deputy youth organizer and certificate MPP happy birthday from Nana one in Kosova the bar those one says please wish my dad coffee at the witch Rama tank uncommon Dublin Ireland a happy birthday for me so mystical fear to each other Martin can kind of lend us morning non-aqueous offer you question you are happy by the as you 1049 today first one says happy birthday to my good friend and of Ebenezer Methodist Church community 20 much love to you dear Rahm Emanuel RT more question you nama under a happy birthday trust a cheap word of the daily guide newspaper is all my friends like with yeah Pia thank you you to your shirt like with Zakia Sal said she would Vox I'm above attrition and to you very Reverend Bennett our – well since our pretended minister of Canisius circuit the deadly Methodist Church Ghana Janousek emergency mission with a semi musicians we're sure you are happy birthday from Genovese is having the Bobby J deans and the Duncan and the final one before I cross over to some pine kinda wish my mother-in-law Madame earthly desi Korea muscle a came in above of uncle Barrios happy birthday for me from her granny's Kwame and aqua Cecily tisha of kids vision Academy and son-in-law Kennedy watchers so once again wishing you happy 70th birthday message on classic lapa of metal a group from your children Abigail Jenny from Ikea conquers all wishing you happy 70th birthday well you know what they are mostly and everything which you are thank you – what and basically what I did you grab oppa now the police Oh police nearby or each and my educated guess from some police video down there on my absentee mother issues the affirmation is an opiate a cinema a PC uh no frickin a farmer for MTN everywhere you go and I got some donations bill de Omar Minaya transia yeah between drink Ghana we nah I don't pay me an offer Ben are eluted Jacobs social commentator or has he run man ran die be available life run man run and animals to do I feel of a life yes I love that yeah boys you sow no no no anger problem me are they yes I mean enemy puro Armando or day acaba we're gonna is moving to mmm Donna is getting to the brink I don't know Rwanda Ghana Devon was did Allah advendio phobia Yakutia and we are not making any headway and we have millions of Delhi of youth are what we need man Deepak Bolivia from Mohammed Mohammed amahi in sushi bar here zoo baby and – I mean positions Vienna was a banana and a politician's well Amana modeling and here – we need much allah our governance structure angles of poo gonna be an important mission in a magazine Aqaba Yahoo yippee there we can even do some business with West African firoozeh walk good nikita anand nikita ha FIBA Eurobasket Heba you bougatsa ng when shall we grow getting my oscillation young in Malaysia and Singapore Nyonya independence within the same pure do I've been to Malaysia I've been to Singapore Navy sender Malaysia and watching the United we are aware – Indonesia the bergna 'no Singaporeans are performs a nice for nurses more India community where a militia now look at how this this advance the cause of their country in the AABB nefra leadership in this country from the religious sector from political section from Adi yeah chieftaincy institution Nia toning the Ghana the way forward Natalia was the DP for football instead they will buy entry wound do it what is happening to discard some bad as velu tikka Minami agony but winning man what typical example but remember nothing yet mean said a Samara Ghana for parka see a young man a bang Edison to say on a private sector a baboon Norma Brahma yes a a Shakima see her baby I would see a branch EB majin buu doctor despite anemia you know I'm a bimbo but if you wish him if he had not no more peace needs okay hello Nemo affiliates now shop wah wah wah a yo-yo ma now Kabir Miami chocolatey this way NASA for a private sector and disobey an aggressor orbit so private sector moon Allen a carbon-carbon nail Fatima a Madonna wannabe idea young country are attending a members a journo Coco Dracula moose a sewage aye yes touches up with the see criticism a buyer but it's minyak product man I'm shy one do I live multimedia epic neck and neck and crow family bond play a bit macabre solution academic kebab passe and Caillou didn't come to fruition because boobie yeah at the monopole it's got an advantage nasiha trivia see me me me Nanea wouldn't me how many times I mean can say predator 1 million whoa I sent me near mommy if you say me Nam acquaintance wah same economy Nam also be Clarendon a moose a broken age mono Aparna is same time it saves costs and VBR many panel oh yeah baby I said essential oh yeah but I would dick show up you say wah wah never criticize indecision the am PO sincere criticize the annual new Audrina at the abysm an awkward movie Cohiba be affectionate Cobra Bay no babe demo and non Mamma Mia or rebel nominee this is agata clean away and sports promotion even omeka yet about 2000 plant seedlings of rare a EBM a probe a edema from a snow crab from the NASA phone because laundry and a bath even a bit seedy soffit Regina are going through some are emmy rossum 20 de passe october 20 20 now if i the processor but resume kebab is a guava 2020 opposition named is hababam name this is real projects disellio home a 1 D 1 a 1 V 1 D over candy ok oh yeah a circle in touching you know lipid selfie huh because a good project name one and I'm saying and I'm saying yeah you Suho Sophie konnichiwa umbrella but didn't walk and Sonora communist reasonable yeah walk walk and now I called VIP a casa biases say how they say yeah departments and care to see the intensity someone supply my own my papa Cesar mama get us in there yeah let's start from someone I was part of those who criticized president before all the mothers come should be pay the to Morpha and an example is intelligent on each of the processors you can school facilities or I decided in France with Nancy but we got into a state our DHA animus is your social media boxing away at reject if he happy be super was a new model beaba our audience Musa Nia is to remove these dog double attack is so good of but Monica in there you happened in a lot of projects it's Mediterranean aqua nominally this Agana food a is that they need for us to have a government that can be in power for 16 years a money policies and programs BB are working my implement no one is gonna forward out who Tonya now could not run yeah see yes yeah maximum flow yet the market a Masamichi living at you know although openness is Nina's easy that don't be need for a military oh please so that word ability resume at early 60s as Anna I said gonna Walker force namazi religions a lot of them were perhaps Vanessa do also embrace the politician corruption image and which is sweet magic magic monito I monitor oboe volume in my mama court Rubio Facebook on my shoulders numb who never know gonna is be on couch but and then so on imagine that could be mamma jamma Latino yeah I am is a Baku with the gamma to a new topic model oba oba Casa Ramos Amanda medaka but mama foie gras creepy in Inca sahaja Marco is it allah azza bottom our entire budget of de policies Narayanan Rana no Monica no money you owe no naka de demócrata donor yeah Tony I do Magana foo the second of water into Maya Bobby my epididymal an Assessor ba-ba-ba-ba-ba VG 1992 abyssal another 19 96 is about 2008 admissible my way and I sometimes they drive our name who never yeah no Shifu morning with that oh yes SME Jessica I saw mono and it is dw- right now Akuma no I do party our teaching today yeah yeah now I am fossil Oh Sam I wanna order Brahman na aana abundance essential of a below them projecting on cheddar on corn farm int each other yes fun to invite Tom I may become pain a Mac or a bruise no Appa danger yes yeah scenario around them Scooby Tamiya commissary yahushua f Admiral Moses in there the kikuna over there I had imagined obey a facade amo positive reasons in social media or no data to connect with a CPC cuckoo processing na kaho a solution Anna and Roman abusive oh no fear ban to abandon the boondi Ruby Jade imagine NT no I think maybe when Isaiah Thomas a Yuri's dementia Sina even political engineer dot o Nizam Pangu mundo API uh new album ng nah hey Dennis ooh mm if you bail min child no mmm project nya como se na se na cha da na na bong oh yeah Apple banh cuon me pero se Samba – Sol tvro Cora ano ba gua oh man oh nana party Nina Nassau Kamisama about it identity of cruelty in damn colony a cobia Lana Amazo media faux Rio Kastle do a no vote in Villa Blanca phone Osaka una política de la selva Hainan Jakob umeå to Nam kuba ka's enabled me to betray my American yellow ma political party in mint Oppo narutimate at Hawaii to mana when you add renewal question visit a in Kenya Melissa now upon ship that means all day here Dan Yamaha Obama and Raul engage easy day political party a an a B a decir una y / goodra to Miyajima or say a Fatah watch as it it's my Obata so good to my Baba solo Marty Matassa chief mani madhava not do this well not the winner I'm sure sir boys can see expected in terms of quality of play [Laughter] I'm still say look you would be yes Williams J&S much like America today so she keeps our food number four one-ways really there's no underdog tale all those perceived and a talks even ago you oh nice hey say my red Congress just well yeah let me mijo I think said you buckle to the next run from Danny about the government – nope no be titre I see meda Marciano pacer Manya Wanda Gina my by seeing I am being Janna accompany was to the ASEAN up a banner a low-tech Jacobs ever I see some pine-sol aha she's my knee ever had she by near deputy nationalized and I see some pine also for pediment people are sentimental hello tell Jacobs a social commentator anafi up to Mallika bocko jr. has a movie opening Emma knew crusading guided obokata and penny phooey and I at receipt and I know paid yesterday my MC and everywhere you go a piece you know freaking a farmer a nerdgasm Omaha woman and a yacht Nastya and yeah yeah yeah yeah kai in fear Jemaine and feel gr my ass off for 24 – yeah someone would yeah yeah bye-bye and also in wasum I say Supreme Court are Tim wanna know what the buyers say say about money and I buy Assessor Buffalo point so we achieve executive offices Omaha edgy and as we miss Hawkins will you imagine so as I introduce wha el COSO faad2 general visual a Kazakh BB Eddie afar electric Commission and an mi Pia and so our core audit I generally reporters are the about 2018 and watch them so Fe limited voters rescission exercise and also our table new swap the Rebecca and Watson and an opaque holiday there are forty years down the line you have an in-depth knowledge of all these things sometimes let's rely on them because in our physical world I mean looking at a society in our history there as a country mama June fourth group and a military coup PRC gonna puke come on and also yeah so far on the militant group whose effect there's no doubt about it yes nation brutalities are all CC not OMA the reason behind the coup d'etat upon Emunah left from its right I mean from energy DS the poppy and easy the me-me-me's a faux pas que cosa Bravo bull one the masa mirepoix kapeniak iy o yes they are good aspects ah yes a revolution ah because not my idea from PN disease butI lomani there were some consistencies caca there were some changes in our political spectrum for one reason or the other and we had people russo-chinese quadrants and Enza or give it back to Republican democracy but member aguas a sybian a poor Marissa boom Bui a matter of listen to me in view from the Boston Tea Party to the north and the south wall all the deficit to university lives by as a union Papa even born poster you have the term president of America also awesome Red Wings in Cuddapah so in every nation beyond building on history and your own culture as well as your own revolution and democracy the about the decisions by AMA – II wanna subpoena or the cinavia we memoria Co the the chose that profession to be soldiers to be warriors noble between them ambition was diverted into some kind of a he wanted to be leaders of a nation when we were supposed to protect her sovereignty and the well does the job they choose to do the profession and along the line they had to pay for it Germany Muslim a tiny you know anak oh no was it a will it bring closure no so far as it is part of the history of this country the Lucretia I believe it you're bad or I hospitals now police say shut up open a wanton but he is really young it will always be dead because it has to be a lesson I know my Unni a captain in our talent democracy this positioning and adjusting to protect data and now you believe me there it is is it our right to protect our Constitution and our democracy if it is then there could be a you see you but also remember the past from fall to guide us to our present and our future mass of the grammar game and oncology and our technical zero two four four eight four four four eight eight zero two four four eight four four four eight eight and Lyle between a new adventure a fossil and anime previous lemma a PC from kanafeh my empty and everywhere you gonna gossip NOAA technicians Gilda come on no no Donna share with you four Buckland oh I'm yangshin Puna we am really Sharon I want to go file question a little cough ah that's enough I'm very important hoonjae care much if I inquire into Maya Papa ganda for Noah's Empire of the Mohammedan also Achaia no well yeah um again council lemon day I'm not mean Yabba I appeared also soon so I'm accrual also me me in the eye now you know Odysseus Cynthiana Muhammad Ali Jinnah Bianco so um I submit the hormone in flip your name I shall open fire she won't want you Saban need bein an you maybe of my enemy and you want some making some random wasn't in school I was in a distance i'ma catch a helicopter Papa Papa Papa bitch she is impossible oh my no Beach Oh mom Kumar su casa es el rama for pneumonia Higa kasi otra a Needham cacao de quoi Samaha no petrol tank a beer Mooney nah Sania / – Lucy a new kimono party arrest a sampan for Mancha pneumonia whoo baby llama drama falsi when I'm gone so not my I am I come on ya gotta be Savannah Bernie baby film CA na q SE na action go for now my Akaka did you would be de amor personal experience i a – yeah Papa nominee Abu Dhabi interior Lama Kappa nah oh my chaser Agana pumpin funny – no else MB aroma Catriona a business a a billing crackage a boozer elbow bank manager say Woma to me a drama happening disabled Iago moody army impenetrability nobody said to me no and a do cuneus Eskimo ok now they also obvious can watch your ball we put it to a woman editor una ley Assam Walmart near Corbin on so much to say we also an anime KB idea to be moving progress on and also cameras who can be as handsome we are a yeah Papa a threesome and you betcha me a travel Johanna and I look at Sami disapproval Nanao adventure my mikasa is a quadrat the poor woman and then submit by Sansa moon a free salmon babuna they always see the a change a Cuomo I see oh my god a new supplier co-op now refer to me acquire contract hominid gbbr moon not gonna baby is a to Duncan I wouldn't never knew who Ghana's kappa 30 million dollars greater how ganna it is all yes and some no net bobaloo Chia let's just say kombucha and yeah aconcagua Monaco vomit roses are my new crown Roman moody every same random at the feminine nomination competing abroad to infinity in discipline assay our Ghana Haman Antiochus Oh Daniel a Nvidia in short talk now go for and they are too critical on a footballer bugatta using sir in Salamanca tickets were saying you know I will cut a boom now cacao did that generous reports over the yes now Jessica a new front row for sassy not mine no I am sure her the balloon XE om nom nom crayon or and neck at the back as someone no Cuomo ba na me let me do this a Sanka president for a buyer cocoons a chalupa sorry consolation albino a huge reversal seminar let me do the same en Cajon ubermann Cimino me llamo can Abajo my balloon and acai ow a balloon that Jim Crow for the comments now Samina achieve a palpable geocell Coulomb endemic O'Hara phobia immigrant underworld Cuomo Know Who am a movie nonprofits word my business as a highlights not about Mexico let me knock I'm yahwah deep-ando of economy bo na yan kai Ibaka sensual Libya Yemen become interior area now as a nation the freely Verdasco see Yurchenko phobias na na yang casiano mucho over the yellow and Timmy Anza assume we see and follow yo foas handsome moving forward yep FSA inclusive in Nijmegen on say chu man mundo young qui se hacen para Babineaux near – a politician knock when say or new and alien Papa an Anna Quezada Assembly's a reduction assembly so phobic una OTG Oh cousin be de de de de de de Oh super mu T a so FEMA which arts music of Abajo with Nabatean Oh could I buy a also what you wanna what do once a a glacier boo to me and grow food see a dying development would be biology and grow furnace area wanna up until the warmest Felipe be a means no mikata – yeah Nia by Normandy now why would she 1 million 50 meters away from begonia predator no anubhava reputable la di da Vinci McCoy Camuto Indiana Jane as Omaha yes yeah we'll be okay yeah panna Wilson so at war Elkanah now me didi say Oh mano en camo nama vivillon so cozy daddy Sanaa no no yeah Samia nama moon do you say here to me ants are no say Americans Oh Nia francescana Pam no make a sensible man yah yah yah mo conde bring khufu crooner debiasse ada mokka I'm officially now commence à moi Sameera see some time yeah Mariah in fact consensus around a table is it they are waiting for you so did a contribution at the child men yet the only nothing have to be very careful what I say authority on issues dealing with truth fourth there are many others out there who also do a lot of things and then the head of economic is about the 40th ETA perceive memory and yes I see access a summer as we speak ostriches are Saba paper paper summit g1 clarity Bingham and I be honest to you because mod liabilities of few other things it is the state that is organizing this no is the village you know what phenomena the families of working that's good they are excited to do that is he alright loss of life in any circumstances especially soon in the circumstances of June 4th here we are talking of execution by firing squad I regret our family cinema in the Des Moines Iowa close friends ever show the pain with the derivable Grampa women can suffer pain and the pain can be very lasting Libyan war the same capability or capacity I want me to end your pain and she this is a very sensitive delicate and sentimental madam me limpa and they know families is a memorial service to remember fathers uncles brothers and what insignia a bag difficult for me to you know say everything that we I want to say it's because maybe some irrespective the sentiments of the bereaved families but I also be a bit dishonest if I come and sit here imperiled sentimentalism especially when a claim is a sentiment and a substitute for sighs when it comes to politics and history it's a man walk a tightrope deliberate omission so I can see where I want to see without unduly hating the of families and friends of those who are being warned today or be remembered today some PI refer to president perforce projects the national reconciliation commission yes President Ford very wise leader at that time in Ghana's history of course and a ndmp before manifesto pledge I think almost all the parties would have exception of dendi's I may be wrong but if there's any indigenous resna only me say was so precious idea not taken correctly by Minister almost all the political parties in opposition had made that a pleasure even more so than be B and then B before NAB our office 2001 president for decided to a personalized that manifesto trench and in a day the NRC project buying but before then chrono my name is Amal Felicia president for administration he took some initiative oh mama the remains of the generous there had been buried in unmarked graves oh ma they still look 84 cylinders were no head in the way noon but they were mocked ma or which remains nazar Bhatia the war Daily Graphic well December 28th 2001 11 page in 15 rest at last for eight top military offices after 22 years in on mag briefs present before us Pat a passel of a healing process my oath which dvds remains the map respective formation and the families proceeded to bury them indeed the state sponsored and ballot that process it's written there and I receive antenna so burn into force I'm setting 2002 Navy I go through that process meaning even more criticizing enema but still it went on and at the end of the day no a nurse for submit a report to the president for the matter before administration government is you white paper on that report make the copy of the white paper is signed by a huge Attorney General and Minister of Justice but a point in time on annoy a Attorney General and government accepted quite a lot of the recommendations as a rereading khakhra and some atrocity in develop paragraph five miss recommendations of the Commission – masseur government's accepts the general recommendations made by the Commission on the Ghanim forces the police service and the Prison Service accordingly it arrests the council's of this institutions to study recommendations carefully with a view to the eye permutation government is convinced that the best way to prevent the misuse of these forces as documented by the Commission is to ensure transparency fairness and the highest level of professionalism in the recruitment training and deployment of this forces feather the trainees should make the men and women who comprise this forces sensitive to the values of human rights and the challenges in their relations with surveillance preparations Libby her government's six paragraphs x-1 our government has recommended as the Commission has recommended a setting up of a reparation area vacation fund governments accept this recommendation who attack again steps are being taken by governmental establish the fund to resources and to provide the modalities for its effective deployment as an important healing for Tana DNA recommendations may pick up the one of relevance the topic is discuss okay for national reconciliation commission recommendations page 170 monuments and commemorative events of the National Monument in Accra the honor of the killed disappeared in brackets all those who lost their lives as a result of human rights violation and the non victim of human rights abuse during the Commission's mandate period on the monument should be engraved the names of the victims all fall in this category such as the generous the tree High Court judges and retired Army officer those executed after some tries fraud as severe torture and serious procedural irregularities and don't know victims a lot of them but will is of the relevance of course there was also the point of institutional reforms of their security services sir Zelman what did we do with this recommendations what have we done since 2004 sir our recommendations were made and accepted by augment in contest of the white paper I'm not sure so we've done much in fact me home onomatopoeia capture the names of the generous the three High Court judges ourselves much to schaffernakís Aiea you see the Supreme Court any direct ID Army officer and all boos where there's a Content after as the Commission putting some tries in such a say there is some work to be done in respect of the early process now national reconciliation commission recommend here say yes a Makita TT all sorts of analysis exes ninja man AJ I will terminate my submission at this point the order as I said not reopened all those firms and two heads feelings of bereaved or grieving families but I think Ruby also failed my part relative placed factual revelation of history if me Birds raha and play the ostrich which is not in my current and especially when it comes to these things my brother by drill 4th 1979 me naka bay while – my baby 25 years naca Bayer 193 days uh-huh to July 7th which is my birthday I would have been 25 years on the body them before they're my brother from 1974 BC 79 I was one of those key activists in the streets of Accra in Earth's way to testing Belleci an axiom the Saudis – all back to barracks where they belong I wasn't alone some are dead but many are life and I'm sure they are listening and we're not just industry said yet the decade there were reasons why we were industries Morgana and protesting and agitating for the disengagement of the military from national politics apart from the economic mess the poor Russian the human race violation the army for the matter the armed forces had no business every business to be in national politics they had no business and they knew it the emphasis at 1600 so they need supper so we're politicizes uniform become a severe what you originally are and come and compete for civil power or responsibility what am i only say you are in possession of them instruments of Rowling's are you be all the point by civil authority to do prepare for your your engagement in helping either for national security or combatting external aggression that is your vow that's your business I will pay you for that and give you the mini instruments of violence me say it I get renewed for that but somewhere along the line this suggests they thought that whoa there can be massage the British revolutionize they can cure the mission that DC civilians represented rare or perceived or both so they elected they selected themselves to become Redeemers and librettist by the time of June 4th what we had was not a mere military junta we had an informant the highest level of military intervention is civil politics opportunity a member of the Supreme Military Council era one more – by virtue of the service appointment ok that's where we are reached by 1979 June 4th and they have messed up the society they had messed up the body politic they had messed up their Konami they are all of that institution of them forces and everything you can look at that's the fact nobody's gonna be able to negotiate that one away of our memory Talbert I have a very retentive memory more than that of the elephants perhaps the one that of the wheel if I proceed further SMC to we need to example air of policemen folk idea over the example the stripping of his military rank ready ma'am esta exciting to its village but they passed a decree to tell Denise why they were doing what they were doing but you see this is what I see it is is a difficult exercise it's row Buca is jacob de letra agility Venegas and I'm going to a certain challenge internally as I speak the SMC team of general producer Woodley against Johnson in captured in the Armed Forces Mozilla knows provisions decree 1979 one personally interfering in the economic and financial management of the economy of the country to interfere with the normal operations of the Bank of Ghana thus causing over printing and over issue of city notes three indiscriminately Vesna and a bit religious issue of importance is to favorites and close associates and awarding contrast to incompetent contractors Wow for taking tubules for real loose to the detriment of the state five personally writing on deserve concessions to fever favorite business houses in contravention of existing government policies their relations six in Federalist office inordinate ambition for political power he manipulated invested all executive powers in his own hands for his own advantage seven it was regarded with impunity the principle of collective responsibility of college in the SMC and NRC 8 p reverse decisions in the name of the NRC and SMC without proper citation with any office college eight he employed at the state's expense the services of numerous unofficial person advices and aids of dubious competence character and God their intentions who only sought to be a good in government to the detriment of the nation now he brought their own forces to the brink of disintegration nomina become his own police 11 the shower generous fee based on section offices and men need to be closely associated with him to the desert righted and annoyance of order offices of merit and a rank-and-file that's contributing to the breakdown of discipline in the Armed Forces the last point he displayed immorality not befitting an officer and a gentleman imagine as a head of state sometime hookah media that was a man yessuh malaria fries for the time the SMC nanny police thought that in the public I come home how distance he's dead too recliner on June 4th Sein hmm I watch Shannon significantly and I know why it had happened but I will see now he was given the opportunity to address the media I've taught my children the auction was getting opportunity to defeat the truth system no true techniques 1917 I will flash the house not to be house you know it was Armed Forces and what they say normal so taking advantage the whole girl can say wow this is a Magisters kind say wow 21 in our affairs to him ok first of all say I have no regrets for staging the 1971-72 column which toppled doctor who says government and looking back at my rayna's ganas head of state from January 13 1972 to to life in 1978 when Jericho where others removed me from office I feel I've done enough for Ghana I can't claim to the infallible harass my only fault was that I was too lenient and cried I helped people like eh Mason a peer mentor and doctor person to make money even I was aware the way my political enemies general of when others have accused me of running the government as well my soon the other lives and that accusation against me is baseless because every action taken during my tenure of office was a collective one my other truthful office was moved deviated by personal interest of other smc members at that time general Kofu a major general data well it and orders remove me from office at a time Jericho food the major general who dr. valantine and others who move me from office I was contemplating this mess some of them for their involvement in enough details Karen Cooper decided to move me from office because he knew he was going to lose his membership of the SMC in October 78 five days before I was removed from office I wrote a letter to also just ponder over the tragedies of my practices such as smuggling toward an imperfect cleric in with some of them entire families had become so much involved on July 5th 1978 when some SMC members asked me to resign I pointed out them that it was not me as an individual that Canyon's did not what I told you afraid of that we're looking for all of us at one General of diarrhea greatest action and that he was going to create more pollution my mover was not of dust I or the SMC members let me are serving in the Army for 27 years that is not right and proper for general Khufu and his SMC to membership to strip me of my military title of general I should have been put before I caught myself to defend myself against whatever charges they had against me when I was head of state I was honest I was not corrupt Rada Jericho for notice we're not honest there is not enough huge sums of cities and foreign money or a movable property in any foreign country he's also noting that when I was head of state I printed millions of CDs and I challenged the governor of the Bank of Tana to come out with the facts if he had any to establish my guilt all these are the work of Jericho where my enemies who want to bring me down can't dr. kwame nkrumah soften the same fate and I'm not surprised that is happening to me but the case is that gun is a very short memory each other – I had never had some fine Unabomber say it is not that I bought golf cars for my numerous gatherings how to pay automatic or if it were to go it is not that I bought golf cars for my numerous girlfriends I don't deny that hard care friends all of us have girlfriends going to the media if you which of you threatened only your wives we were to eat and to me I don't see our dear friends contributed in the reign of Danis economy no one can claim to be a parent veteran Richard we all tweets people see that maybe as we mentioned this is mission in the lady sleep – I'm not sure it's alive but so true for before extra before a studio that was a mess I did her good I have professor to wear his giant have professor michael ways book here but appropriate time i read portions for you here's how was Nevada radical angry militants killing give a damn about anybody out there let the blood flow where shouts I was one of them on Tommy Boy professor my kooky this book I think in routine my team numerous tragedies is after the handing over okay or your analysis positive negative will be a critical constructive we are saying when we under classes and subtract the minuses only the devil considered essence of Donna did not do a good job for the Amidala and seemed an image of the military considering all the circumstances the extent of the rod and a time available to them promise I do binding so how older than us Luanne Atticus and young militants who didn't give a damn about anybody out there but this way my short miles historians and political science lecture II mercy not only was to thought absolutely necessary and justifiable but it was also most opportune it was necessary and opportune because the society especially the upper crust in general and the armed forces in particular had gently required that housecleaning exercise proud to the return to civilian which is obvious they have the pent-up fury of the other acts have not been given fact even more bloody and chaotic conditions would have immediately formed the return to civilian disrespect June 4th was indeed a vital requisite for a successful return severe second the crew did not in any way alter the remains that have been made for the return to civilian if anything is rather accelerated the process by shortening the program by serving two days and it was justifiable because it was not I guess a civilian but I'm not a military regime that did not have the mandate of the people to be there in the first place nor did it in French or abrogate in the Constitution that was in existence a bar for a death set is a very limited objectives pursued them with military and revolutionize you and handed over indeed drill for this set up president which one it was we'll be formed subsequently now see this is where my program with the defense comes in between us you thought was method identifies the simple intervention that's honest but we're also do for was not all the same people Lucy if Elena hasn't there supporting through fourth as far back as 1979 posted the handing over we see they publicly say the on drop of operations of the AFI seen in that dream and Pierrot what programmatic they were areas okay do fortunate was an insurrection it wasn't an ordinary Paquita okay more or less a contact but it was an insurrection the Ghana Armed Forces was turned upside down in the military I've been hearing some senior officers retired who are talking pretty about what happened where they didn't I don't they're missing many of them running to under their beds many of their running to automata forest many of them the board was the courageous one would Road onto Wellington them a signal let me be honest who determines was killed in action not executed and I'm a tradition it is different you know he was given appropriate burial but he was an honest soldier let's look at about not only general I mean you were brought into the SMC to to clean up the image and in a man was on space and if there's mc2 had died things properly perhaps to form it never happened and professor great and the way he say it here if they have done their life things and see it's a good binding OC hot a bush and the reconstituted SMC hit that dislocation so lessons that have been made by civil society MOOCs professional bodies Association Donna by association so many things including that expose a trial of a chump for the so-called crimes man warm while engine rather than stripping him of his generation ah Sahara Oh foo and then reconstituted SMC he did these suggestions and implemented them immediately his regime would most probably have lasted but they did not they did not only refused to trash company whose Rocky's associates and I'm gonna become like you were saying this 1980 but they also fail to check the corruption economic mismanagement daylight looting of the state office the ostentatious living and the color bully that were going on nor did they deal with end discipline and corruption in the army essentially in fact turn out to be as someone put it they say T different as SMC one this is Professor goodbye Minami friend Hank because was my father's very close friend no be fear me never settle of course I subsequently worked with him in politics and things no one but not as a quitter this is as a senior to me but it is not a mind of the Izone militant radical Google back for sure till later brought fruit but as I said there were problems and some of us by 1970 I had to see that for instance focus a tribe cruises huh if you raise the issue of trial the mode of trial before execution you have a legitimate case to make especially with a benefit on one side but then we had detained outside on him the a meal of hot Masha salute rank of well at least the one had in the Commissioner Mike caught Masha or a member of the Maximus view of the same rock with the people you are trying it's this military law but this voice this young guys they had ten down forces upside down all the generals are loved okay well more TV well it arrested them brought in a sleaze nagamma but so in etaf I do not even have adopted the conventional military try process it was impossible and he had three months into a good last white year two years you see okay now you can stabilize the station and get a proper Mashhad process going to put it neither could they sank them to the civilian course there you know others and indeed the ungawa says that something had to happen yeah I'm holding this is the very original to the is inherit all right it was a list correspond and why I write oh it's nothing kögel is a book out finally soon and the commune and I say my ethics how soon is your soon corrected house we assume this this this is the list 147 Dalits soldiers policemen businessmen market women lawyers judges the lien was presented for execution distillation I can tell you what went before this list was not operationalized and implemented answers of the fully bhatia one kind that I was a devil but it was American barracks at this list it was brought up the person who brought it up was a captain will and to defuse the station it was trust on him nobody knew you project mitosis into new he brought it so he trusted only method can testify dismissed he couldn't justify it and also much cleaner look more forces see firing squad stakes stakes on or her districts across their engine maybe falafel bottom across the regions not just a crap now it had to take some serious anger management to make this list not that list for the console to do it serious to the management today's easy historian you were talking about it's very easy but the moments the moments was no joke eventually it came to the aides and makes the better to incite a heads the kind of try process they went through was it a try if you like I agree Tennessee look at all these things somebody sees a McCain he came up at NRC and president first philosophy was that it will help to take away the pain medications but I realized that I saw some people were heads who are paid I understand we had to the pain under however long it lasts but I want ask them it's hard question these soldiers have any business being weighed away okay geography phonetic we'll focus on a 10-0 to Africa Champa my tampon league did oh okay by me I can't believe they let that reform was accident wasn't my boy Yi don't you see that wearing dangering us all of us from successes 272 genron crap myself a free for all of us you are putting us at Eric's and hwacha so while finding some elements in the CPP an army Mumbai organized a certain insurrection and then pick them one by one for a solution very prophetic why was general FIFA afraid Massoud said he was going to Parliament as a way of protecting himself because he couldn't trust example a champ on human government or boosters not resist not me Kranti ANBU reported in a Eric's know if if I was a very telling gentleman very sharp man very intelligent be stinking awful from the dead you certainly are from school very intelligent he knew that law he knew look however move what they see however no booty I tensions were high duty I didn't do a dishonorable maggots política judge mega making there are those who think what it it was noble for the earth masses this is coup d'etat he knew that regardless of how noble and I put it in quotes he had committed a crime that is punishable by death in the face of the wrong Criminal Code 1960 and forces acts 1962 the Constitution you are throwing all these three put you Alex now you become a running illegality who are now open a Eden ABC and you see by the time he was do you think the transitional provisions that were to protect him to identify him we're not they provide not in existence cha-cha C so to a naked sitting ducks targetable and the boys went for them look they're very moment the army intervened apologies he sowed the seeds of accountable Italia were trying to field to the fourth f-350 role is trying to fail you June 4th things had better it was an insurrection wasn't it was impossible for a toothy costume thought the question was how do you manage it managed this flowering situation defused the tension and repackage and carry me out of the sea how's the mission an iguana with all the challenges it was done but we all knew no strong and new products was going to be the program because no Christian again I had them and there were dice be surrounding him what project goes for years and not succeeded okay yes and the Solon's as a shortcut to achieve their ambitions edited they refused to subject themselves to the discipline required of them by the Constitution or the telephonic and in the process emitted my keys and overturned elected government of doc tell you man toss well my departure would Rawlings miss make a personal email that you thought they took a well Joe for validity and clarity I'm telling you it's the CI be honest with you and that is an area considerable Astana have or mr. Hollister forgot matter that the face the same a bonito and byproduct of it which is NDC incidentally this heart funds et well I thought I could see way solid in Aires president offers NRC and the house tiny recommendations are we are implementing maybe we should go back take a look at their knives and recommendations and see how the cost government is comment onion administration's in the Yaak the Korean government is still the Kenyan government and commits itself to the recommendations here see if we can take away some of the pain of the families from 1960 system now janaballah was killed in action it's not a solution but his family I'm sure her pain their guys are the froster house who were lined up and shot when the soldiers took over the shot them become a nurse equality there were doctors and wives of ministers and district facilities were raped by soldiers first successive school they had no business being politics but they did that earth was a calling you want a deliberate Ghana from the tyranny or force a default on that one so they did that the way they were proclaimed as heroes well one night he was killed in action who gave him millet on an unwrapped military barrier they would put his statue at the Kentucky International Airport where we will named it after him that way then we set up a trust we set up a trust fund I used the money to build hospitals here and there there so people who advocate for them but those things we can live with as long as they are commonly from today's constitutional dispensation and then sure internist our Constitution already it was also in the 79 Constitution except say it has been expanded and improved under this 92 person says a bill of some day he'd be a cool day those of us who are concealed I entitled to rise up and use any means peaceful and very to get them out that auditioning at account is they say a subsidy what you will feel it know what you to know au b BR say eventually returning back to pay a gamer you telling to constitutional rule you are compensated reparations to be paid then are see people are appealing their limbs my mouth coca and the rest they praise them for the attempts to remove the PMD scene in vanity there isn't a robot and the government the Commission said and government athlete say reporting off circulating all screws in the libraries have redundant no yeah so the healing process now president before unleashed good good mind i think thats ignition like we've done in many respects we don't sleep on the report so those were heads and pain the pain is thursday holy memory service have no problem with the demon it was 100 years animosity and see same is wrong but when we are telling the story and the story is told in a distorted manner that some of us who lived then leave the moments of that period will not let people just come and tell how big stories and distort their stories it will happen it will never ever happen India currently the positives and the minuses have a process of mitosis like prozac reboot it should all be brought together to the form with dispassionately interrogate those issues lastly lesson let's more Suja let no soldier ever ever dream of disrupting this Constitution there are ways and means of reforming the Constitution removing an authority the very moment you take the arms to bat for the Constitution look you are running illegality and you will never sleep soundly like a FIFA never did I rest my case thank you letsa well delivered Abdul Malik Baku Baku Junior anyway let me just have this one she running out I mean our mommy I love ya this one it is a press statement dated 23rd June 2019 it simply says we the children of senior military officers who were killed during the June 4th mutiny please who is on the phone please no Micah's life in 1979 are gathered to hold a 40th anniversary Thanksgiving and memorial service to honor our fathers five years ago we also held at a defeat an aversive Thanksgiving and memorial service at Christ the King Church the theme was love forgiveness and Thanksgiving and we still abide by that theme and asked for God's grace to see us through holding the 40th anniversary turns given and memorial service on Wednesday 28th June 2019 our sin Catholic Church in Birmingham is of great significance to us a theme for a 40th anniversary is never again we would like to stress that never should we show the circumstances and aftermath of what happened to us ever happen to any family in our beloved country for and on behalf of the children esta or dotty Wellington Frances Feli ok teacher amanwe Efrafa listen officer 1 we see never ever again thank you my brother and friend godness Iberia calm who is taking after his boss kokuboro intercepting every document in town and says at least a chompoo was a very honest man he was honest with his moral status just like me I like him pyre why wouldn't you like him Gordon I sorry baby happened after in telesco dances ok the German Cup FIFA also known as Orkut is a son of the late general question Bank a FIFA who always record a horrific experience II the mother and siblings wincing others danger I will only empathize with him and all the families that lost their relatives on that fateful day indeed with shot people for less okay now those ones Kutner we were told it was housecleaning exercised by later those apostles and disciples of probity and accountability rather dated the house more than became to meet it may God forgive us or indeed people were shot for less and on some poor illogical reason as personal looms and others for more than one toilet facility never again in our body politic village someone grab our bring him how is she sending that Wadi Kaku you haven't ever denied supporting the youth of Revelation I am asking was the agenda behind achieved or people were killed for nothing I'm an asari sending that one in from Casa Goodman the Cardinal our prayer actually did well but it was this is involved okay mm got one in ha na na na kisi tell Abdul Malik kweku baka back he should find a place where he can keep his valuable documents for upcoming children to use ABC become Kansa in fátima see today as I sit here I'm a very happy boy now confidently say that cuckoo has just broken the news that very very soon while we have all been praying for or come out that his blue manga samapatti to watch a Papa Papa Papa sambuca DeVoe contract kakapo born in India colossal do academically buku aunty now who has also paid himself he says the book of Komatsu but with the already was amazing o timeline di work in progress yes at least we are happy for the stand soon a space that where you create this ordinate heavens may become available to measure that's what I mean yes max it will be back to its documents audio evidence Wow wo no audio attachments on this wall I see no ready package voices from mm-hmm and you hear the voices in my life in fact from now I begin to compare their names in the one about people in the monster number they won't mock ammonia nitrites which row together their meat that will be more about the jack – it's an audio segment documented Bombay red a champ or responding to the charge of mine golf carts you asked for me if he has an RSS tab on me I know he's a very bald man it should be boarded Nonna's oh Jesus I think Abdul Malik kokuboro must be relocated to the political science department of university or Ghana Ghana has a history Nana has see Audrey and I audio it was in there why you gonna let your big is not they don't qualify to me well I've been lectured us money by uncle kobato on the history of civilian rule and a military Jimmy kudos to Bombay Bobby Big Boss teach at Monty nor do we see and buy Musa become a success in America see Coco has given us historical accounts of what transpired in many cool guitars not to sort to my surprise never mentioned Junior Jesus JG JJ's generalizes time and intervention to save democracy in Ghana those who over to and chromis regimes have done the service to this country the corruption happening today was indeed more up than it history dr. Lee must go mate what happened to it toppled ho ug hope we are going to be a great man wanna Maura now let me read this last one and then I go to just Jimena Sabich as it says I also join some point to condemn those assassinations at a time do it was the law that killed the people but this is no difference from today under the current regime Wagoneers are dying from government policies such as Antigone Sita's host Bank of Ghana financial resolutely policies among others that is why and perform infractions be able to identify no a secretive correct ancestor mr. solutions to children row for four years we are your relations sir man will have an incompetent and inept and registration list you have to wait for election to hold it out these let people get it right okay it's name who's against constitutional rule and constitutional I have problematical nice it go good is also and probably on the lighter side I see pink Oh Joseph now Marcus as I watch you on YouTube the despite media and Facebook like peace 104.3 i watch well cubicle they Shashi laws of rest records and document in front of him I was wondering whether they are all for him alone please ask him what are the records of the Black Stars of Ghana are part of the records he's carrying the smoothness in good a good user be a football fanatic he doesn't know that is the party – yes okay that song from Lara dog but before I go to chip I need good rendition from kwaku back home but I live with the notion that Jerry Rawlings and his cohorts a good in he well cabaco and Bachchan who overthrew the military government at a time failed to tell the stories and make effort to assure the pain left behind the over turn over to Americans French English revolutions and others let sweat blood and tears roley's should have tried to make peace all the families he Mackay 1994-95 went through a similar debate when we celebrated to enforce nudity faces in their kind of a swamp reverse the French Revolution French Revolution what was the outcome comparison snare it's all kinda element of violence or bloody legs and docile okay but we are talking of a revolution by Russia no changes system systems it's pretty good a new one and move on however imperfect a new one maybe the French Revolution created a Republican yeah Constitution exactly do you mean no no no Ramona I know in the zoo I'm right if you do know me I know it if you know Oh wah wah Bremen Gaza [Laughter] yeah is important today now go for dieting mama , my cotrona he and um you know ETS Emma service service of it may do more now Bridget John I wanna know anything and to know I said Bo Bo Kahuna good you know Hajj it will be there BTS every night in a soup now your father – bye Carmen ye mizukami Nana yes as you know Morty 90-day history I could go out catching a week we are my core but Rome I ever can Edina move yet you before my BA no I thought about pop oh I am for what I did without my hair nice woman and more points if I to be my councilmember we have more question via I mean five minutes without question or 90 or Narayana is important today Abu Jafar I said we wanna do she won't go through them in social neither oh yeah it's a Nazi double winner Anna P epic Iowans amor TV era marijuana yakitori yahuveh loony mom but my hand is he home and imagine optimization Rada know maybe I wouldn't what she wanted no one to Wonka Wonka Wonka yeah you able to me I'd be able to me and Adam generous in my judges suja funa haha adam a sermon is are not tone even to me anymore above you and si Maya behind a cabochon deny a so they even had a mob would be no kokin okay yeah so Monday Ivana DiMaggio Oh signal and I approve or the Aqua couldn't prevent will be adamant purposes or to G and I am a damper madryn whale fossil was a man or a man a recognition project snowmobile or yen cuckoo can cuckoo man bitches we are no women or today and Kawana de maison or to one even wha or they are so man yet the crazy shamone and calle a confesses walker or a friend a son did a few examples are when i dip into the inertia on its composition did otherwise DiMaggio adore Agent P and our beds in pure dominance woman nofa Nibbana award Oh auntie say he nano I do imported a residual money and Kobe the moon award on Watson Hakka home a severe blow Mon Amour Oh cotton cotton Winnie a diamond pattern which you can watch on know why she won't cry my own energy now we'll be on our journey to Mohini her corner I am Aphrodite bikini but you see when you forward an audiophile I like baby I placed emphasis day service observe II meet you know there was no business in engaging in politics thousand and one manual dream and it has no stop only the military in a policy the bump of prison and among corner Johanna bra n1 Davina Audriana Juan de matamoros especially Rousseff you know a military vu moment dumb political business Oh Satan a Honda mio que si si si please Vin de Barras wanna dance MCC when que ahora es el viaje sahaba Senko nah it was sweaty Oaxaca Chroniton Zamora Hippolytus ro Tanya polities ba na na order possible Johnny Drama Anna politician on national team on Anambra no susanin t of rho polisena the policing Solomon 20 men in general profession in general – impassive Ottawa yamasa be savvy savvy politician Olynyk hacen una oveja mwah Adama rassee seedha me say Managua coordination a Superman noche de CJ v VF u del mio buon anima Corona one notch a day a dippy avocado added imagination na yo Popo – a beard aquage night Emma Gugu Akane Haena adapt Lisa yat-sen some anime Akana an adult a groovy accessibility silviana a loop de demain semana Etrigan assume an overview and a beautiful didim dr. Dana Bob and a advaitha Shania Kamisama I wanna map Adam casanare can wanna nadira nadiya Oh defeat and sama cook work Amy one a possible annoying ability in caboose was indeed a man a meteor is about the boobafina Adhamiya no fabric wanna be awkward el Cucuy cynical reported a ma Baba's are so to a nama babaji a new image will be on fabric wander into motion worship less a young man I'm a German politician II Mahna Mahna Mahna 18 cm affable fema wretched animal cordon may a Kakaako hi-8 Suzumiya crowded variable called New Haven and a saloon a policy now a Twins wanna with million another ability nobody million Obama policies with Jim Akana according to the rock was an iron worker Mecca see you Sunday say pasaba sayin acaba the Macho Man in an audience question apart from Nadia question was eligible boom that is why they we are pleading there by a recommendation ax over B for new committee in yn1 phenomena will make sure they one atom is a not one way damn y'all fu oh my ACL papaya de medicina de Beauvoir added opportunity but during the Queen the Queen iman i by it's a cuckoo day you can hear why not Sam okay Ozzie you 14 it was necessary and important and I am not see today Oh nada para pacem corn okra normal day Anya deception we drew for from maybe we are tortured my opinion and I had Ahad the wannabe ax went to one I said be facile wife I'm breaking I saw money but Kakuna casinos you know Manchester day let the blood flow no no Pune news with the agua Cucina doubling our nation movie you know okay senator question is it between a Namibia Quattro's into if I see tomorrow Lee's Andrew cosas they move forward to Eddie's Madera be especially the reason why I'm coming and dizzy reconcile missiles will be visited no okay Wonka Kaiser that is why he departed wallets they extended it to the industry that's why I'm asking is is the Fonda it doesn't mean they're Odysseus a whom samsung cell yeah I'm supposed to say no recognized drew thought telophase a mass revolution whose faces well the owner thought so I never supported you for being celebrated pure as a holiday was a public holiday of any event for later 79 hey if she was that they should not celebrated because you only rate the old nobody – no – the prostitution okay coup d'etat our celebrate okay MPP for our opinion or support Nexus is grabbing a bat in the Atlantic Ocean okay do you have any loss of life but the way token of girlfriends are a useful public office team I went against orders that was the container not just because they owe extramarital yeah yeah no dummy individual Kosan they occur awesome and easy tell aunty this adi referendum ayah by the end of this year the base and and Trentino Oh Papa and Genesis Lena is the people speak to rates now yeah Duke or referral normal can remove it if that it was you know is having chief preamble to discussion see now spoken about an official there is something that in America when the Democrats are in power for defense entire Republican why there when the Democrats are in power the defense ministry or Department have you checked wounded or your Republican right I also have a president you know and to Miami why do I am mrs. Daniel to stay on your constitutional under it is tailored towards movie American system oh no and there is the ninjanomicon a Parliament's and politicians are filling this country you're nagging educate massages in your politics in the Andy pipette or their wire politics wrong I'm okay chief I mean Madison chaiwalla seminar see Abdul Malik cuckoo baku Medawar see anaphase and history lesson sodium ion Oprah ever whopper so on behalf of the who headed by dr. ferredoxin Heredia Santos a gorgeous auntie sermon before Peter squaw Isaac or Oh Victoria croc ran tuna salad beer bottle Bianca Kamiya boa mommy be a marker for Mussina me Armani Bert was homeless over the ceramic coffee compass and the Royale baby monitor comes up remotely and feminine York SEO bitch Mia famiglia cough now pneumonia animal yesterday my empty air everywhere you go ABC from Cana Pharma Nasim the nation's builder

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