Kids Review Target’s Top Selling Toys

– I love this cat. I’m going to give her a hug. (cat purring) (Christmas music) – It’s finally Christmas season. When I was younger, I
would always run and grab the toys catalogs and I would
just go through every page and circle every single toy that I wanted for Christmas that year. So, today what I’m gonna do
is I’m going to go and review the top selling toys from Target. I have two of my friends
coming by to help me out ’cause I really needed some
expert advice on this one. – I’m a toy expert. (laughing) (upbeat music) – I’m DJ, I’m a toy expert and no one knows more
about toys than I do. (upbeat music) – What’s your favorite toy right now? – What do I like… – My spy gear. – Your spy gear? – Fidget spinner. – We’re going to check
out what’s in those. – Presents! – You can tell me what you like about it, if you think it’s silly, if you think it’s cool, alright? – What about if it’s a toy I don’t like? – You say that too. You want us to open that one? – I do want to open it! – Alright, let’s see what’s inside. – Elmo! (upbeat electronic music) (Elmo speaking) – Whoa! He’s funny. His belly is shaking. – This how you open toys on Christmas day? You’re like- (paper ripping) Go ahead, this is your show. (Christmas music) (laughter) Tell me what that face was. – I know some kids love this
toy but I don’t know why. I’ll gift wrap it and give it to them for their birthday if they want. – If your dad got you Elmo for Christmas and this was under the tree,
how happy would you be? I got my Elmo, I got
my Elmo, I got my Elmo. – I’m not liking it. – You really like Elmo? – Yes! I play with Elmo, wake up, take a nap, play with Elmo some more and eat my candy. – I don’t care to like, wait
to get my stuffed animals I want my stuffed animals right away. So, I gotta like, rub the
egg and all that stuff in order to get my stuffed animals? – What is this? – What is this? (laughter) Yeah, we’re good on this. I’m a put this on the side and we’re gonna see
what else is over there. – Okay. A cat! (upbeat electronic music) Cut it out! – I’ll cut it for you, alright? This is where that
editor puts that graphic five years later. (piano music) Whew! We finally did it. – I got you some milk, meow. He talks! He just say my name. I love this cat, I’m
going to give her a hug. (cat purring) He likes to eat milk Mmm, so good. – Go ahead, rip it apart like
it’s Christmas morning, man. (bell ringing) (futuristic music) – We’re loaded. – Oh, now we look like, boom boom! Did it, did it get ya? How do you, you can’t even tell. How do you know who
wins, does it keep score? (beeping) That beep. (beeping) Let’s turn off this thing. – Yes. – Is this a toy that you would
recommend for your friends? – I like the toy but I hate the noise and if you want to hide, I mean, you can at least turn
the toy off for a second. (Christmas music) – How would you score Elmo? You give him a five if you
really, really love him, or you give him a one if you
only like him a little bit. – Five. – A five? – The one that I really
like better was the Laser X. – And what about the kitten? – A five. – Five out of five? – This shouldn’t be the
top selling toy at Target, you don’t do anything with it. – You love both of those toys? – Yes. – You can only get the Elmo or the cat, which one would you get? – Cat. – Are you hoping for any of these gifts under your tree this Christmas? – That one. – I like the cat’s fur, and
my kitten is my favorite toy. – You can bring a Laser X home and play whenever you want, whatever time. – The best, man. – Merry Christmas! – Happy holidays, peace. (Christmas music)

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