Justice Incarcerated, The Frederick Freeman Story

From the very beginning there didn’t appear to be a very
broad-based examination of the other possibilities from day one he was
the suspect he was the only one they really
ever thought about as having committed this crime. having committed this crime he is
innocent plays with me that morning He’s at least entitled to a good faith effort on the part of the prosecution and the defense to give him a fair trial I don’t think Mr. Freeman got that the prosecutor not massive displays
weaponry none of which were mine you know but give the illusion that
their mind at the electronic listening devices Had a parabolic microphone ninja
magazines, there were swords, knifes these were all on the prosecution’s
table sitting in front of the jury during the course of the trial the cops cheat prosecutors can cheat
people cross the lines crime labs are allowed to get away
with a shoddy your completely fraudulent work there a ninja stories and and you know
secret rendezvous at the water side jumping out of trees, it was you know it was insanity. Port Huron jury that this drifter from
Flint came up there and killed one other people. He’s very good manipulation. I
believe is manipulating you if you believe that he is uh uh not guilty. as of November 13 are last year I’ve been
in prison for twenty years so I’m going my 21st year now. I lost complete faith in judicial system. I thought also love a mockery of
everything I always thought that the court system was about. I thought that
uh the guy got rail roaded. I can’t believe
they would keep anybody in with that kind of a trial. it wasn’t really a trial it was show. all they had was circumstantial evidence somebody who kinda maybe sorta vaguely
look like Fred at the scene but no identification For
the prosecution their whole case really depended on
basically two things one was the so-called why eyewitness a
young man who was standing in the parking lot at the
Community College talking to a friend they heard a noise and looked over the
direction with a thought the noise came They were too of a number people who testified later they
heard the noise oddly enough these were mostly all students their
reaction to it was well must’ve been a car backfiring or
somebody got a firecracker somebody’s fool around they paid almost
no attention as a matter fact to the extent that a couple of witnesses
who actually saw the deceased body victim’s body on the ground next to a
car thought he was working on his car.
Shortly after the the noise goes off up car comes down down that line. The witnesses is positioned
in such a way that he sees this car go by now the car to racing, out skidding out
like somebody escaping It’s just a car going at a reasonable rate of speed in the parking lot leaving the parking lot. Now at this
point does know that the noise he heard was gunfire he testifies that he sees the person in the vehicle whose later described as a
having facial hair beard of somekind A lot of these men are in prison where the
DNA evidence said they didn’t do it they couldn’t have done it they were identified by the victims as
the guy who did it. As a trial judge I always assume when people were testifying that they were telling the truth as they
saw it. victims are now saying I was wrong I’ll I can’t believe I was wrong but I was
wrong what happened what happens is that were human you know the show the same picture to
five people and have them described it to you individually they’ll give you five different descriptions you have to take into consideration what it is that might have a jogged there memory or cause them to have a clear
memory of it within a couple hours left after having
observed somebody leave the parking lot in the car was subjected himself to hypnotism by
a professor there Community College and ahh claimed to be able to identify Fred
Freeman as a person he saw driving from the parking lot. He comes up with a license plate number which, when they trace it, has nothing
to do with the crime, has nothing to do with the defendant has nothing to do
with the type of a vehicle he claims he saw that license plate on. Just the fact that he saw somebody
leave the parking lot in this vehicle does was clearly indicative that this
person was in fact the person that committed the murder. This is this your eyewitness this is really the whole
thing that they have. now is going down to find out what it’s all
about. He calls her up at her home. why are you charging you with murder
talks to her on the phone for two hours or longer while they had not only the
parents are on the phone the parents of the victims are present
they get a police officer there he’s on the extension phone upstairs didn’t admit that he did it in all those long conversation. As far as I know I’ve never met Scott
Macklem The lead witness put on by the
prosecution was a young lady who was a fiance of the young man that was shot and killed and she testified she was on the stand
for a couple days and I was shocked frankly at the testimony that was allowed to be received from this young lady. I thought it
was a was ridiculous testimony ever heard in my life. it was like something I have a bad movie his conversations as apparent as she testified Were full of braggadocio about his
abilities in the martial arts. she portrayed him as
a very a bad person an intimidating person. she claims he
raped her although she didn’t tell her parents
and and the day after the so-called rape he comes back into the store where he
met her and asked to borrow her car which she gives him. now that I’vs studied Law for
all these years, I realize it ninety-eight percent of what she said is
not admissible Fred Freeman was able to to collect what what we refer to, in lose terms as a harem. He had a bunch of women that
would do almost anything for him I can’t see being a jury member and believe a single word she said but Mr. Dean made very little attempts
to object to her testimony. And the other side, was the
testimony of a woman in Escanaba Michigan. A member the board of directors,
at prep Secretary of corporation of which her husband was
president. Who testified at the trial, that on the day
of the murder she spoke to the defendant in Escanaba
Michigan And incidentally, after she had the
conversation the owner of this establishment came into also talked with the defendant. Well he showed up
at the beginning of the class was about eleven right when um we would have lined up it sticks in my mind because that day
when friend came and we were discussing the practicality of the jumping back kicks and I was wearing
blue jeans at the time and we were discussing whether not Chuck
Norris was really doing it and we found it very difficult to do those techniques
with blue jeans on Mr. Freeman’s girlfriend who lives in
Escanaba was prepared to testify that he was with her at the time of the killing and she was never called as a witness
and I don’t think there’s an explanation for anywhere in the post-conviction materials or anywhere that I saw. Why
wasn’t she called she could not only have testified about
the fact that he was in Escanaba at the time of the killing but you could have
testified with respect to the relationship that really existed between the young lady that testified in
the initial part of the trial and Fred Freeman himself. That it was
not the kind of relationship that she portrayed it to be. Now there’s also allegations that she
has since made that she was threatened by the police to stay out of this
case They threatened my witnesses. They threatened Michelle until she ran away she was terrified she was angry at me because this whole mess had been brought down on her head and
she was afraid the police officers and she was afraid for our child.
They had threatened her They told her they would take our child away. They took our dogs we had two puppies They took the dogs from her to the shelter and then
when she went on to get the dogs next day They told her we destroyed them already Those kind of arguments are typically fruitless because you simply can’t prove
the police did anything wrong because they’re not going to admit it. and it was just her word against the police, they’re going to believe the police. but that still doesn’t explain away why
she wasn’t called as an alibi witness. and then i think is real real critical here. Police who cross the line have qualified
immunity. and that qualified immunity is being
interpreted in ways that they’re really embraces and covers a lot of misconduct
that shouldn’t be sanctioned. polygraph examinations are used by law
enforcement as a as a tool. Many times when a
person takes a polygraph when they’re confronted with the fact that the polygraph examine failed them, they’ll confess Many times though, people who are truly innocent fail. For the little bit that I know about Poly graph a person with no conscience could pass it. they’re inherently untrustworthy they can’t be used as evidence in court. With the questions he was asking he was
after what he wanted and I don’t think the truth came into it. I couldn’t believe that things like this was would even be brought up in a court system Different things like asking about American Ninja Three if I’ve ever seen these movies and so everything was to try to show that well, we know that
this guy committed it, now how can we prove it and and that’s why you got into this this goofy thing like well is got a
good alibi but that alibi there must be some
way around that alibi because we know he did it and now the let’s figure out how he
could have done it if the alibi is true. I’m confident that we have the right person in jail. We had information from the landlord
that indicate d that this person was involved in some some unusual activities in regards to use a
martial arts and things that that fit with the statements we got from the girlfriend of the victim. The defense lawyers
representing guilty people can’t expose police and prosecutors who are breaking the rules then when the innocent are charged They’re fair game There were elements, claims in the
courtroom and laying out of guns There was never any of it connected to
the defendant. Were any of these things your property? No Sir, none of these things were mine. I do have some martial arts equipment but they didn’t seize anything that was mine. they went out and got their own stuff. The whole approach of the prosecution was to try this individual as a bad guy and
I must say in that respect that the defendant was his own worst enemy Fred Freeman, in my opinion, is probably the most dangerous persons I’ve
ever come across I’ve been in this business since 1981 I come across some real bad people. He’s the Charles Manson type. They had a subject, they had an
individual who had proven himself to be a hothead in this case maybe one step
from an asshole was a kind of person he was back then
and so you know he was confident he was arrogant he was all the things that I guess made him
kind of the the automatic green lights subject. He was good, he
did a wonderful job as a prosecuting attorney they would litterally put me in full shackles
legs and wrists and then came across the courthouse parking lot
while the jury was walking in. If you’re in the the legislature or if you’re prosecuting attorney with strong ambitions the scorecard means a great deal. There were lots of people who wanted bigger better jobs beyond this case well his court-appointed attorney is a
former member of the Sinclair County Prosecutor’s Office. He was a prosecutor for Saint Clair County which I was never told. and he had been prosecuted for drug use
in 1983 in Ohio. He’s had drug convictions he’s been Houston in rehabilitation centers He had other drug charges during that
period also and was on drug probation at the time that I met I believe that I did there wasn’t one
stone unturned one legal issue that came up in that trial that I wasn’t prepared to argue legally
and had research I wasn’t surprised at all. He’s had a number
of clients and he represented who were found guilty that had the court case reversed because
a inadequate representation I I don’t care what people say or
their opinions The ineffective assistance of counsel I
think in this case goes deeper than what you can see on the record. uh the fact for example
that this defense lawyer had also been the
lawyer for the chief investigating police officer some sometime before this case which
would give him sort of a classic conflict of
interest he’s best friends everybody in When we have defense lawyers that are totally incompetent or underfunded who do
terrible jobs you know the courts are ready to
sanction that, nothing guarantees the conviction of an innocent person faster
than a lawyer that’s not up to the job in this case the the lawyer was hired by the defendant retained by the defendant before he was
appointed by the court his name was given to the defendant by
the sheriff in the jail there’s a good lawyer, you ought to get this guy. then he goes the judge, I got this case
will you appoint me? to represent him. it’s a it’s a very bad process very bad
system We now know and I think it’s a matter of
public record that the defense attorney this case has been suspended from the practice of law.
At the time this trial, apparently a serious substance abuse problem. this trial really got to me I spent a lot of time a lotta work I I was crossed between
innocence and guilt He own a bar called, Wall Street in Port Huron and he would visit me drunk and all the time just out of his mind, his eyes were glazed he was always high. I’m not so sure this wasn’t the reason for it I mean I’ve had a breakdown after He told me he was having heart problems and I asked what the cause of these heart problems? He said, oh I’m just partying too hard. that’s what it came down to. He didn’t really discuss the Cocaine personally but later on he made it clear that he did use drugs I have a big ethical problem with drug use which a lot of my witness
testified about I’m very anti-drug I always have been. they can’t cross-examine people they can’t do an investigation that’s why these bad crime labs where
there’s been outright fraud existed for years cause the defense lawyers we’re
not trying to seek the underlying data,
not getting experts, not up to the job not smelling a rat when there was one obviously in the room. One of the things that we often see with lawyers who have substance abuse problems who keep trying
to do their jobs is they lose attention to detail. He had an assistant, Jan
Barnum who did a lot of work in the case she did incredible amount of work and
ninety percent a good things she did he didn’t use either she framed incredible questions
like you’re asking me know for the courtroom he never used any
of them Now does that mean is entitled to a new trial because his attorney was on drugs or was drunk? no. um sometimes attorneys who are
extremely drunk can do a pretty good job the real issue is as a result of what his attorney did or
did not do Was he denied a fair trial? Was he denied
the right to have his absolute right to have the jury consider
all the evidence in his favor and I don’t think they did. I don’t think
the jury got to hear all the evidence in his favor and that bothers me it bothers me
because it leads to the very real possibility that he didn’t commit this crime. I had assaulted a police officer and
maliciously destroyed a police car. you know I was just wild and out of
control. I spent the majority of my time in St. Clair county jail in L cell in in segregation because I just I was
combative I wasn’t I wasn’t jail material and I just
didn’t get along with with other prisoners and I couldn’t handle it and so I
did better in segregation I ended up next to Fred Freeman. That case was on the news every single day every every radio
station on our radio, cause we had a portable radio in the cell Every 15 minutes they were talking
about the Freeman case and I thought, I found it kind of intriguing that that was locked up next to this guy and
and he adamantly said I didn’t do this I had
nothing to do with this, I was up in I was 400 miles away from where
this happen when it happen oftentimes you get these cases where the
prosecution doesn’t seem to have much evidence against the defendant and then at the 11th hour they come up
with some goofball who was in the jail with him, has a criminal record as long as
your arm who says yeah he told me he did it. Yeah I said that he said that he shot this guy with a shotgun.. ya know. prosecutor’s office told me that when I
made that statement to make sure that I turn towards the jury and looked at the jury. the term a art is “jailhouse snitch” Mr. Jopplin asked me some questions about my case and all I told him was I didn’t do and I was
innocent and I thought I would prove my innocence every time I see a conviction based in
whole or in part in large part on a snitches testimony the
flags go up there something stinky here and in this case I think without that
snitches testimony a powerful argument could have been made
that the jury would have convicted Fred. There’s something in it for him to lie
there’s an advantage for until I’m what typically happens the real scenario
is two guys get stuck in a jail together and they say hey what are you in for? right you know you can see it on a TV
show Hey, what are you in for? and so Mr. Feeman likely said
well I’m accused of murder, accused of killing this guy, but I didn’t do it. Oh really, what did they say you did? well they said that I did this and that. next thing you know he’s calling the police
officer and saying, he told me he did this and that. and it Did Mr. Freeman ever say that to you?
No. Did he ever say something about the victim screaming when he shot him? No. Did he ever say he used a shotgun to
kill somebody? No. I was, unbelievably shocked. it was an insult of course just think I was
so stupid I would even do something like that to spend all my time
telling anybody who would listen that I’m innocent and suddenly come forward and say oh but I’ll tell you that I did it. Plus
I’ll tell you details about it that was ya know, that was very shocking. So why did you write in your letter that this man was a confessed murderer? to see if it would get me out, Ya know I mean I had heard of it happening before but never seen it happen. I was approached by two gentlemen I
believe one was Elwood Brown and the other one I believe
and I cant be for certain was Robert Cleland they wanted to know if I had, if I could
provide them with any information regarding Frederick Thomas Freeman somewhere along the way in talking to
the police and the prosecutors they ask you to say and do certain
things Yep, and you decided somewhere along the way that you didn’t
think you want to do that. Yea, it was after I had been outta after they snatched me outta here. about two weeks after that, after I’ve been going through all this thing with them I,I, I wanted to
back up out of it. and what did they say to you? They got very mad and upset about that that the officers involved, were there
certain people who were putting more pressure on you to do this than others? Oh definately, And who were they? the main one was a parole officer Laughts Ya know, used to be my parole officer. prosecutor who deliberately commits a
crime by suppressing exculpatory evidence is
absolutely immune from prosecution you testify against a suspected murder
accused murderer and the jury convicts that guy and
you’re the jailhouse snitch you’re going to get amply rewarded I got the impression that they would have cut me slack ahh as a prisoner that was willing to say
that he confessed to me. that was the distinct impression that I
got from these two gentlemen. I’ve actually had clients say to me look, I’m guilty, I did it. but that guy in the jail’s lying, that pisses me off. and you know it’s kinda funny where
they’re willing to admit to me they’re guilty they know that you know it’s privileged information I
can tell anybody but it bothers them at this but this
creep in the jail is lying to get some kind of favor with
prosecutors and they get their favor I guess to be perfectly honest with you know
at the time I didn’t really care I think they should let the guy out because do that. if he had given me any indication whatsoever that he was responsible for that murder in
,that in that situation then I think I would have some states
not Michigan but other states have rules that say, if the prosecutors
only witness on an element of the crime is a and jailhouse snitch a paid informant or a codefendant that that evidence has to be corroborated by other
evidence or it’s not admissible Michigan doesn’t have that, so people
could be convicted solely on the testimony when these guys from the jail the other problem though is this
business about a deal is it legal for the prosecutor to make
deals with witnesses absolutely do it all the time But the law requires that if they make
a deal with the witness that that deal be put in front of the jury so that the
defense can argue to the jury hey before you decide whether I want to
believe that guy from the jail think about the fact that he was given a
helluva prize for his testimony his testimony was bought and paid for prosecutors don’t like defense attorneys
to make that argument so prosecutors have figured out a pretty clever way around
this they don’t make deals with the witnesses
before the trial the witness comes forward and says hey I
might have some testimony I might have some information for you on that the freeman case prosecutor says okay what you got? Well
what’s in it for me? I can’t promise you anything my boss
will let me or that’s our policy or whatever the reason maybe I can’t make any promises there’s no
deals but after your testimony, we’ll talk now most snitches say, that’s good enough
for me. If I give ’em what he wants to hear their
going to take care of me. So the snitch goes into the trial testifies the defense attorney on
cross-examination says have you been promised anything in exchange for testimony and the witness very honestly answers no
not a thing, making it sound like I’m doing this out of the goodness of my heart because this guy’s guilty and I wanna
see justice for this poor dead person baloney he’s doing it because he knows
the prosecutor’s going to reward him handsomely. He shouldn’t be in there for something I said. He seemed genuinely relived by the fact that he finally could tell and say what was true. what was disturbing was the fact that he
knew he was saying and doing the right thing but he also know prosecutors could really care less. that that he needed to reverse the wrong the wrong would never be turn back It’s ah really tough for someone who was trained as a law enforcement officer
knew something about investigation and police administration to spend all those years as a reporter
chasing what was true to have exposed what wasn’t to know what
wasn’t true Put a man behind bars for life and
to know that even after we expose that he’s still there. It’s painful snitches, these jailhouse snitches they always have criminal records and we know this
guy a criminal record the defense attorney has the right to bring that record out in front of a jury. to attack his credibility so you’ve got
different bases on which you can attack the credibility this kinda witness.
Number one he’s bought and paid for Number two he’s sitting in jail you know he’s looking for a deal. Number three he’s got a criminal record and one of his
prior convictions was bad checks Uttering and publishing that’s what we call passing a bad check that’s a conviction which reflects upon the felons dishonesty. So this guy’s a
dishonest character and he’s basing a lot his testimony a
lot and the conviction of Fred Freeman I’m convinced is based on this dishonest testimony or
excuse me dishonest character who gave the testimony. they pretty much thought that he was
here and they said there’s physically no way he could have went from here to there or there to here in that amount of time, but yet he still did it. the defense attorney did present evidence at trial that two hours after the killing in Port Huron Michigan Mr.
Freeman was seen by large number of people in Escanaba Michigan and by car from Port Huron to Escanaba if you’re breaking all the speed limits
you might be able to get there in six or seven hours. the prosecutor brings in a a police pilot and he testifies that you
can fly from Escanaba to Port Huron in a small airplane in about an hour and a half or whatever it takes Now I’ll guarantee if this prosecutor was
even doing half the work he should have done to prepare for this trial he went out to
the airport we’re talking the Port Huron airport small little airport. He he went through
all the files he had his people out there his officers out there going through everything, talking every
living soul, at that airport and guess what? no record of this Fantasy Flight At trial you have to understand neither
Fred nor I knew that the prosecutor until rebuttle
the very last chance, we don’t have a chance after him
speaking, he brings up this theory that Fred had someone fly him down here and course there was no evidence during the trial or anything in a police report to indicate in fact that ever occurred Now why would he bring this testimony in except one purpose that he makes clear to the jury, that it was possible for the defendant to have charted an airplane and flown down had somebody meet him with a car go to commit this crime go back to the
airplane to fly back up to Escanaba by noon so he could walk in and have a casual
conversation with somebody at a martial arts studio if in fact there was any paper trail of this flight if in fact it actually happened, the
prosecutor would have been able to prove it. there was no there was credit
card charged ticket showing he’d hired a or chartered a flight. if he had any indication any piece of
paper that said Mr. Freeman charter plane at anytime
because if Mr. Freemen charter plane a week before if I was the prosecutor I would have brought that evidence in See look he knows how this works, he’s done it before, probably testing it out to see if it work the next time. No record that he’s ever done it. Even if somebody had said I’m a pilot and and the defendant called me and and asked me what it would cost to
fly to show that maybe somebody in
Escanaba was in the market to hire an airplane I mean anything the not
the slightest bit a circumstance or any kind of Evidence to connect him with an airplane. what he’s really claiming is that the only way Mr. Freeman
could have committed this killing was too get a plane illegally, without a record being made of it. takeoff from a field somewhere not an
airport so there will be no record. Land in a farmer’s field somewhere in Escanaba so there be no record of it Hang out in Escanaba with all his friends then get the plane back to Port Huron before anybody missed it This is nuts, this I mean I want to
say this is absurd this is ludicrous, It’s nuts! it is the most
preposterous, incredible, unbelievable story this is the
prosecutors fantasy theory which rebutted one heck of a good alibi. He was obviously very articulate his
lawyer certainly knew that he’d make a good witness coming into the end of the
trial I wanted to testify very badly. I wanted to to counter his claims made against me of
course. so all this evidence that had come in about what kind of a person he was was allowed to stand without any
rebuttal on his part. that he told me there’s some court rule
saying that I can testify when everybody else has testified as a look suspicious
some silly thing like that the only thing I could have done on hindsight as I
woulda forced Fred Freeman to take the stand. and that was a mistake but it was a decision we both made. if you believe that your client is innocent I’ll you put your client on the
witness stand and let him testify I wish they would have put him on the witness stand. I don’t know why they didn’t. wait wait tell the judge I want to
testify and I made a big scene about this he wouldn’t do it I was not allowed to testify. Then he told the court that I didn’t want to It’s difficult for a judge to give an
instruction to a jury that says take that out of your mind. We know you
think that if he was innocent he would have taken the
stand and denied it. know some other jurors said things like
well he didn’t take the stand you know and that… exactly what we feared! yeah they’re told not to think
about that but, that’s what they thought if a if the defendant doesn’t testify there
ought to be some sort of a court rule that says they ought to get it in writing. He has a point. that I had the obligation to advise him that he had the right to testify. I believe that there was a conspiracy I am amazed that a injury could vote, a large number of jurors, more than half vote in my favor and then come back on Monday morning
with unanimous guilty they did do some interviewing jurors which indicated that
first of all, there was a very deeply divided jury when they first
voted on you know the jury found that he had committed the crime beyond a
reasonable doubt and of course I accepted it as, as I did every jury verdict that I am aware of. had i been the trial judge I think I
would have ah ah directed a verdict for the defendant
I mean I think there was really not in not evidence to
let the jury even here the thing its a first degree murder case and it’s made it all the way through the Michigan appellate system and no one has paid any attention to this
case Right now we went to the trial court to try to get a new trial. last December and in January we were informed by the trial court that they had denied his motion for a new trial. So the next step was to take it to the appellate level. That was the Michigan court of appeals At the Michigan court of appeals we were informed that the court of appeals turned us down. So then the next step is to go to the Michigan Supreme court. In Michigan, there’s only one
way to get back and that’s what we call a motion for
relief from judgment shorthand is a 6500 motion that’s simply
because that’s the number of the rule that promulgated that that procedure
it’s a very narrow procedure. If you want to come back you
gotta go over some big hurdles. Number one. you can’t raise any arguments you raised
before. They gotta be all new arguments Number two. You have to show good cause
why those arguments were not raised before you have to show, that if your attorney
would have raised these arguments you would’ve won your case so that’s cause and Prejudice we call that Hopefully the Supreme court will see the light and give us a new trial or at least give us an oppertunity for an evidenciary hearing back in the trial court. I don’t expect this motion for relief from judgment to
be successful Next step would be to go into federal court on a habeas corpus proceeding. his lawyers have to convince a federal
judge that the prosecutor in this case tried the man and not the facts in the case. You gotta convince the judge that we have a good reason to be here judge you got a big problem with this case an
you gotta give this guy one more day in court He is now the colleague of the judge who will be hearing that habeas corpus he is a federal judge and its
just not gonna be real easy for one federal judge to say that another federal judge you did a bad job when used to be a
prosecutor on the morning of November 5th 1986 were you in the parking lot at the St. Clair Community College when Scott Martin was
shot No It clearly shows me that ah Mr. Freeman did not shoot Mr. Macklem Freeman sighs with relief. thank you He passed the polygraph and I just immediately and continue to shake my
head I just had this very strong feeling that
this was a system that wasn’t gonna give up you know we have to do something about
the laws that prevent affective civil rights suits against police and prosecutors. there’s a lot to be change that law and frankly it’s going in the opposite direction It’s outrageous to me that people go to
prison for crimes they don’t commit most Americans like to think that
doesn’t happen it happen it happens and it happens in large numbers race and class have everything to do with how much
justice you get in our system. Fact is, if we adequately funded the defense. If we had our crime labs as independent entities that were not tied to police or prosecutors or the
defense but just independent scientists call it is as
they saw it this system this adversary system we have here in America where in theory
we are dedicated to due process, procedural due
process, substantive due process equal protection would work brilliantly The prison population is escalating continually mistaken eyewitness identification, false
confessions, bad forensic science. My gosh that’s so
much of that what we do have in this country is what
I call the court of last resort and this is it you get a case where there’s a celebrated miscarriage
of justice and it’s on 60 minutes and and
this is and on that and on television is written about in news papers and reporters
are demanding what can be done about it and the governor’s office and the whole sort of thing. judges they know about that. They don’t live in a cocoon. and I think that more than anything else
that is it is the last resort. Quite frankly I had a bit of a confrontation with the
Governor of the state of Michigan and then immediately after that
conversation it appeared that Kensu’s relationship with the
people that run the prison where he’s in started to go downhill immediately
there were tickets, there was pressure, there was threats,
there was putting him in holes and all its kinda crap and so we’ve we’ve now got an attorney involved an so
we were really concerned about his his life and limb at this point This new development if it turns out to be what we understand it might be might make all the legal proceedings moot Ah we would hope. But ah I’ve got a little cynical about the way
things go. in this system we’ll see we’ll just have to see how it works, how it goes. We must be able to evaluate his creditability early on then we can determine later on how reliable this information is. If this information turns out to be true today then we really have some dynamite information so we’re on the edge, waiting. My wife died ten years ago this month and it was before she died that I was working on this case so it’s been more than ten years He’s an individual that was a player in the drug trafficking at that time and he knew had a very very close relationship with
individuals that were in law enforcement and the
criminal justice system and based on where you in Port Huron and
play based on his information relayed to us there was significant amount of corruption historical documentation has identified the Port Huron areas being
one those locations where you know whiskey & alcohol was being brought into
the United States during the Prohibition era there was the same kind of money being made there in the twenties relatively speaking as what is being
made in drug trafficking not only in Port Huron but in other
parts of the united states that might be ports of entry or areas in which the drugs are brought in For the first time since I’ve known him He’s scared He’s worried about his safety, he’s
worried about the future that he’s been fighting
so hard to essentially reclaim Something there
that’s worth continued contact and certainly um their leads that can be covered. there’s a lot to follow up there’s a lot to consider has a lot to evaluate it is unfortunately going to take stepping around in the mud, in the sewer we’ve always known the David Dean had personal problems with substance abuse
and the law now we are being told that his personal
problems with substance abuse has much more to do with is consuming it
has to do with his being in bed with people who
distribute up and although we can’t claim at this
point but David Dean was him self a distributor you
can certainly say that his use and being in bed with
people who use and distribute, made him a player, a direct player in the killing of Scott Macklem as far as those individuals concerned I
believe that our the murder and walking with the videotape him or herself doing
in the gun in their hand in and photographs and still say I was
involved in some way They’re never gonna admit they were wrong. There’s a wrong-headed notion that if you admit the truth you admit
that somebody was wrongfully convicted and you face the fact that maybe police suppressed exculpatory evidence, didn’t
play by the rules because they really believe they had a guilty guy or worse, that somehow the legitimacy
of the system will be undermined

92 thoughts on “Justice Incarcerated, The Frederick Freeman Story

  • Tell me about it. Sometimes the cops just need to get someone so they try to pin it on the first person they think off. I know cause it nearly happened to me. Scares the fucking shit out of me how many innocent men and women are in jail while the real killers and rapist are still out there.

  • He's been granted another day in court…Not freedom…yet…

    From his attys website-

    I am happy to report that the Honorable Federal Judge Denise Page Hood issued an opinion yesterday, October14, 2010, granting my client, Temujin Kensu, formally known as Frederick Freeman, a conditional habeas corpus of the November 5, 1986, murder at Saint Clair County Community College.


  • In my opinion, we've got to get control of the interrogation process.  For instance, no where in the western world, other then the US, are police allowed to lie to suspects. If it is proved that a suspect lied to the police, he or she can be charged with obstruction.  Also, I think that interrogations should have some sort of time limit, 4 hours is a good number.  If the suspect wants to talk, they will talk, if they want an attorney, they will say so.  If more time is needed, schedule another (cops don't use the word "interrogation", they use "interview"…..makes it sound less Hitlerish) meeting.  I also think that the courts need to allow more expert testimony in, and allow the experts to explain to a jury, how a person can confess to something that they did not do, not many of these types of experts are allowed to testify at trial.  During appeals,  it's denied because it's not new evidence.   Frustrating. how some states don't require corroboration of snitch evidence….

  • Frederick Freeman is innocent and the corrupt should be held accountable. What a horrible injustice and embarrassment for the state of Michigan.

  • Anybody else jump at 44:44?  That scared the shit outta me cause I was looking at the screen and had the volume lol.  So weird.

  • Judge just denied a new trial.  http://www.thetimesherald.com/story/news/crime/2014/11/12/judge-denies-new-trial-sc-parking-lot-murder-case/18929399/

  • So the conviction was overturned but he still in prison cause the DA had a problem with that? That is some peanut butter bullshit!

  • This prosecution's story sounds like a vintage episode of…SCOOBY DOO! 
    WTF….it's the most ridiculous theory I've ever heard and their star witness is a career criminal for hire as a jailhouse snitch. 

    Jailhouse snitches get innocent people locked up all the time. 
    This retarded, Abrahamic mentality of "You just can't fake sincerity" is the reason jailhouse snitches, and conmen, ruin innocent people's lives. 

  • Same shit, different country. Youtube; 
    Brendon O'Connell – ''Corruption in the wild wild west''  
    Brendon O’Connell – ''BTV 1 – A Chat With Brendon O'Connell''

  • Wow, From the Judge to the Prosecutor to the Defense Attorney…They all need to be charged with official misconduct and dereliction of duty. And the jury must have had a total IQ of 50……..Talk about a major F*ck up. 16 people testified this guy was over 400 miles away and he was still found guilty..

  • I didn't get 10 min into & was convinced this poor guy got RAIL-ROAD-ED!!!!!!! If that lame excuse for a prosecutor actually believes the rubbish coming out of his mouth he needs some SERIOUS HELP!!! Freeman should have never spent a night in jail for this, should never gone to trial MUCH LESS convicted!!!! That "defense atty." of his obviously hasn't changed either. First look at him & it's blatantly clear he's stoned or something!!!
    Thank you for sharing Dean Mongen!!!

  • having proof these day's to prove you were somewhere else. when a crime took place doesn't seem to matter these day's smdh.there is no excuse for this it's unjust an horrendous.it's truly a cold world we live in.

  • Remarkably, Mr. Action, your the only one out of 19k viewers that has completely missed the story here bc of a personal sound issue. Perhaps you should remove the dried semen from your ears and you will hear much better. Otherwise, just read the closed captions and thank God your not Frédéric Freeman.

  • Peter, for the record, Mr. Scheck doesn't know about the Freeman case. However, your asinine statement shows how ignorant you are.

  • As a True Crime junkie for 25 years,  I've seen MANY Questionable Convictions.  They ALL have similar characteristics:  1) a 100% circumstantial case.  2) "prosecution by character assassination".  Because the defendant is an Ass Hole in general then he MUST BE guilty of this crime too, Right???  3)  Prosecution leaks "character assassination information" to the local media, thereby "poisoning the jury pool".  4) Although not a factor in this case, MOST Questionable Convictions are of spouses, or at least someone close to the victim.  5) A preponderance of low income defendants who must rely on an overburdened Public Defender.    [email protected]

  • It must be remembered that after the original trial,  actual guilt or innocence has absolutely no role in appeals.  Appeals are STRICTLY About "procedural issues".  Even in a case, like this one, where there was an OBVIOUS Fuck Up in the original trial, all appeals must focus on the technical issues of procedure.  The ONLY Exception is if Truly New Evidence comes to light. And "Truly New Evidence" is Just S-O-O-O Narrowly Defined, that it almost means that it has to drop out of the sky.   [email protected]

  • Something that is almost never mentioned in these wrongful conviction True Crime stories is that the actual criminal got away scot free, while some poor slob is rotting in jail.  The REAL Criminal is then free to commit other crimes that would have never been committed if the true perpetrator of the original crime was convicted.  Even when a wrongfully convicted person is exonerated and freed,  in 99.9% of these cases the Real Criminal is never even pursued because just too much time has gone by.   [email protected]

  • It's important to remember that Project Innocence in NYC, and all the other such programs that came after it only look at life sentence cases, which means about 98% murder cases, and about 2% rape cases. So although there are a Shit Load of wrongful convictions in the news in recent years, this only scratches the surface of the "wrongful conviction" problem.  These pro bono projects just don't have enough money to pursue anything but the most severe sentences, that is, life sentences.  There are MANY wrongful convictions for lesser crimes like bank robbery, or assault that we NEVER Hear About because no one is out there fighting for them.   [email protected]

  • Omg, this is like the Spinal Tap of wrongful convictions! Only it's not a satire, it's true – o, the humanity!

  • When these people insist on a strict adherence to procedure in the name of "justice", it creates the worst kind of injustice imaginable. In a statement from a MUCH lower court, in the words of Judge Judy – "Sometimes the law is an ass, but not in my court room."

  • I find it very revealing that a prosecutor or judge that is discovered to have knowingly and willingly committed breaches of the law during a trial are immune from criminal charges for those offences. The very worst that can happen to them is that they will be disbarred, and even that only happens when they have been proven to have done it on several occasions in several cases. Until some of these criminals that are members of the Law Society are thrown in jail for their crimes none of this sort of corruption will ever be stopped, and innocent people will continue to be railroaded and stuffed away out of sight, out of mind.

  • is he still locked up? and why did he change his name to Temujin Kensu makes him sound black ole boy will never get out with a name like that

  • this court would have convicted me of the jfk assasination. i could have faked my birth certificate and stolen a military jet in germany to fly to dallas undetected.

  • how convenient for freeman to bash my step father john bowns of being a crooked cop. everything freeman states its a lie. my step father was a good man and a good cop. he passed away 11 years ago and cant defend himself against his bullshit claims.

  • Please prevent Wrongful Conviction as much as you can. It's hard to fight for the truth when you are already convicted #NewTrial4John #FreeJohnOrtizKehoe Here is my story http://www.stitcher.com/s?fid=134770&refid=stpr https://creatingacannibal.wordpress.com/

  • Somebody please tell me that now, 2017, free man is his legal status and not just his name. Or ex name.

  • Within two minutes, Barry SHIT shows up, "the cops cheat, prosecutors cheat", … that's it, that did it for me. GUILTY.

    Innocent people dont need scumbags like Barry SHIT to speak for you.

  • Interesting his true last name is Freeman. Perhaps he shouldn't have changed it: FREE MAN! Can a man truly ever change his real last name? A first name yes, but a surname carries with it your family lineage and heritage, especially a lineage of FREE MEN. Anyway, I wish the best for Fred. The defense witnesses are substantial credible witnesses that place him 6-8 hours away from the scene of the crime. The scenario inmate 99 described (the corruption regarding the drug deal) and them using Freeman as a patsy to take the fall to cover up their crimes. I think God is the only one that can get Freeman out of jail because of the darkness and wickedness holding him in prison. Too bad Freeman continues to call on Buddha, Buddha was just a man and his body is still in the grave and he doesn't set the captives free, but Jesus Christ DOES. Read the testimonies of those who have been freed and you'll see.

  • I saw a crime story where the prosecutors publicly admitted making a mistake and in a press conference announced the innocent man who had spent years in prison would be freed. And that he was. In this case it was not a "mistake," but Freeman was their patsy to cover up the crimes of those officials who were involved in it; specifically drug running.

  • I am a little skeptical of Michelle, who seems to have "no idea" who had killed her fiance Scott Macklem. If it was over drugs and unrelated to Freeman then why hasn't she offered the missing facts, surely she would know more about her fiance and his dealings in drugs. And why was she so scared? Was SHE part of it too? She wasn't asked to testify but perhaps it was not just that she would be a witness for Freeman's innocence but that she might say too much that implicates others, the others the authorities are covering up for. Strange that Freeman would trust her, she's already proven to fall when it comes to standing up for the truth.

  • I unfortunately was married to a highway patrolman over 20 years ago. And I know for a fact that law enforcement lie in court and course with each other I've heard it I've seen it in my home and amongst these so-called law enforcers. I wish cops would just do their job correctly the first time. This is costing taxpayers way too much money and causing too much harm and grief to the people they're supposed to be protecting. That's all I have to say 🙂

  • He's not guilty but like the three fathers with 74 children he's got superhuman powers, he's a lady's man that needs no money to spread his seeds into the future, without getting married, live on welfare and have YOU THE TAXPAYER finance his whole life and children. But if a successful man starts a family, it won't be that long till she backs up the Brinks truck and cleans him out. Who said life was fair?

  • I was accused of stealing a female student’s purse when she was in the pub. Campus police interrogated me; I was able to produce the TimeSheet I was working during the time the witnesses were sure that I was in the pub. I was cleared, but this incident shows me that witnesses are not really that reliable.

  • i Just don't understand why, when everyone (except the prosecutor) can see that this man had nothing to do with this crime that he is STILL in prison?????, I think it has a lot to do with what Joe said, they are afraid if they admit they were wrong it would somehow "taint" the system
    , I have no idea how the people that hold the key to his jail cell can sleep at night,,,, And his wife/girlfriend was pregnant when he was arrested, and they continually harassed her to lie for them, but he has missed out all of these years with his child for something he didn't do, it's simply heart breaking. My prayers to him and his family.

  • Crazy how the Prosecutor states, "was his attorney on drugs or drunk when he showed up to represent him?" Then states, "sometimes attorneys who are drunk can do a pretty good job." Wtf, I wonder if this Prosecutor would want a drunk attorney while if he was on trial for murder! Ignorance at it's finest!

  • He's still on death row!!! Suck it up Barry Shit!!


  • This court was racist!!! Oh wait he’s white!! Damn ! Maybe it’s tribalism not racism!!! Think about it Libtards

  • When will Documentary makers learn to stop playing random stupid music in the background when people are talking it doesnt work.

  • the leader of the free world,yeah right, how the Fuck does this "system" get away with doing this shit,no wonder crazy cunts grab guns and going around shooting innocent people,the fuckheads that put these people in jail should be in there not the innocent victims,, this is a few years old now and i am gonna have a look if this bloke is out yet? and not fkn dead or still inside, Fuck America Systems and your fkn Human rights violations, > have a nice day people.

  • Attorneys hope man imprisoned 31 years for murder will soon be freed …


    Jan 29, 2018 – Attorneys for Fredrick Freeman hope he will soon be a free man, after serving … "It's just frankly amazing, when you tell the story to folks, they say, 'Well, with no …

  • another corrupt police force selling drugs and killing people. they gotta frame someone. they picked the ex boyfriend of the victims fiance.

  • I really think if anyone who is caught lying in court and gets caught should be charged with a crime . that way false acusers witnesses or legal defense and DA and judges would be less likely to rig the outcome of a trial if they would have to do time in jail themselves and have a felony record

  • If you go on http://www.adbmich.org

    You can enter the name David Dean and will see that the attorney for Fred Freeman (David Dean) has SEVEN entries for disciplinary actions.  These actions are from 1997 to 2001.   David Dean actually wrote a bad check to the attorney disciplinary board to try and get his law license back.  LOL   He was so incompetent that he couldn't get his own law license back and yet while in rehab….. he was the defense attorney in a murder case.  This attorney was recommended to Fred Freeman by the police.  I honestly think Fred Freeman was framed by the cops. 

    I guess Kim Kardashian will have to ask Trump to let Fred out of prison.  Otherwise, this guy may never get out.

  • He's a piece of Shit fuck him and everyone that looks like him.. He needs to stop crying and do his time ..

  • 30:56 so, he illegally chartered an airplane (no records, mind you) to flee the scene of the crime?! Oh, wow … this whole story is soooo crazy, and super disturbing.

  • What the f… . This a total miscarriage of justice. Set Mr Freeman, free. It's time for the system, in this case, to let it go. Little logic here, the air plane evidence theory is just silly, rediculous and not prove, it's stupid. Like Mr Freeman's incompetent, alcoholic, drug dealing lawyer. I'm done.

  • So some crack head in jail is the star witness smdh. Cmon. The snitch gets time reduced for doing a favor smdh.

  • I guarantee American TaxPayers could cut the average prison cost of $30K to 60K per year.. to $8K.. Simply by having a 10 level system… Level one.. Complete solitary confinement hell for a very limited time.. all the way to level 10 where you can do things like order Pizza, Get Netflix.. have a wifi smart phone, garden and cook their own food… And if they screw up, they go back to solitary confinement.. the worst of the worse and have to work their way back up again… THIS SYSTEM WOULD MAKE TAX PAYERS SAFER AND ALSO SAVE US MANY BILLIONS OF DOLLARS PER YEAR… No one would ever risk starting over after reaching the level 10, community.. this is where you live in a gated community along with the prison guards. The prisoners can have visitors and have normal jobs within the prison system until they reach level 11 where they have the choice to leave or given promotion to work as a free man in the prisons… Who else would be a better rehabilitation inspiration to inmates who have no hope… The recidivism rate would drop exponentially.. WHY ARE WE SUCH HORRIBLE PROBLEM SOLVERS?

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