In our country today, income inequality is getting worse and worse. Something’s wrong and people know it. Even a dog knows the difference between being stumbled over and being kicked. Never ever in all my years in governance seen anything like this. I don’t admire the Koch Brothers. I’m not against people who make money, that’s fine. But what they do with their money isn’t fine with me. The Koch Brothers, they are bound and determined to do away with government. Who’s Street? Our street. Billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch are the poster boys for the top one percent, using their money and power to fuel the growing inequality in America. Day in and day out, we see the Kochs using their billions to purchase politicians and policies. Kochs buy policies! Taking a terrible tool on democracy as they knock down the middle class, stomping on poor people. We are the 99% Koch Boys claimed to be self-made men. Yeah, made by their father, Fred who made his fortune in the oil business in the Soviet Union of the 1930s. Stalin himself brought Fred Koch into the Soviet Union to build oil refineries and teach them how to be oil engineers . Fred Koch came back to the United States after taking money from the Soviet Union and used that money to start his own oil empire and accumulated millions in a short time. Fred Koch wrote screeds against the Civil Rights Movement saying that it was communist driven and that white children should not go to school with black children. He said it would lead to the mongrelization of the races. This is the climate that the two brothers, Charlie and David, grew up in. And then they inherited a big pile of money from daddy Fred. And then they put that into their own organization and help build it up to where it is now. An enterprise that so far has put over a hundred billion dollars in the Koch Boys’ pockets. Koch Industries is the second largest privately held corporation in the country. They have holdings that range from oil and gas to paper products, forestry, consumer goods, plastics and ranching And the most important thing is not that they have wealth, it’s what they’re using that wealth to do. To run roughshod over the American people. Koch Industries is filthy. One the top fifteen polluters in our country. Responsible for up to 300 oil spills. They paid over a hundred million dollars in fines and legal settlements and a federal jury found that Koch Industries stole oil from American Indian lands, which their younger brother Bill blew the whistle on.
Koch Industries has a philosophy, that profits
are above everything else. The Koch Brothers are trying to buy America. Over the years, the Koch Brothers have spent over $80 million dollars on at least 85
organizations to serve their agenda The Kochs have set the stage by building an ever-growing right-wing presence called Kochtopus Through this vast network, scripts are written We instituted a photo ID requirement for every voter Actors are cast. Regulate CO2 under the Clean Air Act is wrong. It should not be allowed to stand. And the show is played out on a national stage. But if the curtains pull back, we discover that their production is all under the direction Of the Koch Brothers. $10,000 to the Pacific Legal Foundation $20,000 to Rep. Fred Upton Chairman of the House Energy, and Commerce Committee Over $10,000 to Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin $9,000 for Republican Rep. Paul Ryan. $35,000 to House Speaker John Boehner. $250,000 attacking the Economic Stimulus Act. A quarter of a billion dollars on negative ads in the 2012 campaign.
Over $300,000 for the Republican National $23,000 to Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe. Over two million dollars to the Institute for Justice
The Republican Governors Association, one million dollars.
$3.5 million on a nationwide campaign $545 million $2.5 million dollars $3.4 million dollars on the 2010 $8 million dollars $1.4 million dollars Freedom Works 80 percent to And Americans for Prosperity Vice Presidential candidate $8.7 million dollars $7.9 million dollars Lobbying in the government The libertarian the 2012 Election cycle $400 million dollars They’re interested in using the money they make To buy a political system that allows them to become dominant players in the shaping of the country. A blockbuster decision from the Supreme Court today. Opening floodgates for companies to spend all the money they want attacking political candidates. In a major five to four decision, the court gave them more power to spend as much money as they want. Well I mean, I think this is a political game changer. It’s historic. It’s a grenade. The Supreme Court reversed a century of law that I believe will open the floodgates for special interests. Citizens United is a perfect example of how the Koch Boys worked to create a legal decision that supports their efforts. First, two of the Justices on the court Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas Have attended private meetings sponsored by the Kochs providing behind-the-scenes interaction. Second, the Koch Brothers helped fund numerous organizations to prepare thousands of pages of legal briefs that were sent to the Supreme Court advocating unlimited corporate spending on political campaigns And third, Ted Olson was the lead attorney representing Citizens United during final arguments in front of the Supreme Court. Today, Ted Olson represents Koch Industries’ private legal cases. So now, the Kochs use the law they helped to write to spend millions more in their efforts to buy the public policies they want. What the Supreme Court said to the Koch Brothers, “You can buy the United States government.” Why would you hesitate one minute to spend a billion, two billion? That’s pretty good. Senator Kay Hagan is having trouble telling time. We want our insurance plan and your doctor… And their health plans cancelled, health care cost has soared. Families are losing access to thousand of dollars spent on green energy went to jobs in foreign countries. It looks like they already bought the House. The Koch Brothers can buy the Senate, and what’s next? They’re gonna buy a President? In terms of academic achievement, Wake County is a nationally recognized school system. Because of the good schools here, the economy has actually boomed and prospered. Are they really trying to reverse all that we’ve accomplished in these last 30 years? Big money is definitely trying to change people’s lives here. The Koch Brothers are fabulously wealthy billionaire oil barons. Free enterprise, capitalism is alive and well. It does appear that the conservative think tanks and foundations are eager to move back to an earlier time In terms of the way we run schools and they’re definitely pushing an agenda to resegregating the schools, but there’s also real push towards privatization. The Koch Brothers, of course, have a national libertarian agenda and they have brought it to Wake County by means of the school board elections and they want to destroy really the model of equal schools Shut it down! Equal opportunity for every child It has also sparked this protest right in front of the Wake County School administration building. They do not like a large public school system and they were determined to take it apart as quickly as they could. The Wake County School Board threatens to turn back the clock to an era of segregation. We must stand up and fight back. We’re on the record talking about the most significant local school board election since the 1970s. Follow the money, you can see it. It’s real. The connection between the Koch Brothers and what happened here with the Wake County School Board could probably be best traced if you look at Americans for Prosperity. My brother Charles and I provided the funds to start the Americans for Prosperity. Americans for Prosperity, they were gunning for the diversity policy all along. The future of the Wake County School system is on the line. And just a few weeks, four of the school board seats are up for grabs. The Koch Brothers didn’t put money directly into the Wake School Board elections but indirectly, Americans for Prosperity to help the school board candidates on their agenda. It’s beyond my wildest dreams how AFP has grown. It was the Americans For Prosperity and the Koch Brothers. They were like in The Wizard of Oz. The Oz behind the scene pulling levers and making things happen. I really had no idea. We worked so hard running for school board. Yeah. Oh yeah. And to know that our opponents were backed by these billionaires For me, my opponent–we had forums and debates, and she really pitched forced busing.
The school board crossed the line with forced busing. Forced busing is absolutely a code word. It’s a term, busing, used in the South by George Wallace. Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever. The voters in Wake County in North Carolina have rejected a forced busing policy We are winning the battle against forced busing. My opponent, he just mainly talked about–he stressed neighborhood schools Neighborhood schools, neighborhood schools, neighborhood schools. Neighborhood schools means we have our own schools and the blacks have theirs. Well, we heard loud and clear across this county, people wanted to go to a neighborhood schools model We should have our right to choose our own neighborhood, our own neighborhood schools He didn’t talk about student achievement and helping all our schools get better There are always ways to improve the education of our students. We went to a gun fight with knives. The heated race is over. Justice. When do we want it? Now! And don’t make any mistake about it. Your plan that you’re putting forth today will resegregate the schools. We had no idea what the stakes were. In one election, they now have the majority needed to change the way students are assigned to schools. A big shake up on the Wake County School Board could now impact tens of thousands of local families. People have not really taken the time to listen to the students who are actually in these programs. We met before sixth grade and we were in the dance ensemble together. We consider each other twin sisters. If it hadn’t been for the diverse school system, I don’t think we really would’ve had a chance to become such close friends. This pretty much describes my education since kindergarten. This is diversity. When you walk in our classroom and you see the different types of students and the different people, this picture really does represent what it actually is. Moses, come on. It’s time to get up. Let’s get started. Robert! Let’s go. Y’all come on and let’s go! We got to get ready. We want to make sure that they get the best education that public money can buy. Ah, there you go. One down. With that idea, we’ve been able to make sure that they are receiving advanced classes The school board has started the process of phasing out the busing for diversity policy. They’re moving so quickly with what they want to do We’re not going anywhere! It happened so fast, and they’re going to continue. The more they have in power, they’re going to change the rules, the laws, whatever they can. I think you’ll find that the student voice has kind of been lost through this whole process. Let’s go! The Koch Brothers and Americans For Prosperity and that ideology is very simple. What they’re actually trying to do is dismantle the whole public school system. If this policy goes through, the schools will become segregated. I don’t believe the courses. They would not have opportunities to take the advanced courses. That’s critical that they have opportunities, resources so that they can become a productive citizen. There would be enormous impacts on the schools especially in the urban parts of the county. So you’d have an enormous concentration of poverty in that school and with it comes all the related social problems. People aren’t gonna wanna teach at that school and suddenly education in that school is going to suffer. It worries me about my sons because we had a game plan. We did not think we were gonna have to change. Do you have your agenda so you can see what your assignment is? If we don’t get ready, it’s going to be even rougher, nastier than what it is. I am a part of the first group of students moved. I strongly feel that it’s racism, I strongly feel that it’s segregation. And it was all by surprise, all on short notice. I’ve lost my communication with the teachers, relationships with the students. I’m just disconnected right now. The school board’s decision to do segregation has really made it difficult for students like me to adjust and kind of grow. What happened here really woke people up. Battle lines are drawn over the issue of diversity in the Wake County schools. There was a tremendous outcry over what the school board was doing and tremendous resistance to moving backwards. People got really riled up and pushed back hard. Education is under attack! There were enormous protests at the school board meetings. We say no to Jim Crow! People were arrested. We’re heading down a rabbit hole. And we’re getting so far down that rabbit hole, there’s not going to be a way to get out of it. The Local NAACP filed a civil rights complaint with the federal government. Fight, we will, for the future of our children. They also filed a complaint with the accreditation agency Backwards, never! Forward, ever! We don’t want to be left out of this decision because we’re the ones going to school! Breaking news on this election night in the Triangle, a shift in power for the Wake County School Board. A shift in the balance of power. The conservative majority, no more We’re likely going to see a lot of changes Big changes Th conservation takeover is over This election was a rejection of the brand of politics that the Koch Brothers stand for. The celebration continues. Koch Brothers, Americans For Prosperity they brought in Tony Tata. Superintendent Tata was fired To the Koch Brothers, why don’t you just leave? Leave us alone. Leave our children alone. As far as the school board in Wake County is concerned, the Koch Brothers, they are an unpleasant memory. They failed. Things have calmed down. We have the school system back that we were always proud of. But they’ve moved on. They’ve set their sights now on taking over state government, which they’ve done. They have taken control of the state legislature. They elect a governor in 2012 with a lot more money and much more openly since Citizens United. So the Koch Brothers are not history in North Carolina. They’re very much present. We’re still at war. The Koch Brothers have been very clever at designing their grant agreements with universities in such a way that they will exercise maximal control and influence on campus. Many of these grants come with very significant strings attached. They have very clear stipulations that give the Koch Brothers excessive control over various aspects of the universities’ internal affairs. A school that I take so much pride in and that I believe in had effectively sold its soul to the Koch Brothers for a few million dollars Their help’s setting up a pattern where universities are expected to give up their values in exchange for money. Programs that they start tend to be one point of view only. They now have financial agreements with over 150 colleges and universities. They’ve spent tens of millions of dollars to get their point of view instilled in classrooms, amongst faculty members, and in students. The size and scope of these deals is quite significant. Thousands of students pass through those programs every year. And over time, hundreds of thousands of students are directly exposed to Koch Brothers’ ideology and political points of view. The university signs a contract that says they will hire someone who shares the point of view of the Koch Brothers. They have an immense amount of influence over who those professors are, and what they teach, and what they publish, and what research they do, and what they say in the classroom. We depend on universities to provide a kind of knowledge that is not owned, or bought, or sold. Since the Renaissance, we’ve had academics who do research independently and we learn as a society from them. What the Koch Brothers have done is strip that segment of society in a way so as to promote their own ideological agenda. This is a major threat to the country. The Catholic University of America founded to serve this purpose to be the national University of the Catholic Church. Almost immediately after the million-dollar contribution, there were protests about the Kochs’ undue influence on the staff and faculty. Fifty prominent Catholic educators signed a petition calling for the university to refuse the money. Saying the Kochs’ philosophy directly contradicted Catholic teaching. But the Koch Brothers But the Koch Brothers continue to contribute with strings attached to colleges and universities This is a–this is a major threat to our way of life. They are trying to use their money to influence the flow of American democracy. Billionaire industrialist and my future face twin Charles Koch In an interview with The Wichita Eagle, the cute Koch said he wants to eliminate the minimum wage because it creates a culture of dependency I’m living off of minimum wage. And a big hug, big hug. Being on minimum wage, it’s really hard getting by. I live on–my house is through Section 8, but I can’t afford to buy anything extra or anything better. It’s really hard trying to get by. I think the fact that the Koch Brothers are trying to take away minimum wage is ridiculous. I’m just filling out the forms that–what my public assistance, they require in order to get assistance with anything. If minimum wage was just raised a dollar or two, I wouldn’t need public assistance. Thirteen million a day sounds wonderful and I couldn’t imagine anybody making that much even being concerned with somebody making minimum wage. It just doesn’t make sense to me how they could even consider taking it away or lowering it. If anything, I think they’d be given back and helping us. When you shared together, the fun just never ends. The end. Well, I’m recycling our cans and our bottles. Sometimes we don’t have enough money at the end of the month, but it makes me feel like what I’m doing at work isn’t enough. I’m just a step closer to being homeless. It really angers me that billionaires like the Koch Brothers have the audacity to create laws and fight certain laws that determine the way I provide for my family. We’re not asking for wage to live upon. We’re asking for a wage to get by on. Right now, I’m just making 8.25 an hour which is not enough. It’s very difficult for me.
Why would Koch Brothers wanna take that minimum wage away from me if I barely make enough money to living? I struggle with, you know, providing daycare, child care. When I see about the Koch Brothers’ homes, I believe– because you don’t need that many houses and that big for some– I mean like probably my apartment is as big as one of their bathrooms. I’m just trying to provide for my family. That’s it. The Koch Brothers, they’re doing wrong by–you know that’s a grave sin. It’s greed. I have been fighting all year to stamp out voter fraud. Because if even one fraudster shows up at the polls in November, that would tarnish the integrity of an election that the Koch Brothers paid good money for. Voters will now be required to show an ID at the polls. A suppression tactic to undermine the right to vote The impact will be felt most heavily among the poor, the elderly, minorities They hit students extra hard Now push to make it as difficult as possible to vote It disenfranchises a whole sector of the American electorate The Koch Brothers are behind these kinds of laws because they want to cut off the participation of people who are not behind their corporate agenda. The people most impacted by these new voter suppression tactics are African-Americans, Latinos, elderly, young voters, and those with disabilities There are three ways the Koch Brothers are working to suppress the vote. Number one ALEC. ALEC stands for the American Legislative Exchange Council. This is an establishment that brings high-powered organizations like Koch Companies, the NRA and Exxon Mobil together with politicians for the express purpose of creating legislation that favor the corporations that fund ALEC. ALEC supervises and guides the writing of the legislation. Once they have the language of the legislation, they work tirelessly to get the bill introduced into as many states and counties as possible using the ALEC money and connections. One bill fits all. Number two Americans For Prosperity and True the Vote Koch
funded Americans for Prosperity supporting a number of voter suppression groups in campaigns across the country. One of the largest and most vocal is called True The Vote. True The Vote has enlisted and trained an army of citizen volunteers. They are planning to station one million poll watchers across the country on election day. True The Vote is the first line of defense for free and fair elections. True The Vote opened my eyes to a problem that has been left unaddressed True The Vote is a citizen led effort to ensure free and fair elections. The problem critics say is that those poll watchers are mostly white and many of the polling places they will target are mostly black. They’re trying to find any and everything to stop the citizens from voting. And Number Three Politicians Protecting the integrity of each and every vote cast in the state This voter ID bill Including voter ID. Voter ID. Common sense voter ID law Get those IDs in people’s hands Photo ID requirement for every voter. These kinds of efforts are reminiscent of a much darker period in American history. When there were efforts to prohibit people from voting, particularly in the segregated south. This is the resurrection of those voter suppression efforts. And there certainly hasn’t been this kind of money or this kind of organization behind them in a very long time President Kennedy, that’s when I started voting. And then from then on, I’ve always voted. I’m gonna miss this one though because I don’t have nothing to know– I don’t have any idea. Somebody stolen my pocketbook. Her purse was stolen eight years ago along with her birth certificate and she says she can’t get an ID. It’s just such a kick in the teeth to old people particularly who have been voting as long as– or darn near as long as I have. There is a glitch on my birth certificate and I did register almost immediately upon my 21st birthday. That was 59 years ago. I have voted in every single election. Since then, I would have considerable difficulty getting a state-issued ID and I would like to continue voting. I think it’s my right. They told me at the voter’s registration I have to bring in proof of my disability check, proof of my Social Security check, and proof of my handicap ID card. Why do I have to bring these? I never needed it before. The notion that we need this to prevent voter fraud isn’t a good faith mistake. It’s a lie. It is a way of disenfranchisement of certain segments of our society. This isn’t politics. This is requiring people to pay money to cast a ballot and I don’t think we want that in this country. Born at home in the segregated south, she’s never had a birth certificate. My grandmother, she insisted never, never miss a voting day. I won’t have no right if I can’t vote. Ninety-three year old Viviette Applewhite is the lead plaintiff in the ACLU’s case over the voter ID law. I think it’s a terrible law to make people not be able to vote because they don’t have a piece of paper with the ID on it. January 2014, a judge ruled that the Pennsylvania voter ID law is unconstitutional which means that Viviette Applewhite is eligible to vote. To be able to vote. This is all I wanna do, is be able to vote. The brothers and their allies are going to spend millions of dollars in these efforts. Citizens who believe in voting and democracy must fight back in all possible ways. Viviette Applewhite was able to hold on to her long held right to vote because she fought back against the Koch Brothers suppression laws. Joy Libermanin Missouri also took the issue to the court and won Alberta Curry preserved her record of voting rights of over 50 years because she refused to let her rights be stolen by the bogus voter ID laws backed by the Koch Brothers. The reason that you target somebody’s voting rights is it makes it easier to take away the rest of their rights. You come for that first and the whole house of cards starts to fall. Why is voting important to me? Because it gives you equal right to do things. That’s why it’s important. Really what we would like to see is to take the Unions out at the knees so they don’t have the resources to fight these battles. This a coordinated effort where you have ALEC and Americans for Prosperity, the Koch Brothers and their allies spending millions and millions and millions of dollars to fight unions and to take this country backwards. The Koch Brothers want to eliminate the ability for working folk to have power at either the ballot box or the bargaining table. So they try to eliminate Trade Unions. The Koch Brothers not only want to destroy Unions but they wanna destroy the lives of working people across this country. They do not want to have safety regulations. They do not want workers to be able to negotiate wages and benefits. They’re attacking Unions because they know that we stand in their– in their way and that we’re going to continue to stand in their way and that’s why they’re coming after us in state after state after state. There have been reports that the Koch Brothers are exceeding the spending of the ten most political active Unions. They are behind introducing legislation which robbed public sector workers of collective bargaining, right to work initiatives where they are trying to convince folks that it’s better to live in a union-free environment. What they’ve done is they’ve hurt a lot of working people who used to have decent wages who no longer have decent wages. The legislation says we shouldn’t allow unelected bureaucrats to dictate the That workers should have the right to decide whether they want to be part of a Union or not. Forcing workers to pay Union dues. Do not have to pay union dues in order to get a job. People have to join a union in order to get employment. To choose whether or not to join a Union As well as for right to work. The union bosses run a well-greased By setting off member’s dues like parasite And raising employers’ labor cost The labor movement is one of the most important voices for justice in this country. Unions take away your right to choose where your money goes Being middle class nowadays means we have to work harder more hours for less pay. Kids, you can be the Union boss. Spend forced dues on politicians and eliminate the right to vote The only way that you’re going to be able to exercise power it would be through collective action.
Workers’ rights! Workers’ rights! And now, we turn to that showdown raging in the heart land Thousands of union members taking to the streets When the Koch Brothers put all that money into Michigan here, they financed this thing. We are one. We are one. Union members from all across the commonwealth have gathered here in Harrisburg. These workers see it as union destruction. The people who are making all the money, they want what little we have left. Right to work is wrong. We want to take care of our children the way a working family is supposed to. Destroying what we have done and busting unions and that is not right. Out of state billionaires are just trying to damage the working people and it’s ridiculous. We need to shine the light on who the Koch Brothers are and what their motives are. This threat is real. These folks are trying to buy our country and we can’t let that happen. What the Koch Brothers want to do is destroy Social Security because Social Security is a federal government program that has been enormously successful. The Koch Brothers are funding think tanks and other organizations which are spreading an enormous amount
of disinformation about Social Security. Raising the age of the retirement is to ask people who are banging nails or waitresses, or so many blue-collar jobs out there that you got to keep working until you’re 70 years of age That’s just really unfair Second of all, we want to give the younger generation an opportunity to get out into the workforce. The Koch Brothers fund organizations and you have economists and political scientists working there and they are very, very good in getting on television. Raising the retirement age I would increase the retirement age So we’ll probably have to increase the retirement age. We’re probably going to have to raise the retirement age And people will not know they represent an organization which is heavily funded by corporate interests They are very effective in getting their positions out into the media Should Congress raise the retirement age? If you raise the retirement age Well, raise the retirement age Let’s consider the options. Let’s raise the age. Raising the retirement age to 69 At the same time, the Koch Brothers are putting huge amounts of money into campaign contributions. Very modest increases in the retirement age And eventually getting the retirement age to 70 is a step that needs to be taken. The age on Social Security will have to go up So you have an echo chamber which starts repeating a lot of misinformation. The Koch Brothers are funding study after study which suggests to people that Social Security is going bankrupt. Social Security is not going broke. Social Security has a $2.6 trillion dollar surplus. The program is actuarially bankrupt. Social Security and Medicare, they are going to go broke. The real risk is Social Security running out of money. Social Security going bankrupt Social Security already bankrupt Social Security is going bankrupt The system will be bankrupt. Bankrupt federal programs like Social Security Social Security is going bankrupt Social Security The Koch brothers want to privatize Social Security to invest your retirement funds on Wall Street and you may lose all of your retirement savings when you get old. Real security is based on personal accounts with real assets. I like the idea of personal accounts The option of investing one third of their Social Security payroll taxes into personal retirement accounts The Koch Brothers’ job is to do everything they can to dismember government in general. And if you could destroy Social Security, you have gone a long way forward in that effort. The Koch Brothers are big oil personified and they’re carbon barons. They make most of their money running pipelines around the continent. This proposed Keystone pipeline is a 1700 mile fuse to the biggest carbon bomb on the continent. It is going to take the dirtiest energies, so-called tar sands, and bring them down the United States. The Koch Brothers don’t have access to this unbelievable amount of carbon and hence money. There are trillions of dollars worth of oil up there. Any spill means that the dirtiest, nastiest fuel on earth will be poured all over our country. Over 10,000 protestors surrounded the White House Sunday calling on President Obama to reject the proposed Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline. When we say tar sand, you say shut down. tar sand. Shut down Tar sand. Shut down. We’re never gonna have enough money to compete with the Koch Brothers. We’re going to have to find other currencies to use and sometimes it’s our bodies. Over two weeks in Washington, 1253 people got arrested. That was the largest civil disobedience action in about 30-years in this country. I, myself, was arrested on the first day of this protest and spent the next three days in Central Cell Block in DC. We played the game as hard as we could, making it clear to President Obama that there were people all over the country really deeply concerned about this. And in the end, that was enough to outweigh the financial power of the Koch Brothers and the rest of the oil industry. President Obama making an unexpected decision on the Keystone Oil Pipeline. The President announcing they were gonna hold off On a final decision for at least a year. The Obama administration said today it is putting off a decision On whether to approve the Keystone Pipeline The Koch Brothers will scrape the bottom of the barrel with the tar sands That is the dirtiest fuel on the planet There’s no limit on the number of communities and families they will hurt to make their money off dirty energy Something is wrong on this street, Penn Road, where I live. Something is wrong here in this community. It’s killing people. Just like he killed my daughter. I live on Penn Road. People call me Mr. Bouie because I’m a minister. I pastor church for 22 years in this area. I’m a Reserved Deputy Sheriff and I’m a senior citizen. This house is Mr. Warfield Gibbs. His wife, Bobbie Sue Gibbs, passed away with multiple cancers a few years ago. I have to do this three to four times a day. This house here belongs to Mr. George Parker and Ms. Ollie Parker. Both of them was taken out by cancer. My husband died of lung cancer and I am having breathing problems. Mr. Tom Perkins and his wife, they live here. Mr. Tom Perkins is deceased now. He had multiple cancers. We have 15 homes in this area and maybe 11 people have died or more with cancer and that’s unreal. What’s going on here is a crime. It’s just a waste. My daughter, Laetitia died at 43. She grew up in the neighborhood. She had a husband–a devoted husband. She had children that she really and truly loved and I think that she died too young. She was a non-smoker. She was not a drinker and she got lung cancer. And you know, you’re wondering, “Where did it come from?” These people are sick. They’re dying. This is inexcusable. Perhaps murderous. Great to see you. Good to see you again. When I met Mr. Bouie, I could not believe what was going on in this neighborhood. I think it has to do with our environment, what we smell, what we inhale. We were deer hunting in the back and we noticed that there was such a strong, strong odor back there. The smell was so strong and so bad, it was awful. They have cut this huge channel and it is like an open sewer line. This is where the smell is coming from. You can see the steam coming from this stuff. And at times it gets so bad it’s like a big cloud and it gets up in the air and it flows right over the trees where our property is. It causes the throat to be sore, eyes to hurt, nose, and it’s harsh to breath in. The first time that I came here and saw the color of the water, it was like an epiphany. This right here, this private property, but if you could follow it in a straight line, you would be at Georgia-Pacific Plant owned by Koch Industry. It’s pitiful that Koch allowed this kind of stuff to be dumped, just dumped. Once I saw this, I knew Koch Industries were the culprits. They know that these people are sick. Koch Industries, Georgia-Pacific, they employ thousands of people here in Crossett and it’s hard to come up against the company that employs so many people. The neighborhood of Penn Road is at ground zero. Right through these woods are these ditches carrying these various types of pollutions from the Georgia-Pacific Plant. And that industrial process includes the use and discharges to the air and to the water of a lot of nasty chemicals The Georgia-Pacific complex in West Crossett releases millions of gallons a day of waste water into a whole series of ditches. One might characterize these exposures as a ticking time bomb to the people’s health that are breathing the air that’s flowing from these open ditches. It’s such a hard battle that these people have here. They don’t have money and their state representatives are all influenced by the Koch Brothers and this whole system they have put together to be able to do whatever they want to. The Senate will come to order. Koch Brothers direct contributions has been an investment well worth it. It’s certainly a lot less expensive than actually having to record this factories. The EPA will have doors locked and the lights turned off. Koch Industries not only manipulates the political process but more importantly to me is, they manipulate the public in to believing that the EPA is killing job The EPA is intent on taking matters into their own hands which will result in a bleeding of jobs. It is a problem when politicians are calling EPA and saying “Leave them alone,” rather than calling them and saying, “Do your job and clean it up.” This bill is about protecting jobs Jobs. What they’re trying to do is just shut down this machine called America. Koch is using natural streams to transport waste and this is not allowed by the Clean Water Act and they can do it because EPA lets them do it. Koch Industries are repeat offenders of environmental crimes. Koch Industries is one of the primary sources of pollution in the United States They have a history of serious and even criminal pollution problems. Koch Industries subsidiaries have paid millions in environmental fines. The Koch Brothers are trying to stop the government from limiting greenhouse gas emissions. Government regulators have fined Koch Industries and its subsidiaries tens of millions for oil spills and pollution over the years. In 2000, a federal grand jury returned a 97 count indictment against Koch Industries in Corpus Christi, Texas. They were charged not only with emitting more benzene than they were allowed to, they tried to cover it up. Benzene is a known human carcinogen. People that are breathing benzene have increased risk of developing cancer. That’s known. It’s not suspected. It is known. But the Bush administration worked with Koch to come up with a plea bargain. So it went from a 97-count indictment to one count. The potential 350 million to just $20 million fine As an environmental criminologist, watching this case evolve makes me sick. They know they can get away with it. They’ll just wait and be fined if they ever get caught which in most cases they won’t ever be caught because the EPA is understaffed and under-funded. The Koch Brothers care more for their income than they do for their neighbors and people are constantly dying. It’s just called cheap and not caring about people, or rivers, or the environment or anyone but their bottom line. David Koch, he can stop this Just as he donates millions of dollars to try to find a cure for cancer. It began 16 years ago when I discovered that I had prostate cancer and that I had not long to live. What kind of man is David if he has cancer and put all his money into research and then he’s dumping in our back yard? Today my cancer is very much under control and my doctor advises me that I have many more years to live. He was able to buy good medicine, to see the best doctors. The fact that this magnificent research facility has been named after me is probably the greatest honor I’ve ever been awarded. With David Koch knowing that he has been right there what we, the people of this community, are now. And when you look around you and see people dying everyday, then that’s shocking to us. I’ve lived here for 39 years. My husband died of lung cancer and I am having breathing problems and I feel that I might eventually have lung problem. The Koch Brothers, I’m reaching out, hoping and asking them to fix this problem because we need help here. In the Old West, they called it being out-gunned. They’re out-gunned by the Koch Brothers. So I feel like their only hope is to make people realize what’s happening here. If I could talk to Koch Brothers face to face, I just really believe I’m dying now. You know, just a slow death, that’s what it is. The Koch Brothers are killing me and my family. I feel that Georgia-Pacific and Koch is responsible for my daughter’s death. This is inexcusable and something’s got to be done about it. Once we expose the wealthy and powerful individuals that seek to gain our political system, that’s where citizens get to step into the process. We get to say, “No more.” Bad enough that we have to fight the Koch Brothers in terms of what they’re doing to our planet. We shouldn’t have fight with them also about what they’re doing to our democracy. Stop the Koch Brothers! I think losers are those that don’t have the resources being deployed by Koch. At the end of the day, this is a battle of wills. It’s a battle between the Koch Brothers’ very organized money and people. We can change our politics. It won’t be easy. It wasn’t easy to take on robber barons hundred years ago. Once we expose the Koch Brothers that unlocks the door. We need People can beat money, but only if we decide to link up and to organize. Money in our political process produces undue influence absolutely. We’re not gonna be bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers. Good afternoon. Koch Industries. Hi, this is Jim Miller from Brave New Films. I’m producing a documentary about the Koch Brothers. I’m wanting to speak with David Koch about it. Koch Industries. How may I address your call? Hi, there. My name is Jordan. I’m calling from Brave New Films. We’re working on a documentary about the Koch Brothers. May I speak to David Koch, please? Okay. Do you think you can hold on for just a moment? Certainly. Thanks. I wanted to see if I could talk to Charles Koch today to get a response on some of the issues we raised? Just hoping I could get in touch with somebody or to Charles Koch directly to see if we can get their comment on a couple of things we raised on the film. Uhh. He’s unavailable. You know, I’m not allowed to do that. No. One moment, please. Let me–let me connect you with–let me put you on hold and see if this lady available. One moment, please. okay. Well, you have to do voicemail. I could take a message. Sure. I just wanted to ask some questions. okay. Oh, are you the person I should speak to? No. And the person you need to speak with is not available. Mr. Koch’s office. Hi, this is Jim Miller from Brave New Films. I’m producing a documentary about the Koch Brothers. I’m wanting to speak with Mr. David Koch about some of the questions that we have. He’s unavailable. Can I leave a message? sure Well, could I ask you to send an email with all the information and your inquiries to [email protected]? Sure. I’d be happy to do that. I’d also be really happy with the voicemail. Um. We’ll start with an email. Okay. Well, I can almost assure you that he won’t be able to call today. I would be surprised. Why would he hide the money he’s spending if he’s proud of what he’s doing? Why he is attacking Social Security when it’s essential to so many of our seniors. My next question Uh-hmm. Is why do you think it’s right for billionaires to fight against raising minimum wage. So the director of the film, his name is Robert Greenwald and he would love to talk to somebody. Greenwald? Yes, Robert Greenwald. okay. And then also, why, as a billionaire, he’s fighting against raising the minimum wage? How does he continue to pollute people’s neighborhoods around his factories? And how he justifies taking away people’s basic rights to vote. Okay. Well, I just want to make sure that we can get some answers. We’re gonna go public next week and I want him to really have the chance to talk to us. We would like to send him the documentary that we’re working on. Is that okay? Can I have an address? Jim Miller, Brave New Films. I heard you the first time. Thank you. Have a good day. He’s unavailable because he’s not here. He’s out of the country. And I look forward to talking to him. I would encourage you to send an email. So, I’m not going to be able to provide you with any address today. Thank you. bye Bye-bye

100 thoughts on “Koch Brothers EXPOSED • FULL DOCUMENTARY • BRAVE NEW FILMS

  • It seems to me the koch Brothers proved there is no more racism in the heart of what used to be pure racism state , how they did it , using the school system was an excellent way to prove racism was not hidden that parents were not teaching it and the parents of the children were not endorsing it privately , although the test pushed racism , the test proved it could not be tempted adopted or implored , true progress in AMERICA

  • 'WOW' thats some super evil, it's amazing how they get away with it, Nazis for sure. Time to take them down and rid our world of this kind of sick freaks.

  • There's a dozen other families just like this pulling the same exact strings across the world. One day the people will wake up.

  • You know, I believe wholeheartedly that the Kochs are not good peopleand theyre for corporate interests etc etc. But for the life of me, I do not understand how you say that the need for an ID, in this day and age, is a form of disenfranchisement! The need for an ID is apparent, you need it to drive, to get in an airport a federal building, you need it for insurance purposes and on and on and on! I live in a predominantly black neighborhood and most of the older people and disabled people have a nurse/helper who will take them anywhere they need to go. Why is it such a difficulty getting something that is needed for day to day life in our society now? This is where you loose people, and yes there is voter fraud. For everyone who thinks Russia somehow changed our elections but doesn’t think election fraud can happen, thats a bit hypocritical, just sayin. You can’t have it both ways folks, pick one and stick with it, not whatever is most convenient for you at the time.

  • It's good to know that they aren't donating to planned Parenthood! Perhaps that's why this video exists. Leftist ideology is mad. The whole government needs to be stopped. There's only one way,stop the printing press of unconstitutional money. No printing press,no power.

  • We have to be diligent in reporting every time they fund things they want to change!! Tweeter war on the Koch!!! If everyone does it they can't kick them all out!!! Thank God you have a great man as President now…that dares go against the Koch.

  • I wouldn't want2 wakeup and look at myself in the mirror for all the billions in the WORLD and be one of these men!
    What a horrible inner SOUL to have2 live with. Shame on THEM.

  • Oh wow all those universities? ??? They make whaaaat? That’s indecent when so many are struggling. Apparently they don’t care about anyone else.

  • Uh yeah I saw it right $1.8 million an hour. And they want minimum wage gone instead of raised? Burn in hell guys, you’re not young. 😈😈😈

  • They sold their souls so cheaply. Those guys make $1.8 million an hour, and they rat out their fellow citizens for a few thousand. SMH

  • Today corporations are "persons" and people are exploitable and disposable commodities. This is not capitalism, it's gangsterism. We are living under a mafia state, period. Time to slay the dragon.

  • I can understand why they are doing they want us to drop dead. Just look at history.The rich have stolen everything .

  • They are spraying the air and water.They hate us all.If they kill us they will have it all.We know the end is near.All praise's to the Most High Yah

  • Ha Ha Police is standing against the ppl they supposed to be protecting despite the fact they hv a union also! No such thing as a good cop!

  • Without voter I.D. law any illegal that sneak across our border can
    Illegally vote !!
    There must be a way for these American citizens to get an I.D.

  • He wanted to defeat Obama. That was it. Now he is full on Democrat. Read….research. Stop the lies. And in the black communities, and nursing homes…..they have I.D.

  • I wouldn’t disagree so soon diversity really means no one has an identity or a profound culture it means one big melt down an acceptance of all and everything good bad indifferent! Identity gives a person if properly raised a moral compass when you mix it all up with various concepts ideas and tolerances you lose your identity and moral compass all things are good and tolerant everything goes! The poor and oppressed do not like the influences of the wealthy and in many respects have good reason! In this case, they the influential are indeed wanting to separate the diversity and to be honest it’s not bad! What’s bad is the poor and less fortunate don’t and will not organize their own communities to improve their own lives and they the poor depends on the affluent to pave their way forgetting in the end you are still in their system and you are only going to get so far! Why give them the power your power to the few we are the many but you buy their products get organized in your neighborhoods stop buying their products exchange money within your neighborhood have your own think tanks until then they will always be in charge and you will always be chasing your tail till the day you die!

  • sons of a evil 🚹 take them down
    thisis the MOST HIGH open countr
    y not mans i be glad when esau ti
    me is up. usa is becoming waste
    land. like the bible speaks on de
    vils these two will have a dam good fall no more talk its above us now i feel nothing ✂ the ✔
    add tangibles untill. then ✌ out

  • Propaganda, propaganda, BOLSHEVIK PROPAGANDA!The Koch bros are not ruining the country, Anyone who knows what is REALLY GOING ON knows that the politicians and ELECTIONS are ran by Zionist Chabad Jews are. They control America. A large group of people, A CABAL a well oiled machine.that have their people in high positions. Prepared yo take Americans out as these Zionist Bolsheviks grandparents did in Russia and vowed to do to AMERICA!!!!

    Votee ID is good as Democraps push illegal inmigration do they can PREY on the igborant and take them to voting stations and get them to vote away the very freedoms they came to America to participate in.


    I saw several Jews in this video. They cant get birth certificates BECAUSE THEY ARE HERE ILLEGALLY!!!

    UNIONS HAVE BEEN USED AS ILLEGAL VOTING BLOCKS FOR DEMOCRATS . No mans vote should be usurped by a union.



    END THE FEDERAL RESERVE! Its TOTALLY UN CONSTITUTIONAL and illegally collects INCOME TAX, which is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, and sends it to the Jewnited Nations IMF which also owns the land of WASHINGTON DC.



    Force those in government to get BACK TO THE CONSTITUTION!



    The United Nations is global Jewry on steroids.

    Book: Judaisms Strange Gods by Michael Hoffman

    See THE HORRIBLE TERROR what these socialist communist BOLSHEVIKS have in store for you. Watch this movie……..
    MOVIE: DR ZHIVAGO. with Omar Sharif

    THIS MOVIE IS A MUST SEE. This is our future if they win.

    JEWISH NOAHIDE LAW HAS BEEN PASSED BY BUSH SR. It requires a THE BEHEADING OF CHRISTIANS as Jews deem Christians as idolators and ferl they have the right to tell you how to think because they have crowned themselves as GODS OF THE PLANET and they ARE THE NEW WORLD OTDER GOV. and you will have to bow to THEIR GOD, Lucifer. Thats why its call NEW WORKD ORDER because its the total opposite of todays world with THE CREATOR as God. . .

    LEARN MORE ABOUT NOAHIDE LAW passdd in USA by Bush Sr. The Cabsl controls BOTH PARTIES.


    News stories that are filled eith drama and fear mongering are used to distract you from knowing about the things I just EXPOSED TO YOU.

  • I believe it was OBAMA aka Barry Sotero who passed the law wher endless money can be used by corporations in elections .KEEPING IN MIND, MOST THOSE CORPORATIONS ARE JEWISH OWNED

  • Brave New Films? BRAVE NEW PROPAGANDA TO DISTRACT YOU WITH so you wont pay attention to the many crimes going on behind your backs in backrooms, in Israrl where politiciand are flown to after they are elected snd forced to sign a LOYALTY PKEDGE TO ZIONIST ISRA-HELL.



    Because its most likely just one of thousands of communist Jew ran media outlets.



    Perhaps its behavior like this that has gotten the Jews kicked out of MANY MANY NATIONS OVER 100 TIMES.

    Thats history folks! THE HISTORY THEY HIDE FROM MANKIND! History your never told by Jewish controlled media.

    The bible said they would be hated by the world because their religion has nothing to do with the bible. Its Luciferian. THAT IS WHY JESUS REJECTED JUDAISM- THE TEACHINGS OF THE ELDERS, which is the total opposite of the 10 Commandments of God given to Moses.

    Learn history, especially revisionist history or we will end up the same S the RUSSIAN PEOPLE did in the early 1900’s.,


    GULAG ARCHIPELAGO, by Alexander Solzhenitsyn



    The STANGE GODS OF JUDAISM by Michael Hoffman

    A must read, especially for the DUPED ZIONIST CHRISTIANS

  • Heres a tidbit if history.

    Unions were used to destroy Russia which after Jewish Bolshevik control became. THE USSR!Remember that horrible government?

    Thats the evil gift they are preparing for YOU!!!!

    Watch the movie DR ZHIVAGO with Omar Shariff.


    The Russian revolution was not Russian. It was Jewish. Jews from NEW YORK went to Russia to START A REVOLUTION AND LOOT THE NATION.

    Now they are here

  • How can anyone trust USSR BERNIE SANDERS? If these people were serious about saving America they would STOP THE COLLECTION OF ILLEGAL INCOME TAXES!!

  • Two racist ass fake Jews trying to take over the world !!! This is a goddam shame . Every branch of this government is corrupt.

  • Almost all of the puerto rican people took to the streets. Thats what it takes. But that will never happen here. So there is no hope. America s are too busy working and watching sports and tv.

  • This two brothers are employees for Rottchild, they have a big hand in Dupont, and fingers deeped in Agent orange, they are born to SS, but just handmens, they also are zionist's, and of course nazist's, from Rottchild they can almost do whatever they want to do and if, they will be in the ritch and powerful circles, just do what they do, and this program showing much about them, but not all, not the worst, trafficking pedophilia snuff killing satanic mambo jambo, this should come up. Rottchild's payroll is terrific bad. This SWINEHOUNDS doesn't want people that can be even tanned in a sunbed. They don't want poor people, only ritch and white. Tell me what this look and sounds like. SS? Yes this is"order of one rike" and we need to fight them down. ZIONAZISM, NAZIZIONISM MUST BE EXTINCT, SO WE OTHER'CAN LIVE PEACEFUL AND HAPPY LIVE.

  • No matter what view you have, you have to admit that public education systems are producing mediocrity. The elite are always going to educate privately. It is the student who is assumed average because of being trapped into a broken system that has no means to recognize or advance a superior mind that needs reforming.

  • I agree with Sanders on the Social Security issues. The need to lower SS to age of 58 AND repay the loan so people get a decent payout with free medical screenings and other helps as needed. You see, they leave out the fact that the Democrat party forced the "borrowing of funds" from its rich coffers to fund their special interest programs.
    [NOTE: this money should have been distributed to states for their own use to implement these helpful programs to fit their uniqueness; but they wanted to regulate and streer it to bend to their way of thinking and doing things as it moved forward giving too much control over the state against the best interests of the people.] It may have been a good cause, but they never "repaid their IOU" that they placed there, at the time. All Seniors got a cut waaaaay down even though they had worked ALL their lives for it, it's their money and planned their retirement around that. NOW MOST cannot live off the funds they receive even if meager lifestyle. The government must rescue them with 'more programs'. How about that? Thank God taxpayers can help them at this point, but the Democrats caused this large shortfall to Seniors.
    Government is now too big and wastes too much money. Taxpayers are being ripped off. Trump wants to fix that and has made great strides towards that despite the opposition and accusations.
    Not sure what the total amount is to replace the funds+%, on this "borrowing", but it sure would help the Seniors especially those under these government programs today. And not remove the programs or medical given them now. So many have not families able to care for them, so that would just be cruel. Those better off will have more for spending (good for economy)and enjoy their golden years with friends and grandchildren. This has been such an oppressed economy the Democrats have given us for 25 years and giving us bandaid for what's been broken. It may take10 years to clear up this mess and help states, while tightening the Federal government's budget and do oversights to help states spend wisely and weed out corruption. God bless us, everyone. Trump will change it all. But it will only begin with his policies and actions. The FarLeft have violence in mind to intimidate and interfere with our progress to free ourselves from this over-regulation of government and their people of oppression. There is so much damage from the last administration within our borders that must be dealt with. I don't want all programs taken down, but a reset will have to happen or there is already the set collapse (to ripple worldwide) planned by the Fed bank (which isn't our government, its just rich people whom nations borrow from) to usher in the rescue plan of the Fascist NWO through the UN which is Communism.
    I don't want to be Venezuela. This is the slippery slope they set in motion. We need to get our feet on solid ground again or loose all our freedoms we hold so dear and others admire which make them desire to become citizens. Let's go back to the rule of law, enforce the laws on the books as stated for all -great and small, uphold the Constitution in it's original interpretation (not the twisted 'in your dreams conform to your wants' one), sort out where funds go in all the Bill's and Departments to end corruption, vet all persons on the Hill to make it a safe place again and continually. We just need to vote in the right direction from the least to the greatest, not with our emotions, even if we don't like their looks or personality. What's right is might. Help Americans win again so they can help nations win too. Catch the vision.

  • True the vote efforts have actually worked to remove INVALID registrations to prevent the abuse of past elections. It is truly an effort to prevent the marginalization of American citizens voting rights.

  • Give me a break on the voter ID segment. You need an ID to get a fishing license, a can of beer, to drive a car, to cash a check, to open a bank account, to apply for ANY kind of government benefits like food stamps, welfare, etc., to purchase a gun, to get a passport, to get into a club, to get your senior discount at your local grocery store, to buy a house, to rent a home, to rent anything, you get the point. But dang, now that’s it’s time to vote, I’m gonna complain because they wanna see my ID. The audacity of these people who want to make sure that I have a right to vote in this country for the President of the USA! How dare they!

  • Oh my. They don't own the media.
    How much does George Soros spend on politics?!!!!!
    The deep South is who buys the potus.

  • You can remove physical slavery and ownership, but it was intentionally replaced with economic slavery and the false perception of freedom.

    How are those old women driving cars if they don't even have an ID? Complaining about stopping bivouacing and non citizens from swaying elections is just ignorance personified. It's an important part of voting for only those involved in the geographic region to be allowed to participate in elections… how dumb that this is even an issue in the modern era. How quickly history is erased and forgotten.

  • I dont understand why the american people let the Koch Bros get away with their behavior…. In a healthy system money should serve the people not people the money 🤔


  • Just start taking from the Koch brothers others….I'm sure they have valuables that can re-impersed back to the American people

  • Watched up to the point about the school resegregation and they referred to it as a conservative takeover. I am a conservative but I am totally opposite of these two fuckstix.

  • I have a solution but no one has the balls to hear it. We need to revolt. Now. It's not a joke. What the hell do you actually think protesting gets us? Not a damn thing. They are not afraid of us. Don't rule us not represent us. Fight people. Fucking fight or stop whining!

  • They don’t pay a dime in taxes because nobody knows what they make due to the way they structure the multitude of corporations they have a controlling interest in. Nobody can touch them. Money is their means to an end. They are truly evil.

  • the Koch Brothers should be terminated, with EXTREME prejudice…..as with all rodents of their kind.  ALL OF THEM WITHOUT EXEMPTION, AND WITHOUT DELAY!!!

  • George Soros does the same, or worse, but he is a leftist, so you don't care? You are blind if you don't see that both sides of the ELITE are manipulating the rest of us.

  • Hard to believe that these 1%’s are so stupid that they are willing to destroy their only planet.
    Pure Greed. or should I say EVIL BASTARDS.

  • Could Brave New Films please look into "statement 56" in Congress? I would really like to know all about it. I'm pretty sure that you would also.

  • so… the answer is communism? Libertarians sound a whole lot better than communist. Either way, disparity of wealth has gotten out of control. The left wants to take away all rights and control how people think. They also repeat themselves no matter how wrong they are until idiots believe them. Its obvious brainwashing.


  • Propaganda on requiring voter ID. Please name another country that does not already have voter ID, which can be a fingerprint.

  • "Billionaires David and Charles Koch have been handed the ability to buy
    our democracy in the form of giant checks to the House, Senate, and
    soon, possibly even the Presidency. "

    Nahh,this will never happen.


  • These bastards were were behind the attempted coup against Venezuela. Re: Venezuela's vast oil resources. And, the Koch's il refinery needed the specific type of crude found in Venezuela. Citizens of Venezuela are dying because of the U.S. war crime sanctions against Venezuela. Refer to Marine General Smedley Butler..Same happened in Central American countries long ago. War is about big business usurping other countries resources.

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