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Dude, I cannot post a video without
having a bunch of kids say, “Help me do real estate, help me get started.” And many
of them are teenagers. And I’m like, “Oh, my gosh.” Dude, if you want to know how to
really ignite me and light me up, put me in front of a young teachable open mind
ready to be influenced to do something epic and crazy and incredible with their
life. Like my place is with teens, young 20 year olds. People that really are
saying, “I need a mentor and I’m ready to go.” That’s how I felt when I was 22 years
old. So today, in service of all of you that have ever commented and said, “Kris,
will you be my mentor? Will you help me?” I’m about to answer. So, I can help you do real estate and
today I’m actually going to help you do real estate. Today is all about helping
you become a real estate maverick. Set a different way a deal maker. A deal maker
is basically the person who makes the most money for taking all the busy bees
that do all the work and the people that have the money and merges them together.
And there’s a way for you to get a piece of that action. As you’re watching this,
you might be thinking, “Oh, Kris sounds like Wall Street crazy, man.” Those
are big things. I could never see myself doing that. Listen up, whether you are a
teenager, whether you’re in your 20s, whether in your 60s. I want you to hear
me. The easiest money to make in real estate is what I am sharing with you
right now. So, I want to help you understand what it is to be a maverick.
When you’re one of my real estate Mavericks, it means that I am teaching
you how to go out there and find investors for all the deals that my
turnkey team are actually finding. As in literally, there’s everyday people out
there with money and they’re looking for better returns and I have a team that’ll
do all that work for you. So essentially, I’m teaching you how to spend the least
amount of time and frankly make almost the most money compared to anyone else
in the game. Does that sound good to you? Let’s break it down. First of all, I want
you to understand that when people invest in real estate, one of the things
that goes down is they form partnerships. And when you form a partnership, 50%
normally goes to the person that’s putting up the money. And this individual
is going to play a fairly passive role. Generally, when people come to me and say,
“Kris, I want to partner with you. I get the other 50%.” I have the active role. And if
my partner is putting up the money, guess what I’m doing? I’m finding the deals or
managing the entire process. We’re doing the long-term, we’re managing the rehab.
There is roughly 342 hours per deal that my passive partner doesn’t need to worry
about. So, that 50/50, it’s probably one of the most popular things that I do. Now, on
the other hand, I can only partner with people as much as I have property. So
fortunately, I have a team of 200 experts and they’re amazing. I built that team
well over a decade ago and a today bigger, badder, better than ever
before. A maverick is someone that says, “Wait a second Kris, your team does all
the work. I don’t want to do that. The investor puts up the money. I don’t got
the money.” And what you’re doing is you’re actually out there and seeing if
you can find partners. Actually see if you can find people that are looking to
invest and put their money somewhere. Now, the first thing that happens when you
think that is you’re like, “Oh, do I know rich people? Do I know people with
millions of dollars?” I do have many clients, I’ve got a billionaire client,
I’ve got clients that have lots of money. But the people that typically partner
with me are everyday average people. They’re generally people that keep very
little in their checking account so they don’t really feel like they got a lot of
money. But what they have been doing is they’ve been putting money in 401ks.
They’ve been putting money in IRAs. Why? Well, because everyone else that the
company is doing this. My tax guy said to do that to save me a couple of percent
on taxes. And then what they do is they try to pay off their homes. So, their home
has equity. They might put some money in the stock market. Sometimes they have a
little bit of money in savings. These are the 5 places that people stash money.
And you know what’s wrong with all of them? There’s speculative more than
anything. And people are doing it because that’s what everyone else is doing. Look
at what’s wrong with them. Does your 401k pay you a monthly thank
you check for putting money in it? No. It actually doesn’t give you a monthly
return. Neither does this, neither does this. Neither does this. “Are you telling
me that all the places we put money our money doesn’t actually pay us? Okay, well
do they go up in value?” Uhm, well actually, these guys are averaging around 4 or
5 percent. Inflation is 3. So they’re doing a couple of percent. Hence
30 or 40 years of this can’t actually get you financially free. And
you might be the bearer that actually lets people know that and helps them
understand that. Now listen, you’re a subscriber here on my channel for a
reason. You watch my videos, you clearly have a passion for freedom for for real
estate as a vehicle and as you watch my videos, you want to take more action but
you just don’t know what to do. Which is why I created a brand new program called
the Maverick program. The Maverick program is where I make you an equal
business partner with me ironically. Does that sound a little bit crazy? Let me
break it down for you. When someone through YouTube
earth all my other social media finds me and then they’re like, “Kris, you have four thousand
homes of experience. You’ve done a billion dollars of real estate.
I want to partner with you.” That’s how I formed my 50/50 partnerships. But
recently because a number of your comments on YouTube. I’m like, you know
what? There’s a handful of people watching these videos that want the leg
up that I never had? And so what I’m going to do is if you follow my system to
help find partners, then I will take my 50/50. When they join and I’ll go
halfsies with you. Which means you’re 25% owner and I’m a 25% owner. And I know, a
couple of people like, “Kris, that’s insane. You don’t have to do that.” Oh, I
know. But listen, I’ve partnered on so many deals. Do you how much money I’m
making? Do you know what’s happening my net worth? Guys, this is real. So, I’ve
decided to create a way to share more of that with more of you. And that’s really
what the Maverick program is about. It’s about giving you an opportunity to make
key introductions. There’s a little bit more to it than that. I don’t want my
team talking to anyone unless they’ve watched some videos, they found me on
YouTube or maybe they’ve read my… You know, maybe a copy of one of my books or
they’ve seen my track record. In other words, I would really like for them to be
a raving fan at best. I’d like for them to be familiar with who I am and what I
believe and what I do. And then when you actually haven’t talked to my team, my
team will vet them the rest of the way. And if there’s a match and they join and
guess what? They become my partner for life. And you become my partner for life.
All real estate we buy, my ownership is split equally with you and you’re an
equal business partner with me. Listen, I don’t know how to make real estate
easier than that. I think that whatever I innovate over the next 10 years will
never be as cool as what I just shared. So, if you want to get in on the action,
if you want to become my business partner, if you want to have access to my
entire team of 200 experts, the very best deals in the country and possess all of
that leverage, then click the link below. Get with my team, get on the phone say, “I
want to be a maverick.” When you do, they’re going to say, “Hold the phone. We want
to make sure you’re committed. We want to make sure that you understand the rules
of engagement, how to play.” And I’m going to share with you and if you become one
of my Mavericks, then you and I get to go to town. We get to have fun. So, listen.
Thank you so much for watching today’s video.
Click the link below to learn more about becoming one of my Mavericks. And with
that, let’s get in the game as partners and crush it in the world of real estate
and an see you to the top of the mountain.
Take care of my friend. We’ll see there.

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