35 thoughts on “Kwame Nkrumah – Address at Conference of African Freedom Fighters – Accra

  • 41 imperialist have listened to this truth.

    Keep listening, for we have had enough. African unity, yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever more.

  • He told us to be mindful of tribal differences of Which the enemy Will Take advantage of. United front to fight a common enemy. Here We are across africa each country is fighting itself internally. Tribal undertones Mixed with politics .

  • I called this speech of President Nkrumah as the greatest speech of Africans history by any leader in African history. May God Bless you wherever you are

  • We're more educated than all of the white man on earth put together, why🤔? Dr. Nekruma, Dr. King, Dr. Malcolm X, Dr. Farrakhan and so on and so forth…..🙂?

  • if people like nkrumah and sakara could have still there africa could have not been in the hand of white of people

  • Brave, eloquent, foresight, knowledgeable.. I can't believe he said all these things way back.. his vision was at least 200 years ahead of his compatriots. Long live Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah!!

  • May almighty God bless you Dr kwame NKrumah Africans let Unite so that we can take the right raod so Africa will become great

  • Nkrumah is a prophet in Africa and his prophecy came through after being said many years what great a man he is?

  • In the name of ALLAH we pray for The soul of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah to abide in Heaven for the good he did to Ghana and the African continent as a whole and May Allah forgive him for his trespasses.This is a real selfless LEADER!!!.He did not die a millionaire unlike other past President of GHANA and Africa of now.February 24th 1966 was a tragic date for Ghana and Ghanaians as is apparent today.May God give us future Leaders with the political intelligence and selflessness of this Great LEADER,that's when our great continent of AFRICA can move forward.

  • My God, the first Africa greatest son. That's right. Imperialism does not change it's nature, it's only changes it's front.

  • President Nkrumah, I normally ask myself why was the Ghanian army so greedy for power, which led to your overthrow in 1966? At the time of your overthrow, you were on a state visit to China. RIP founding father of the Republic of Ghana.

  • "If you do not understand White Supremacy (Racism), what it is, and how it works, everything else that you understand, will only confuse you." — Neely Fuller Jr.

    “Can there be anything such as 'black leadership' UNDER a GLOBAL Operating SYSTEM of White-Supremacy? WHO is the 'black leaders' Leader? And WHOSE 'law' and 'rules & regulations' do the so-called 'black leaders' OBEY?”

    “NO Major Problem can be solved, in ANY place, at ANY time, in ANY Area of (people) Activity, in the known universe, UNLESS and/or UNTIL The GLOBAL Operating SYSTEM of Racism (White-Supremacy) is ELIMINATED and Replaced with an Operating SYSTEM based on Justice.”

    The ONLY Purpose of "Education" is: To TAKE Power in The Land/Earth: To ELIMINATE Oppressors, and Establish and Implement JUSTICE.

  • It is very clear that Africa will never see the likes of Dr. Nkrumah again. Listen to this speech carefully and with sincerity. Open your eyes and reckon the legacy of this great African! The pace setter for the struggle to emancipate the African continent from the yokes of colonialism the grand product of slavery and exploitation. Please read history and shun tribalism! Yes the enemies killed him because of his communistic affiliation yet today Ghana and Africa are being rescued by the Communist China. Africans are now fleeing to China seeking sustenance. China has loaned the USA trillions of dollars! Read all about it! I hate any ism or cracy that marginalizes Africanism.


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