Karatbars Gold Independence Day in Las Vegas 2019

This is about to change the world. This
is about to change the way we move money. This is the way, the future of money is
in the industry. We are so happy to be here, to witness history being made today:
Golden Independence Day. And we’re so excited to be here I’ve already exchanged my
kv-3 coins 100 of them into your physical gold as
our CEO and founder mr. Carlos lights promised it’s different than every other
currency or crypto triples you could print it and it’s really easy there’s a lot of cool news there’s a lot
of things were working on and that’s our karatbars world’s first fiat money cash
gold a cryptocurrency ATM today’s world of July Independence Day
for America and for the whole world freedom is the highest level of life and
everyone must be free doesn’t matter if you are whipping us in Africa in
Venezuela doesn’t matter and we are on the way to make the people free a free
life this is my passion and this is my goal nothing else

6 thoughts on “Karatbars Gold Independence Day in Las Vegas 2019

  • Where is our stolen and unpaid kbc? It's lime no one is ready to answer this question after showing all undeniable proves of purchase during ico. Is this good to go without being sorted? My voice will never go down on this till is resolved.

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  • Karatbars International committed to achieving financial freedom; forming thousands of successful human beings, within their social, natural and cultural environment. (Karatbars Internacional comprometidos con el logro de la libertad financiera; formando miles de seres humanos exitosos, dentro de su entorno social, natural y cultural)

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