37 thoughts on “Julian Assange in conversation with Slavoj Zizek moderated by Democracy Now's Amy Goodman

  • If we stop the government's from killing people and keeping the technology that's eco friendly and stop the oil and coal from energy production and produce free personal energy and there is enough resources to take care of everyone the problem with people of the Earth is that as a specie's we have been sold on a apocalypse so we as a whole are creating this to be destiny and I don't believe it has to be that way how can we think we are intelligent when as a specie's we are killing the Earth that we have to have to survive we are not intelligent and sometimes I was embarrassed to be a part of the human race you have given me hope

  • You people that bring the truth out and uncover the dirt and crimes the government's are doing to the people are something that has taken integrity to do and any man that will not stand for your pardon is a traitor to the people or a criminal that's why the government is wanting to make laws against spying it's because they are guilty of crimes against humanity and the few men that control the world are guilty of crimes against humanity kind and that's how they have committed fraud and under organised criminal activities have cost man kind hundreds of years of tyranny these men have to be brought down for man kind to reset and continue to survive as human specie's they have to be taken out of power I believe they are evil from the blood line of the fallen angels you people that uncover the truth are heros and I personally want to thank you for your courage honor and integrity and I'll stand with you and your cause it's our cause as humans thanks again you men that have published the truth have all my respect. Norman cline

  • So sad people ( the army) killing humans like insects unfortunately.the good thing Julian assange will be remembered as a heroes for many years to come.

  • How low have we fallen. Truth is now Treason. Free Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning! They have given up their freedom so we can be free. They are our heroes.

  • Write to imprisoned Wikileaks publisher #JulianAssange.
    Join the mass letter writing campaign to #Belmarsh Prison with messages of support

    Mr. Julian Assange
    DOB: 3/07/1971 HMP Belmarsh
    Western Way
    London SE28 0EB

    Please note there will be restrictions of what you can send so please find out otherwise your letter will not get through. I imagine you will not be able to send photos, books, etc. Best to just stick to a letter and nothing else.

  • “I wouldn’t be able to be festive in a festival where there are so many public and private police looking for a terrorist. I am that terrorist, and I tell you, paraphrasing [Italian poet and New Left figure] Franco Fortini: so long as there’s American imperialistic capitalism, there’ll never be enough terrorists in the world.” – Jean Marie Straub, French filmmaker on why he didn't attend the Cannes Film Festival, even though his film was being screened there that year, 2006.

  • Why aren’t Dick fucking Cheney and moron George Walker Bush arrested and thrown in max security prison ?

  • We need a person like Assange in Australia as a prime minister to clean this political mess; this country should be proud to have a citizen like him ; freedom for Julian Assange 🙏🙏🙏

  • The right wing argument makes zero sense. Troops should be put at risk
    if they are murdering surrendering civilians. Protecting war criminals
    and not being transparent with tax payers is a much greater crime and
    defrauding than somebody leaking the truth.

  • The right wing argument makes zero sense. Troops should be put at rise if they are murdering surrendering civilians. Protecting war criminals and not being transparent with tax payers is a much greater crime and defrauding than somebody leaking the truth.

  • I would like to sit on Julian Assange's legs,😍😍😍😍💕 i love you Julian 💕I hope you get out of jail soon… God blees you

  • Wonder with all the Slavoj is God comments, he may be very intelligent and real intellectual, but he also so coked up he about to start floating away any moment, beyond me so many absolutely fail to see the obvious? Yeah yeah I get it, he is sick or something right, aha that must be why he touch his nose every 5 sec so often but other times he is just 10x calmer? Hahahaha yeah indeed he may be smart, many in here though? Not so much, or just lying to self and I can honestly not say what is worse?

  • Assange is great as always. This other guy has some good points but Jesus…he needs one of those dentist suction tubes to constantly clean the excess saliva from his mouth. The guy sounds like an animal.

  • The folks of internet together ll defend the intelligence if they want a freedom of information.in speech.

  • The intelligence should safe the destruction of the universe by people like in WikiLeaks & Wikipedia.
    Freedom to Wisdom by Assange!

  • The main stream media are puppeteers…
    They are the Hollywood of the world.
    They make news happen, they set the stage, they have the actors in places to construct the show.
    Ps….. They have psychic and advanced knowledge of scenarios before events happen (sarcastic here but, in truth, this has been seen and definately experienced).
    THIS IS FOR THOSE WHO VIEW👀 Via🔍 🎥📸📼 🎞️🖥️💾💽📀☎️🎧📲

  • How anyone can listen to someone with psychopath mass murderer LENIN on their dirty wrinkled poorly-fitting shirt is beyond me. He's a tyrant pretending to care about the little people and censorship…shove off now. I simply can't believe Julian is rooting for communism at this point.

  • #1 Hero Julian Assange deserves Nobel Peace Prize not jail, Obama, Killington, Bush, Chaney, Romsefield should rot in jail.

  • This "Grand Jury" – secret, with prosecutors but no defense attorneys – how is this even allowed in a free country?

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