Kashgar: Freedom Fighters or Terrorists?

Kashgar. A welcome respite between the
vast Taklamatan desert and the daunting Pamir mountains. But just beneath the surface Kashgar is ready to explode. Many Uighur believe their way of life is under threat… from the Chinese government. Depending who you ask, China either occupied or liberated Xinjiang province in 1949. Since then China has poured money
into Kashgar’s infrastructure building plazas, topiary, and the largest statue of Mao in all of China. There’s even a ferris wheel and amusement park. But they also imported millions of Han Chinese with promises of cheap land and loans for businesses in an effort to dilute the local culture. In 1950, Han Chinese were less than
1% of Xinjiang’s population. Now they’re almost half. Some of the Uighur responded by
forming an independence movement and committing acts of violence. The Chinese government clamped down – hard. They’ve forbidden local women to wear veils and installed X-ray machines on almost every corner. Even at the entrance to local supermarkets. They curtailed the local language and religious observation. But worst of all, the government was determined
to wipe out Kashgar’s beating heart… It’s ancient, mudbrick city. Marco Polo would have felt right
at home here over 900 years ago. In 2009, the Chinese government announced
that the buildings were an earthquake hazard as well as a breeding ground for Uighyur nationalism and violent insurrection. Over 85% of the old city has been demolished, with more disappearing every day leaving one small section as a “living museum” a tourist attraction. The residents are compensated and moved to modern apartments with running water and garbage collection. But many just want to go home. China is hell-bent on economic development. And like it or not, Kashgar is coming along for the ride. The Uighur and other minorities must find
a way to modernize – on their terms – while still preserving their culture and heritage or their children will have no more place in this world Than the camel caravans that
once roamed this ancient land.

12 thoughts on “Kashgar: Freedom Fighters or Terrorists?

  • very relevant video given what is going on there now. I hope the Chinese learn to appreciate cultural diversity and live together peacefully

  • Another beautifully made video, opening eyes to the beauties of life but also humanitarian issues around the world more than just our own selfish problems.

  • Other channels and media would have chosen to paint it as a terrorist story or as a China is evil story
    You chose to present a mostly unbiased view on the situation and giving a hopeful advice/prediction of the cultures evolution to be more adaptable to the modernistic chinese culture
    Thats what sets your channel apart from all the other channels, im going to keep checking out your vids from now on ^~^ might even show them off at my work for educational purposes if thats okay, (for middleschool/highschool kids)

  • 99% of tragedy in the world come from the fact that otherwise good people are not in the habit of putting themselves in somebody else's shoes.

  • At least the Chinese didn’t scalp the natives they coexist peacefully.And the natives were given preferential treatment for not abide by the one child policy says a lot

  • In USA, I see Black people are complaining White people for violation of human rights too, like racism https://www.youtube.com/user/cyngre, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiHcer_zgOU,https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5ksavsuuri0tJpcVS2gCBg. Another hand, Western countries keep doing bussiness and investment in China. I am crying for the truth

  • Uighurs are ancinet indiginous people of Xinjinag Uighur Autonomous region aka Eastern Turkistan .Uighurs have been living more that 4000 years in this area.Uighurs are turk, Uighurs were once Buddhists and Christians but today mostly Muslims who practice a moderate and secular brand of Sufi Islam.Racial,lingustic and territorial traits distinct Uighur nation from Chinese nation.
    The region was taken by China 1949.Since there were commited Uighur genocide by China.All methods were used in order to wipe up Uighurs in Eastern Turkistan, though by that time numbers were thousands , then ten southnds.The dissaperances, mainly of Uighur male,arbitrary executions and forcible arbbortion/ sterilisation took place since.Besides 2 child plocisy was another ruthless genocide methods applyed to Uighurs. Since there were more than 400 riots across eastern Turkistan, but all were brutally and efortlessly opressed.
    Today number of internmented Uighurs go to millions .According to Uigur diaspora there are more than 3 M Uighurs in concentration camps.When Mao Zedong seized power in 1949. He encouraged the migration of ethnic Han to Uighur territory , so there were 2% chinese, but for the past 20-25 years Uighurs became minority in their own land.The chinese influx created demographical and ecological disbalance in Eastern Turkistan . The influx of unwelcomed Chinese in the compartement with its merciless and brutal chinese polices towards Uighurs, created discrimination,unemplyemnet,dissatisfaction and haterage.
    All jobs all of sudden were for chinese,farms were taken away by CCP and given to chinese, Uighurs homese demolished in order to build new, but for some reasons handred thousand Uighurs became homless,1 million Uighur girls age 14-22 were sent away to inner China, whith no contact to parents and increse of arbitrary detention of thousands hundreds and dissaperence continued.
    Uighurs simply became starngers in their own land.All this atrocities and horrific actions were justified by China and chinese people with one simple reason, which explains that Eastern Turkistan is and was inalienable parts of China, and that it has been for a long, long time

  • caina bed cuntry muslim no sef no
    Jobs no ejoceshan a laik this vedio bat caina bed contry caina gurment terares cuntry👹🙈

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