Kingdom Come Deliverance – Part 36 -The End of the Beginning

Is anybody gonna fire the trebuchet. This
fellas gonna do it.
Weee! Whoosh! they’re a happy bunch flinging rocks at
the bad guys they just love it, look. In today’s episode, reunited father and
son reflect on how much they miss the ruins of Skalitz and a decision is made
to ruin Talmberg, so that everyone feels right at home.
Meanwhile, in a shameless display of dad measuring, Henry’s shiny new father
explains how great it is to be alive prompting dead dad into a post-mortem
moonlight dream visit to explain that being dead isn’t as bad as you might
think either. And Henry finally rides side by side as an equal with his old
hunting buddy, Sir Hans Capon. All this and more in the final episode of Kingdom
Come: Deliverance Hello there YouTube welcome to Knight’s
Arcade. I’m Sleepless Knight, and we are about to be hopelessly adventuring in
Kingdom Come Deliverance. Oh my god. Not Kingdom Come Deliverance again we’ve
gotta be nearing the end now you say. Now we just had a date with Theresa when
last we met so now we have been called we’ve been summoned… I’ve eaten too much,
look. I’ve eaten too much. Not just me neither the character is well overfed. Goodness me. Look at that Pig. Cocky brazen little piggy always just sitting
there right in the middle of the road as though it doesn’t give a shit! Right. So… Ah, yes. For a moment there I had forgotten
that the trebuchet can be heard from Rattay. So, that’s where we’re going anyway
towards the trebuchet, because the quest log ever appears. An Oath is an Oath.
Wait until the two day bombardment is finished and we have and we’ve been
summoned back to the trebuchet so that is where we are going to go. Why are you
always facing the opposite direction from your horse? That’s what Iwanna know. The trebuchet there has
recently been fired and I don’t want to get hit by it I’m kind of in its path a
little bit here I think They’re winding the thing back. Should probably be
careful where I stand shouldn’t I really just wanna kind of have a gander. It’s not
you know the best place to be standing I didn’t work out all that well for the
chicken did it but okay I dunno what those guys are firing at
I haven’t got a clue. yeah well anyway presumably they’ve got
the range right so I’m not gonna get my head knocked off by a boulder yeah they
are reloading it look here is. being reloaded. alright let’s go talk to Robard. See what he’s got to say for himself. No, no. Whichever comes first. yeah already don’t worry about it glad
to hear us we’re going to attack on two fronts the north gate and the west wall
which will scale with ladders Oh taking the outer walls the inner Bailey
and finally the core of the castle in the tower ok how are we going to attack
the gate we’re trying to do as much damage as we can with the trebuchet
first kiesza claims he can even hit it directly possibly even if that’s true
we’ll have to charge through a downpour of enemy arrows all the way to the
portcullis for Cullis fortunately it’s wooden so we’ll be able to break it down
but it’s dealing with the defence in the Bailey won’t be easy
ok and what’s the plan for attacking the west wall first we have to get men to
the wall with ladders which is no easy matter under fire so we’ll need as many
men covering them as possible right as soon as the ladders are in place our
foot soldiers will run up and try to scale the wall once a few of them get to
the battlements we should quickly gain the upper hand
okay how will we take the buckle it’s either by scaling the west wall or our
men at the gate will help if they can break through that is and the inner
Bailey that will be tough even if we get through the gate and into the outer
Bailey we’re still a long way from victory
the castles designed so we’ll be like hens in a coop to anyone with a bow on
the inner battlements yes we’ll have to either fight our way through or somehow
get around what about the living quarters there I’m worried most about
the hostages once we’re inside his fan will know defeat is inevitable but we’ll
still have to fight for each and every room okay I don’t really I think I’ve
heard everything I need to know do you want to join the attack on the walls or
on the gate remember many of the scallops men will follow you it could
make a big difference I think the gate I’ll help with the
attack on the walls what I’m proud of you Henry
I’m gonna get insolent pop into a tough reliable fighter and as God is my
witness we will kick those four sons arses an old soldier this fun must be
shaking in his boots if he’s not shaking then he doesn’t know
what he’s got comfortable just one last thing though no matter how good the plan
is something always gets fucked up of course keep your eyes open and take
advantage of every chance help your comrades and don’t go rushing in where
you’re outnumbered we have to take the castle gradually one position after
another okay renauldi one position after another I would locked you stripling
stretch good luck to you old soldier okay guess we’re going and very shiny okay is actually gonna hit this gate I mean oh I see the gate mechanism right
wow that’s actually somehow even more impressive
I suppose destroying the gate wouldn’t have done as any good would it cuz then
we would have to get across that gap I’ve still got to get in so we need the
drawbridge hmm interesting interesting seeing that’s where I would have been
hopeless cuz I would have just smashed the gate in and all the other guys would
have looked at me like that’s nice but that was the bridge too right so how we
gonna get in now all right Bernard you stayin back there
are you wanna do okay let’s see what we can do here not
on all the lidar imagine not on that list where are they I can’t see any arches of
the wall well Desmond hmm holding the bow too long actually
hit LIGO actually look like I’m item new okay
if we go this is always dodgy siege ladders I’m
not I’ll I got these ones stay straight can you imagine how much these would
Bend right next next
Oh this too yeah okay oh Jesus where do they come from
holy crap guys really like this illusion next can we knock off pop-up villains
this time I reckon Wow son of a bitch okay boy okay
think they got him you’re gonna primary’s your bear okay where’s Tom oh I guess it’s in
there presumably with rod Zeke and Stephanie sir we should give the order
let’s see if this fantastical wormies way out of this one
don’t tempt feet Hanish this phone it’s over you’ll want us to come and get you new
killer Chuck a corpse that would devise that your friend Davis wants to see his
wife alive again sir Roderick both hostages aren’t harmed for now on ocean
unless circumstances change oh it’s you doe well I’m glad somebody
wanting to other word with that fella my guest is also safe and sound but he’s
also quite keen to go home I imagine you feel the same way it’s
been a long time since you wormed yourself on the road off I’m in no hurry
I’ve plenty of supplies here after a week I want your freedom freedom freedom
again error in the back sir they’re all noblemen here all bound by
honor I give you my word as a knight and Lord and none of my companions if you
release ladies Stephanie and Sir Isaac you may leave the castle with your men
and go on your way unharmed and just how far will we get
what good will it do me if your men attackers in the woods instead of here
if you give me your word of honor that you will leave and never return I
promise you safe passage to the boundary of this fiefdom what happens after that
I suppose you’re gonna send me to a scroll into it’s safety or you very well
then but I want a small safeguard I’ll give
you her ladyship but rats it comes with me I’ll release him in Scotland’s
inside question it’s our word not good enough final look good enough for you I
swear I’ll release him when I get to a safe distance I’ll go with him I know Sh
let the lady Stephanie have her freedom now father don’t worry son I trust Lord
Toth self-interest more than his word he wouldn’t be fool enough to harm me if
you’re certain ragic prepare horses and supplies and tell your men to pull
back we’ll come down you’ll hate him sort of an arch already put an arrow in
his face do away with him so so are you really gonna let them go my word is my
bond Henry he’s a cutthroat and a liar good men are dead because of him what’s
the stoppers from skewering him as soon as he sets foot outside our honor if you
let him go he’ll do the same again or worse God’s justice we’ll find him then
you get a taste of my mace if we break our word of honor
we have none and without honor we are nothing never fear your father will be
all right robot is your gambeson always been red
or is it just covered in blood I can’t remember anymore here she is as I promised
not a hair and we can’t exactly lift he in his arms been shot through one of his
what for letting them into the castle come now my dear you’re not to blame
though she kind of is Abby didn’t know who he was he was oh right well that’s
arriving but hope your word can be trusted
certainly both at yours everything goes agreed are set rancic
free and scallops if anyone tries to follow us are kidding
we won’t my apologies for keeping you from your father but you’ll see each
other soon enough or worse the cold
your sword I expect you’re wanted back after all the trouble you went actually
you know what I think I’ll keep it as a memento this isn’t over
I’ll find you I look forward quick to the battlements to see which
way they go they gonna scallops aren’t they it looks
like I can’t escape its yeah mount up Henry you’ve heard what he’ll
do if we follow them you’re not going to follow them
we just have to collect your father what are you wanting to walk back here when
they release no Henry how far look I like Cape on
exactly not as bad as you think he is at first but how far is following what he
says ever got you don’t listen to him he’s an idiot
Oh reek come on we’re actually going to do this we’re gonna go with him
really that’s you gotta be kidding me all the way to Scarlett’s is that’s
quite some way from here don’t arms what do you mean yeah that’s what happens if
you let the horse decide where I go the way you found talk sneaking into
Braddock yeah catch me doing that two days I didn’t think much about it I just
felt I had to do it the last time I had to follow you if I
recall I was walking behind your horse well we haven’t kept ours
Noble that’s a good point hunter yeah don’t give Hans can I love the way his
character his friendship with Henry because it’s believable with hope he’ll
be there alive although I hate the fact that my horse is going faster than his
so well you know maybe he did there are other dudes with us there’s no
sign of them ooh God I’m glad to see you Spain kept his word
sir not half as glad as I am your grace well we kept our word – and now Toth has
had his head start and he’s fair game which way do they go to the north but I
would be careful sir hands fear not your grace I have twice as many men as he I
don’t think so I won’t keep you any longer I’m sure the two of you have a
lot to say to each other quite a bit let’s go I’m gonna end up rescuing him again oh I
am they treated me quite decently although
they did steal my horse so I’ll have to go back on foot he can take my horse Scarlet’s it looks like it’s all over
not by a long shot it won’t be over until we get this mess cleared up catch
that bastard how could we then go would you rather we killed him even if it
meant ladies Stephanie and I died too no of course not but what was to stop us
from killing him after the exchange honor yeah
honor the word of honor of a nobleman could not be trusted then he would never
have agreed to the exchange yes where’s the honor in abandoning your son no fuck
no look wait you know how it is we were young it happened
and I couldn’t marry a commoner and your father I mean Martin came along
and took care of both of you he knew it well cause he did but I was
your father certainly he was a great man he took you as his own
and they always kept an eye on you that you can be sure
first thing he called he was affluent blooded idler he told you nothing oddly
enough even though you don’t have his blood you’re very like him close him
when he was around your age he became bored of his trade and set out to see
the world he lived through many adventures even fought in a war in a war
yes in Poland I believe and I don’t think he cared much for it no that’s why
he wanted me to stay at home I spent some time in Prague and settled in
couldn’t bag but it seems he quarreled with someone there and finally ended up
here you know the rest I loved him but even so I somehow always
had a feeling I didn’t quite fit in everybody has that feeling it was in
your blood I suppose look I lost the one thing I had left from him odd place to
kill the music boy ah the sword it’s not my sword
it’s yours that’s who’s having it made for for a moment there it was so near
yet so far now well it can’t be helped it was almost within my grasp but just
then I have something else in my mind well I think we may yet have a chance to
get it back this business with path is not yet over
unfortunately no of course not just to get this sword but that bastard list Van
tooth and then I’ll find that German Horus son who tortes calots and I’ll
slay him with it I’ll never forget his face or his name mark fart for nowlet’s
I won’t forget it all intentions I’ve been at the top of my quest log don’t
seem like the right other thing year’s world that are worth living for like one
look around you blue skies overhead green grass underfoot beautiful girls
good wine a few good friends and a fine steed under your backside like me if
you’re not enjoying it you know opening your eyes are looking around enough I
can’t deny that swine who killed your mother must pay for what he did that is better not to dwell too much in
that the cost of those other things on the subject of steeds I think we’ll
have to ride like the Knights Templar look at that – a port one day I’ll tell
you how they got their seal you can take the front to up a clad in armor poor bloody horse
it’s like I always imagined it would be teaching my boy to ride although it
would be better if you were a little smaller my word it’s all go today isn’t
it this is oh it’s what’s-his-face think I know Margrave lobst here it’s Margrave
lobst the Kings cousin and wonder what he wants I guess we’ll find out soon
enough haha there you go hold your horses now
folks I haven’t played through this but I’ve seen enough stuff online to let me
believe that we haven’t quite finished yet so anyone that’s sat through the end
of the credits in a Marvel movie should just sit tight for a minute huh I’ll
skip some of this doing well soon father come now you know whose side you but as matter now I miss you am I I miss you very much you’ll be fine
I’m proud of you what and let you down I lose the sword
I let that bastard get away and be so hard on yourself there’s nothing you
could have done to save us someone has to live and carry the torch
us with a sword this is a thing – now look at me
standing up to evil isn’t the same as sowing seeds he did what was right I have to leave you now please you know I can’t stay we’ll never see you again
God knows they get proud oh don’t go no what on earth were you
dreaming about I couldn’t wake you and it’s well past
dawn so ragic wants you at the upper castle the Lord’s are in Council with
yobs right I’ll go straight away what is it it’s just I don’t know how to address
you anymore all of a sudden your sir adzick son hobnobbing with lords and
ladies and here’s me as common as muck I look like a lord to you a bit not really
you’re as much a lord as I am enough and I’ve never looked good in a habit so it appears that we’re not quite done
yet so Henry I’m glad you came thank you very much not really sure
where I’m supposed to go but hey no Jesus absolutely not sure at all where
I’m supposed to go the upper castle I guess to see Margrave herbs to my horse
still kicking around here goodness me right let’s go and finish this off as
well as we can you just hang back here and wait just
hang back here and wait for the bridge to appear well I got up in those clothes
but it appears everything is pretty much the same so you know does the castle
appeared yet there you go the bridge and everything I just popped
up now what no oh of course yeah I’m sorry you know because I’ve started the
other account now I tend to think there’s no how birds around and because
I haven’t seen a lot of jittering in this episode today I’d forgotten that
this is actually still the quest line that has the halberd bug so who
surprised to see them there uh how are you going to the meeting with Margaret
the OP stirs well I am what about istván I assume that we
didn’t catch him no because if we had you’d be the first one to know no fear
we’ll get him eventually I hope you’re right anyway it’s going to
see what yobs twins for us my Lords Christ’s blessings on you all
and our new Lord gaben and this is my son Henry I didn’t know you had a son
surrett sig came as a bit of a surprise to y’all Henry to this gentleman here is
John the second member of my council I’m honored
gentlemen come join us my grave jobs was just about to tell us the reason for his
visit your grace I’m sure we’re all agreed your Grace’s that all this unrest
must come to an end this kingdom needs a king question is which King my cousin
wences lost the fourth who is being held in captivity I have to confess my lord
that your answer surprises me a little if I’m correctly informed until recently
you sided with your other cousins Sigismund that I cannot deny and I have
always stated my position plainly but times have changed how they changed your
grace sir there is one thing on which we
undoubtedly concur that King Wenceslas unfortunately did not inherit his
father’s gift for governing sadly his failures have cost Bohemia the nobles
and our whole Luxembourg family a great deal of money and effort how did the
king that it goes so far damn it it’s in his temperament he cares only
for wine women and the hunt churches King in fact who never wanted to be king
then why didn’t he just let his brother have the crown young sir
the crown weighs heavy when there are duties to be performed but to surrender
it means giving up great privileges to but he did surrender power to his
brother when things started getting out of hand
when’s his loss appealed to Sigismund for help in restoring order what you’re
saying wakes us has invited him here actually it makes sense when you think
about it Sigismund wanted to re-establish the
power of the whole house of Luxembourg he thought if he helped Wenceslas win
the imperial crown in return his brother would help him become the king of the
Romans and leave the actual reign of Bohemia and the Empire to him
Sigismund would govern while Wenceslas could carry on doing what he was best at
enjoying the life of the imperial court why wasn’t Wenceslas crowned Holy Roman
and prolong ago he was already elected king of the Romans all you had to do was
go and let the Pope with the damned imperial crown on his head
maybe prefer hunting and consulting with bathhouse wenches to spending time with
the Pope sigismund’s plans for doing pretty much anything time with the Pope
it worked for a while he and his brother reached an agreement
Sigismund took over administration of the kingdom and began planning winces
losses journey to Rome for the Imperial coronation but then Wenceslas realized
he would just be a puppet with a crown I must say Margrave yobs
once the system broke off behave rather like naughty children in need of a good
clout about the years Sigismund would agree he was already
planning his rule of Bohemia and all of a sudden the rug was pulled from under
him I’d say he lost his patience and decided he’d drag Wednesday’s loss to
the coronation kicking and screaming if he had to just like a naughty child as
you saying so he abducted him and your brother Prok up too if I heard correctly
correct and you helped him do it if I heard correctly yes your grace is it’s
true I was there when Sigismund abducted
broke up I thought everything could somehow be settled that we could make my
brother see sense but Sigismund just wanted to put an end to the dispute once
and for all whatever the cost there was nothing I could do to stop him
and that’s one of the reasons why I’m here the worst of it is that it was all
for nothing instead of putting a stop to the revolt it escalated it and the
result is this chaos we have today that’s true enough sir
but I must admit now I’m not sure what your position is the king is incompetent
but we must protect him a simple truth gentlemen is that for all of Wenceslas
is false we have no one else so we’ll have to make do with his idleness people
like him though but what can we do now Sigismund has the League of Lords behind
him Otto von Berg of ein Rick Vaughn Rosen as variation has gotten completely
out of control now even the nobles of the League of
Lords are realizing that Sigismund wasn’t the right choice
so now burghoff is on your side are we to assemble an army together with him
and face Sigismund on the field of battle we’re not in Hungary vows such
Affairs may be settled elegantly without unnecessary hostilities or expenses
I have negotiated an alliance are we gonna get to the point anytime soon
nobility against Sigismund every day he is losing the ground under his feet and
that’s why I need your help too for what kind of help though see Guzman has a
massive army and rosenberg Berghoff and prague are behind him
do you have an army you could face him with but that’s not what I mean at all
there’s been a revolt against Sigismund in Hungary partly due to my efforts and
now he’ll have to choose whether he wants to gain the Bohemian crown which
is a very risky enterprise or hold on to the Hungarian one he can’t have both and
there’s a tough struggle awaiting him in Hungary I’m not sure he’ll win and
Rosenberg and burghoff know it too they’re not stupid if the Bohemian
nobility stands together they will turn we as anyone are you watching this
switch go I’ve completely I just realised a moment ago that I’ve stopped
listening to what he shared the same thing even rat a his defenses against
Sigismund and the League of Lords what’s more your grace King Wenceslas
languishes in captivity in Vienna he can’t rule too well from there and what
do you propose to sit with your arms folded until the bohemian lands are
turned to ashes like Scarlett’s we have to put a stop to this senseless war and
do you know sir what the true position of the League of Lords is I’m not on the
best of terms with them at this moment so you’ll have to ask them yourselves
yes why not I’ll go and visit birkoff at his castle and we’ll see what he tells
me you know that’s not such a bad idea young sir
true no a little risky I doubt birkoff would harm a blue-blooded envoi and you
can find out what he has to say about developments and what the League of
Lords is planning then we’ll decide what to do next I’ll help you compose a
letter to him I’d like Henry to come with me no of course you would
why not he’s proven himself an able investigator and he’ll also be a good
bodyguard if anything should happen no saint sir John here to Kooten burg to be
my eyes and ears there I believe both your reports will help us get a better
grip on the situation when can you set out just as soon as I’ve packed my
things excellent my brave Robson I will draft a letter get ready and we’ll meet
back here okay get ready and we’ll meet back here will we right end but we have
to ask in a way that won’t leave so Capon being run out of the castle with a
whip exactly how about writing that you’re concerned about current events
and that you want to see things settled peacefully well it looks like you’re off
on a mission well yes I can’t wait you want to clean
yourself up on your spirits my boy watch out these are evil times and who knows
what can happen along the way not to mention that bear golf is no saint don’t
worry you’ve shown you can fend for yourself but do take care you’ll be
travelling as Lord capons bodyguard there to make sure nothing untoward
happens to him ears wide open what burglar tells you is one thing but
what you see may be quite another rest assured father don’t get embroiled
in anything else just hand over the letter hear out his reply and return
okay sure very well bear golf is at Trotsky
castle I think you’ll find it quite an eye-opener
it’s one of the finest castles in the land it’s three days ride from here so
unless you hit a snag along the way you’ll be back soon enough any questions
do I have any question my – please no new yeah that’s about all
yeah very I know Jim take the letter from Sir finish what I have to give
they’re a lot of good luck son dad no problem
how much I believe we have written it well
gentlemen without a doubt no one could deduce from this whether we
are Sigismund allies or folks I must travel back to Brno now but soon I will
go to Brandenburg and I will stop here I’m the way back by then sir cape on
should be back and we can discuss how to proceed right okay
before you leave my lord there is one thing that gives me no rest
why did Sigismund come as a foe it makes no sense if I may sir I think I can
explain oh please enlighten us young sir I live here father Gymboree where
Sigismund rains it is a savage country and the constant war with the Turks has
hardened the people they need a monarch with an iron hand
so when Sigismund felt the wind of revolt he reacted as he would at home
only what works on the Hungarian Nobles does not work here in Bohemia the
bringing order is one thing but slaughtering and pillaging with a horde
of barbarians quite another what purpose does that serve but Sigismund did give
the Bohemian Nobles a chance to take his side
it was only when they refused his ultimatum that he lost patience and took
to the sword as for the barbarians he could afford
nothing better the hungarian nobility would gain nothing from joining his
campaign in bohemia he didn’t have enough coin for a regular army and so he
recruited the humans what he does not pay them they make up for in plunder but
in the end he didn’t have enough to even satisfy the kyumin’s that’s why he
raided Gutenberg and Scarlets he wanted the silver that makes sense
my Lords how’s the letter coming along it’s done then we can be on our way now
remember what we said boy all you have to do is deliver the letter listen to
the answer and come back here don’t provoke Birkhoff in any way no rush me
yeah you dude we’ll be back in a few days
farewell your graces come Henry my men are waiting
look man who’s gone gray overnight I wish you Godspeed actually in the last
10 minutes you can still embark on side quests and
activities or just one of the world you can finish the game anytime by joining
sir Hans capons squad if first you must complete the final quest finding your
way out of the castle greetings what do you need how do you feel pissed off I’d
give anything to have seen you get here sooner if only ishtvan had stayed inside
that fucking castle I remember the first time it happened to me but that was when
you were a young blacksmith when those thugs attacked you I’m a nobleman
trained in combat and siege craft and even I’m well I won’t pretend I wasn’t
terrified that’s how it goes there’s nothing you can do about it but master
faith or may not survive their ways it hacked him if I’d been quicker or if
he’d at least started to run but I the main thing is it will be easier next
time you won’t feel the horror quite so much I hope so or I’ll sue me getting
sick of your quantifications so can we set off now Henry
yes we can set off now of course I can’t wait so tell Moore’s
the Lord had forgot his bound to be waiting as eagerly get on your horse
come on pebbles it looks like you saw me all the way through this after all go
after keep on well folks when we first met sir Hans cape on whoever would have
thought of this game would end with cape on and I riding off into the sunset
certainly not me but I like the fact that it has I really kind of always
liked what they did with their friendship I think it’s probably one of
the most realistic friendships that I’ve ever seen port in the gaming world you
know evolved in such a way that it felt like a real friendship you know they
weren’t just pals who bonded on the battlefield or fell through
fellows who were stationed together or kids who grew up together you know they
met and they bonded in in a unique way and you know hands has had to grow a bit
just as Henry has and now you know you there felt their friendship actually
feels like a real one he’s one of the first characters I’ve ever met in a game
who actually felt like you know he was one of those bodies you know that kind
of the kind of friend that you have who you know the dangerous and stupid
sometimes but actually quite a lot of fun to be around
and I like that about it anyway I’m rambling on again and there we go that’s
it that is it for the main quest walkthrough in Kingdom Come deliverance
I’ve got a few videos that I’m gonna post in the next couple of weeks a few
that I’ve pulled out of this you know little bits of tutorials and little bits
and pieces like that you know achievements how to get don’t just only
wanted you know only if only a handful you know there aren’t too many there are
maybe enough to post another maybe seven or eight videos over the next couple of
weeks by which time I really really hope that we’ve got some news on when on
earth crackdown three is gonna happen I presume that we will have because III at
this point is not is only about two weeks away – three weeks away so I
presume I presume there’s no way that they can hold off the announcement past
e3 I assume that’s what they’re holding the announcement for you know the
release date and presumably all released they’ll be released quite shortly after
that but that’s the next game we’re going to tackle I may do a couple of
other things I’ve got some plans that I kind of want to look into the logistics
for for a way that I’m gonna do this channel that some things that are just a
little bit different maybe but logistically they could be quite
difficult and I started off with one in particular which I can’t tell you about
at this stage because I’m hoping to do it but I started off thinking that that
was the easy way to do this but the more I think about it the more I realize is
extraordinarily difficult logistically but if I can work out a way to do it
that’s probably gonna become the theme of the channel and then you’ll find out
what it is if not you know we’ll try and do fun things and we’ll keep other
things up there and you know game other bits of games and stuff like that but
other videos as well that have to do with gaming
you know previews and trailer reactions and things like that now coming up this
was just my first sort of foray into doing a purely gaming channel you know
if any of those of you who fell of my other channel at sleepless night films
will know that I did a whole series of videos on early dangerous when it was
first coming out and through beta and gamma and stuff like that so but that
was mixed in with a lot of other stuff so this is the first time I’ve ever
tried doing gaming flat out and you know it’s it’s always difficult if you
haven’t got a game to go straight into after this to sort of keep that up but
stick with us like subscribe share these videos you know encourage other people
to watch these videos make requests comment comment comment tell me what you
thought tell me what you think I should perhaps do next tell me what you’d like
more or less of tell me what annoys you about
my voice if that’s what you care to do I’m a voice-over artist so I am used to
criticism about my voice but you know whatever it is you want to
say that you want to see my screen my face on the screen if you wish I really
don’t think you do there’s no need for that but if enough people wanted it then
I’d consider it but in the meantime until we meet again in whatever form
that may be from nice arcade this is sleepless night saying
nighty-night I’ll see you next time let’s get to it then I finally have the
feeling we’re doing something worthwhile we’re helping to save the king instead
of saving his drunken Majesty to draw the finer horses we murdered my parents
get the saw back from it cheer up Henry have a feeling you’ll get
your chance won’t they and it won’t be long in coming forward man

7 thoughts on “Kingdom Come Deliverance – Part 36 -The End of the Beginning

  • Great series, I wanted to leave a little feedback as to what I enjoyed most from your videos, and what keeps me coming back: your wit, commentary, and humor. Keep it up! 🙂

  • Really cool. I actually watched each episode. now I don't have to play the game since I don't have the time LOL. I gotta say I did enjoy the realism of it, no huge victory circle jerk where the young lad becomes the prince, or where he gets the just revenge (Toth gets away) and all of that seemed very honest to life, a lot of times one galls short. The downside is the popup graphics, but since this was more of a immersing story it didn't bother me seeing it that much.
    Finally you sir did a great job putting this together and made it feel real, unlike those kids that just go and perfectly hack everything away and it's like watching machines on steroids going about being terminators. My favorite part was you showing that killing spree because of that old lady making you do too many things. Hilarious. Had a good laugh more than once. Keep it up.

  • Finished 🙂 – Love how you mentioned how Pebbles got you through this , 2 of them died , the 2nd died but came back due to you actually not saving the game and I think there were 2 times you took Pebbles look alikes 🙂 – In all honesty , at first it was hard for the 1st 8 episodes or so to watch this due to Henry not being Hopeless , but Horrible Henry , it was the fact that you kept this series enjoyable via the commentary and it did get better once Henry became only Hopeless – Going away on a 2 week trip actually in a few hours , look forward to watching the "From the Ashes" DLC when I get home

  • I have to say this is the first time I have sat through a whole Let's Play walkthough. While it was a little tedious in the beginning (like it is for most KCD players), you really outdone yourself later, both ingame and commentary wise. I guess the unique aspect that makes you stand out from all the other KCD playthroughs is your hilarious yet still professional live commentary – one can tell you area professional! Almost sad it's over….onwards to the DLCs i guess ^^
    Keep up the good work 👍

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