K-State Football | 2018 Gameday Improvements

welcome to another edition of ask the ad
albeit a special version of ask the ad although we’re not taking questions from
you the fans this is about you the fans and a roundabout way thus the new spot
were over here in the newly renovated Eastside of Bill Snyder family stayed in
the East Club Brian Smoller Director of Athletics Gene Taylor talking about
the newly released list of improvements here at bill Snyder family stadium for
the upcoming 2018 season and there are a lot of these to get through it’s
interesting you know you get asked all the time I’m sure you do as well about
construction projects and facility projects and well it’s when is the next
thing you’re doing a football and then you list out 20 things that are new for
this year there’s a long laundry list I think sometimes people think that the
projects are all have to be big like the West stadium Club but you know our staff
does a great job every year looking at projects to make the stadium and fan
experience better obviously the East Club is from our biggest project this
year but we have a lot of exciting things for our fans to to understand and
know about in the year ahead let’s you again just make coming to you know Bill
Snyder family state and a better opportunity alright let’s start with the
peoples State Bank East Club renovation 1.5 million dollars for this space up
here what do you see is the highlights of it well pretty much everything and I
didn’t get over here a lot last year but they really upgraded everything from the
concession areas the bar areas just the amenities it looks and feels brand new
in which it is and and you know as the fans come in those that have been in
these club they’re gonna see a really a WOW factor when they walk in and there
are seats available so we’ll have a chance to kind of highlight it at our
fan fan appreciation day for those fans that are on the east club they’ll be
able to come over and walk around and those that might be interested in East
Club seats there’ll be opportunities to take a look and see what seats are open
but it is absolutely beautiful and our fans really appreciate those in these
club about the new upgrades yeah it really mirrors sort of the motif so just
what it does and that was kind of our effort you know people were so they’d
seen the West Side you know people go back and forth and they came over here
in anyway so what’s next and so our staff did a great job really building
this up speaking of the west side there is a new addition to that side and the
new beer garden on the South Terrace and I don’t know
we’ll realize that that was a place where beer was sold previously but you
had to have a special ticket to get in not the case anymore yeah and I you know
want to make sure we because we talked the last time about how alcohol sells
and I got some emails from folks that were concerned this isn’t our you know
or step into general alcohol sales in the stadium but it does give our fans an
opportunity that if they want to come in and have a beverage in a controlled
environment they’ll be able to do that and you’re right it was available last
year but there was a special ticket now we’re gonna open it up a little bit more
so again just trying to enhance our fans experience and opportunities when they
come in and this will be a great and a great addition two hours prior to kickoff
all the way through the end of the third quarter for the beer garden and this was
in the works long before the Oklahoma State and announcement came out so not a
reaction to the reactionary sort of move or you mentioned fans coming in the
Powercat perks program sounds like it’s something that would really benefit
everybody yeah basically we’ve created an app that the fans will be able to
download and as they come in and into games they’ll be able to secure points
and then they’ll be able to take those points that they add up over the course
of the year or the football season and go to various vendors in the community
and get discounts and you know opportunities whether it’s restaurants
or shopping opportunities you know so much off maybe two for ones those
opportunities once they build those points up so again just another chance
for our fans to to enhance their time when they come to Bill Snyder Family
Stadium yeah it’s like rewards points basically working off your credit card same deal
speaking of ticketing student mobile student mobile ticketing which is on
this side right below us right students coming in a lot of stuff in here is for
students and student mobile ticketing is kind of an interesting deal so no more
paper hand out tickets for a student well you know like most of us now but I
think even more so for our students they live on their phone and for them to take
the time or and feel like they have to print out a ticket or pick up a ticket
it just limits their chance or interesting what they want to come so
we’re trying this with our students we think it’ll be a great much easier
option for them to come in show their phone walk in and not have to either
pick up a ticket or print a ticket out so we’re trying as much as we can we
want our students we need our students to come
a great part of the atmosphere they add to it atmosphere and I think this will
be another chance for them to make it easier for them to attend our games now
on this list of improvements there’s some other things to help with the
efficiency of getting students into so pedestal stance scanners and the like so
some of that stuff pointedly directed at trying to get more students in it as
quickly as possible other things that around the concourse there are a number
of other ones we’re not gonna go through everything here on this list like I said
it’s a list of 20 stuff but a couple of ones I should point out some concession
offerings chick-fil-a notably on the South endzone and then some more up on
the view level right above us yeah you know our Sodexo and then our our folks
with Learfield and everybody in our family experience we’re trying to again
every chance we get enhanced the concession opportunities across the
stadium and chick-fil-a is obviously a very popular brand and we’re out we’re
really excited to have them in the stadium our fans will love that and
another other upgrades to the concession areas and more food options as well once
that I think you’ll be able to get on our app or website and look at those
options so I think our fan experience staff and our staff in general and
athletics really spent a lot of time to make sure that what our fans come that’s
on Saturdays to Bill Snyder Family stadium they’re gonna see changes every
year and then they may not be physically physical changes every year
but certainly changes that fans can experience no matter where they are on
the stadium like we said we didn’t go through all of the changes for the 2018
season right now so you can go online announced already and go through the
whole list through kstatesports.com and see which one may peek your
interest for this upcoming season as we mentioned before love to have as many
fans here as possible we had a long streak of sellouts going I want to see a
lot of faces in the crowd you know that’s one of the things that I enjoyed
so much last year was the energy in our stadium and being in a sold-out stadium
the energy that brings is is phenomenal for just the atmosphere but it’s more
importantly phenomenal for our football team in it we’ve seen the opposing team
players talk about how difficult this stadium is to play and when it’s sold
out and it’s loud and right now we have tickets available we we certainly want
to continue the the opportunities to sellout every game we’ve got a great
lineup of games this year and plenty of opportunities and
chances to buy tickets so keep buying tickets we want to have you here chase –
force comm 1-800-221-CATS the number to call love to see a full house
here coming up for just a couple of weeks believe it or not for a home
opener against South Dakota it’s gonna be here before we know it
absolutely thanks for doing this great and love to see it
Bill Snyder family Stadium all year long absolutely for Gene Taylor i’m
Brian Smoller thanks for watching

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