Kushner says economic plan is a necessary precondition to peace

23 thoughts on “Kushner says economic plan is a necessary precondition to peace

  • I'm sorry..But who are you ?!?!. Seriously What gives you the right to talk to anybody?!? You are his SON IN LAW who has a shady history with real estate!!!

  • When "peace and security" is declared in the Middle East; Iran BOMBS the Middle East Daniel 11: 44, 45 because pilots destroyed Iran's nuclear assets; and refuelled in Saudi Arabia. This 'sudden destruction' 1Thessalonians 5: 2, 3 that arrives while they are still speaking; saying: "Peace and security!" means the WRATH Revelation 11: 18 and the WARS Jeremiah 25: 24-26 that will MELT DOWN THE WORLD'S FINANCIAL SYSTEM IN ONE HOUR. REVELATION 18: 17 HAS ARRIVED.
    ONE HOUR….and the reality you understand is OVER. Ezekiel 7: 19
    ONE HOUR…. and the reality you understand is OVER. Ezekiel 7: 19 Revelation 18: 17
    NOW is the time to find out what happens, and how YOU can survive into something a lot better than THIS. Matthew 24: 14, 21, 22, 29, 30.

  • Kushner is just another lying Zionist terrorist. "correctly and competently" are not things this fraud and El Trumpo can do.

  • 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴políticos aburren bola de ratas

  • You cant buy what you dont own. A business approach aint going to work. Listen to the Palestinian people and hear what they are saying. Give their land back, allow them to rule themselves as a indipendant state, not under the boot of israel. Your plan is dead before it started. And to those who is so willing to dinate money…half will go to trump.


  • They want to buy out Palestine, just like California from Mexico. Just another front of the assault.

    How can you unilaterally impose domestic policy on a sovereign country of Palestine.

    Israelis should've learned from the past mistakes, or atrocities imposed on them.

    Why can't they live in peace, as equal people, side by side? Is it that Israelis think that they are "superior people, or race" above Palestinians, and all other people for that matter!?!

    Why does the international community falls silent on the attack on the sovereign country of Palestine?

    If that's the new normal, then where is this world heading?

  • Jared Kushner I would like to smack the bullshit out of you.


    This was supposed to be a
    "PEACE PLAN" right.

    But now it turns into a

    This is about LAND and HOLY SITES DUDE.

    Until someone talks sensibly about Israel taking Palestinian land and making settlements nothing will be acommplished.

    Oh, but MR. ZIONIST
    Jared Kushner tries to pull a fast one.

    Jared you sound like Trump, " I alone can fix this".

    This conflict has been for centuries but Jared Kushner
    seems arrogantly think he has the solution.

    Jared, you are not GOD.

    You and your father Charles are crooks and push a ZIONIST AGENDA.

    Your goal like many so called Jews want Israel for just so called Jewish people.

    You are a nationalist.

    You made no land provisions for the Palestinian people and you never will.

    Jared you are on Netanyahu's mission and he's a crook and his wife and his sons.

    All of ya'll are in bed together but guess what, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob sees everything.

    If It's not God's divine plan it won't suceed.

    Jared your mission is purely for the benefit of the so called white
    European Jews.

    They have infiltrated Israel and want to discriminate against the Palestinians.

    Christians, don't be fooled because these so called man made Jews don't want Christians living in Israel either.

    Jews were a fair to dark skinned people.

    These Jews living in Israel come from the mountain areas of Eastern Europe.

    They walk around Israel with black and white clothing according to their sect and rabbi.

    That is not even Middle Eastern clothing.

    Only God alone knows who his chosen people are and I can tell you ut won't be just WHITE PEOPLE wearing black and white clothing.

    Think about it, in the Old Testament
    people did not walk around looking like each other in clothing.

    They wore the clothes of that region.

    Ask a orthrodox Jew about Abraham having an Egyptian (African) wife or Moses who married Keturah a African woman and what do they say?


    God did not make just white people.

    God created all from Abraham and Sarah.

    These offsprings were yellow, red and black.

    Read history and stop being Jewish white supremist
    and nationalist.

    Yahweh also instructed his people to accept the stranger because you were strangers in a foreign land.

    These so called Jews are very prejudiced and need to stop
    intermarrying because they bring about genetic disorders to their children.


    Jesus is the end of the LAW to them that believe.

    We are blessed when we pray for the peace of Israel.
    Psalm 86

    Pray for the peace of that LAND.

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