Karen Vaughn | 2016 Republican National Convention

>>ANNOUNCER: Please welcome
Karen Vaughn, the mother of fallen Navy Seal Aaron Vaughn.
>>Thank you so much for the opportunity to be here tonight.
It is a great honor. I’m here because I remember when
America was strong and proud, when — was worth something.
I’m here because I raised a son who believeed in this country
enough to give his life for it. And most of all, I’m here
because we are at a crossroads unlike anything we have ever
witnessed in our time. And something must change now.
[ cheering and applause ]>>We need new leadership,
strong leadership, leadership we trust to protect us in the face
of ever-changing dangerous, dangers, both here and abroad —
leadership that will no longer sit idly by and let our enemyies
define the world in which we live.
[ cheering and applause ]>>There is no adversary the
military cannot defeat if we unbind them from the restrictive
restrictive, ludicrous rules of engagement they’ve been forced
to fight under for the past seven years!
[ cheering and applause ]>>KAREN: Thank you.
Thank you. Our national leaders’ desire to
win hearts and minds at whatever cost to our own has had
devastating effects. Too many American sons and
daughters have died needless deaths due to these absurd
rules., including my only son, Aaron.
And the 29 other brave, fearless warriors.
Countless others have — their military — because of a culture
that puts their lives at risk. As a brave firefighter put it, I
did not join to be sack fifed. sacrificeed.
I joined to fight. [ cheering and applause ]>>KAREN: We have lost the will
to defend ourselves against enemyies who are hell-bent on
destroying us. Because we have been willing to
to — strength. We’ve been unwilling to even
call our enemy by name. And how, how can you defeat an
enemy you cannot even name? [ cheering and applause ]>>KAREN: We must elect leaders
who will give our soldiers every tool possible to win, leaders we
can trust to stand strong against our enemies, leaders
like Donald Trump! [ cheering and applause ]>>KAREN: It is way past time to
make America strong and safe again!
Thank you, and God bless the

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