Ken Daniels partners with Children’s Hospital to help fight opioid crisis

Red Wings fans know Ken Daniels as one of the best play by play broadcasters in the business today Daniels wanted to talk about something more important than hockey Steve gergiolla shows us how Daniels and another big-name are teaming up to help people caught up in the America’s opioid epidemic ken Daniels has long been the voice of the Detroit Red Wings and today he forges an additional partnership on a mission that is both personal and painful unless you’ve lost a child or a brother or a sister understand one’s grieving process can be a challenge in December of 2016 Ken lost his son Jamie to a drug overdose in Jamie’s honor the Jamie Daniels Foundation joins Children’s Hospital in a partnership to battle America’s opioid crisis I know so many who are going through it and hopefully it’s comforting for them to hear what I’ve gone through and they don’t wind up in the same place they’ve got that resource and we do need more than resource ken says there are several big challenges number one how easily addictive opioids are made available all pills have been handed out like candies for years and now pharmaceutical companies are being sued the marketers are being sued people are going after them we got to get the head of the snake and the greater challenge may be our own reluctance to talk about drug addiction when it becomes personal if you see in your family don’t be scared to ask your kid even kids now we’re going through with their parents don’t be scared to talk about it because when you don’t it just exacerbates the problem we’re all members of a team we won’t want to be part of what we are and there’s some comfort in that and we can all lean on each other and no team has ever had a more important goal I’m Steve Garagiola local 4

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