Justin Trudeau’s Costly diplomatic failure

hey what's going on guys it's Dave from two average dudes hope you're having a great day I sure am and it is absolutely gorgeous outside and yes it is Candace so that's probably why anyway okay got my notes so I can stay focused let's go on Tuesday the Chinese government stopped imports of Canadian beef and Canadian pork okay the reason they did that is they said there was counterfeit veterinary health certificates for meat that had the feed additive that was banned in China okay now do you think this is because the Chinese Canadian diplomatic problems we've been having I I would kind of say so and the reason I say that okay the reason I say that is because China's foreign ministry spokesman said now relevant Chinese authorities act in accordance with laws and regulations we hope the Canadian side attaches great importance to the fake certificate case completes the investigation as soon as possible and takes rectification measures to ensure safety of food exported to China and then and then he continued to say our position is very clear on this mang okay so in case you didn't know in the first four months China imported three hundred and ten million dollars worth of Canadian pork and that's 20 percent of our total exports and trying to import it over sixty million dollars of Canadian beef and that's about six percent of Canada's exports okay so I was reading through the comment and you know yes we have an extradition treaty with with the United States and people are blaming Trump to blaming Trudeau to blaming everybody well you know a lot of it has to do with Trudeau and I believe that Trudeau is at fault here because number one okay the US had to make a request for extra for us to goal and arrestor we should have verified all the information and we should have talked to them said you know what part of being in government is being good with negotiations and Trudeau should have said listen listen this is gonna put us in a bad spot we don't want to do your dirty work we don't want to get caught in the middle here so you do your own dirty work okay and you know what I think that would have been fair a fair request by any country but we blew it we gave it away we said okay we'll do it and now we've got us in a spot that and and it's true like I've read some comments and it's true like if we say ok you can go back you know release her well the United States is angry and if we keep her China's happy so we're stuck right in the middle and we need we need somebody that can dig us out and I don't think Justin Trudeau is and like he has the Chinese government have given us ways out and it's hard for us to take okay cuz we're stuck right in the middle and it is all because of Justin Trudeau in his lack of vision his lack of knowledge with negotiations and his lack of ability to read this problem before it actually happened he is terrible for Canada guys I'm not gonna keep going on about how you know how terrible I think he is all you have to do is look at her videos he is bad for can in my opinion that's that's it guys if you liked the video give it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel leave some comments love reading the comments take care be safe

36 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau’s Costly diplomatic failure

  • If not for Trudeau, China might have understood the extradition predicament the country was in, and not retaliated. With his around the world "virtue lecturing," Trudeau burned a lot of bridges with a lot of leaders, including Trump. These are the big boys and they don't want to hear that shit.


  • the new islamic state of canada brought to you by virtue signalling feminist pushing drink box water bottle kinda thingy trudeau.

  • Allah Trudeau and his immigrant government are stealing from real Canadian so immigrants can live like kings in are country and are poor stay poor sick 🇨🇦

  • I have to say you are the only Canadian I ever met on youtube speaking right on the point, much much more intelligent than those so called experts. Canada should not have stepped into this political drama in the first place , verifying the facts according to the treaty and say no to US. None of these mess would happen, period.

  • If you want to know who fake the certificate…. Look at your neighbour. That supplement is legal over there.

    Your neighbour seem love to screw you over and over again.

  • Japan has always refused Canadian beef forever untill recently..now only providing it is clearly identified and labeled.It's Too POISONOUS !
    ALL grains are now being DRENCHED with ROUNDUP…
    …including Cannola.

  • The only thing I like about Trudeau is how he made myself and other firmly believe there is a globalist cult put together to fuck shit up for there own benefit. Time to do something about this mess. Vote for max maybe? Its our only hope

  • I have a few names for Justin, but can't say it out openly. Absolutely despise the dingaling. The damage he caused to our children/grandchildren is unforgivable and criminal. He belongs behind bars !

  • Trudeau will excelerate his destruction of Canada, free speech, alienation of the west and so on. Canada is inches away from becoming a SOCIALIST police run State. Your once great country is being taken over by a RETARD MORON Balless Leftist LOSER GLOBALIST piece of 💩.

  • You've nailed it! But! You didn't want to go back and say it…Trump!! Believe it or not, set the turd up! There is no going back now! This was intentionally done by "Trump"! He's just that much smarter than this "idiot" that the "EAST" continues to elect! My question is, who is more pathetic? Liberals? Or, the "Idiots" that voted for him!! When will the "East" finally wise up?

  • Maybe if "little potato" sends the  Ming Way  lady back to China I can foresee a 25% tariff on our autos.  Cool, eh?

  • Incompetence has been Tru"duh"eau and his mob's mantra and not to be accountable for all their shortcoming. This Crime Sinister is out of his league and doesn't know what he's doing and is a complete embarrassment as Canada's representative and Canadians are the joke on the world stage because of this inept dunce and if in any job he would have been fired long ago, hence the election come October where Canadians get to fire probably the worst and dumbest and most hated Prime Minister in Canadian history. So Canada line up at the polls and fire this mentally inadequate part time drama teacher and his head nodding airheads and save Canada from any further disasters!! And if not you deserve what you get with horrendous taxation, loss of civil right like freedom of speech,and he'll continue to break and violate ethics with government and spend as he pleases to dive the Canadian economy in to a crisis never seen before and our ideology and culture slowly being decimated by his love for Islam by crippling our immigration system and handing Canada over to the UN!!! Wake up people and rid ourselves of this dictator!!

  • speaking of being stuck in the middle…..
    Canada and the US have an extradition treaty and requests for extradition do NOT get referred to the PM…they are handled by our courts. You are suggesting that AFTER THE FACT Trudeau should have let Meng go back to China…..and this WHILE Canada was in the middle of renegotiating the new NAFTA…..with our biggest trading partner that we ALL depend on economically across this country…..IF… JT had actually done that…what you suggest…. I would then agree with you that he is truly incompetent and doesn't know what he's doing.

  • The MSM blatantly called this wrong. During the Clown Minister's trip to China, he was not affectionately nicknamed “little potato,” he was referred to by the world's second largest economy as "little potatoes" and it is truly showing. Go Team Scheer!

  • Why is she still Canada? The damn problem is the courts and lawyers are trying to keep her here in Canada.

  • the prime gropper is an idiot and sheer works for there same globalist ass holes,vote ppc 2019 if you love canada.

  • China is just saying he's not ready. He may love China, China don't love him or his UN mandate as they're not on board with the same ruination with their nation. But bbq season may have become a little cheaper this year as he just unprotected Canadian farmers by his policies once again.

  • Isnt Pork , Kryptonite according to what Trudeau believes in ? Make him take up the financial difference and feed it to his friends .

  • This pm couldn't negotiate his way out of a wet paper bag .he probably couldn't trade a drowning person a rock 4 a life preserver just can't b trusted

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