Labour MP Lisa Nandy: 'We are breaking our democracy'

are you worried that brexit would have really fundamentally shaken people's trust in the whole democratic process in the UK well to be honest I think it's been a long time coming in towns like mine I think before we had the vote to leave the EU we had a very sudden and dramatic rise in support for UK including amongst many people who would never have dreamed of voting for openly racist or far-right parties and before that we had years of falling turnout that we thought was apathy but actually was a level of frustration even anger with the political system that people didn't feel really spoke for them or understood their interests and so I think this has been a long time coming and Bret's it really was the sort of final chance to get us to wake up and listen my worry about the way that the debate has gone in Parliament and in politics over the last few years especially the last few months is that with attitudes hardening in Parliament as well as public a number of my constituents now feel that not only have are they being told that they voted the wrong way last time but they're also being told that they are you know essentially too stupid to have a say in the future of the country and you know the view from here couldn't be more different there are people who voted remain and leave having thought very hard about it because they had feelings about the European Union and about the way that politics works that just simply aren't being addressed and we're still not addressing them and I think we are facing a very real breach of trust between politicians and many people who voted in good faith and feel that we're just not taking that seriously it's interesting that you are saying that MPs positions are hardening as well on both sides of the debate I mean this coming week of course MPs will be voting again on Britain's adoptions nobody got majority last time around I mean are you worried that rather than kind of reaching out for a compromise MPs are actually becoming more entrenched in their own positions I think mp's are very like the public actually and the part of the reason that Parliament's gridlocked is because the public is still gridlock so very different views about what should happen next but actually most people just like most MPs I think are willing to compromise understand that this was a very close vote and that although we're leaving that doesn't mean that we're leaving in the hardest way possible you know I stood on a manifesto that said that we should leave with a deal in 2017 and that was largely accepted by people in Wigan and many other similar constituencies the trouble is that what we've had is the same as the public we've had people on each extreme you know on our side people who support second referendum because they want to remain on their side people who want to leave with no deal who've been knocking out all of the compromised options in the middle and as a consequence we've got to this point where we can't move forwards now last week you saw a bit of movement on that we started to compromise and the option that came closest because many of us did compromise so winning a majority support in Parliament was a customs union and I think I hope what you're going to see emerge tomorrow and over the next few days is strong support across the Tory and labour benches for a form of soft brexit and then it's really up to the Prime Minister is she willing to start listening to those very different views and those very different experiences across the country or is she going to drive this country to to the brink of no deal or is she going to face the general election you've been listening to what you're saying now on the customs union and also listening to what every Thornbury was saying earlier about a customs union why is it that you're unable to vote for the withdrawal agreement which effectively has a customs union in it anyway if you're trying to find a way through and a compromise solution why not vote for the Prime Minister's withdrawal agreement well you know going into a transition where you're still able to trade is obviously extremely important and with rural agreement passing would allow us to do that it's why for six months now I've been saying I'm trying to find a way to vote for this the problem is the lack of clarity about the future which is why this week is really important because if we can persuade the prime minister to write those assurances into the political declaration that accompanies their withdrawal agreement and given that on Friday they accepted an amendment from Gareth Snell and myself and others giving a role for Parliament in those future stages and a vote on what happens next then perhaps you could start to see some movement I have to the Prime Minister has caused some problems this week because by standing saying she'll stand down when the withdrawal agreement goes through which was designed to reassure hardline Tory MPs on her own side she's actually had precisely the opposite effect on the labor side because these guarantees that she's currently making we have no idea whether they'll be met by a new prime minister a new Prime Minister obviously wouldn't be bound by many of those assurances and that has been the problem all the way through this process the Prime Minister is trying to play it both ways but actually she's going to have to decide does she tilt to the center and form a majority consensus across parliament in the country around a form of soft brexit and enable us to move on or is she going to continue pandering to a small group of people in her own party that's her choice only she can make it and that's what I hope you know we'll be able to to deal with this week because you know for all of the talk from the prime minister about the need to compromise there is one person who hasn't compromised all the way through this process and that's why we're in the mess that we're in and the frustration that you heard in Whitstable is absolutely what I've been hearing in Wigan as well and we can't take much more of this so just to really try and pin you down there you mentioned the amendment that you've been pushing giving parliamentary parliamentarians great to say on any day or the next phase of talks so if that amendment goes through would you then be prepared to vote for the withdrawal agreement so the government said on Friday that they will accept that amendment we weren't able to move it because the speaker didn't select say it's just a technical question the government has said that they will write that into the meaningful vote whenever it materializes again if it does so that was a really really welcomed move from the Prime Minister very late but still very very long as well if we could get if we could get if we could get this this consensus around the customs union written into the political declaration if we could see a prime minister really start to to move and accept that these things matter and and give some level of assurances around the process around what happens next then yes but the problem was on Friday she stood at the despatch-box lecturing MPs and still saying you know the reason this hasn't moved is you and actually what we need to see from her is a completely different approach that understands and respects that sounds like Wigan have very different economic situations than even perhaps Emily's constituency and all of those different parts have to be heard in what comes next if she can do that she would start to rebuild trust and people like me would find it much easier to vote through the withdrawal agreement and move this country onto those next stages of negotiations Emily Phil Murray told me a few moments ago that in her heart she wants to remain what do you want in your heart well I've always been clear with my constituents I've never I've never lied to them about it a campaign for remain I still think it would be in Britain's interest to remain in the European Union but I do think we're at a moment now where we have only bad options in front of us frankly every option that we have has downsides why because we had a referendum we asked people to vote in good faith and as you heard in Whitstable as I heard at the football yesterday in Wigan we are breaking our democracy if we ask people to come forward and express a view about the future of the country and they take it seriously and they participate in what was the biggest democratic engagement exercise in my lifetime and then we say actually we'd like to try and overturn the result of that before we've even tried to implement it I think the consequences of that will be very very severe for decades to come and that's why we've got to find a way to come together and work through the middle of this to see if we can find an economic relationship with the EU going forward after we leave that protects jobs in towns like mine but also respects the fact that people came out and expressed a view we told them that they would be heard and they should be

46 thoughts on “Labour MP Lisa Nandy: 'We are breaking our democracy'

  • Lisa Nandy is my MP and she’s lost my vote for not voting brexit… if we end up having euro elections I’ll be voting for brexit party and conservatives in local elections

  • It's a pity the old first past the post element of our democracy has never been really highlighted
    This government carries out its right wing austerity measures and hasnt even got a proper majority
    The hypocrisy of it all ffs


  • Oh sooo over the repetition …we need a LEADER who explains why we have to do certain things ..ehy people want to leave with a no nutzz

  • Nandy pandy wants to play but only on her terms labour are two faced quislings and it took me fourty years to find out .no more labour for me .LEAVE MEANS LEAVE.

  • Indirectly describing UKIP as racist within the first 27 seconds… that's how long it took to realise how stupid this woman must be.

  • This is out if date. Mp''s rejected the soft Brexit. Unfortunately. The 37% who voted leave and their racist handlers in Parliament have their way . It's now Brexit and no deal and thus country is now split beyond repair and no amount of public pandering will sort this. This was England's referendum all along and the small mined low IQ racists won. Ireland has stood its ground, Scotland gas the foresight to see the future and Wales will just follow it big brother England. What a shambles. General election please.

  • How can she say “we [the Mps] are breaking democracy” when she voted FOR parliamentary supremacy to cancel Brexit

  • Wigan MP's brexit betrayal

    Lisa Nandy voted for:

    Revoke Article 50: Cancelling Brexit if the UK gets within days of leaving the EU without a deal (Joanna Cherry's proposal – 184 for, 293 against)


    104,331 Wiganers voted simply to: LEAVE the EU

    Leave 63.9%

    VOTES 104,331

    Remain 36.1%

    58,942 VOTES

    ..She should be deselected


  • she just said her public was losing faith in her and next breathe she blamed brexiteers and lied saying she wanted remain and a customs union………..evil evil evil !!!! proper brexit or nothing !!

  • It's Labour that are causing the problem. They do not understand WTO terms or GATT 24, and won't listen.

  • UKIP are not racist or far-right! That is just a smear based on no facts. UKIP represent ordinary people.

  • She doesn't even understand what a customs union would do, we would not be able to negotiate trade deals with other countries. She's spouting the usual political platitudes

  • MPs, paid out of the public purse, not listening to or appreciating their constituents views and concerns, and a media more interested in soundbites and click-bait than serious, in-depth commentary and analysis.

    This situation is untenable.

  • We can’t move forward because we voted leave. In or out that’s it simple, it’s only the mps that r making it difficult, god only knows how they cope with everyday life, they probably make it difficult.

  • Yes breaking your FAKE DEMOCRACY was always the main plan. Also is this women called ump supporters Racist? Sounds like it to me. PS: Votes never get counted.

  • Will someone please tell these MPs what the mood of the people is?Tower Hill is being prepared for executions NOT knighthoods.

  • I voted to remain but had no problem with leaving seeing that was the majority vote. My only concern was the competence of our conservative government and it's ability to take us out positively. I knew that it would use brexit to evoke changes to the Britush constitution to facilitate its long term right wing agenda of shrinking the state.My concern has proven correct. Both political party's were divided but labour at conference sat down, devised a plan published it and the party got round it. The BBC and other tory controlled press have been working hard to drive a wedge down the party and its been telling to watch. The country would have been better led by a labour government who would have invoked a softer brexit. We wouldn't have suffered the massive cuts to inward investment and we could then choose to tweek brexit or hard brexit later on via general election if desired.

  • Both Labour and Conservative parties lied at the last general election in regard to Brexit and deserve to lose the confidence of public they clearly despise. The trust is broken and it's time to vote them out.

  • Yes a big wake up is needed. We have a deal a WTO deal which is the best deal. A customs union is not Brexit

  • All this guff about no deal. … there will be a deal but a little later after we gave left . We and eu have to trade together this is all brinkmanship . __Bollocks

  • I think this speaker hasn't got a clue Demorcracy is dead the day they moved the date they went against law we were supposed to leave on 29th March this now effects our laws that tells the people that a minority can change anything people need to realise that we now have a dictatorship country this is what the people should be talking about

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