Kishore Mahbubani: America's diplomatic influence has waned; China's has risen

so when people compare the American government with the Chinese government they say this is a comparison within a democratic system and an authoritarian system and a democratic system is of course better than Authority and system and I agree a democratic system is better than an authoritarian system but if you go if you dig one level down and you look at the functioning of the government and how it makes its decisions and you analyze it you may see that the democratic system may be performing as a plutocratic system serving the interests of the people the tiny elite and leaving thus creating a situation where I think half your population hasn't seen an increase in his median income for 40 years that's what plutocracy is the Chinese system is a meritocracy now the Chinese Communist Party is not perfect it has a lot of flaws in making lot of mistakes by in terms of harvesting the brainpower of China it has done an amazing job and I tell the story you know I was in diplomacy for 33 years when I started my career in 1971 if you had asked me do you want to talk to an American diplomat or Chinese diplomat I would say of course and talk to an American diplomat is graduate of Princeton Yale Harvard brilliant reads The New Yorker every week knows what's going on the world a Chinese diplomat 1971 would walk around with a mouse to the red book in his pocket and when I talk to him you'll produce mouse read book and read to me or Mouse read book why should I waste my time Chinese that's empty one you fast forward to 2018 and you ask me to fly to a capital somewhere and you said you want to talk to the American ambassador or the Chinese ambassador the likelihood is that the China ambassador would speak the language of the country would have been posted there several times would have a very new and sophisticated view of the country and the American ambassador would be one who's demoralized knowing that his budget is being cut knowing his chances of becoming an ambassador and the top capital is practically zero because there are political appointees so you have a demoralized the American diplomatic service and an incredibly dynamic Chinese Foreign Service that's what that's a big change that has happened since 1971 and that's a result of meritocracy

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  • Chinese leaders have to pass rigorous decades of superior achievements in politics and governance, and by the way many were trained as engineers, not lawyers.

  • Mr Kishore Mahbubai must be listened to. His experience, and understanding is excellent. It is unwise to ignore his opinion when considering the medium and far future.

  • China's rapid military and economic growth is to coordinate with the forthcoming Christ.
    The Lord God has chosen him among Chinese, a nation more in number than any people.
    Before his appearance, the earth would have a tremendous catastrophe in order to first
    remove those evil countries which oppose the growth of China so that China can
    smoothly assist the saint in the conduct of the world salvation.

    From the Bible (KJV):

    Deuteronomy 7:6 For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy
    God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon
    the face of the earth.

    Deuteronomy 7:7 The LORD did not set his love upon you, nor choose you, because ye
    were more in number than any people; for ye were the fewest of all people:

  • This Indian-Singaporean diplomat sounds as if he's very knowledgeable, he should explain whether it's true or not the so-called "pivot to Asia policy" announced by motherfucking pimp Obama was the beginning of the campaign to rescue motherfucker Andrew Windsor??

  • Fundamentally, the American and the Chinese think differently, that's why they have misunderstanding between them. The Chinese deeply believes in their traditional Confucius wisdom "Everyone shall have a fair share of the pie, and by collaboration and trading, we all win!" while the American, especially the current President Mr. Trump, is good on its "Big Stick Policy" focus on "I win and you lose", "I have the whole pie and you have nothing!", "You are fired!", "If you don't listen to me, I will use my big stick beat the shit out of you!", "I will not only take the entire pie, I will beat you to cough out another pie!" You can clearly see this behavior by the Americans in the Gulf Wars and Afghanistan Wars, and in their dealing with Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Iran, and many other nation states……… The American has become a global bully and is losing its credit and influence!

    Why the Chinese and American behave so differently? That is deeply rooted inside their Civilization Core and National Psychology: the Chinese Civilization is a sedentary farmer's civilization in its core. Over thousands of years of farming in fending against the odds of Nature, the Chinese has learnt and deeply believes in working collectively to build communal infrastructures such as irrigation systems to beat the elements of Nature. They even built the Great Wall collectively, for thousands of miles in length almost across their entire northern frontiers for God's sake, to fend the Nomads! So they deeply believe in collaboration will give them better chance to survive and to win! On the other hand, the American is still a Hunter's Civilization in its core: to kill and to conquer, no matter it is in its home base or it is in other people's backyard. That's it!

  • When they are in the decline or waning they become frustrated and very sensitive, they lost their confidence and they have no more sense of humour. When they have problem they always say all are the Chinese, Russian or other country's fault. When they steal (based on Snowden) they think everyone else is the thief or spy. When they have very bad track records (they have declared so many wars with so much bloody killings since WWII) they condemn others about "human right violations", and so on. When their media, their government and their markets have been controlled by the interest groups they endlessly remind other countries to follow the rules of "free speech", "democracy" and "free market". When they consume so much cheaper "Made in China" in their daily life and their country borrowed so much money from China they say China is just a copy-cat and would collapse soon … funny, isn't it? Actually, the biggest American threat or enemy is American itself, neither China, nor Russia or other countries. No matter how you correct, great and glorious would be before, you could fail unless you continue modify yourself.

  • The problem with authoritarian government is systemic — one bad┬áemperor and you are screwed, which is bound to happen statistically if you carry the┬álong now view. The problem with demographic government is cyclical — you get a┬ábad one here and there, but no one stays in power for life, given the built-in term limit and check and balance.

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