s population and we’re sitting out here trying to rule
the world with a lie everybody knows it’s a lot
well I’m sure that they’re all do when I go to form there you’re lying to I mean
you know it’s not just us let me ask you let me ask you a couple things one is
who invented this language that you’re using isn’t it England I go getting to
the 6th of April 1988 so sorry wait who invented this language it is procedures
because we had a break in our connection here who who invented this language is
it not Britain maybe Admiralty law isn’t and you know didn’t this come from
Britain back in the day isn’t this what you’re quoting the Magna Carta was the
one that started it in 1215 the Magna Carta was a lie
I sent accident it was sold at Christie’s in London in 2001 for six
point three million dollars is a historical document with no value when I
sent tax the United Kingdom’s Constitution Queen Elizabeth got up on
BBC and announced that all United Kingdom constitutions are null and void
when he since acts the Irish Constitution improved it was a lion
wrote him a correct one they got through independence after six hundred and sixty
years of war that’s the power of correct grammar the state of of the Hawaiian
Islands or the Hawaiian Islands Territory got their independence on
March 8th 2013 after two consecutive seventy year
international bankruptcies with Switzerland under the International
Monetary Fund and on the 11th of March 2013 forty-seven thousand tons of gold
bullion was delivered to Honolulu and the Chinese government the Japanese
government the English and the Philippines and
Hawaiians are fighting who’s going to get the 47 thousand tons of gold bullion
to manage the Hawaiian Islands they’re in her fourth year of arguing ok but
you’re saying they it that you helped the Hawaiians to gain is are you talking
about you help them gain independence I wrote the Hawaiian Constitution we
took it to the Hague it was approved by the 17 judges and we did that in the
middle of the Blood Diamond war lawsuit where 385 thousand people were murdered
in Africa over blood diamonds they stopped because the correct parse a
syntax grammar is so important for the 17 judges at the Hague to know they
suspended all hearings and heard our case for five days and awarded her ye
their independence okay independence why away from the United States isn’t this a
state in them in the United States no this the only state that exists in
the Hawaiian Islands is the state of the courtroom that’s it
yes Hawaiian Islands is a territory independent United States in 1918 93 was
in bankruptcy with rough cut with England out as a bankrupt corporation
and debate the bankrupt corporation of Hawaii that was in bankruptcy since 1780
1872 except in 1871 they’ve been in banks October 22nd 1871 if you had 70
years 1871 it still December 7th 1941 bombing of Pearl
and the Japanese were a sovereign country just bombing a bankrupt
corporation under the protection and the United States was in bankruptcy with the
International Monetary Fund why Bank restoration cannot invade another
bankrupt corporation well but because no why can’t they who says they can’t it’s
under international maritime law two dates back almost six thousand five
hundred years does that meet you does that make it valid yes it’s been
around six thousand five hundred years ago they got one little bit of the world
started they put down the maritime laws they put down thee the postal laws and
and the international bankruptcy laws of seventy years and it’s called the year
of Jubilee and those laws have been going around for the last six thousand
eight hundred years since forty 700 BC I see and is your syntax grammar related
to those laws yes it is okay so you’re building your case if you will for what
for what you’re saying on this interview and and everywhere is your is your
building it on this this sort of foundation of this Admiralty law that
was decided six thousand years ago so right yes the whole world had to do
trade with each other as the world developed and so rules of boxing rules
of double-spacing and as the language has changed and interfaced they had to
sit down and write treaties between the different languages and different
governments otherwise there’d be an endless war that took place well some
would say there is there is an endless war there’s every into indication that
there isn’t anyone the rule all right that comes under this rule here the
chicken has a right to eat the box has a right to eat enough said about rights
and that’s what the judge said okay what is in other words you can keep what you
can hold Kate King Hussein said that said to the United States I’m a king I’m
a sovereign country yeah well they went over there and blew the shit out of them
and in six days and killed 95% of their him he says yeah you got a right to live
and we got a right to live now you don’t ever anything you know Layton asked me
to say this to to the audience as a prisoner you have a right to eat in all
prisoners and all jails in the United States are fed darian right correct and
all prisoners and on sales in the United States have a toilet even if you’re on
an airplane flying the toilet is to brig on an airplane because it’s a vessel in
to see a space or on a ship and if you walk into any court on planet Earth’s
and you speak a foreign language you’re entitled they have the right to
understand what the judge is saying with the laws are but the prosecutor is
saying so you’re entitled to a translator like if you go into a English
court you speak Spanish you hear entitled in Spanish or German or Russian
or Japanese Chinese don’t matter what it is you are entitled to a translator so
so Layton says I can’t understand you judge your babbling an advert verb
I went Federal Judge David when Miller who understand Henson is the treaty to
translate Babel into quantum language so I can understand you tonight you are not
allowed to use any correct grammar in this Court you are not allowed to have a
correct translator in this court quote uncork from Rick Lambert the judge in
Mojave County Jail sir Mohammed County Court so he’s denied the basic right to
communicate with the court and so that just is well I guess I would have to
recuse myself and the district attorney says the same thing if we already
confessed that we can’t be correct I guess we’re gonna have to recuse
ourselves and so that’s where it sits he’s in a hundred ninety days there has
not been a legal word a legal charge placed against Leyton ward by the United
States government by the state of Arizona but a county of muhammad by
anybody because the world of fiction can’t communicate with the federal
postal court because it’s a court of correct grammar
okay well Sean David Martin did the same thing in court and he was unable they
put two guards on either side of him whenever he tried to stand up and speak
in court and say anything about you know some of the things you’re talking about
they shut him up they made him sit down and they wouldn’t let him talk yes
because he was going to use correct grammar right and it’s then see was for
the claimants now is what the claim of the correct sentence structure
communication parcei sent two x grammars with the laws rules regulations and
codes for the avoidance of perjury under Title 18 1621 by this claimant shot at
work now somebody he’s gonna want to use Redemption Strummer and UCC and
acceptance for value and they want to use throw in a little bit of my
technology that’s called a fruit salad okay
where our communication is being interrupted as you can see on the screen
so we’re gonna try to stand by and see if it reconnects so right okay so crazy actually
huh I think what uh what I might have to do is call him on the phone I’m not sure
it looks like he lost his connection so I’m gonna sort of stand by and hold on
one minute and I have to make sure this room is still open know how to do that
this is not working right okay I’m gonna shut this part down and and re bring it
in again hi David there you are yes okay good so we’re
back with you you started to I just moved down with
you or to actually cut us off well they probably cut you off but um I don’t know
why you’re having a bad connection I don’t know if this is usual for you I
don’t know you know you’re what goes on yes every time I start every time I get
a nerve damp the power of the inner now I’ll repeat the statement if you have a
hundred numbers times zero it equals zero
you love watched crime shows on TV you’ve seen people on the witness stand
go through all the facts and then tell a lie and what happens all their testimony
is thrown out because just like a lie from a person in a correct sentence
structure well then caused everything to be a lie just like zero times any series of
numbers equals zero zero divided by any series of numbers equals zero and a zero
equals naked equals the lie and I’ve been able to prove that frontwards and
backwards since I started this program 29 years ago okay well you know Ivan
actually makes me dangerous is because I have their signed confession all right I
appreciate this notion that you have been able to make language appear like
mathematics and based on what this judge told you if you did that it would
somehow be correct but this is still a supposition on the part of that judge I
mean why does it matter if language is balanced like mathematics whoever said
it had to be and why did you believe that because if you have the word
opinion presumption assumption guessing and perjury all violate correctness in a
courtroom which are lies if you’re gonna tell a lie and commit perjury title 42
1988 while engaged in the fictitious conveyance of language the state is
liable for all damages in the cases vacated and every word out of the DA’s
mouth and every word on the judges mouth since this case started 190 days ago has
been a bold-faced lie and I sat in that courtroom and listen to it then when
then the judge says I challenge anybody to understand what late in the sane I
stood up and so did his sister Mandy and then he says we’re not gonna go there
we’re not gonna do that he turns around says well David Miller is sitting right
there in her courtroom no no I’ll take care of this you just sit out of
district burning it was Miller in my courtroom then it and then okay take
Layton back to jail that’s it for this hearing okay so let me go record every
single day now I want to ask you if all these judges are corrupt and they’re all
not operating according to even their own so-called laws then how is how do
you expect to be effective that’s a good question when an
individual wants to go into court and babble under Federal Rules of Civil
Procedure 44 and 44.1 all judges are actors on stage all people coming to
court are foreign people they speak a foreign language they babble in a
courtroom they write in a foreign language I can’t understand anything in
my courtroom now just like you go to a theater the actor is on a stage the
continuance of evidence is broken because everybody is on a different
plane that the clerk of the court the jury you have to have 12 jury members
right then how come that there’s only six on the first plane and six on the
second plane there’s no continuance of evidence so where do you put a jury
you put a jury in a jury box look it up in a dictionary a jury boxes of enclosed
area that can’t see witnesses or hear testimony the word jury Ju means no law
and our Y means contract no long contract
so therefore the juror hurry it’s only they’re listening
they don’t have better than a second grade reading level anybody showing up
in for a jury’s selection that wears a 121.9 grammar flag which is recognized
worldwide now is the grammar flag is disqualified from jury duty for six
years I probably should get what I guess what is your fighting overseas why are
they wait wait wait why are they just wire that why why aren’t they
you know qualified for jury duty if they have one of these flags because only the
yellow French flag is allowed in the courtroom or a military flag with a
square blue field a blue Union 3×5 is a military flag when you put a spear on
top of the flag it’s a military court-martial we’re not in the military
they’re Corbin court-martials for civilian
and when the wings you look at a dollar bill the wings of the Eagle are pointed
up when the wings are up you’re in a postal Court if the wings are down is a
Phoenix which is a fiction bird of the Vatican for banking fiction banking and
everything in the courtroom is controlled by what is on top of the
standard not the flag you think you’re looking at anything you place on a
standard cancels the contract of the flag whether it be state flag federal
flag Mickey Mouse way okay you not quoting witty to a DFW post are you not
quoting Admiralty VFW Post No I’m quoting law of the flag Navy regulations
840 – Dan chapter 2 – okay that’s something in the u.s. that’s published
in my book I know but is that something you found military code
you know III wonder why thanks peg on Department of Navy okay
I wonder why David you you don’t appreciate the notion that maybe laws
could change people can change and rules can change and that what’s actually an
operation is taking precedence over this sort of system that you may be ideal in
some form or fashion although I’m not quite sure it is but nonetheless you’re
you’re claiming it’s correct in some someway backed by some 6,000 years of
procedures written down on paper I suppose by humans I mean you know in
other words these were decisions made by humans they can retract them and rewrite
them in any which way they want and apparently our systems are so corrupt
the judges regularly do so on you know on a whim based on whatever they want to
do so I mean I I think it’s it’s fascinating
that you stick with this but I really do wonder are you being flexible you know
as a solo living on earth at this time is this making sense there is no flexibility to a math
problem you see the right firts wrong but human I don’t know about that but
human relations are not based on a math problem
who why did you ever believe that human relations are based on love and hate and
that’s a chemical imbalance and when you got paper paper is a vessel in a sea of
space must be correct what security you see a space what’s a human being human
day is the Valerie by saying you know come on unless you chop it up and then
you get about a million bucks for spare parts
no seriously I mean really you know me I know I don’t because you know putting a
value on on human life in that way it’s not really really gonna get us anywhere
is it well the value is in in your intelligence that’s why some people make
a million dollars or twenty million dollars no no it’s where you apply your
intelligence you can be plenty intelligent and and decide not to play
the game of the system in fact in many ways you’d be more intelligent – a
dyestuffs and i give it to me for free to educate people free videos I know
what you’re really thinking about it at their own speed I mean why don’t we just
create a whole new system how would that be yeah it just did that with Bitcoin
didn’t they well I’m suspicious of
as perhaps you are so I’m not so sure that’s the case but I went back to
basics I went back to the basics of styles I understand that the Cornell
University dictionary is four feet thick it’s got every word written in history
in every translation imagine that a dictionary for well maybe I don’t
respect that you know before I mean I don’t know if you realize that we’re
being visited by you know humans from other planets etc etc as well as beings
that are not humanoid yes the moon was moved okay
you understand that line thirteen point six degrees great who do you think moved
it well you have to have a dampening field to neutralize the weight of the
moon to move it into an orbit from 250,000 miles into 222 to 256 now the
reason that moon was moved was to catch an asteroid moving 41,000 miles an hour
and punched a hole in the moon 165 miles wide and 10 miles deep if the moon had
not been moved it would have hit Nebraska and we wouldn’t be having this
conversation the entire planet would have been vaporized there’s a lake of
water two miles deep okay what year 2013 September 21st 2013
okay very now have four full moon starting tomorrow night there would be
four full moons go outside and look since the beginning of our histories
we’ve only had one full moon a month now we’ve got four okay you know somebody
says me what corporation on planet Earth move the moon I’m going like an airplane
to fly and want to move a moon okay so so you’re very aware and and who gave
you that information somebody I because of Who I am I had classified information
from the Air Force we have a you know about the spacecraft in
Greenland it’s 300 miles long 55 miles wide and 2 miles high and currently
sticks out of the ice one mile right straight in G object and Greenland’s all
over the Internet yeah it’s another one in Antarctica and
there’s three more on the Dark Side of the Moon it was picked up by the Hummels
telescope and my buddy who works at almost sent me a video on it as they
docked on the dark side in a moon and five days later two moon was moved to
seventeen point six degrees out of orbit the spacecraft was three of them 300
miles long so they had the the horsepower to throw a dampening field
around the moon and move it into a location to catch the asteroid and save
the planet and that’s some way I’m here on planet Earth
I bet they didn’t use synthetics concern about mankind abyss I guess they didn’t
use syntax grammar did they I think they use good common sense and I said to the
government well what are you gonna do when these people show up are you gonna
babble to an adverb we’re gonna use a mathematic communication that is
certified frontwards and backwards where you’re not lying to these people you
know they couldn’t very easily take up a position called a quatrain
because they have force for positions of location a b c and d and put the planet
earth and drop a drop a dampening field over the planet which would stop
electrons yeah that sounds a little bit like a Dyson C here and although he’s
talking about a something that isn’t spherical well you know it’s good that
you know that information I’m just wondering no no but let’s discuss this
because you know various robots maybe I had a program on my web site for three
years in the Air Force took it down about about the spacecraft in Greenland
had all the facts all the people involved officers pictures what’s up at
my web site for three years and then it disappeared one day when Air Force took
it down said don’t talk about that you’re disrupting the religions of the
world okay well it’s it’s unfortunate they did
that it’s too bad you didn’t send over to me so I they consider I’m a possible
deniability okay so if I put that on my website I would probably get away with
it a lot longer than you would okay so I appreciate that you have your three
years okay but but but what I’m asking is you know you’re using a system that
is not being acknowledged by your fellow man now we may not appreciate those
particular fellow men meaning judges and and people that are running the system
but this is what they are doing so how do you I’m just curious what’s your
vision of how you think you’re gonna succeed if you think you’re gonna
succeed all right you use the word acknowledge I spell that
ACK about two consonants AC means no knowledge so we have no knowledge system
that’s attacking a knowledge the knowledge is mathematics which there
isn’t a person on its planets gonna argue with math however since I write
can be sure I can raise my hand I actually will argue with math I didn’t I
don’t think the math is the same here on planet earth as it is in other systems I don’t believe that
yeah I believe I’ve been told time I’ve been told time is not the same when you
leave planet Earth that’s true okay if I miss it time is different
I suppose you go to a black hole okay if you understand physics quantum physics
and string theories our location on the Milky Way galaxy allows light to travel
at 186,000 miles per second but electricity is exactly one-half there
ninety five thousand miles per second which is a unique unique condition
of electronics we can send a laser beam moving at the speed right light they can
carry a thousand times more information than electricity through a wire okay
they have a higher level of efficiency in computer technology well I have been
told that this weekend light is arbitration wire one inch long say again please I have been told that
the speed of light is arbitrary yes it’s based on how close you are to the Milky
Way galaxy black hole because of the gravitational factor okay but we there’s
a lot of usually the multi energy than that change okay and what about when you
go interdimensional great the speed of light no that would be nice how many
dimensions are there well we deal with our X Y Z and time and is there is there
five to a million dimension stacked on top of each other right I can’t tell you
I haven’t been there okay we can see your eyes all day long nice no I want to
know what your vision is for you no because in a way you know you saw it
sort of sound like Don Quixote and I want to know what is your vision for the
future no I steal I deal only in the facts I okay so let me see if this is gonna
reconnect or not again it’s lost so let me see if I can dial him back right away
and see if this works using this sort of method okay so we we seem to have lost
him again what I’m going to do is actually I do have this audio from from
Layton ward and I guess I’m going to play this and I hope we can get David
back in order to to have him sort of because in a sense having him translate
to some degree what Layton Ward is talking about would probably be somewhat
helpful as well because in Layton’s case he’s talking rather rapidly and with the
audio quality it’s not great so I’m gonna refresh this page and see if we
can get a better connection back to David there you are
I’m still your very good okay so David what I would like to do at this point I
think we’ll we’ll play the Layton ward audio and have you listened and I hope
this is going to work it’s an experiment and have the audience listen and and
just hear what he has to say he’s in prison he is making some statements I’m
doing this as a favor to him and to his his sister who has requested that I do
this sister okay and her name is Mandy so thank you and I’m gonna play it I
hope this will work okay that’s where it all started everybody else Pardo certified No Mountain Pose with radiation from the or
you’ll see that they’re blob they’re not read the crates they’ll see all the
crimes of stuff that they’re blocking today once again a gallant online
communications efforts to get the new record attendance record they wouldn’t
do it again no different the birds available and play defend yourself but
anyway she perform a lot of people just naturally open Texas Gator pit and
causes problem demon broke decoding a teenage version of expertise as much as
data to the specialties of stated but myself from the court and we David’s
gotten to exist in try to educate these people on what they’re doing wrong I’ll
call a title 42 1986 for something for her through knowledge of the crime
they’re not doing anything he’s no but rising my husband and you’re
something making clear of I say this all the time I don’t know people really
understand the judicial system you need the course the eternities went all the
way across the country of people who did not identify the parts of speech in what
they’re writing identified verbal speech they all do it
that would be the same as a mathematician claiming to the amount
petition or a bunch of mathematicians claiming to map condition he often
identify the number symbol the values intergrated they get to it all of my store everything normal they
leave us alone will lead them along but this point I’ve done it too too long and
ability I encourage people go by greed the communications with living things in
the court there should be 75 buying into your living activity sometimes you’ll
see it there blocking all of us about the blocking medications from one person
to themselves and you think of all the transcripts you can read plain as day
but they’re blocking my ability to annotate in court they want me and then
they basically say 3 plus 3 equals 14 my index they know it equals said click to
prove it Mason ill or equals 4 DM Quebec Vincent Bourg on and on and on until he
things to get the point that if the thing to hit by I mean somebody’s
ability to defeat themselves I’m gonna make that real clear at this point it
was a step up and make some calls just when things but at this point I’m
only minded back home my daughter made that for me yesterday we’re talking
about like mr. lindenson reporting what people do about it here I’m tired of
being blocked so I appreciate you buddy step in doing something about it
including just about me it’s about Jason about being patient for anybody to go on
to be correct yes okay so that’s the the audio from
from Leighton Ward and we played it all the way through so you it will be
recorded on this video even though it seemed that we were going in and out on
this window just so you know so you can watch the the YouTube and it will be
there it should be there in total recorded by YouTube so here we are David
you heard what Layton had to say do you want to address any of the things that
he mentioned there yes I was in court and I got witness everything that that
he said personally there that the judge is denying him is a right to a
translator is right to speak incorrect grammar but just like I started to tell
you before when you go into a theatre every single person’s on a different
plane so there’s no continuance of evidence if you don’t like what you see
well it’s just an illusion because you’re not actually on the same level
playing field you got a level playing field in
baseball and basketball and football bowling you know doesn’t matter all your
sports are level to be equal on a level playing field but in the law everything
is in boxes and on different planes so there’s absolutely never a continuance
of evidence with anyone or anything or any facts only negativity is allowed in
their world a negativity does not exist only performance and correspondence and
communications and it must be correct otherwise you’re just babbling and
talking to yourself you know when I made a statement everyone in America I don’t
care if you got a PhD he’s got a second level they agree with me people wake up
one day and they’re 40 years old they say we’re not in Kansas anymore toto
because they can’t read and write they’re working their hearts off you’re
65 years old and are penniless no matter how many millions of dollars they made
it’s gone because because of the way the system is set up and only 1% or 2% of
the people are out there only 98% of it and if they can’t get it one way or the
other they create something like Bitcoin and just pull it out of thin air and say
we got money now yes absolutely all right well at this point I’m not
sure what you know I’ve encouraged Layton’s sister to to build a website
basically and to also maybe she has a Facebook page actually I’m gonna give
this information out also put it in the chat but it will be on my my page but
she I asked her if there’s a way that people can get in touch with her she did
say that she has a Facebook page the Facebook page is under the name it looks
like Mandy hunter so if you want to look up her face if you’re on Facebook and
you you want to use that method to contact her apparently
her name is Mandy hunter the other thing is that she has an email address which
is kind of hard to read so it’s see a I think it’s I have to put
it on my website it’s kind of hard to read here I think it’s it looks like CA
Li be our a cue Aquarius is the word a qu a RI us at Yahoo Yahoo calm so I’m
kind of looking at the name to see if it it has a pronunciation at all Cala brac
or something like that at no Cala where I I don’t know I’m CA li BR English and
then the word Aquarius is is is I guess what they’re saying it is anyway I’ll
type it into the chat and hopefully it’ll be correct so that’s if you want
to get in touch with leighton ward i have as i say encourage them to create
some kind of website where people can you know respond i don’t know if they
need funds to you know for legal defense and this sort of thing or if they need
funds just to stay alive in in this situation that they’re in there are
pictures now of the family that i put on my website project camelot dot TV all
you do is click on the david win miller interview and scroll down on that post
on my front page and you will see the information there as well as david wind
miller’s link to his website so David is there anything else that you know while
you’re here on my show we’ve been going for a while so I’m not going to keep you
too much longer I am going to ask four questions in the chat we do have a chat
room where people can type questions so if you have a you know five or ten
minutes to do that if people do have questions please do put them in all caps
and I will attempt to relay them to David and have him answer them other
than that David any any more things you would like to cover one of the things
that I experiment with Americans versus people in China Australia Europe the
number six plus six divided by six what’s the answer everybody comes back
with the same answer in the United States 200 out of 200 they say – and I
said no six divided by six is one and one in six is seven
you always divide before you add order of operations if you don’t follow the
operations of math you get the wrong number if you don’t follow the
operations of syntax you get the wrong definition of the word when it says the
court you know like here I’m looking at in the United States District Court it
is a pronoun da is an adverb United means no citizen it’s an
adjective it modifies the word state to be an adjective which modifies the word
district vis means diamond god of the underworld for trickery and a closed
area called pork as now Crona for each month back there is no effect and then
it says for the district of Arizona or is a pronoun thousand adverb making
district to be a verb opposite adverb making Arizona verb ready put the
Arizona verb in the verb America it’s like it says under money the United
States of America all 50 states must be used as verbs now in 1834 Congress
passed a law that all come pop oh no South Carolina New York New Jersey the
North Dakota okay as if I needed to make it a
compound verb okay we lost David again and so we’re gonna try to reconnect with
him here hopefully this will work and at the same time remember to share my
screen for those of you who don’t know how to find his website it’s dead easy
you just type in David when Miller in a Google search or other search term and
I’ve got it here now on the screen hopefully you can see that so this is
his website his website is actually DWM I see calm I’m gonna ask all put the
link in the chat as well you know for those of you who do ask questions like
that you know Google is your friend although you know it may be an AI or
whatever but nonetheless almost anything you ask can be answered on the internet
somewhere by just doing a search so very very easy to to find and so we’re going
to try to reconnect with him here okay I guess Mandy has been on the chat
so maybe she put her own email address on there for you as I was saying it’s
it’s a it’s it seems to be there and if Mandy if you’re still hearing me and
you’re still there then I suggest that you put your email address on there I
hope I didn’t spell it wrong and I’m gonna type it here as well and we try to
relink with David as we do this great we got you back so what we’re doing is is
basically showing them your website giving them the link and again you were
saying some last-minute words here go right ahead David the when I gave you
that math problem they don’t teach operations in the
United States and people don’t pay attention to operations on math and they
don’t they operate they don’t pay attention to the words syntax you know
when I was 10 years old I studied sentence diagramming in school today
they don’t do that they just say write anything you want and do a creative
writing there are no rules that they teach the English students today and I
went into school and I wrote a correct prepositional phrase on the blackboard
for parent-teacher conferences the teacher came in and saw that grabbed an
eraser immediately and screamed who wrote that and he raced it so that
nobody could see what correct grammar looks like so hey
the teachers are told if you teach correct grammar we will put your
children in foster care and put you in an insane asylum we cannot have
Americans educated in correct grammar because then they would know that we’ve
been lying to them for 240 years and we would be eight we would lose
control over the people and that’s that’s the way they run this government
all right well more people everyday are coming over okay so it isn’t just here
it’s all over the world all right I appreciate that I have typed Mandy’s
email address in the chat so if you want to contact her and try to help her
husband to get out of jail or just help their family your brother dance your
bully and her brother I’m sorry to get out of jail and you know I’m sure it
would be greatly appreciated anything you can do if you want to try to contact
him and see if we can get him out of jail it’d be great if someone wants to
start a Facebook page to get him out of jail – you know the more people that are
aware of his case the fact that he is on on no charges being held for how many
days again was it David do you remember 190 days no okay with no charges on a
million dollar bail he’s got people in jail that are drug dealers and in there
for shooting an attempted murder with only $10,000 bail right but because he
uses correct grammar it’s a million dollars bail which is insane it is
insane it’s absolutely insane so you get what that shows you how afraid they are
that’s true you know apparently they are afraid and
there are issues with all of this and I think that otherwise they would have let
Sean David Martin stand up and defend himself in his own trial but apparently
they didn’t want to admit any of that into court so you know there’s some
seems to be some substantiation I wanted to get back to Hawaii for just a minute
because you were saying how it’s no longer a stay
of the United States it’s supposed to be its own government or not sure how you
term it at any rate does the United States government know this of course
they do most office controls the issues well they may want to control the issues
but I was do they ask oh yeah the United States this year court in Honolulu
Hawaii mm-hmm and I prosecuted twenty-two state and federal judges and
twelve US attorneys and it was upheld by the United States Supreme Court in The
Hague and those warrants for the arrests of those judges in those US Attorney’s
is still outstanding for the military to put him in prison now at the same time
that trial took place the United States Court system went outside and took the
sign down on the building where it said the United States District Courthouse
and put up US Court uh squirt not you period s period but US Court and that’s
all they Santa steam-clean they had to steam-clean to shadow that the Sun had
baked into the brick off the brick so people would not know that it used to be
the federal court and they just called it the US Court now okay that’s and I
walk into the courthouse when I walk into that courthouse every model
walkie-talkies for the judges in the court everybody behave yourself because
I’m the only judge in Honolulu including including
Aki Lika how that has a correct although office and she is my Hawaiian judge that
speaks Hawaiian for the Hawaiian people as a translator okay uh and we’re the
only two judges that have correct also office in the entire island and there’s
ninety two judges in Hawaii Obama pointed a special federal judge that
knows my syntax just to deal with me personally when I go to court in
Honolulu and I’ve been Hawaii over a hundred times since 1995 I lived there
for five years thank I came in in January December
January this hearing at five heart attacks was in Tripler medical hospital
for 76 days and why I was in Tripler I was given a fatal dose of muscle relaxer
would killed me and killed four other people in my warrant and they died and
were cremated my sister sat next to my bed and refused
to allow them to disconnect me from the from my respirator and I was paralyzed
for 46 days Wow and and I was legally legally dead and disconnected with no
heartbeat for 55 hours when I woke up and it shocked everybody the fact that I
was the first person in seventy-five years to be legally dead for 55 hours in
Lakeland wake up so what did you do no David David stop stop stop what what
okay so you were dead for 55 hours what did you see what did you learn snap your fingers that was that’s how
much time went by in my brain all right you know the white light that everybody
talks about that’s 200 joules of electricity being shot through your body
to jumpstart your heart they did it to me five times so I know what it feels
like okay I got to see the white light five times
well I’m we’re very happy you’re still with us I made a full recount made a
hundred-percent covering I answer about 20-25 phone calls a day and help people
and I I sharp my advice to use not to go into the hospital not to go to a
hospital next time or and don’t go to the dentist either if you want to stay
alive well I got a good dentist he’s he’s a real sweetheart
all right well I hope he stays that way by the way I had I had I had all my fill
all my mercury fillings removed when I was a teenager that’s good
I had a paper route and I paid for my own feelings they have them taken out
and put ceramic in very smart good good for you okay do you know about the
aliens well do you know about the alien base under Hawaii yes it’s on the South
Islands 400 feet below so I saw South Island they have 21 point 3 megawatt
windmills to to generate the electricity it’s a submarine base for
nuclear-powered submarines apparently Big Island’s got this a lot of these
really big volcano tubes and he had this enormous one off the South Point and he
hollowed it out and they made up an underground submarine base there and I
was following this convoy was 14 trucks going down south point there’s only one
road and one minute they were there in the next minute they drove off into this
field and disappeared there was a hologram I kid you not these people
there’s all these trucks has disappeared in this hologram we’re gone that’s
amazing yep very interesting now I’ve got a couple there were a couple
questions here in the chat I’m gonna try to grab them
bear with me someone wants to know what’s the difference between the
federal and FISA Court I never heard of a by support I know federal court and
I’ve been doing that for the last 25 years by CF as in Frank I mean you’re
gonna use federal federal money okay I don’t know what a FISA Court is either
but it sounds like a financial situation uh sounds like an abbreviation okay
maybe the person can can write that out so that we can understand what fi si is
my understanding is FISA is again a financial term okay let me see you know
financial court that is gonna be a financial contract okay using stock
markets and securities someone want you to know for you sorry good someone wants
to know can you confirm certain symbols in black magic are used in court for
mind control I don’t know about that okay they use sign language between the
judges and the attorneys which they practice at the lodge Masonic lodges
uses a lot of hand signals usually when the court reporters find out that the
the two Masons are having a conversation when it went sign language she gets up
and walks out because she can’t take notes to sign language okay I’ve seen it
happen in many trials can David tell us the correct grammar sentence he wrote on
the blackboard I’ve written in wit seminar I’ve done thousand seminars I
don’t know not sure which one maybe they can say the sentence that the sentence
the sentence they’re asking for it is for the claimants knowledge of the facts
is with the claim of the correct sentence structured communication parse
a sentence grammar other laws rules regulations and codes with avoidance of
the perjury by the claimant that’s probably a sentence you’re looking for
okay what can we do to change the language of law someone wants to know well if you study that the the website
the websites already written incorrect grammar and there’s several lawsuits
assigned to different areas of the pages like the insurance fraud I have a two
page lawsuit up there that outlines two fictitious insurance as well as mortgage
fraud but you also have to have a dictionary in a sequence of laws to go
with that would expand to definitions and along with the forensic evidence
it’s been syntax that you attach to your lawsuit has to be all bonded together a
vessel called paper must have a stamp to pay the postage to transport it between
point A and B and all vessels under maritime law must have a flag to
advertise what the volition of that Trance
transportation vessel is and so we use the the 121.9 flag the black and white
one deals with grammar even though we file it in color it’s always photocopy
in black and white and so the only way the courts going to identify it is in
black and white so we can’t be right in both ways black and white and in color
as the correct sentence structured communication parse a syntax grammar
flag and all 250 countries worldwide recognized it as the grammar flag not
the flag of America America because Frank always says yellow fringe on it
which is Guam Puerto Rico the Virgin Islands grant Samoa District of Columbia
and all courthouses in the United States okay now you’re in its territory of
California world not the state of California state of California is the
name of the courthouse you live in the territory which means Earth California
okay I think I prefer that let’s see did Layton Ward
sign anything whatsoever since being arrested no okay
good sign means to simulate si sign simulation signature simulation
autograph authority authorization authentic symbol for gold on a periodic
table is a you because he who has the gold has the authority a you
because you by the military which creates the force the control and you
can only keep what you can control okay this someone else is asking about
the quarrel between you and Jay Gould it’s Russell gold okay
that’s there’s eNOS all right Russell Russell did a court-martial but he’s not
in a military neither am i so that was just an act or acting for three and a
half minutes which means nothing okay and Russell and I have been close
friends for 22 years we fly fish every year together okay sounds good let me
see I think we’ve got most of the questions sorry I say Russell knive
incorporation partners since since August 12th 1999 when we were awarded
our own country by the United Nations the condition of state of a correct our
seyh syntax grammar language country deserves its own country in a world of
fiction so when they asked me what country do you claim is your courtroom
what I mean what what landmass do you claim is your courtroom I said I claim
the land of the courtroom floor during the time of the correct Farsi syntax
grammar quo warranto complaint and that’s our constitution of the courtroom
floor so off courtroom floors when I enter our my country and I am the
director of my country same as the President of the United States I have
diplomatic immunity as a federal judge I have diplomatic immunity because I have
a correct oh and a correct Constitution and a correct Gold banking contract in a
correct postmasters position they transport my vessel between point A and
point B okay David here’s your answer do you
someone wants to know and this is the last question I’m going to ask you from
the chat do you know what the deep state is
referring to deep state No well the secret government secret
government would probably be a good translation although some people say the
secret government is is even deeper than the deep state
so are you does that make any sense like us right nested your black ops programs
and those are going on all the way around the world by all governments
everybody’s got black ops you know that nobody talks about it do you know that
the judges have their own black ops I had a judge in Utah he came off the
bench and he was fined $10,000 at the second hearing we came to Amazon’s went
back on the on the bench he says don’t ask me to come down they told me if I
leave the bench they will kill me this time not finding me ten thousand dollars
and they’re not pulling nothin right yeah it’s a very interesting dilemma
well you know it’s been a lot of fun having you on the show David I really
appreciate your intelligence and your great answers to my questions and I’m
sure that the audience does as well so thank you again and thank you for coming
to talk to us about Layton Ward as well as everything else any parting words
that you’d like to say to the to the crowd here the audience before we we
move along and and close this this showdown well I would appreciate if
people would watch the videos just type in my name
David wind Miller videos and after they watch some videos through some reading
on the website before you call me up and say I’ve only watched an hour but I want
to ask you all these questions if you watch the video the answers were are
there automatically and if they if they go through maybe 20 or 30 hours of
videos and then call me up we’re going to have a very intelligent conversation
because their eyes will be open to much Broadus going on so alright
wonderful house like it is email compliments on what we’re doing okay
very good well again thank you again for being
here and sharing your knowledge with us have a great night and and and and maybe
we can talk with you again in the future if you have something you’d like to
share yes I’ll be happy to be on your show you do agree nice job thank you
alright okay take care and good night so that’s David Wynn Miller and
fascinating guy as you can see and this will be available of course after we we
go after we we close this down obviously on YouTube and for those of you who are
having difficulty finding his website just for the moment I’ll just put it on
the screen here and and so that you can you can see that as he says he has a
quite a complex website and and I think it’s it’s worth being aware of if you’re
interested at all in this this topic and what I’m doing now is just waiting for
YouTube to catch up with me so there’s a weird delay that goes on and I can’t
quite make sense of it but I guess it all comes together in the end
so now tomorrow I have an interesting guy on his name is Harry Cooper he’s
going to be talking about a book he wrote called Hitler in Argentina we’re
gonna be talking about Antarctica I’m not sure his level of knowledge in that
area that I’m hoping to get some information from him or at least his
point of view he has been doing tours in Nazi Germany a very strange thing to do
from my point of view but this is what he does we’re going to talk to him about
that and hopefully we’re going to get the
Dick’s working seems like he might be a little bit challenged by the whole sort
of computer situation but he says he can make it on skype so we’ll have him on
skype and that’s what’s happening tomorrow so I may be doing some
interviews in person I could use some donations to make travel possible I
cannot reveal at this time who those people might be that I’m going to be
interviewing but you can appreciate that all the in-person interviews I’ve done
in the past are well worth it so if you want to donate there will be a slide
come up towards the end of the credits letting you know where to donate to but
you can always go to my Project Camelot dot TV website or Project Camelot portal
com they go to the same place and click on
the donate button and help make this work possible and also support the
possibility of doing more in-person interviews as we go and I have some
potential ones as I say coming up in the very near future maybe even this weekend
so thanks again for watching and first year support and take care and I’ll be
back online tomorrow at 1 p.m. Pacific time to interview Harry Cooper about his
book Hitler in Argentina and you can do a search or go to my website and see the
post with link to his website etc on on my site and my blog alright thank you
very much and good night take care bye bye you

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