KEEP THEM POOR | This Is What The Richest Don’t Want You To Know

This video is a rant. This video is a
rant against the school system. This video is a rant against the corporate
system. This video is against the financial system and this video is a
rant against the government who has been brainwashing us and controlling our
minds and training us to be sheep. And keeping us poor for their own greed and
their own malicious purposes. And in this video, I’m going to expose all of the
lies that we’ve been taught to keep us in a mindless state of poverty. When in
reality there is a greater abundance available in this world. So, less than 1%
of people ever need to work to take care of the needs of everybody living on this
planet. Stay tuned. And I’m going to expose the lies and I’m going to tell
you the truth about how the system we’re living in was designed to keep us poor. Go to school, get a job. Get a bunch of
mortgage debt and die. Okay? This is the path that we are taught
our entire lives. At least us growing up in America, we’re taught to go to school
get good grades so you can get a job and you can get into more debt and you can
get the rest of your life taken away from you. Working for things you don’t
need. When really, everything we need is around us. Our family, our friends, our
animals, our land. Everything. Everything’s been aligned. I’m going to start with the
school system. That’s right. Everyone who’s been suckered in to this lie
called the education system. Compulsory education is a lie. And it’s a lie
because this is an institution that we should… I mean we survived without it for
thousands of years. And we got along just fine. We got along just happily. But
compulsory education was a system invented by the Nazis. To be specific, it
was invented by the Prussians after they lost to Napoleon in the war of 1812 or
something like that. But the fact remains that it was invented by the Prussians
who became the Nazis to brainwash their diverse set of states that all had
different dialects of the same language, they all had slightly different beliefs
and allegiances. And to combine all these disparate States together with different
dialects to make them speak the same dialect of their language to work
together to become a war machine. To take over the world, to take over Europe and
take over the world, they invented compulsory education and turned
Austria, Hungary into Germany. Created a single language to unify their people to
not question authority and March off and lead the
biggest death massacres that have ever happened in the history of the world.
Now, when you brainwash an entire population, bad things happen. But there
need to be voices. There are voices telling you today that this can be
stopped and we are not in an industrial era society anymore. We are not a society
which requires neat little rows of desks in neat little lines. All learning the
same freaking history determined by a man up in Washington DC, check marked off.
Stamped down so that we’re all the same. We’re not a neat little rows of society.
For our country to grow forward, we need self education. We don’t we need
innovation. we need free thinking minds. Not mind numbed brainwashed neat little
rows of people that are brainwashed and told not to think for themselves. Sit
down. Don’t ask too many questions. Don’t speak out of turn all these different
things. Stay in your line, etc. We need a system of self education. And the school
system we have which is taught by people, by professors who don’t even haven’t
even practiced what they preached, you can find more successful marketers and
sales people teaching marketing and sales on YouTube than you can in
colleges. In fact, universities won’t even teach sales. Universities will not teach
you sales which is one of the number 1 jobs in all of the world, is making
commercial transactions. Yet a college won’t teach it because as some other
college officials have said, “We don’t teach money. We don’t teach people how to
make money. That’s not our job.” Yet, the lie that going to college creates
bigger incomes is a spouse to so many people. Why? But
you may think yourself, “But I’ve been told all along that people who go to
college end up making more money over their lifetime over a million dollars
more.” This same line has been marketed down and shoved down people’s throats
since the 70s. As a reason to go to college. But the thing they don’t tell
you is that correlation is not causation. Just because people who go to college
make more money, doesn’t mean that it was College that made him more money. But
what else could it be? Well, you know, it could be the fact that to go to
college you need to be able to pay $200,000. The average college, you know,
the cost of not working for 4 years. The cost of housing for 4 years
without a job. And the cost of a university education and an average of
$25,000 a year to afford to pay for college. You’re generally not broke.
You’re generally coming from a better family situation than others. You’re
generally coming from a higher earning potential than others. “So, are you saying
that the correlation between making more money means coming from better families,
John?” Yeah. Yeah. There’s a direct correlation between how rich your family
was and how much money you make. Isn’t that funny? Because the reality is
schools aren’t teaching people to have wealthy mindsets. It’s the families. It’s
the families they come from.Bbut government even wants to get rid of that.
Now, what about jobs, right? Corporate system. It’s there to help you, huh? Right?
What they don’t tell you is that corporations are entities. They’re
classified as living beings in the law of the United States of America. I’m
going to throw out a zinger here and it’s true. But people don’t think about
it. Artificial intelligence is already here. Artificial intelligence are
sentient constructs that act on their own will and have different motives than
us humans. And corporations to create all… You know, which we rely on for jobs
salaried jobs putting hourly wages on us. Making us all numbers, right? We’re all
numbers. We’re an hourly wage or we’re a salary. Corporations are sentient beings
by the law. It’s in the law. It’s in the law of the U-S. Corporations are their own
entities. And they are artificial intelligence. They think for themselves.
Their motives are different than those of the people who even control them.
They’re different than their employees. They are their own things and they are
not necessarily working in our favor. Corporations are unfortunately or they
could be the next evolution of humanity. But we don’t need to rely on them. And
what we have to understand is while you may enjoy your gym membership or your
you know, pithy 401k that your corporation gives you or your salary or
the other different types of things that your job does, corporations are not out
to help you. In fact, corporations are actively seeking as hard as possible to
get rid of the people that work for them. You’re not their friend. And if you
believe that you’re going to become rich through working for a job then you are
sadly misinformed. A great example is uber. Hundreds of thousands of people
work for uber and some of the people are happy. You know, they can work whatever
hours. They just kind of pull out their phone and they’re like, “Yeah, I get to
work whenever I want. That’s a good go-between. And I control
my income. I’m an entrepreneur.” But in reality, your benefactor, your corporation
is actively seeking to figure out a way to pay you as little as possible and get
away with it. And to get rid of you as fast as possible. So, if you believe that
a corporation that your job for some corporation, your salary is a good thing,
keep in mind that your corporation is working against you. And corporations are
not in your favor. The only way you can actually break free is you work for
yourself. I work for myself because I want to live life. I want to enjoy life
on human terms. I want to enjoy life with the things that I believe humans are
meant to have which is nature and family and friends. I’ve been able to experience
my life. Spend time with my dog, my cats, my family. Traveling to Dubai, going to
butterfly gardens. My brother hiking in some of the most beautiful remote areas
in the world and enjoying weddings and whatnot. Spending time with those close
to me is how I believe humans have always lived life and I believe how
we’re meant to live life. In a while, some people may be idealist and say, “No. You
got a hustle man. You got a break through the stress.” We have one life on this
earth. We’ve been gifted it. We’ve been gifted a life on this earth and if we
live our lives trying to satisfy the whims of overlords –corporate overlords
that are actively trying to get rid of us each day. Then we are not living our
lives the way we were meant to live our lives. I can’t believe this. Now,
everybody’s broke, okay? Everybody’s broke. You look at where everyone’s money is.
And nobody has any money. It’s in debt. People have tons of money
their bank account yet all of that money in mortgage debt. They have
hundreds of thousands of dollars they owe in their mortgage. So, even if you
have money, you owe it back, okay? It’s never yours. Because let’s say you try to
withdraw it, you can’t withdraw it. I’ve tried. It took me
months to get out some of my cash. They don’t want to give you your money. I had
to find in all of LA, there are 2 banks that I had to reserve to get my money
out, 2 months in advance. They would not give me my money. And when I asked for
over $10,000, they said, “Just letting you know, this gets reported to the Federal
Trade Commission.” That’s right. If you try to withdraw more than $10,000, you’re
reported to the government. You’re reported to Washington DC. Why? You’re not
meant to have your money. You’re meant to be in debt. That’s the way our financial
system was designed. That’s the way our banking system was designed. And that’s
the way capitalism was designed –is to keep you in debt. To not let you have
control over your own money. And you can do something about it. I’m wearing the
t-shirt. And last but not least is the government. Now, some people would say,
“America, we’re the freest country in the world, man.” No. you’ve been hearing Trump
lately talk about the fake news media. You think he’s just talking about like
CNN and ABC and NBC, right man? No. What else is he talking about? He’s saying
Trump things Fox News or maybe the New York Times and some of the news
magazines? He’s talking about them too, right?
No. So, who else is he referring to? It’s way worse than you think. It’s Facebook,
it’s Instagram, it’s Google, it’s Twitter and it’s YouTube. “I don’t believe that.
That… I mean I can post anything I want. I mean…
But it can post anything they want, right?” Yeah, mostly. And those are all private
companies. You know? “They’re not controlled by the government. They…
There’s dudes like you know the Google guys. And you know Mark Zuckerberg
they’re all different individual people. They were on them. You know, they’re…
They’re their own people. You know, lots of them are not even Republicans, they’re
Democrats. They don’t…They don’t work for the government.”
It’s very nuanced. And the illusion of freedom is what keeps this society
functioning like a clockwork, money machine and works. Very well the
fact of the matter is social media and the news media are more controlled than
you think. But it’s very nuance to somebody who is a on the front lines who
has an audience of a lot of people and who looks at all of my numbers. I know.
There are certain words, there are certain things you do. Certain paths you
go down and your views get limited. You don’t show up as much and you can still
post things and people still see things but it starts going down. And it stops
being seen as much. “But that’s not censorship. I mean, that’s not
censorship, right?” No, they’re private companies, right? You
know, there’s 4 companies who control all the news, the the TV and movies.
There’s 4 companies who control all the social media. You know, it would be
too hard to control 8 people, right? Okay? Now, it’s much more nuanced than you
think. And we are… I personally believe one of the most nuanced and subtly
controlled countries ever in existence. And it’s very hard to do this video. But
the reality is that we’re in a system. All of these things are not built in
your favor. All of these things are built to keep you down. And if you look at the
situation’s of the masses, most people are working for a living and can never
make enough money to survive. Now, the final metaphor
I’m going to give you which is I believe irrefutable proof that this… Everything
as we know it is messed up, is that 10,000 years ago, one person’s labor
could do enough to feed one person, okay? One man, one hunter could get enough food
in his tribe, right? To feed himself. And a woman could get enough food forging or
farming or even hunting to feed herself. But we live in a different society. We
have so many tools at our disposal. We have machines to harvest masses of crops.
We invented farming, we invented machines, we invented software and automation. We
invented genetic engineering to grow… You know, corn used to be the size of your
thumb, did you know that? aAcorn a piece of big piece of corn used to be as
about as big as your thumb. And through breeding and genetics, we’ve been able to
create corns that are this big. Far greater than… I mean as big as your arm,
right? So, it went from this to this. We have done so many advances in so many
fields that right now, the raw output of one human, we went from a society. 10,000
years ago, where one person could support one person to a society where one person
can support a thousand people with all these advances. Computers, mechanics, you
know… Software, genetic, engineering, etc. But why then are the only people not
working one in a thousand people? Should it’d be flip-flopped?
So, that 999 people don’t have to work and only one person has to work out of
thousand? As opposed to where we are in today’s society were one out of a
thousand people don’t have to work. Once you start understanding how crazy it is,
once you start asking yourself the hard questions, once you start thinking
outside the norms; you will start to wake up. Wake up. Type in the comments if you
are dedicated to waking up type in “woke”. Okay? “Woke.” W-O-K-E. If you are understanding
what I’m going after here. Because what I’m telling you is a paradigm shift. What
I’m telling you is that you are in a game. And the game is rigged against you.
And once you understand that you are in a game and that everything has been
rigged against you since birth. The school, the education system, the
corporate system, the financial system, the government system. Only then can you
start to make progress and say, “You can’t move beyond it.” But until you have the
self awareness, until you actually see everything for what it truly is, only
then will you be able to take back control. And I encourage everyone type in
the comments if you are committed to taking back control and stop the cycle
of poverty that is unnecessary in today’s society. Type in the comments
“take back control”. But the first step in any movement, the first step in anything
is awareness of the problem. And too few people are unaware of the problem. Too
few people understand that this is not actually freedom. That this is not
actually freedom of press, freedom of all these things. Freedom of choice. We’re all
still slaves. But were slaves with a choice. So, I hope this has affected you
in some way and this was a little different than my other videos. But if
you were moved by this, if you understand what I’m talking about; please share this
video with your friends. Please share this video with other people in the
world. Because more people need to understand that the systems were living
under are not as they appear. And once you bring that awareness , you can wake up.
Once you bring that awareness you give yourself the opportunity to
back control.This has been John Crestani. I look forward to talking to you
sometime again soon. Subscribe my channel if you want more videos about how you
can take back control of your life. You can quit your job. You can work for
yourself and you can live a different paradigm than majority of the people.

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