La Casa Azul Bookstore – Subvenciones Mission Main Street – Chase

AURORA ANAYA CERDA (Off Screen/On Screen): The bookstore is my heart and soul, I don’t see myself doing anything else. And when I wake up, I wake up happy, knowing that I’m
living my passion. My name is Aurora Anaya Cerda, I’m the founder of La Casa Azul bookstore.
La Casa Azul Bookstore opened in the summer of 2012… AURORA ANAYA CERDA (Off Screen/On Screen): Who likes dessert? CHILD (On Screen): I like ice cream with pie. AURORA ANAYA CERDA (Off Screen/On Screen): …to become a cultural hub where people come together for workshops and conferences and programming for children, families and teachers.
So, more than just a bookstore, but a community space. CHILD (On Screen): This is just like awesome. AURORA ANAYA CERDA (Off Screen/On Screen): When I found out that I was a Chase Mission Main Street Grant recipient, I immediately started crying. The grant could not have come
at a better time. We had been planning to expand the programming that we had with local
schools as well as with universities. The community helped me move in the book store,
so I feel a sense of having to give back for their generosity. JACOB “JAKE” PEREZ (Off Screen/On Screen): Casa Azul has two hundred events a year, so they’re very invested in the community and I think the community responds in kind. Let me show you where your book is! JACOB “JAKE” PEREZ (On Screen): Okay, yeah! AURORA ANAYA CERDA (Off Screen/On Screen): The heart and soul of this bookstore is every single story that is on the shelves. Whether it’s a writer from Latin America, or even
born here in this country of Latin American parents, every single experience is unique
and every single experience can have an impact on the reader. So many people have told me
that my dream became their dream, and to have the opportunity to be a recipient of this
grant from Chase, only allows for more people to dream with me. And it allows children to
open up these books and to see themselves reflected, to see their stories and their
voices and their culture in a book. That’s really what this grant means to me. It means
the opportunity to keep doing what I’ve been doing.

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