Keurig K Cup freedom on 2.0 Machines! Easiest way guaranteed! (Freedom Clip)

I am in NO WAY making any kind of money from this video I have a Completely Unbiased Opinion Just my humor kicking in haha 🙂 ^^^ Freedom Clip ^^^ I meant Facebook messaged them*** Takes awhile because they send out thousands of Freedom Clips! It says “Save 20% on your next order with coupon code CLIPTOSAVE” It came with Three San Francisco Breakfast Blend Keurig K Cups Also ^^^ My Keurig 2.0 K 300 ^^^ It says “Oops, This pack wasn’t designed for this brewer” Difficult to hold my iPhone, NOT to install the clip! Just clips over the back hole! That’s it! Stick it to the man! (aka, greedy corporations) Lysol No Touch Hand Soap System $14 (CDN) from Walmart ( 32 Cents a K Cup from SuperStore ) ( Starbucks K Cups are usually around 90 Cents per K Cup ) Double using K Cups is a Smart Idea! Keep Plastic edge/lip ON for more convenience! No need to use an x-acto knife!! A tiny piece of tape helps it stay on better! Freedom Clip + Rogers Coffee Company Links are in the description Below…

3 thoughts on “Keurig K Cup freedom on 2.0 Machines! Easiest way guaranteed! (Freedom Clip)

  • Leave it to Keurig to turn 2.0 users into McGyvers. Shame on you Keurig. It's not enough that we were throwing hundreds of dollars your way for these brewers and licensed k-cups, but then you release these new machines that force and restrict us.
    And then came the Freedom Clip, thank you Rogers family Company.  I love my freedom Clip.

  • I love this! I was glad I didn't get this model because I didn't know about how you couldn't use the reusable cups with this. With this I may consider getting this model when my old one wears out.

  • Buy this to use your own coffee. This saves the environment even more.

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