Kikou Ryouhei Mellowlink 04 – Armor Hunter Mellowlink 04 – Leaning Tower

Sabitsuku knife de kizande kurenaika Use the rotten knife and make your mark kaeranu yatsura wo mune ni on the chest of men who cannot return Uekara hagurete korogari tsuzuketa Isolated from the top, it keeps rolling down kanashii otoko no yume wo the dream of the sad men Kikasetekure me wo tojitatoki Let go of me, when my eyes close Dare no koto omae sakendaka Who did you scream for? Setsunaize doshaburi no namida no ame sa Sad and painful, this falling rain of tears Furitsumore kokorokara hanarenai kanashimi wo This sad feeling keeps falling from the heart Leaning Tower Who’s the enemy? He planned on luring me into this place from the start. A hunter is not always the hunter. You already proved that in the jungles of Kummen, Mellow. But when you yourself become the hunted, well then… it’s a tiresome ordeal. He’s coming? The power source is alive? Only this left… Forced exhaust? At this rate… Shit… Wait! It’s me, I’m not your enemy. You’re… Don’t give me the evil eye… It looks like he’s mistaken you for me. Mistaken? What do you mean? In any case, let’s move before he comes back. When I was a green, I was on another Kerulyn-class warship for 3 years. Leave this to me. I was gambling badly and in my haste, I did something stupid. I cheated. But I picked the wrong guy to cheat on. He was really spiteful… and once he heard I was going over the mountain pass, he was waiting to ambush me. That’s when he thought you were me. This way. And so, thinking you’d win, I followed you into the ship… but now it’s full of traps, I can’t leave even if I wanted to. I tell you, that damn Golfy. Golfy?! What’s wrong? No… nothing. What should we do? At this rate he’ll end up killing us both. It was a fake. That bastard… Tricking me with a bunch of firecrackers. Mellowlink Arity. This. This is what he use to get around the ship. Dust chute..! What do you say we team up? Bastard, no matter where you go in this ship… huh? ….down below. In the direction of the construction area. I’m not going to wait around to be killed like the others. I’m going to kill you! A trap? When did he? Shithead! Did I get him? Mellow! A second guy? Damn. Damnit… I’ll settle the score. I know you’re out of ammo! Where are you? Come out! He tricked me. You’re out of luck, Mellowlink. I-Impossible! You’re the unlucky one, Sergeant Golfy. You always told us, “Strike the unexpected blow.” You’re the real unlucky bastard. T-this is what it means to strike the unexpected blow…! Yo. It’s him. Mellowlink, you’ve got your own little Death looking after you. You don’t need a ride? I wanted to thank you. He wasn’t after you. He… was only after me. A storm’s on the way, huh. Nikushimi shika tayoreru mono nashi de I can only depend on hatred… Juunannen ikitayo mo …through the many years I have lived Yogoreta ai shika nai Only the dirty love Kireina yume nadonai There is no beautiful dream… Omaeni agararenai …that i can give to you itoshii hito yo My beloved one Vanity, vanity, toki no nominotta naka Vanity, vanity, the time of dominoes (?) Ore wa haikyo ni hibiku orugooru kiita ori Hear the sound of organs… Vanity, vanity, from the mashed pieces of glass Vanity, vanity, garasu no bara sa Ai de fureta yubi wo kitte wareru orugoruu Touched by a finger full of love, the organ will be broken The Planbandoll Scandal is a tangled crime, where an armor hunter platoon was thought to have deserted… and hijacked military supplies on Planet Miyoite right before the armstice. To remember such events so clearly on those wastelands soaked with acid rain… Mellow, you’re pretty depressing.

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