King of AmaZulu, Goodwill Zwelithini addresses Land Imbizo

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gurukula Garifuna mana Melanie teeny solo loogies wah-wah-wah kurukulla our fooling I'm a fella and I sang at our Lamar fella a goober Manama fella who you Marcela Marco Tecton eternity Nellie's way s-salamu ala Gonzaga separa Sabula wah-wah I'm a cosigner thing is although our bill now moves not Nicole it's a trilogy booty us a pool where local is now seashore need mercy Tama Huata see maintaining is amia free eternity disability Leninism Africa everywhere Wakana opening Iowa corn away – burrata Wabo what is mono there's a lot of love on you guys – now go this was a sea candy candy I'm never named a mushroom on my building army government lukovitch iguazu goose Vegas la I'm on the bus Tandy if you soldier yeah boom solo number somewhere no muchas have a askew lega see stop know who's Bambara Loco oh but your file night see our beautiful corner Obama Nephilim man named Nathan Amparo Johan De La Gazzetta Djibouti la la doctora 13 kinglet living I'm Johnny linear coffee or to remove a 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Amanda odd dizziness Anand among cattle Alana asses beg a Diablo Melvin Jellico TN o his own encontrado la mundo es cow no magical Valley Oregon mutiny court an auto who Nevada police in the Aqua the nez Arizona – Alana Singapore for a hootenanny [Applause] looking lavenza normal yahoo to poop or hours of 11 to 1 in said peggotty Yamashiro a new political and corner an amazing and be yellin don't dial again until allah whom will give me a new owner in cata freedom part unless Lea who kimonos unseal it Democratic Alliance conceal initial freedom part answer your ecommerce of the people unzip and Afghanistan grass and CI economic freedom fighters nominee peek-a-bo Gappa news OTT Nina sir we caught a woody Meeropol corner name AMA Zoo don't allow a new bin Sultan Al Unser genuine Camuto boot out at wanna yell magellanic río de peut être su trabajo Lenovo Levin bootie Nina Lazaro Bonnie Yosemite cabana no na boo boo t nazar ANOVA Madonna Jamaica the Salmonella born an abort Gemina Bhutanese are on mobile in la pagina wagons await whose rongkhun nominee who palapa warning ET yamato-san Xenia Akaya Hakuna Matata Bonnie only 100 homeland in Tibet was in Odessa Scotty sumon investor illigal evening as well a new name of course menu but Obama power yet Ragini MMS ultra amateur Pelle Kumamoto Nazim Effendi kermanshah our new mobile network one local coupon in Georgia who call him father Jana Gana mana module DT Emmett XE as fully as ballet lovers a bikini forget corner of a pool I obey enough for me Lock turns a corner in ganas wait never forget now cemetery Lyubov Romanova to begin a battle began a noggin e ni z mo Hashanah basil Ana's o UT kanmani malencua no own Chava ah ba ba ba it means little saga eating matata hakuna matata 8 euros who are Muslim as a polity Eveline Eveline Eveline is important it is money it is always on paper because of the gala whenever it is human is gonna dime and quarter moon Sabha we know no costly they know tomahto tomahto tomahto 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Camaro booty new morning new mercies are me give me a new kernel of a panda muzu he committed Ella I shall depart BAM boom Tetris born on we were watching will never do revolution when I wrote unto Allah phonetically trial a band to book fig I just have a Tamara and I will say routine do not the minimum weight path open war Massimo : whoo-whoo-whoo turn buckle inquiry but I wasn't because the god no one a Muslim ha ha ha you know war namazu Lou Hospital is recovering little speaking out after and whenever this time Portugal ah muchas cosas final song is under to the digital version asylum enrollee don't wanna bail Andrew Cuomo Linda even at Alicia's cabin Costello routine listenable Marriott woman alive nopony saputra guru Solomon or dignity his route Connor IVA eligible area but didn't what resolution of Iranian the moon is formal or mmm no Nene it is a young no auto home in general impart the commonness island of la remetanea nemanja madre many funda asked yet about residence again 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who the was it key information we call happening of a bourgeois bava kamma knows a result we know more so bubbles for nova balloons Bennigan's a Advanta buggy tiara resistor ooh Colavecchia by two bodies rebel against mass energy that you John boutté Griffin moon is all my shock attorney-in-fact estaba Manya man it's like a lily now put another booty I told Ali who possessed a tailor she named to honor our rattling she for a tour elite sake she No Oh Ezra cuiabá leg again Camuto Matata Molly Iannetta Ezra Lee Ellis Allah who need Oh Zeebo needle and a freak see telugu tomography a mucho para Nani a Maputo Thomas obese gnosis commences Oh para mi cuarto waka ama report a conga Oh Artie yells Oh vada Hacha SOT Africa's s again and is Mona Lisa Joe bellissimo say unemployment see Cooper gangaraju SDA Zangara he's the mothers of pay me report rocky path Allah Shah Mardan empathy is Ray Oh ginger mobilize engine apart open vents Ajay Kumar Semitism metal walls intimate and I owe you corner Alberto Taleo McKenna Java cotton a yarmulke Roberta I Omaha refugees in Lebanon and invest a woman was a negative over lava Tina such a arson superb Lennox Ave as a loop Owens right now beyond was an indeterminant Apogee's I'm a firm amending I have an eSATA freak the unemployment equal Warren his divinity is gonna decide in other to the funding photos uh she went down and hotel I mean humanitarian endeavor document of a song sovereign is all right let me say you know what to protect our for evening lo hace ahora con la una una hora de Senado Cortana sahaja yogi bhajan trabajo de uma nada para para o menos a combination band listen Irving Arnie everything l am mentioning and Germaine de otra vez the tiny sorry no strength aluminum will predict in his open up a1 in terrorem nah nigga universally preferred habitat what a football school is open for say a new bigger but also need ah su llamada enter Anton devotee Linda navaja Mallory axis y OU q burger Nova 0 so symmetrical end o sv pegleg named king wallace a mutual Oconee Gulabo funnel a man boniva a gaben again JB Van Hollen a MOBA Utah tramonto sette Otto Otto no Satan era for Kwanzaa rockin Wednesday hoo-hoo Pula UN techo negate loom in Tarragona mistletoe a Padre Lamar Gucci so vamonos Piratas io o wanna poop on an airbag in manova ulama now not oh well whadda my tent well evidence I'm an entire agency I am a small boutique in Elena and arrived in South Africa to Latini Singapore's o Abajo Laban Colorado who may have our own booty booty movin easily she say a man old women who ever said WA balloon Google away for a condom in one food garden Gabe a googly eye ban together her to be a woman a Veronica's rama lord balem irrevocable Obama para para heaven Munna booty a Mallory who the wisest leader sawaki sailor Brigham tanni perum Jyoti Babu plan actually very often quarrel ioki gala a proper Camuto bootie in Quattro here – you tell our AI J I'm a police our answer is young man are we gonna go to the airport so key to karate pumila cable potential Bantu when together ELISA Reutimann Asia in Ohio who try to kidnap before mean utterance as a Ella Louis any money from the product and non ultra medium mula WA this is a Zumba cable a coup to realize in the construction ever resorting a muscle Capilano narrow pop band Eliza coupe and Eliza no la Wanda Rizzo not Lena's revoir roba nuestra dad nor Yemen demand a woman who said Nene in South Africa we many is not a freak you calling it eventually party bamboo t20 like eighty sports once a day tomorrow disregard where food is Nepal on ET non neighbor from this bar Manila all Singapore claw I'm Abigail mucho para booty Nina module containing blame on MBA mamas rocky a new was Angela 480 was a true was of Allah everything listening inside SLA to join the Israeli is actually self again oh cool NASA shuttle in the angle of the Jerusalem please Superjail a namasango a luscious a way only Patti LuPone Ezra llamas mashallah transy nopales members la Mina's Soest lemons la jolla now polariton kangaroo ho naughty yen muchacha Hogan called o mundo where's Elena una gran pornos abigai oh oh Tina's room a no-no so no Musa no tengo una botella Marriott Oh Gwen hey Barack oh la ley de la Metro Aqua a blegh booze booze booze the old way uncool ago in Libya Co n Galaga Anwar co-manages car t MN o su casa del vino sugandha hey Mia lavona nacho guten abend Omega DT Liga well Vega una minuta lutein Oh booty Nemo koalas easy mo naku so Clara man Israel normal Anita Botti Nami game it is called oh Carlos sá go Yama trust CHR Sendra Abajo namu gaji ma ba ba so upon a void in 79 ocean ocean only now mr. t say Masekela Allah will not not in a cafe – Jenna – but akela Amador's puppies go supported Israel kept a German enemy anomaly la luce / o Allah oh you're an archer oda nami Labour Party buffoon Iran element and Avella eternal in telugu lavanya evil path of our part early tomorrow bye born yeah um – I mean here committee lemon vanilla gen-i zolina indo indo many as I see SWAT weightings of 89 no no no true book none can G dizziness Empress Amy a gondola gas putting into a surrogate Regardie women are allowed into us King Gustav Italy to Jehovah our God way Neverland army i guard with never lose ooh no more makes her honor of his Oh bother similarly mother ever basically a long cool ammonia due to Jehovah loves layla he has what you are acknowledging on me what they they said him be so la paix who make a fight he will see lishinlondon availability here moo moo-moo-moo room by london Saco mother tobacco who are short in short who's always the poor economy and the future personal shots are not way to you tonight or Omaha buffoon anger gotta Geronimo Mohammed Atta who are silicon your ISA Colombia no Henry doesn't win any way through which ovum who grew up water carnival on the corner who are on Genesis with or easier of a design who live there was a no I wonder selling apparel oh ye shop which are innumerable saga inches yo-yo this is 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Sandra youngnam Shah Abbas Lady Bertram leader is equal to 17 na ma na Majhi et Bellini yes done general Scotty even eat wala miniature and Islam hoon tujhe mama you are going can't also who Nakata nomicon see here T Ning of whom was wonderful Peggotty mom 11 7z y se da sugamice Cooper Munna da nang hermano que viva las navas Padraig anime Chavez Yamaguchi lapa party Bakr Umar best resolution Baskin be Sebastian Gagarin Arnie Indaba who Yamcha de una botella Galina a machine know what elo machine will get this award for hula hula Lisa where by Emily Litella each other on insulin she about to close Europe on to what our baby is born anew toulebonne I think it if you know what or whatever my cell Susanna's van ness posad pocket Satanism iñigo cabacas Oh Jo Figaro boom Chaka boom ah maroon savatya Otto Otto Emmy nominee Moe a no namida is be Leslie para o Chua agitato a djellaba yen ven por eso an element da y nosotros a la le committee my name is a na na yo yo yo el costo llamo es para we are so nice wat eco-city masses Karuma city led the development area close the spoon cicada what we charge unity is realist eros in 39 in the full of iranian LM conquers winter Singapore rooted how mountain before a generator Fernanda kokoro world woody in Peru on automata cocoon now let's go plane yeah if woman conquers of any two they give me lay o ET befall the CEO oh so tada wedding oh ho se puede l called any Pokemon who Subin unshod a yellow body cielo y él tiene male Zen cart necesito el ku Jana non-compatible entrances on e Putin fu desana milan duomo rapido Janos in Chadha pardon impose a speedo Jana Coggan et UN kakizou a magnetic sensor on Nina Fumito Peru's Renova Johanna Becca namadeva Amina gain an appraisal Palma sulemani de stupidest rude no no mucho que hace ahora vamos corto Humanity on a hornet Yacouba Yaga yes a jar o novel or Java Lucia Vasanti Trenholm charging latech Netta Akama Angelica zoo as a when William castle together in Colorado forty support a CEO in common daily e kamalani moto nature tourism you get on Shaba yella tangling lava ammonia utk Gemelli yo yo yo I forgot Inga by my Yama well am I yay same person for Moya me FSO paramo Kucera Wingo Yama trust que le port de l'armée locus deanie who routinely purchased remover EVs Obama of many see pendulous Lisa amis modulo 40mm a Cabana for Nikita utility one devotee which ticket which assumes it I want a bottle of being on palette or Nissan Murano booty religion deliver a parabola as a nigga little avocado nominees are Geneva whose until Makeba Odense van Kooten is Rosalind in elephant a puzzle to monarchy a state whose actual garden absolute a maraca much dynamic ever another day around rock super moon now if I don't do so by our novel job a petunia one more poised on your market we are the final vanadium Stevens all right yeah word protection service li e 2t I would be three corn and then and there was no muscle I got a dilatory out when I want Yom Kippur ooh ma services to the sunny echo not learn in the rooms are no deer who are they 40 lon so which is aa a party mushroom pie then by negligence is below 5 this is superb and abanazar papaya Arizona Momo thank the corner for a long time all of them are self-awareness a mean Union o Allah do to illuminate and love to the Ganga no booty another twin controller Linda ha Delhi portfolio committee Yamcha ba da ba da fukken is a different way Tata nevermind the tough part this is our cabin on a lot come on Bill Nighy boom mini muckey Allahu ta ala revenge' Vinayaka washes away report is Josie couch into pillow on the committee ant ant bang boom who's obese mo ba da ba da da da booty simple 800 same as our team Angie by psycho body for dinner party param mahashiv overdevelopment Barabbas only took them out of a bucketeer would pile up our economy no LM piezo is organza look over yonder in kobani oh sorry Oh buddy Killen deity locust plane has landed on Tito Tito and allow all the oils low coalesce into Impreza is 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entrant Arabella's a lieutenant a name changes in Gulu Gulu senator Mendoza for tahan benigni micaiah neo aha una tardado Nakuru local important about autonomy Ella's a bonsai full of wonderful No you'll be watching a live broadcast the visuals there King Goodwill's will attend if the king of the immersive addressing his traditional leaders and his people at the only sports complex in puzzle in the tower and he called an imbecile with his traditional leaders to discuss the land question government's plans of land expropriation without compensation and how this might affect the land that he presides over along with his traditional leaders under the England ever trust yes Peter and the Zulu monarch we just heard at length speak about the very rich history of the Zulu nation and their fight for land he provided some historical context or perspective touching on the Battle of Isandlwana on the 22nd of January 1879 which was the first major encounter in the Anglo Zulu war between the British Empire and the Zulu Kingdom the Simbi so of course taking place on the 130 9th anniversary of the Battle of Eluned II took place at the Zulu capital of Lundie on the 4th of July 1879 and it was indeed the last major battle of the angle Zulu war in July 1879 Lord Chelmsford that was the British commander moved on Deenie and in a final onslaught known as the Battle of Lundie secured military success against the Zulu nation more than 1,000 Zulus were killed and sets why o the king of the Zulus was forced to flee for safety interestingly he was captured in the Balmer forest in August and then exiled to Robben Island next to Cape Town the British casualties we understand numbered to be about three officers and 79 men know the king said that he was a peaceful man and that God must deal with those that are fighting with him and his people about the land he says that only sin that that they have committed us to be Zulu and to want their land he lamented that it's not the first time that have been treated like animals again looking at the history of the Zulu people he said that his land is the land of his of our forefathers when where they were standing today at a lundi is the same place that people stood before King that way over the years they fought for this land losing life and limb and being imprisoned and now they're being punished because all that they're doing is being asked to give away what belongs to them very motive delivery of course determined and resolute want Peter or the monarch saying that the strong Dillon Kingdom or nation isn't going anywhere he says the leaders of this country must be honest and tell us what we have done to deserve losing what is rightfully theirs we must he he went on to say that they must take a decision today on how they as the Zulu nation are going to move forward and they're not going to tolerate people who do not love them but just want faults he called on people across the nation wherever they are to continue to talk about the land in the name of God and in the name of forefathers speaking the gospel truth on the land question yeah he's the example of recent strikes that saw at trucks being torched in kwazulu-natal the King warned about the people losing patience he expressed his prayer that that the land will not be taken after years of struggle the issued a veiled threat though saying that he pities the people that have started this thing because God will fight back he called for unity amongst a Zulu people as the enemy he said wants to divide us we must not allow this to happen he lamented that the biggest problem that this time was actually corruption with many people stealing he called on women as well to stand up and fight this land issue because the women

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