Labour Party Annual Conference 2019: Saturday Afternoon

… (Music) delegates please welcome the
chair to the conference.>>Delegates can you take your
seats. We can start your conference for
2019. And welcome . We are looking forward to the
week. And in the next few days we’ll
be having interesting … with the general election a few weeks ago, we will hear about the
plans . First I would like to
introduce the leader of the …>>Conference, welcome to the
people’s republic . I am proud to be here. (inaudible) here on Brighton and Hove City
Council, we have formed a progressive
majority of Labour councillors. We are developing a joint
policy programme, focussed on housing, the climate crisis and
community wealth building. Conference, that’s because we recognise that local people
elected us to get things done. Our residents can see the
homelessness on the streets. They can hear the Tory
councillors cry to hose them down. Our residents voted for
progressive politics and workable solutions,
not the demonising of the most vulnerable in our society. They recognise that the
homelessness we see on our streets is the product of Tory austerity, but they want a
compassionate response. We will not give up fighting
against the scourge of homelessness on our streets. I’m delighted to give a mention
to the official charity at Conference this year, Make
Change Count. Homeless charities have joined together
under the campaign to help people living on the streets
here in Brighton and Hove. They ensure all the money given goes
to helping rough sleepers get on the streets. And you’ll be
able to donate at Conference, and information will be around
the venues, please help if you can. Labour is also the party leading
the way on green issues. Jeremy has committed that the next
Labour Government will launch a green Industrial Revolution.
Hair in bright on and Hove we’re fully behind this.
(Applause) As I want to pay tribute to the
young climate strikers leading the way. They have been
inspirational. (Applause) They have been inspirational in
mobilising thousands of people to take to the street and be
heard by local leaders and I was delighted to join them yesterday
on the climate strike. Here, we have declared a climate
emergency and set out the goal to be carbon neutral by 2030.
(Cheering) Thank you! We’re working
towards being a single use, plastics free city. We’re
installing another 200 electric vehicle charging points. (Applause)
We’re working with the green party to set up a city Assembly on
climate change, because we need everyone to buy in. We need
everyone to buy in to make radical change happen and tackle
the climate crisis is more important than party politicsment politics.
(Applause) This is about using the
political will and the majority of our Council to do something
about it. Practical action, not just warm words. And something
else we will never give up fighting for are the rights of
working people. We want to be a living wage city. So I’ve been inviting hundreds
of em– I’ve been writing to hundreds of employers asking
them to sign up. We reached 550 living wage
employers on Wednesday, when bright on and Hove albean
football club signed up to the campaign. — Albion. We haven’t stopped
there. We have started tackling dodgy recruitment
practices, like asking people to work an unpaid trial
shift. An unpaid trial shift is when someone is asked to work
for free to see if they’re good enough to do the job. It mainly
affects young people, looking for parttime work in the
hospitality industry, an industry that forms a major part
of our local economy. Conference, I don’t think anyone
should be asked to work for free, when they’re looking for
paid work. (Applause) And I was proud to have the
support of the GMB to help campaign to end
this unfair and exploitative practice. I think that’s the
GMB over there! (Laughter) I’m pleased to tell you we’ve
got many good employers too. They’re listed on our website.
Check that out. And spend your money in those outlets where
they treat staff well. That’s no Set up by
Harry, frank and Ryan, our young people who led the way in the
campaign. (Applause) When young people ask me we stop
such practices, I say join a trade union.
(Cheering & Applause) Many of you are here as union
delegates. I hope all our delegates are union members too. I want to salute the work our
trade unions do to fight for justice for working people. (Applause) Promoting the living wage and
ending unpaid trial shifts is the start of our community wealth building
policy. We want a people centred and sustainable approach
to developing our local economy, an approach that shares wealth
and puts control back in the hands of local people. We have
much more to do. As a Council we have pledged to
provide a minimum of 800 new Council homes over the next four
years and we have already started building. (Applause) We’ve pledged (inaudible) to see
if we can bring them in house. We’re bringing our housing
repair service back in house. (Applause) And we pledge to defend the NHS
and work to create a joined up health and social care system. (Applause) Our manifesto is bold, ambitious
and socialist. It is a manifesto for the many and not
the few and we’re now working to turn our ideas into a reality. I want to say to Jeremy and
John, we are right behind you in this city and we’re already campaigning hard
ahead of the next general election so that we will see you
in Government. (Cheering & Applause) Can I say on behalf of every
local Councillor in this room, please when you get there, can
you remember us in local Government and reinstate our
budgets so that we can do more for people. (Cheering & Applause) So that we can do more for
people, so that we can be more ambitious and work faster to
tackle the very real problems of homelessness, poverty and
climate change. I mustn’t take up too much of
your time, so I will leave you with
the words engraved, the welcome to
visitors to our city for nearly a century now. Hail guest, we ask not what thou
art, in friend– as friends we greet
thee, if you are welcome to our vibrant,
diverse and progressive city. Thank you. (Applause)>>Thank you for that Nancy and
apologies for not getting new as quickly as we should have done.
OK. Thank you. And I’ll just go to the leg
turn. — Lecturn. Conference, Wendy Nichols chair
of the national executive committee. Chairing this
conference as a proud trade Unionist, Councillor, local
government worker and a party member of more than 40 years and this
year, chair of the Labour’s NEC. I want to take this opportunity
to thank my union unionson, and my
sect, for their unwaiverring support
over what has been a busy and a difficult year. As you will be
aware, last year in Liverpool, at our Annual
Conference, we pass aid range of rule changes, arising from a
year-long democracy review consultation. Many of the
recommendations in the democracy review fell outside the scope of
our rule book. But required changes to our
internal policy and guidance. Some of the recommendations also
required additional planning and preparation and in some
cases, the running of pilot schemes. The NEC has worked hard to
implement as many of those decisions as possible. The NEC introduced democracy
review as a standing item on our agenda for every meeting and
I would like to extend my personal thanks as well as that
of the entire NEC to many of the party staff who have worked
tirelessly to ensure that the papers are ready and have been
produced and have facilitated discussions with our stake
holders. Thank you to all of our party staff, who always go
beyond the mile, in fact, most of the time, run a marathon on
our behalf. (Applause) Fighting European election
that’s we were not expected to take place
did hamper our progress, so we still have some outstanding
issues to tackle. Despite this, we have achieved the
introduction of some changes and initiatives that will help take
the party forward. In June of this year, we lunched
the grant leadership programme, which seeks to develop our
hugely talented minority ethnic members and address their
unrepresentation in leadership roles in politics.
(Applause) It is only by ensuring that all
communities are represented within our structures that we
can combat the politics of division and hate, replacing it
with the politics of unity and hope. We will be continuing this
initiative and would encourage BAME members
to apply next year. Also with a view to improving diversity, we
are including additional places on the NEC, specifically
representatives of BAME and disabled members. However, before we can hold
ballots, we need to gather data about our membership. There have been several
all-member e-mails about our equality survey, if you haven’t
yet completed it, it is on our website. And the link will be displayed
on the monitors over the conference week. Go back to your CLPs, encourage
your members to complete the survey. The quicker we gather
the data, the quicker we can increase representation on the
NEC. We have also introduced a raft
of measures designed to improve our internal governance across
all levels of the party structure. From rules to multiconstituency
CLPs to model standing orders to
regional boards, now rebranded as regional executive
committees. As well as rules fit for purpose
for young Labour, designed to open up the structure and
encourage more young members to become involved and driving the party forward with a new
generation of activists. We have agreed pilot schemes in
CLPs, applied it use technology to bring members together, no
matter what their circumstances. Through video conferences of CLP
meeting and Facebook live events. We’re working to ensure
we maximise the ability for our members to participate at every level of
our internal democratic processes
with the result these pilots coming back to the NEC at the
beginning of 2020. We’ve also worked on a range of
additional rule changes and you have the opportunity to vote on
these later this afternoon. These are listed in the CAC
report number one. And if they pass, we will see
the creation of local government committees with equal numbers of
CLP delegates, trade union delegates and local councillors, enhanced powers for
members to develop local manifestos and
increase accountability of Council leaders. In 2020, the NEC will continue
to implement the changes members have requested, including
enhancement to our equality structures, locally and
nationally. And ensuring we maximise the
talent and ideas that the party
generates and ensure our policy making process
enables that participation. Conference, the NEC is
determined to ensure the Labour Party
structures support the mass member powered
movement that we are and will continue to be, as
we rebuild Britain for our people, our communities and our
public services. Let’s have a good Conference, delegates, and let’s leave this
conference here in Brighton as a united party. Thank you,
delegates. (Applause) This is, delegates, and now we
move to the Conference each day will receive a report from the
conference arrangements committee. On the time table of debates
panned speeches and any other procedural issues. To present
the first report welcome the chair of the committee, Harry
Donaldson. (Applause) Dear conference, it gives me
great pleasure to be near Brighton for this year’s annual
meeting of our party. This year’s Conference sees many
changes as a result of the democracy review voted on at
Conference 2018. Those changes will see a Conference full of
debate on the issues of importance to you, the
delegates. For the first time this year we will see 20 subject areas prioritised
in the priorities ballot and debated across the Conference
time table. CLPs and affiliated
organisations have responded positively to the changes made to the motion proses session,
with over 400 commotions submitted for consideration. 54 subject areas, not 55 as
stated in CAC1 are included in the ballot today. The words of which contain the
appendix to CAC1 available at the door of the hall, online,
e-mailed to all delegates this morning. Please note, one additional
motion is included as appendix six of
CAC1, the priorities ballot takes place until 4.30pm this
afternoon. Today in the ballot area in the
exhibition as colleagues have hopefully found out, please note the
motion was submitted by USDOL not unionson
as stated on CAC1, page 15. The result of the ballot will be
announced at the end of the Conference today, the successful subjects
will be time tabled for this evening and tomorrow evening
starting at 6. 30pm and 8pm in the Hilton
Metropol. Delegates with motions in the
priorities ballot should ensure they make themselves aware of
arrangements should their motions succeed in the ballot.
Delegates should be aware that the accessible route to the rooms is
route B at St Margaret’s place. Delegates who wish to meet prior
to that can use the Cambridge room in the Hilton hotel between
2pm-4pm on Saturday and Sunday. Delegates wishing to access
computers and printers during Conference
can do so here in the Brighton centre and meeting room 15. On page 92, delegates will see
the standing orders, drawing up by the NEC, as required by a
rule change in 2018. In order to maximise the number
of delegates able to speak in debate during Conference,
delegates will only be able to speak from the floor in one
debate. Once chosen in a debate, please do not speak
again as you will be turned away. The CAC has amended speaking
times to maximise the number of delegates that can be called. Movers are
allowed three minutes and other speakers two minutes. Chairs
will make every effort to call delegates from across the
Conference floor, but delegates are reminded that chairs will
only call delegates who remain seated and indicate by raised
hands. Once again this year, we have
adopted an official charity partner for Conference. This year the chosen charity is
Make Change Count. We encourage delegates to help the local
charities, supporting those living on the streets. CAC report one has made
available, was made available to all delegates and sets out the
detailed agenda for today as well as a broad time table for
the rest of the week. The CAC produces a daily
written report with a detailed agenda, and these will be handed
to delegates as they enter the Conference hall, in addition to being sent out by
e-mail each morning by 8am. All Conference documentation can be
found on the members area of the Labour Party website with CAC
reports added each day. The NEC met yesterday and agreed
the rule changes to be debated by Conference. The details of
the proposed rule changes are detailed on pages
21-45 of CAC1. CLP rule changes from 2018 and
2019 are also debated and voted on this afternoon and these can
be found on pages 46-58. CAC1 also contains details of
the NEC democracy review and year
implementation. These are subject to approval by
Conference through a ballot it take place tomorrow. All ballots taking place this
week are detailed in the delegates report on page seven
and will be repeated in the CAC report for the relevant day. 17 emergency motions were
received by the deadline and considered against the criteria. The CAC has considered these
motions and votes three meeting the criteria. Those not meeting
the criteria have been offered appeal, which will take place on
Monday. The CAC agreed constituencies
wishing to reference back part of the policy document should inform the CAC
of their intention by noon on Thursday, 19th September. 12 organisations have indicated
they wish to do so. Details will be provided in CAC2. The leader’s speech takes place
on Wednesday at 12pm, in a change to the information
provided in the delegates report. Please note that all delegates
and ex-official members will have allocated seats and do not
require a ticket. Before I finally move the
report, I wish to remind attendees at Conference that
anyone wishing to enter the Conference centre will need to
be wearing a pass. This is also true of the Conference hotel. Everyone should allow sufficient
time to enter the Conference centre,
the CAC and Conference team have worked hard with the support of
Disability Labour to ensure the best possible Conference
experience for everyone attending. We recognise that there are
accessibility challenges in the venues and will continue to review
these issues through the Conference as they arise. As ever, we want everyone to
have a safe and enjoyable Conference. The CAC, NEC, police, party and
venue staff, security staff and stewards will be working
together to achieve that. Chair, I move my report to
Conference. (Applause)
>>Thank you, Harry. Conference, as Harry says, CRC
are in session throughout Conference, if you have any issues, it is much
easier to go to see them rather than to raise them on the floor
of Conference. But there is now an opportunity for anyone who
wishes to make any points or ask any questions about the
report. If you do wish to make a point now, when you come to
the leg tern, tell us your name and the — lecturn
please give us your name and the organisation for which you are a delegate and
make that point up to 60 seconds. Note up to 60 seconds.
If you try to make a speech, I will stop you, if you are
called, you should come straight up to speak, but after you have spoken, you will need also
to register at the desk on the right-hand side, the speaker’s desk at the
front. Does anyone wish to make a point of order? OK. There’s one, two, three. Take
them in three? I’ll take them in threes.>>Thank you, chair. I just need the clarification
that some CLPs have been given two of these card vote booklets each, but my
CLP was only given one booklet. I’m not quite sure what the
issue is and why we only had the one. Thank you.
>>Thank you. Next one. Jill Murdoch. TSSA issued an emergency motion
on Brexit. Currently it’s not accepted as an emergency. This
year, there’s a clear appeal process on such decisions. Could we have the CAC’s
assurance that if Brexit is selected as a priority topic,
the appeal on our emergency will be taken before the composite in
motion takes place so, if we manage to change your mind, the emergency motion can take its
place in composite. Our delegation would be ready to
meet you at any time on this.>>Thank you, delegate. Before
you speak, I’m going to pick the next three. The person with the
accessibility on this side. And this side as wellment well.
And then the person in the red here.
>>Neil Findlay. I regret having to raise this at this stage, bovine option because my
CLP has told me to do so. We submitted through the portal
and in time and in order for this conference, it was on the
abolition of the House of Lords and other related issues …
(Applause) I was there when (inaudible)>>An emergency motion about the
selection of our next Parliamentary candidate. We’ve had Kate Hoey for 30
years. At the moment, we have not been
allowed it take any form of selection whatsoever to choose
our own candidate. This is so antidemocratic. We
put in a motion to get this changed. We’ve been knocked
back. I’m therefore seeking a
reference back to that part of the report to
the NEC so that the CLP consider k choose
our own for the first time in 30 years. Please move back. Thank
you. (Cheering & Applause)>>Thank you, chair. Freedom of movement, something I
support completely, freedom of movement for people around the
different countries. I would also like freedom of movement
around this conference. At the moment, that’s very, very
difficult. (Applause) Please stop blocking gangways
and allow me to have the same freedoms as everybody else at
the Conference. Thank you. (Applause)
>>Thank you, delegate. I’m just going to ask for the
next three before out start, if you
want to come to the rostrum, that’s fine. So the person there in the red,
is it red … yeah. Then there’s one hand, yeah. Then there’s somebody in the red
there. Thank you.>>Claire Wadey. We’re asking
for reference back again because our constitutional amendment has
been ruled out. We want to limit member
suspensions to 30 days in ordinary circumstances. We’re
asking you Conference if you believe that members should only
be suspended for 30 days and no longer to reference back CAC. They say the rule change which
was in in 2018, was too similar to the
one in 2018. (inaudible) there are 25 paining of NEC rule
changes and the wording was only releases today. There is simply not enough time
for delegates to get through the
changes and fully digest them. One of the changes will
implement sweeping changes to the disciplinary process. The rule change specifically
related to the disciplinary process is of particular
relevance to any Jewish delegates who are having their
voices silent.>>We’re making a speech. It’s
about moving reference back and then Harry will respond to you
about that particular point that you want to raise.
>>I call for this to be referenced back and for the rule
changes to be scheduled for later on. Edinburgh central CPL. I’m
calling for a reference back on the CAC report that separates
two motions into immigration and sentencing centres, despite …
(Cheering) These motions must be called
together. They these motions even share
some of the same demands. When we are facing growing
anti-migrant sentiment we need a proper debate now. I’m tired
not just because hi to take a train at 5.20am. I’m tired of our party letting
down migrants, by not standing up for them. Conference please refer back to
the CAC report to merge these sections. Just reminding people, it isn’t
about making speeches, it’s about making reference back on
particular issues and that’s what we’re looking to do. But
you carry on.>>We submitted constitutional
amendment in June 2018, removing … from
the Labour membership. We consider ourselves migrants not
expatriates. It appeared wrongly, now in the
(inaudible) we get an e-mail. We think that quite out of
order, because we are men to be
discussing new internationalism, this should be on our agenda. Some time, a very simple thing
that we asked that disabled and student members to be subject to
the same discounts if they live abroad, doesn’t suddenly mean
they’re very wealthy.>>Again not about speeches.
>>I’m just trying to explain.>>It’s about referencing back
that particular part of the CAC report without making a speech.
>>OK, I would like to reference back that part of the CAC report, if
I may, because the NEC last conference submitted a thing about
membership rates and that wasn’t in any way
controverted – we submitted before, that seems completely
undemocratic. Thank you very much.>>OK, can I see anyone else who
wants to make a point of order? One, two, three. Four. I can’t see anyone else – oh,
five. If you all want to come up. I couldn’t see anybody
else’s hand. So we’ll move on and get Harry to respond. If you all want to come up as
five people.>>Hello, Phil Pope, in 2018 we
submitted a rule change for the two-year rule about online posting for
internal collections. It seemed to be accepted at the time, then a few months ago it was
ruled out of order. We have repeatedly asked for an
explanation why it’s called out of order. Our e-mails haven’t
been responded to. I’ve been to the CAC office.
There’s no-one there to speak to me. We have no option buzz to
consider referring back the rule change. Thank you.>>Next>> We’d like to refer back the
issue of splitting up defencingdetention
centre. These are motions close to collapse. We’d like
assurances now that one of those could go to a meeting that
we can all attend. Thank you. N next delegates report G —
>>Next delegate.>>Like many CLP delegates I’ve
come to this platform to paper, I note that the NEC rule changes are explained
(inaudible) so I can see the changes. Whereas one that you
noted you oppose, do not give me an opportunity to see what the
current rule is. I refer this back because I can’t understand what these CLP
suggested to change.>> Just wanted to refer to page 70
and 80 of the yellow document. Basically, we put forward a
motion, it was all done properly. regarding, ironically
member-led policy making in the Labour Party. I was told when I phoned CACB it
was going to be referred to the NEC. But it’s obviously, it’s
disappeared off the agenda. So my point of order really is –
where is it? (Laughter) Obviously, in terms of can you
give us an assurance that this is going to be taken in the
relevant section, yeah. Thank you.
>>Next speaker.>>Hi. I’m a single parent with
children. I’ve come here with my children this week. Unfortunately the creche is only offering 16 places for children
for everybody at the Conference. It’s a massive accessibility
issue … (Applause) I call for that to be
reconsidered in the future.>>OK. With the tollal of 14 asking
questions. Harry do you want to respond.
Thanks Harry.>>>>On the basis of the last
question, certainly we will review that. This is subject to ongoing
review in the future. Thank you. Again in terms of, excuse me
with the names in the correct order. We will get back to you. It cannot be confirmed that it
was received. Again we are disappointed, in
terms of that and obviously disappointed
with frustration, but the whole system has evolved. I’m assured that was the case. In terms of JLM, the Conference
needs to ensure that all important issues can be voted on
this week. The CAC will consider this request to move
the rule change, but this was not possible under the time
scale. Again we’ve tried our best to accommodate. In terms of Edinburgh CLP, the
issue there was subject to priorities
ballot, there is no provision in terms of this, and these decisions were taken by
the CAC. That was a decision of the CAC. Again, in terms of the
additional (inaudible) in terms of that,
obviously the provision was for booklets. All booklets will be provide
provided, can be picked up and . If you don’t have it, you
will be able to collect them. In terms of Brighton pavilion, reference back, again, in terms
of that, that was ruled out under the three-year bill. The
organisation was referred back in terms of that. The international, Labour international constitutional
amendment, the NEC with new membership (inaudible) subject to approval
annual conference in 2019, when this
shall desire. Again referring to chapter three, the party
conference has made a decision on constitutional amendment, the
issue is there is no resolution to
submit, constitutional rules to the party having the same or a
similar primary objective shall appear on the agenda for three
years following the annual party conference. Then the issue of the TSSA. The committee have heard what
you have had to say and we will consider your request and get
back to you. The protection on the second
vote vote, I think that covers most
of them. I tried to cover them all as
best we can.>>Having listened to Harry … (inaudible) … and those against. Can we
do that again, please. All those in favour. (inaudible)>> I’ve been asked to say, if
you’re voting for, you’re voting for the
report. If you’re voting against, you’re against the
report.>>Can I ask to you sit down if
you’ve already voted then I can see who
we need to collect cards from?>>Can you take your seats, then
we will see if there are more card votes to take in. If we
don’t do that, we are wasting time for conference and to be
able to counts the votes.>>Delegates can I ask you to
take your seats, the next item on the agenda is the obituaries.
Has everyone handed in their card votes? Anyone who hasn’t
put your hands up. Are there any more card votes.
This will be the last call for the card votes. Can we settle down and I am
going to suggest to you that we carry on with business until we
get the result of the card votes. So, as I’ve just said, the next
item on the agenda is the obituaries,
can I ask you settle down for this
part of our Conference. We’ve lost a number of
colleagues over the last year. The names of some of them are
listed on page 13 of the NEC annual report and in Conference
arrangements committee report number one. There may be others who are
known to you. Conference, we will celebrate
the lives of our colleagues with applause, so for those of you
who are able to stand can we please stand now
for the colleagues that we have lost since we last met. (Applause) (Applause) (Cheering & Applause) (Cheering & Applause)>>Thank you, Conference. We now move to our general
secretary’s report. Conference, as you know, our
general secretary has been ill in recent months. But we all
know she’s a fighter and I’m therefore delighted that she’s
able to join us today. I’m sure we all wish Jenny a
swift recovery. Thank you, Jenny. Cheer
(Cheering & Applause)>>Thank you. There are floor love you, Jenny!
>>Thank you, you’re wonderful. It’s wonderful to be here with
all of you in bright on today for what I know is going to be a
fantastic conference. Thank you all so much for coming. Conference allows gym yay and
the shadow — Jeremy to show case
the policies to create a more equal society and a sustainable,
green economy. It’s your opportunity to have your says on
the key issues and policies that matter most to you. I know,
like me, you’ll be looking forward to some really thought
provoking and exciting debates. It’s been another really busy
year for all of us and chief achieved a lot. I just want to start with thank
US. I want to say a huge thank you to all of you and everyone
who has given me so much support over the last six months. I’m
not quite there yet. But the love and solidarity that I’ve
experienced across the party and our whole movement has been
incredible. I can’t tell you how much it’s been appreciated
by me and my lovely family. Thank you.
(Applause) I also want to say a heart felt
thank you to all the incredible nurses and doctors, health care
assists, support workers, theatre staff, lab
technicians, porters, cleaners and every other NHS worker, who
has given me such outstanding care as they do for so many
people every day. They saved my life. We all know the NHS is under
existential threats. The predators are circling, the
privatisation we’ve already seen is nothing in comparison to the
threat posed a a Johnson-Trump trade
deal. (Applause)
In America, my cancer treatment would cost upwards of $100,000 and
that’s without reconstruction. For far too many who just can’t
afford health care, a cancer or other health diagnosis is a
death sentence. But Labour won’t let that happen. Not only are we determined to
stop what would be a disastrous no deal Brexit, we’ve promised
the next Labour Government will reverse the privatisation of our NHS an
return it to expert public control. That’s worth fighting
for! (Cheering & Applause) And so is our promise to take
back into public control our railways, buses, the mail, our
public utilities. The same for all our public services. They should be run for the
people not for profit. And they will be under a Labour
Government. And I also want to say a
massive thank you to Labour’s brilliant staff. They organise, they train, they
build support, they build campaigns, they create
materials, they research, they develop policy, they encourage
members and of course, they organise Conferences as well.
Thank you Carol, whenever you are and all your team for this
today. (Applause)
But every single day our staff go over and above whatever is
expected of them. They’re talented, they’re committed.
I’m incredibly proud to lead such an amazing team. Thank
you, all of you. (Applause) So what have we been doing over
the last 20 months? As Wendy outlined, we have tonned to work on delivering the —
continuing the work on delivering the outcomes of the
democracy review. We had a fantastic women’s Conference,
with over a thousand women participating.
(Applause) Our community organising team,
working with recognitional organisers, has gone from
strength to strength. They have brought thousands of people
together in their ground breaking events. They’ve
delivered some incredible outcomes. Politics for the
people, by the people. It’s so inspiring, they’re
making a huge impact in communities across all our
regions and nations. And our regional teams too have
put on dozens of training events. They’ve helped our
members and candidates to develop first-class skills,
they’ve given people the resources they need to build
their own campaigns and to be election ready. As Wendy said, we’ve launched
the Bernie Grant leadership course. We’ve seen the first
cohort graduating, from a really
diverse range of BAME communities. That’s absolutely
brilliant. (Applause) And we’ve done more too to
modernise and stream line our disciplinary processes. We have taken further action on
anti-Semitism. We’ve published updated statistics on the
complaints process and given a commitment to do this
transparently on a regular basis from now on. We’ve improved the speed with
which we deal with complaints. I know there’s more to do. We
have made things better and will continue to. We strengthened
our systems. We’ve launched our members’ booklet and web page,
no place for anti-Semitism, that deals with this vitally
important issue. And we’re working further on developing
educational materials to help members to understand and
challenge racism in all its forms, wherever it raises its
ugly head. We’ve got the shape of an openly
and un unrepen dent racist Prime
Minister residing over a Tory party with
many proven racists and Islamphobes amongst them,
steadfastly refusing to take any action. That doesn’t let us off
the hook. We’re Labour, we’re better than that. We always
have been and we won’t tolerate discrimination of any kind in
our partiment party. (Applause) That brings me to unity. We’re experiencing a
Conservative Government that’s caused greater divisions in our
nation than ever before. And believe me, having lived with 17
years of Thatcherrism, that’s quite an achievement. And that’s why it’s so important
that every one of us, whether members
ore collected members, focuses 100% on defeating the Tories and their
vicious policies that are causing so much damage. We owe that to everyone in
Britain who needs a Labour Government more than ever
before. We owe it to the countless thousands living in
substandard homes or worse, living on the streets. To the millions of children
living in poverty, for the workers who are exploited by
zero hours or insecure work. To all those people, many of them
in employment, forced to turn to food banks, because they simply
can’t make ends meet. And above all, we owe it to the
thousands of sick and disabled people who’ve died because of
austerity, what an absolute disgrace.
(Applause) We know a general election is
coming and we’re ready for it. My last thank you is to all of
you, our incredible members. Thank you for everything that
you do. Day in, day out, week in, week
out, to get across our message of how a Labour Government is
going to rebuild Britain. You’re half a million strong and
growing. You’re the back bone of our movement. We’re nothing
without you. So thank you each and every one
of you. (Cheering & Applause) I know, with your passion and
determination, with our policies to transform Britain and with
the incredible leadership of Jeremy
Corbyn and his team … (Cheering) We can and we will win a Labour
Government with Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister, thank you.
(Cheering & Applause) (Cheering & Applause) (Cheering)>>… and you can see from that
welcome, that standing ovation, how much you
and your family mean to this family of
the Labour Party. (Applause)
And thank you for coming and doing that today. Conference, we now move onto the merit award, where we recognise
members who have made an outstanding contribution to the
party through the presentation of a merit award. This year, we
are delighted to be presenting a merit award to Jane
Duran, Jane has played a key role in
her CLP of lay ton and Wanstead having been
a Labour Party member for 39 years, serving as chair,
secretary, assistant treasurer and vice chair membership. And representing the Labour
Party as a Councillor in Waltham Forest for
eight years. Jane is committed to fund
raiding and has raised around £12,000 in CLP
fund, setting up a local CLP delegates
lottery. She’s raised the profile of the Labour Party,
through her involvement in local charity work. Jane, please come
forward to the stage and receive your award. Thank you. (Applause)>>Conference, now we move to
the party chair’s report. Conference, a general election
is just around the corner. And the party’s been getting
ready to tell us more about that, we’re going to hear from Ian Lavery, the party
chair. First a video.>>They can take that rug under
your feet at any point in time for any damn reason.>>People coming together isn’t
really the kernel of running a successful campaign campaign.
>>The moment we started speaking to people, others
realised, hold on, I’m not the only one. If we work as a group
we’re stronger together.>>She randomly knocked on my
door, a couple of months ago.>>End of last year.
>>Giving someone your time and attention, acknowledging the
difficulties and sharing your own difficulties with them, that
encourages trust for you to build relationships.>>By telling personal stories,
that has the ability to get people
emotionally involved.>>You’ve got to know stuff.
You’ve got to know how people in your facility work. You’ve got
to be able to access all sorts of people’s expertise.
>>The cockroaches are everywhere …
>>She can’t eat in her place! She don’t cook food!
>>You don’t?>>I don’t. You eat everything in the
packages. Because of the cockroaches. You might need
your local Citizens’ Advice Bureau. It’s surprising how you
can mobilise people to help you.>>I received notice that the
Duke of Westminster wanted to evict me and demolish my house.
I didn’t know what to do until I came across my Labour community
organiser.>>People behind me have come to
fight for their futures really. They want to live in a home
that’s suitable to bring up their children.
>>With our community organisers they are really listening to the
concerns of residents and for the first time in my life, I’m seeing in Westminster
local residents who are coordinate coordinating and
organising. They know OK if I have a problem
there’s something I can do about it.
>>To come together and unite and that is something that these
higher powers can’t turn their back on.
>>We held our first residents’ meeting in May with a turnout of
20-30 residents. Our second residents’ meeting we
had around 60 people. We spoke about campaign strategy. And we
have now started our social media account. We’ve started
our petition. We’re definitely knowing to win this campaign.
— going to win this campaign. (Applause)>>Conference, I’m not the type
of individual that gets too
emotional, but what an incredibly courageous, inspirational woman is Jenny.
It’s an absolute pleasure … to be in your company. Conference, good afternoon.
It’s wonderful to be back here in Brighton. It’s two years ago, in this very
hall that I spoke to delegates about
how on the back of a campaign of work,
Labour had shocked the punditry and
came within a whisker of claiming Downing Street . It was an election full of hope,
and the result was what few
expected. Labour scored its best vote for 20 years. We had
the biggest increase in vote share. since 1945. Conference, that was a result
entirely down to our fantastically
committed members and supporters, many who are present
in this hall today. Members, trade unions, working
in tandem to deliver Labour’s message of hope. Special thanks is extended to
the trade unions and the general secretaries, the officials and
members for the continued unwaiverring support. I say this and I’ll say it
again, the Labour Party’s nothing without
the trade union movement! (Cheering & Applause) Conference, a general election
is almost upon us. And once more, we will have a
golden opportunity to change our country for the better. We’re at a cross-roads, after a
decade of Tory failure. Boris
Johnson’s Conservatives want to drive our country over a no-deal
cliff edge. With only people who will
benefit from this chaos being the vulture
capitalists and disaster speculators, who fuel this
Government of the privileged and the elite. Conference, as soon as this no
deal is off the table, we demand a
general election to get rid of Johnson’s
Government of the wealthy, the privileged and the elite. We
have a real chance to change this country, to change the political
direction. Because you know what? Labour stands for the real
Britain needs, after years of
Conservative austerity. Labour’s a party which will
rebuild and transform our country so
there isn’t anybody held back and no community left behind. Brexit is a smoke screen of
business as usual. Whether we stay or whether we go. The Liberal Democrats are now
the remain arm of the Tory party. The Brexit party masquerade as
representing the working class, yet their policy announcements,
of which there are few, benefit the
richest alone. Conference, the Tories remain
like a grim spectre to feast on the
fetid carcass of a Britain they have destroyed. Comrades, Labour is, what it
always has been, it’s the party of
social and economic justice. You see a better future for our country where everyone can share
in its prosperity. Nearly a decade of austerity has
caused so much misery to so many. And our public services are
stretched to the brink. That is inside of the EU. We cannot simply pretend, like
the Lib Dems, that cancelling Brexit will make this go away. We cannot pretend that leaving
will make everything better. Conference, the Labour Party’s
mission is to smash this state of affairs, which sees the rich
get richer, whilst the rest of us make do with the crumbs off
their tables. (Applause) Conference, our great party was
founded to give a voice to the working
class in the Palace. It remains a great coalition,
for social socialists, liberals. That saw a better future for our
country. And for our class. It was hard wired into our
communities through the work place, the
union lodges, social recreational and even religious
spaces. From the rudeimentary health
systems developed in mining communities like mine. To the struggles against fascism
and racism. Bringing our communities
together to fight injustice and intolerance has always been in
Labour’s DNA. Whether you live in Battersea or
Port Talbot or paisley, the issues of
low pay, bad housing and poor transport are causing really
harm. Labour and trade union movement
is always rooted in these communities. And in these
campaigns. And why many work places have
closed and society, injustice remains. We must build power to win a
diverse chorus of voices to our cause
which will lead us it a general election. Westminster prides itself with
constitutional problems. A group of ordinary people are
doing extraordinary things. As you see in that very movement video, what we’ve just seen,
families taking on rogue landlords, who are forcing
people to live in damp infested housing, to football fans,
organising against billion sports direction Mike ashly.
Labour’s community … FLOOR: Yay.
>>BOO. We’re finding leaders in every
community and we’re backing them to win. These are the battles
that the Labour Party are proud to back. They’re what the Labour Party
was built on. It’s how we will win. Winning the next election
will be because of people in this room and people up and down
our great nation. Our community organisers and our
community. This is very important, the Tories are
relying on voter apathy. They’re relying on a failure of
people opposed to them. We need a massive voter
registration drive. I appeal, make sure your family
and friends are signed up, not only
your neighbours, talk to them in the work place, in the pub, at
the school gates, at the university and anywhere else. Make sure we get everyone signed
up against this vicious Tory Government.
(Applause) … to end, comrades … our duty to win the next
election. It’s our duty to end the
austerity that has destroyed our country. And to take on the vested
interests which are holding people back. Our duty to kickstart in every
nation and every region. To create hundreds of thousands of
good jobs, with a green Industrial Revolution, to
rebuild our public services and give our A&E a
chance. The schools, the police, give
them the money necessity need by taxing those at the very top.
To properly fund services for everyone. We need to protect the
environment, provide decent jobs and secure homes and build a fairer country that
cares for all. Conference, comrades, this is
our time. This is your future. We are on the brink of a radical
reforming Labour Government, led by Jeremy Corbyn. That Government is set to
transform society for the many. But I will tell you this,
divided parties win nothing. We have a duty. Don’t let this
get away, colleagues. We have a duty to be united and
work together. Unity is strengthment strength.
United we stand. Divided we fall!
(Applause) So let’s get out into every
city, every town and every village, every
street in every community to articulate our life-changing
policies. changing pollchanging policies.
Conference. Take out your mobile phones and
visit the website and sign up to play
your part in ensuring we can win. And that’s the address on the
screen at this moment in time. Comrades, let us leave no stone
unturned, and ensure that the next time we all meet, Jeremy
Corbyn is the next Prime Minister, leading the Labour
Government that puts people before privilege!
(Cheering & Applause) And I say this, Conference, I say this to
Johnson, to RhysMogg and the born to rule
crowd, the silver spoon brigade – we’ve had enough of your
wealth and self-deserving entitlement. We’ve had enough
of your brutal attack on our most vulnerable and on our
communities. Enjoy it while it lasts. Because, Conference, the clock’s
ticking. And Labour will kick you out of
power like a dog in the night. Bring it on! (Cheering & Applause)>>We move onto the financial
reports on pages 43 to 61 of the national executive committee
annual report, along with the report on stability on our
finances. I invite Diana Holland to
present her report. Thank you.>>Thank you, Chair, Conference,
it’s a great honour to present the
treasurer’s report to this 2019 Labour Party Conference. And a real pleasure to report to
all of you that in 2018, from the 1
January to 31 December, for the third full year in succession, we remain debt
free as a party. (Applause) Thank you to everyone who has
made this possible. Our members and supporters,
CLPs, trade unions, socialist societies, our councillors, MPs, MSPs, AMs,
MEPs, mayors and police commissioners, our finance
director, Simon Mills, the whole finance team and all
Labour Party staff, our party together
achieving so much. And let me just pay a particular tribute to someone whose
commitment professionalism and dedication in the hardest of times has always been
there, as you so clearly experienced
earlier, our general secretary, Jenny
Formby. (Applause) in spite of the huge pressures
with efface, the daily shocking acts
of this Government. The cynical pressure to turn
away from political parties and the impact
of the anti-democratic, anti-worker,
Tory antitrade union act. And achieving the Labour Government
to repeal that act is essential. Conference, you don’t need me to
tell you, 2018, however you might describe it was not a year of
strong and stable Government. Their weakness and instability
meant a big challenge for our party’s finances. Instead of
being able to return to pre-election staffing and
campaign spending as we did after previous general election,
the pressure has been on to remain general election
ready, after fighting two general
elections in two years. Funding the demands in a climate of deep political uncertainty, has
meant our finance strategy has had to be robust. Raising funds
through donation, large and small, all equally valued
and all equally important. Individual donations from 33,000 people last year that on top of
donations given alongside thousands and thousands of
membership fees and great support from trade unions too. We have been investing now in
campaigning activity, using our campaign reserves to build
support for whenever that general election falls. There
has been new fundraising with Labour’s Rose Network and major
donor support given to campaigning activities between
elections too. In total just under £6 million
was donated to the party last year, thank you all. And on top of this our
membership remains exceptionally high with hundreds of thousands
of members. I would just like to remind our critics, at the end of 2018, our
party was larger than the membership of all the other
parties put together, a major achievement.
(Applause) But this cannot be taken for
granted, we cannot be complacent. We know how the
Tory Party can raise funds, with e know what we are up against, our tried and tested
finance strategy is clear, all money is
measureed against priorities as a party and a movement. Our
budget is set and closely monitored to deliver what we
need today, future financial stability and security, and money to fund that next
general election. Our general election Trust Fund. A solid foundation of almost £2 million, closely guarded, ready
to be released only on day one when that General Election is
called. These are vital funds but just a start. We all know
there is so much more to do. at this difficult, dangerous and divisive time for our world, we
are needed to campaign and win
elections at every level, to win that General Election when it is
called. We need to come together to build the funds to do this, not just
because we want and need a Labour Government but for
parents who don’t know where their child’s next meal is
coming from, for the workers treated unjustly. To
counterpart daily discrimination and abuse. For older people fearful of how
they will afford care and because of the thousands and
thousands of young people who yesterday demanded that we
take greater care of our planet,
their planet. Conference, … (Applause)
We can change live force the better. When the time comes at the next General Election, we must defeat
the shameful Tory Government and deliver for the many. Thank
you. (Applause)>>: Thank you, Diana. Would anyone like to ask any
questions or make any points arising from Diana’s report? We are looking for brief remark,
rather than long speeches. I need to get that in every time! In the green there, there is a
hand there.>>: If you want to make your way
down, we will take the two that I identified earlier and I will have aa look
around. Speakers do have the right to
speak at conference. So do allow them to have time to do
that. Is there anyone else? I have
two speakers. If … thank you. Sorry for the
delay.>>: Kate Blakelock, first time
delegate with International. With reference to that financial report, it is unacceptable that
BP should be here as a sponsor at Conference.
(Applause) It is unacceptable that we
should have events here sponsored by Calor, Heathrow, and by Gatwick and
City Airports. You would not have scenes on lung cancer sponsored by beenon and
hedges. Why have events on the climate
change crisis sponsored by the climate killers?
(Applause) Children were mentioned. I have
two children at home. I have been telling them, it is OK that
grown ups get it. Our team cannot come sponsored
by PP! This must be the last conference
at which climate criminals, whose business models are
predicated on continued extraction and therefore on the
deaths of millions of people. They cannot be present!
(Applause)>>: Ella Rose. In the past year we have seen
the Labour Party become the second
party to be investigated after the British National Party. How much money has been spent on
fees fighting institutional racism and when are the Labour Party publishing
this shameful inquiry?>>: My name is Mandy Clare. I
submitted a motion this year, referred back to the NEC on the
grounds that I think it related to organisational matters. Actually, the motion related to
a wider equality issue to do with the lack of working-class representation
amongst our MPs and amongst our Labour staffers.
(Applause) So, I noticed that the caption
that we have on here says People before Privilege. The point I like to make is that
if this is mentioned in the financial report, funding within
the party is to follow the priorities identified from
conference, if it is difficult pore me to get a wider equalities issue
on the agenda as it is not within the parameters allowed, I
would like anyone here who can help me to progress this
specific strand of equality within our party to get in touch
with me. I am sitting just over there. Thank you.
(Applause)>>: Can I just check, were you
up in the balcony? Yes? Thank you.>>: Conference Neil Nirver Chair
of the London Labour Jewish movement
region. The Labour Party rightly has expressed opposition to the use of
non-disclosure agreements in employment practice. This year, it was revealed that
the Labour Party had asked Carter
Ruck, I say that carefully, Carter Ruck
for advice on non-disclosure agreements. I think it only
reasonable that we as members have an opportunity to find out
how much has been spent on non-disclosure agreements as
regards employment. Thank you very much.
(Applause)>>: Thank you, delegate. There
are no further questions. Diana do you want to respond? Thank
you.>>: Thank you, Conference. I think every single one of the
issues that has been raised has an
aspect to it that is well beyond the finances
of the party. That is how it should be. The finances have to fund what
we stand for as a party. What I have been extremely
careful to ensure, as your Treasurer, is
that the decision-making on policy is decided by the parts
of the party that should take it and not by the business board
or by the financial decisions. I have that in mind when I am
responding. Of course, I will play my part, like all of you, when I can vote in
different ways within the party on different issues but I’m answering
specifically on the financial side. The first question was
about the issue of sponsorship and commercial income. It is a
really difficult question. It is a really difficult situation.
Of course, from a financial point of view, the party wantses
much financial security and stability as we can get. We,
all the time, have to consider the implications for the party. You spoke passionately, you got
a positive response. That will be reported back and to be a
part of the discussions. But every single time that there is
these kinds of decisions they have to be within the context of
the whole party. So, I’m saying, it is there, it will be
a part of the discussions. There is a couple of questions
about costs of legal fees. We have a legal budget. It is included in the reports.
Obviously we have the legal budget going forward. We have contingency legal
budgets as it is very difficult to predict
with a Prince Philip exactly what we are challeng patrol party what we are going
to be defending. Of course, we have to ensure that the party is
properly represented and to say its role in terms of fighting
discrimination or representing people in the way that it
should. So we have made sure that the legal fees that are
there, that are available and we get reports regularly within the
party where we get a chance to challenge. Some of the issues that people
have raised have been extremely
painful for the party and difficult for all concerned. I
would be doing an injustice to respond on financial terms to
those things. We are moving forward. There are questions there about
how we ensure we do that properly but it does cost money
when we are challenged legally and we need to make sure that we
have professional representation to do the best by our
membership. As I say, we will absolutely not defend the
indefensible. We are there to make sure that the Labour Party
is not being treated unfairly and there are so many examples
that I can tell you where the story of how things really are
in the Labour Party is not getting out there. That’s what
we have the legal representation for.
(Applause) If you are asking me
financially, do I wish we didn’t have to? Of course I do, it isy
we must redouble efforts to ensure we are fighting
discrimination and most importantly, preventing it from
occurring in the first place. (Applause) In terms on the question of
working class representation amongst MPs I think that was a bit connected to
finance, however, absolutely! We need better representation
across our whole community and monks MPs and where and amongst MPs, where there are
opportunities to take them but for money associated with it, fundraise
it, do what you can to get it but also to ensure that you
fight for the policies where you can. So, in terms of
non-disclosure agreements, what there are, are
settlement agreements within confidentiality clauses. The party itself does not
support non-disclosure agreements. If you are asking
me how much all of this is, I do not know. I do not know exactly
where it would be in the account but that can be looked into, if
somebody is concerned, I can assure you, we will look it up
and check exactly what it is you are raising there. As a party we are under immense scrutiny, the finances are under
immense scrutiny. We know we have to ensure that we are able
to justify and to defend everything that we raise in
terms of money and everything that we spend in terms of money. If there are questions outside
of this conference that people want to raise, do not hesitate. We can only get stronger through
being more transparent and I thank you all for ensuring that
is the case. Thank you. (Applause)>>: Thank you, Diana. We now need formerly to adopt
the financial statements. Can I see all of those in favour of
doing so? Thank you. And anyone against? That’s very
clearly carried. Thank you, delegates, thank you
Diana. Conference, we are now going to
hear from our fabulous Shadow Women’s
and Equalities Secretary, Dawn Butler.
(cheering and applause)>>: Thank you, Chair. Thank you Conference.
Conference, I would like to start with a quote, “The only
thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good
people do nothing. ” Edmund Burk said, “When bad
men combine, the good men associate
and they must face one by one unpitied
sacrifice and contemptible strength.” This means if we
don’t pull together, get our shit together, Boris Johnson is
going to win … and we don’t want that! Boris Johnson, Trump, these are
just some of the bad, racism men who
are combining and we are good people who need to associate.
This cannot be a normal Conference today. This is a call to action. This is a call to action,
Conference! Be under no illusion, our
democracy is under threat. The Supreme Court is making a
judgment on that right now. Our democracy is under threat. and the values that we hold
dear, like inclusion, diversity, equality,
they are all being threatened and we, we
must be the shields of protection on the
front line. Boris Johnson or the Incredible
Sulk, as I like to call him, well,
actually, I call him a lot more things! Like Johnson by name, Johnson by
nature! (Applause)
Anyway, I could go on but anyway, he has shown that he will do
anything, lie, cheat, steal, just to hold on to power that he has created since the
age of 10 when e he said, “I want to rule the world.” Anyway! I am sure that he has lied to
every single woman in his entire life!
So, of course, it is not much threat to the imagination to
conclude that he lied to the Queen, right? And when it comes to cheating,
no, I’m not talking about that kind of cheating … when it
comes to cheating, he has locked us out of Parliament to
stop us scrutinising him. Listen, he kicked out 21 members
of his own party and he only had a majority of one! Never before
has a Prime Minister done that. And he did it because he is
spoiled and dangerous. Just imagine, if he can do that
to THEM and sacrifice his majority, imagine what he can do
to the likes of us? He has tried to fix a date for the
election in the hope that students traveling to university
would not vote. He is pushing the agenda of
rolling out voter ID in the hope it
stops some people voting. All of these from Donald Trump’s
playbook. We have to wake up. We have to wake up and I want to
thank everyone out there campaign,
registering people to vote as we need to start registering people
to vote like crazy! (Applause)
Every young person you know! Everyone who has suffered over
the last nine years, we need to get
them registered to vote, to encourage them to vote Labour, to encourage them
to read our manifesto, and to understand that there is a better Labour
socialist for the many and not the few Government possible. I
know what you are thinking, what manifesto? Well …
(Laughter)>>: The last one was pretty
good, right? Jeremy did an amazing job. And the new one is
currently being written but we need input from
you, the members. We need, I need help with my race and faith
manifesto. So, please, log on to the party website with your
ideas. Teat, we will together we will create a people
powered manifesto. Bold and empowering with aspiration
aspirationally policies for our country. This is our serious
call to action. And all of the teachers,
academic, race and equality professionals and other experts,
we are not scared of expert, unlike the Tories, we need your help with the emancipation
educational trust, the initiation announced
last year in Liverpool. We need experts to on the vision so we can hit the road running when we
win the next election and we are in Government. Do you notice what I said there,
when we win the next election and we are in Government!
(Applause) This initiative is a vital
component in the fight against the far-right. There needs to be a greater understanding of empire,
colonialism and imperial migration. Artificial
separation between us and them, between their history and our
history. Black history is British history
… (cheering and applause) This false division can develop
into hate so, by breaking all of this down we can tackle the misconceptions
and start to stem the growth of the far right, which is the
fastest growing threat in the UK. This emancipation educational
trust will aim to provide a hub and school programmes to ensure
a deeper understanding of British history. It will offer
a story for all to engage and to learn from. Where there is a
will, there is a way, Conference. We have seen the University of
Glasgow to make available £20 million in
repairations, other banks and businesses must follow. Labour
will begin with consultation hubs in Liverpool, Bristol,
Glasgow and London. I would like to thank the
Runnymede Trust who we have been working closely with in building
the policy idea and doing vital work in regarding slavery,
migration and empire. Why is this such a priority,
some of you may ask? Well, because … for the first time in our
country’s history we have a Prime Minister
who the far right regard as their
leader. Steven Yaxley Lennon, or Tommy
Robinson, his stage name … boo away, Conference. He proclaimed
we back Boris. There is a bigger bo, coming boo coming. And Boris Johnson’s
Donald Trump friend was supported by the Ku
Klu Klan and his former wizard. They may not wear pointy white
hats anymore but they are still amongst us.
(Applause) This is such a dark time in our
history. If we don’t stand up to them now it will get worse. All you have to do is open the
paper and look at social media and you can see the abuse. MPs and politicians are
subjected to vile threats every single day. The person that
threatened to kill me is in jail.
(Applause) People are being attacked in the
streets. There is rise, a huge rise in
hate crime. People have been raped and
beaten up just because they have a different point of view or skin colour or
religion or just because of who they love. When the plot to murder Labour
MP Rosie Cooper was foiled, the judge said, “The criminal had a perverted
view of history and current politics. ” And that he was prepared to
act on his white sue problem cyst world view in a plot to kill a member of
Parliament. I want to publicly thank hope,
not hate, they saved Rosie. They surveyed Rosie’s life and
expose exposed many right-wing extremists in the process. We
know last year that the man convicted of the Finsbury Park
terrorist attack also wanted to kill our
wonderful leader, Jeremy Corbyn and our
Lord Mayor, Sadiq Khan and our dear
friend, Jo Cox. She was bruteally murdered by a
right-wing extremist and it is hard for me to talk about Jo but we must
never forget her name and her profound
words … (Applause) And Jo’s profound words, that
there is more that unites us than divides us.
(Applause) A Labour Government will unite
our country with positive policies. We will also tackle the rise of
the far right and launch into an independent review in to the spread of
hard-right extremism. Labour want what is best for our
country but not everyone has that intention. Some are using Brexit as an
excues to sew hate and division. It does not have to that way.
There are people in this hall today, who have voted both to leave and
to remain. We are all good people.
(Applause) We are all good people. And we should be able to debate
and disagree without attacking or
condemning one another. Those eliteists like Jacob,
never changeing, those elitists at the very top
have a plan. When I read the recent,
excellent, United Nations’ report on contemporary forms of raceism, xenophobia, it
really hit home. The Tories are carrying out their plan before
our very eye, we are letting these bad men drag us into a
dark place. But we say, “No more. ” And Labour in Government will
work towards full implementation of
the powerful UN recommendations. Feel proud, Conference, that
Labour is building an international human
rights anti-racism agenda in the shadow of populist nationalism.
Feel proud, Conference! (Applause) Conference, when we win the next
election … we can put a stop to austerity.
We cannot continue to suffer like we have suffered over the
last nine years. Never forget that 87% of the
successive Tory and Lib Dem, let’s not forget the role that they
played, and Lib Dem Government cuts, have fallen on the
shoulders of women! (Applause) So let’s win the next election,
because Labour are ready to place equality right at the heart of our Government.
Hey! And I and my fantastic team,
Carolyn harry, Naz Shah have announceed
many bold policies to bring about
equality in our question from race gender pay audits and now to our new menopause
policy. (Applause) It is about time we incorporated
respect for women and our bodies into
workplace policies! (Applause) Most women will go through the
menopause and many are ill equipped to manage the symptoms of menopause
at work. So, conference, today I’m pleased to announce that a
Labour Government with the help of the unions will ensure we end
the stigma of talking about menopause and that training is
provide sod that line managers can
provide what judgments may be necessary to
ensure flexible working, conduct risk assessments and review
sickness absence procedures to consider the specific needs of
menopausal women. (Applause) And a few men that suffer from
menopause too! Conference, I would like to thank all of the trade unions but I would
like to say a special thanks to the
Baker as Union for the McStrike policy
and a thanks to Unite for the Dignity
Policy? And the GMB for the menopause
policy! (Applause) These policies are important
because women are working longer than ever before. and some have
no choice. To all the 1950s women …
(Applause) Thank you for all you do and I’m
sorry for what the nasty Tories have done to you and your
pensions. Labour will change that when we are in Government! (Applause) These policies will make a
positive difference for women up and down
the country. Conference, together we will build a country and a workplace that
works for everyone. And the Labour Party’s people
people-powered movement, it is not that easy to say! The Labour Party’s
people-powered movement does what it says on
the tin it’s for you, it’s about you, the people. and Conference, before I end my
speech, can I just say hello to some very special people,
they’ve been mentioned a couple of times today, the first
graduates of the Bernie Grant Leadership Programme.
(Applause) A programme named after the
first black mal MP in the UK, Bernie Grant. Conference, the future of the
Party is in great hands. Listen, Conference, we will
build a movement faster than the Tories are trying to dismantle the fabric
of our society. We need this movement and we
need activists. We need all good people in this conference and the country as
Edmund Burk said to “associate” in
the struggling to savour country and
defeat these bad men. If you are in social housing, if
you are LGBTIQ, if you are straight, a traveller, if you
struggle to pay the rent, if you are a hijab,
tushan, corks if you are black, white, Asian, if you are
described, if you are old, young, if you don’t have a Trust fund you
didn’t go to Oxbridge, if you are working class, if you are
under 18, if you are aspirational, if you work, if
you are a carer, if you feel you will not
live beyond 25, if you have ever
ticked the other box … you have a future … and you are worthy! Worthy …
(Applause) Worthy of equality, worthy of
dignity, and worthy of respect as and the
Labour Government will value you. Just be your awe ten tick self!
Thank you, Conference! just be yourself! Thank you,
Conference. (cheering and applause)>>: Thank you, Dawn for that
inspirational speech. Let’s hope that there is an election very soon and we can put into
practice the comments that we have all
made today about what Labour will do for this country and our
people. Conference, we still don’t have
the card vote result yet. So I will ask your permission to
carry on with the rules debate. It is expected in the next ten
minutes. If you are happy with us to
continue, then we will do that. Can I put that to you formerly
that we continue with the rules debate? Is that agreet? Thank
you. Now, at this point, I was supposed to be handing over to Mick Wheelan
from ASLEF. I am not sure if it is like lots of the trains these day but Mick
seems to be running late. Oh, he is here now? So, Mick, if you would like to
come over and take the Chair. Thank you.>>: Thank you. Good afternoon,
Conference. We will move to constitutional amendments, this year, ination,
we also have the democracy review
matters which have been put into effect by the NEC which the
Conference is required to ratify. I will now invite to rule the
changes. (Applause)>>: Thank you, Chair. Jim Kennedy for the NEC, moving
rule change debate on behalf of the NEC and in doing so,
thanking Thomas Gardener and Laura Murray for their support
in the preparation of today’s debate. So, today we will be debating a package of NEC rule change,
which will improve the way our party operates and ensure
consistency throughout the rule book. The NEC’s recommending new vote
for the following NEC rule changes.
Every one will be pre-fixed with a card vote number. Card vote 1, multiple
constituencies CLPs to create consistency throughout the rule
book on how the NEC approve CLPs who
wish to organise across several constituencies. Card vote 2.
Representation in collections to ensure that our selection
procedures deliver greater representation in our elected representatives by
designateing certain selections as BAME priority seats. This reflects the party’s
commitment that political life reflects the diverse society
that we live in. Card vote 3. CLP officers. Reflects existing practice to
ensure gender balance on the executive committee of CLPs. As
agreed in the democracy review, the NEC is conducted a year-long
review of how the party operates in local Government. The next
two rule changes come as a result of that review. Card vote 4, re-establishes
local Government committees with representation from LPs
affiliates and Labour councillors with
responsibilities over policy and campaigning. Card vote 5,
Labour groups improve the way that Labour operate, the
Labour groups operate and establish pilots for the direct
election of group leaders by party members. Card vote 6, disciplinary
powers. This reforms our come better
some and complex disciplinary process to allow the party to
take firm and fair action without delay whilst abiding by
the principles of natural justice. This will apply to clear-cut
cases of prejudicial conduct . This rule change introduces
important procedural checks to guarantee fairness to all
parties. Card vote 7, democracy review
implementation. Carries over a number of powers in areas where
the NEC is working to implement the democracy review. on CLP rule change, the NEC is recommending the following:
Card vote 8, the devolved Cornish Labour
Party from north Cornwall CLP. Our recommendation is to oppose,
as the rule change would
fundamentally alter the national structure of the Labour Party
and our relationship to the regions and to the nations. Cord vote 9, aims and values
from Forester Dean and Blythe Valley,
the rep deportation is to apro, the NEC setting up a working
group to look at updating the language in clause 4. Card vote 10, institutional
amendments from east Devon, our recommendation is to oppose as
this would lead to the disillusion of the three-year
rule and result in the same topics being
debated each year. Card wrote 11, General Secretary
authored of election from New Forest to East has been
withdrawn. Cord vote 12, voting system
national committees from Daventry, our recommendation is
to oppose, as this would overcomplicate a voting system which currently works for our
needs at great time and financial cost to the party. Cord vote 13, NEC election cab
date restriction e cab date restrictions from
Derby south, to oppose, regional
balance of representatives is important as is representation
from protected characteristic groups, however the rule change would place undue
restrictions on member’s ability to elect candidates of their
choice. Card vote 14, elected
representatives code of conduct from Wirral West, the
recommendation is to remit, the NEC agreed to explore the terms of
code of conduct for elected representatives and a delegate from Wirral West is
requested to be present at the mission. and card vote 14, I’m told it
has been withdrawn. Card vote 16, party discipline
from Southgate, the recommendation to oppose, the NEC presented a rule change
to ensure that the processes are
fair and effective, the rule change could counteract the NEC proposal. Card vote 17, our recommendation
is to oppose. There was a rule change to allow branch representatives to sit on
CLP executive committees and so the rule change is now not
needed. Card vote 18, local Government committees from Dulwich and West
Norwood and late educational trust and Wanstead, to oppose, the NEC has his own
proposals on local Government committees so this CLP change
is not necessary. Card vote 19, aims and values
from rotche ford and Southend, east, Doncaster central and
Wallasey, our recommendation is to remit. The NEC agreed to set up a
working group to look at updating of the languaging
clause 4. If the delegate does not remit, our recommendation is
to oppose. Card vote 20, conference motion amendments from Birmingham Hodge
hill and Weaver Vale. Our recommendation is to oppose.
Conference last year greatly expand the the business that
conference undertakes. It is not necessarily or
practical to add further business to the Conference
agenda. Card vote 2 21, conference
motions from Kingston upon Hull has been withdrawn. Card vote 22, BAME
representation and selections from Luton South, our rep deportation is to remit, the NEC
are fully in agreement with the aim but propose an natural that is more
workable. If the delegate does not remit, we recommend to
oppose. Card vote 23, I am told that
Liverpool West Derby have withdrawn, as
have South Derbyshire and mid-Sussex,
so card vote 23, is withdrawn. Card vote 24, NEC method of
voting from Mitcham and Morden. Our recommendation is to oppose
as this would overcomplicate a voting system which currently
works for our need with added time and added financial costs
to the party. Card vote 25, local Government selections from Leyton Wanstead,
the recommendation is to oppose as this is more complicated than
the rules on eligibility to take part in selections and could lead to unfair
outcomes as a result. Card vote 26, election of Labour
group leaders from Brent Central and card vote 27, election of group
leaders from Leeds Central. Our recommendation is to oppose,
the NEC has proposed pilots for the direct election of Labour
group leaders. Conference, I move. (Applause)>>: Thank you, Jim. We now have the result of card
vote 28, the SAC refer back. The percents are as follows,
four 59.5% against 40. 5%, so CO has accepted. I will now invite the CLPs to remove constitutional
amendments, the revolved Cornish Labour Party? Can that be formerly seconded? [INAUDIBLE]
>>: Would anyone like to formerly second from the floor to move the
debate on? Thank you, colleague. Formerly seconded.
Can you go to the desk, please. To remind the delegates,
everybody coming to please go to the desk first to have
credentials scanned. They will be published tomorrow. Right CLP for 63,375 against
245,534, a total of affiliates for … the total 1,so a percentile of
59% favour and a percentile of 41%
against. Thank you, Conference. Would you like to continue?
>>: I am not the representative for Bassey, as you may have seen
in a previous document. This motion is proposed by north
Cornwall. I am Indigo Haines. I am 15 years old, this is my
first time at Conference! (cheering and applause)>>: I’m a first-time speaker, in
case you did not guess. If I am a little nervous, please forgive
me. Cornwall is one of the poorest regions in northern
Europe. We qualified for EU funding
similar to that given to Romania and
Bulgaria and we are crying out for a socialist Government. In 2017, Labour beat the Lib
Dems to come second in four of our six
Tory-held constituencies. (Applause) Two of those are now key target
seats. We will win them at the next election! (Applause) Cornwall council is one of the
largest authorities in the country. It has a yearly budget of £1.2
billion and which party holds the largest number of seats?
You guessed it, the Tories! Typical. In Cornwall, we want to change
that and we will. We just need a little help from
you. We raise more than £300,000 a
year from Labour membership. Yet our regional board is 167
miles from the capital, Truro. Now, we recognise that we
represent a regional challenge because of
the geography but the answer is to treat Cornwall, the same way
we treat Scotland and Wales. If we got half, just half of
what we raised in membership, we could employ two full-time
organisers and set up a Labour Party campaign office within
Cornwall itself to fight for the most vulnerable in our society.>>: Sorry to cut you off but
your time has finished now.>>: For the many, not the few, I
move this constitutional amendment.>>: Does the delegate from the
Forest of Dean or Blyth Valley wish to
move their amendment? And while you are going to get your credentials signed can we have
somebody formerly from the floor? That is fine. Just
trying to move business along. Would those second in like to
come and get credentials signed and be ready to speak, please.>>: Comrades, it is my second
time speaking at a Labour Party Conference, the last time was in 1970 or
something or other … (Applause) You know you have to be kind to
the youngsters, well, I am 78, can you be kind to me too!
(Applause) Labour’s cause, originally, was
the party’s commitment to the
socialist transformation of society, the heart and soul of
what we stood for. It was a recognition that
capitalist system had failed the people. Our task was not the
patch-up capitalism but to do away with it. We stood for a socialist planned
economy based on common ownership for the many and not
the few. (Applause) Tony Blair, strapped clause 4 to
the delight of the Tory press and by the way, as he wanted to
update the language, which is what I’m
being told our NEC want to do now. It was a stitch-up. The Blair
Project to change the Labour Party into a liberal party
throughout common ownership and brought in the opposite. The new clause 4 now praises the
wonders of the market and the wig ours of competition. This is a green the rigours of competition. This is a green light to justify
wages and conditions while the rich got even richer. This was the essence of what New
Labour as all about and we reject it. I had a taste of the
rigours of the market myself. I was a print worker who spent a
year on strike against Murdoch and was sacked with thousands of
others. (Applause) As John McDonald said last year,
clause 4 is as relevant now as it was
when it was first written, in fact, probably more relevant.
Well done, John, I like that.>>: Can you wind up, please.
>>: Three minutes? I will do my best! Comrades, we need to get back to
our socialist roots and under Jeremy’s leadership we have a
long way in getting back our Labour Party, there is still
some way to go. Clause 4 and public ownership needs to be restored to our central link,
if common ownership was good enough for key Hardie, it should
be good enough for us. — Keir Hardie, it should be
good enough for accounts. (Applause)>>: Comrades in conference. Mike Hogan, the reason I wanted
to speak, as Jim said, what was
replaced, clause had, the socialist
clause 4, talked about the rigours of the market. It meant PFI, what it meant to
Liverpool, where I come from, is the fact that the Royal
Hospital, which is supposed to be built by
Corillion, who has taken billions of public
money is now four years out of date and the hospital that I have to use has
been dill . dated as it is not maintained
while waiting for the new hospitalment. It means in the
area of Liverpool where I grew up, speak, that there is a
school there that cost £4 million, that is empty. It cost £4 million, as £100
million is being paid to the PFI
supplier for a school that should have cost £23 million to
build. Comrades, I just want to say that because of this, because of the
scandal of PFI, we are suffering, not only because of the austerity of the
Tories, we are still suffering because
of the policies of New Labour, when we were betrayed …
(Applause) And I want to end by saying this
… that in 2015, on a moderate
manifesto, we got 9.3 million votes. In 2017, with a radical
manifesto under the leadership of a Socialist Labour leader we
got 12.9 million votes. We added 3.5 million votes. In politics today, if we learn anything, that what people want
is they want us to be radical and they want us to be decisive.
I say to this conference that the time has come to decide and
to decide to restore the socialist clause 4,
to restore the socialist heart of our party. (Applause)>>: Can future movers and
speakers be ready to speak to move this along.>>: Good evening, I am Susie
from Brent Central. We submitted a rule change in our
constituencies to replace clause 9.1 of chapter 13. Now, we have decided to withdraw
the motion because we feel if it
goes through it may fail and we may
not then be able to discuss it for many years to come.
>>: Colleague, I think you are speaking on the wrong motion.
We are calling Brent a bit later.
>>: The lady told me to go.>>: Well, go on. Please,
continue.>>: Thank you. Why we want to discuss this
motion, to be discussed, is because at
the moment … 26.
>>: Card vote 26, colleagues.>>: At the moment, many leaders
of the local governments that are run by the Labour are only chosen by a
small number of Labour group councillors. We wanted to change this rule
and give the opportunity to all members
and affiliated unions to be able to
vote as the same as we do for the leader off our party. That is the reason that we
wanted to bring this rule change. Our rule change will extend
democracy by allowing local members and
affiliateed trade unionist, to take part in using our local Labour
council leaders. So, we would like to withdraw
this, so we would like it discussed next year. Thank
you.>>: Thank you very much. (Applause)>>: Comrades, I’m Samuel
Francey, Chair of Dulwich and West Norwood. Here to present this
televisional membership …>>: Can we stop, we are out of
order. We asked for speakers on the clause 4 item, for the
speakers to be ready. I will call the items and have
them seconded before they come up, if you don’t mind. Thank
you very much. So, the next one would be card
vote 10, East Devon, CLP. Do we have
a mover? No mobile phone, the item will
fall. mover, the item will fall. OK,
East Devon falls. We are now moving on to number
12. The delegate of Daventry CLP
wish to remove their amendment? Anybody from Daventry CLP? Last call, anybody from Daventry
CLP wish to remove their amendment?
Falls. Thank you. A delegate from Wirral West CLP
on code of conduct. Please, come forward. A seconder? Thank
you, colleague. Formerly seconded. >>: Thank you Chair, Dave
Brennan, CLP. We brought the proposal as we had seen too much unprofessional,
unethical and unacceptable billionaires from
our uncalor uncalor sentable
behaviours from elected members. It is unacceptable for the
public criticism of Labour members of staff, particularly
when they are unwell. It is unacceptable for all male
Labour MP delegations to go on junkits
to Saudi Arabia, paid for to the tune of
£9,000 a head, by the king of the Saudi Arabia. It is unacceptable to take a
second job as a Labour MP when you are paid £75,000 to
represent your constituents. It is unacceptable to take
funding from private utilities, to
grounder office. It is unacceptable to take half
a million pounds from
independently wealthy individuals and then fail to
account for how you have used that in your office. All of those things and more are
unacceptable. It is very welcome that the
comrade from the NEC has given a
commitment to look at the issues and come back
with proposals about a code of conduct in the future. On that basis, Wirral West
remits the motion.>>: Can I apologise to Derby
South, CLP, you were next. Do we have a mover from Derby
South? Do we have a mover on Derby
South? Candidates for the NEC? Last
call. Do we have a mover from Derby
South? Thank you, Congress. We move on to, do we have a
delegate from Eddington. Somebody in Wales is going to
kill me, I apologise. Acer idion? Your process is
withdrawn? Thank you. It is not on my list. Do we have a delegate from
Enfield South, with I can pronounce. Do you wish to move their
aendment, please. I will practice that I used to
live in Wales! Please come forward, colleague.>>: We have withdrawn our
motion. (Laughter)>>: I had to go through the name
check six times for that! Now, they give it to me! Thank
you! We are now moving to card vote
16. 15 was withdrawn. Card vote 16, do we have a
delegate from End gate, Southgate PLC? Second call, Enfield, Southgate?
It is the third time. It falls. Do we have a delegate from
Cambridge CLP wishing to remove the aye
mendment on CLP substitutes? The second time, Cambridge?
Third time. Card vote 18, do we have a
delegate from dull wish to remove
amendments on LGCs? Do we have a formerly seconder? Thank you,
colleagues. It is formerly seconded. Sorry to keep you
waiting.>>: So, that previous time was
my first time speaking at conference, so I suppose this is
now my second! (Applause) My name is Samuel Francis, Chair
of Dulwich and West Norwood, here to present this on behalf of
ourselves & the member is to replace local
campaigns phormiums in 2011 with local Government committees to be formed of 7 a
5 delegates of PLCs and 25%
other. We have one of the most diverse and unequal
constituencies and one in which strong Labour majority cannot be
separated from a desperate and a pressing need for radical
change. Like so much of the country, we have seen a remarkable invigoration
of the local constituencies parties since the election of
Jeremy Corbyn as the Labour leader. The membership has
begun the process of transforming the CLP into
outward facing campaigning forces for socialism. It has been wonderful to be part
of. But progress, if not too loaded
a term, has been slow. Often we have seen new and third
degreic membership blocked, so badly needed to transform our
society. This is true of local government. Recently elections
saw the local campaigns forums, dominated by existing Labour groups barring the door
as new and reinvigorateing members
wishing to stand. And drawing manifestos from local party
members. Rather than a Broadchurch we have ended up with a narrow pulpit
and PFI preachers. Well, comrades, the time is for new beginnings, it is clear that
LCFs across the country are not fit for purpose, proposed to create a
living breathing party, they have small unaccountable bodies
dominated by existing Labour groups. The rule change will challenge
that, offering an over view for the grass roots of the party and
for the trade unions and on committees
responsible for defining local campaign,
manifestos and elections. Jeremy Corbyn declared the
rebirth of socialism. Members in our community still remember
what the word means. If the rebirth is to happen, we have to
channel the energy and the vitality of members to confront
the crisis of local government, to transform Labour-lid local
government administrations into outward facing representative
bodies to reflect the growth of our party and we are to have
innovating localised solutions for the empowerment of working
class communities across the country. We believe this motion
offered a contribution to the struggle. However, in the light
of the superseding NEC report and after discussion and
agreement with comrades in Leyton and Wanstead we decided
to withdraw the motion. We will bring it back! Because we must never crease to
fight to further demock ratise our
great party. Solidarity! >>: Thank you.
(Applause) 19? Card vote 19. Do we have a delegate from
rotche ford and Doncaster Central or
Wallasey to remove their amendment on aims
and values? Do we have a formerly seconder?
Thank you very much, colleague.>>: Conference, I’m from
Wallasey CLP, reinstating the original word in
clause 4. A personal narrative of what in-house does. At 16 I left school with
nothing, no qualification, I walked into a council job with a sick pay, a pension,
union recognition, holiday, the works. As I have seen,
everything is now sent out. My friends are turned into
contractors and self-employed people. Basically, the change
did not work. We have to bring it all back. We have to bring
back the water, the electricity, the gas, everything, it all
needs to come back. The original wording, no more meddlings, bring it back to what
it works reinstate clause 4 and the original wording. Thank
you.>>: Thank you, colleagues. Does a delegate from Weaver Veil
wish to move the amendment on
conference voter motions? Card vote 20? Do we have anybody from W, ave Weaver Vale? Item falls. Item 21 is withdrawn. Moving
tonne item 22. Does the delegate from Luton
South wish to move their amendment on
BAME representation? The Luton delegate remits. Thank you, Tony. Card vote 23, do we have a
delegate from Liverpool West Derby
wishing to remove their confidence, that is withdrawn. Item 24, does the delegate from
Mitcham and Morden wish to remove their NEC, any method of voting?
Mitcham and Morden for the second time? I feel like a hanging judge, for
the third time? The item false. Item 25. Card vote 25, does the delegate
from Leyton and Wanstead wish to move
the amendment on free states? Can we have somebody formerly
second, please. Thank you, colleague. >>: Leyton Wanstead CLP speaking
after the fantastic speech from our young friend from Dulwich and West
Norwood about the problems with the local campaign forums, this
is following on from that. I am puzzled. I thought that our CLP was
passing a completely uncontroversial common-sense
revolution. Basically, saying that those people who joined the
Labour Party must know when they joined what rights they will
have in selecting local candidates. but at the moment, so we wanted
to establish a formal objective criteria for deciding when they
can stand. At the moment what you have is sometimes self perpetuating
cliques of councillors and secretaries in local campaign forum, choosing
arbitrary dates, manipulating the freeze dates. They pick a
date early, we know it happens and then freeze anyone who has
not joined six months before. In May 2018 elections in London,
the selection was six months before the election and the
freeze date 15 months before the selection. So by the time the
election came around you had to have been a member of the Labour
Party for two years before you can choose the councillor. We
want to make it simple, you qualify to take part if you have had
either one minute, or 12 months membership before the date of
the public election or six months date before the election
before the candidates are shortlisted. Everyone knows
where they are. Instead, we have people from the local campaign forum, working with
regional officials imposing freeze dates
and regulations and the ridiculous situation where you
have to be a member of the Labour Party longer to vote for
a councillor than you do to stand as a councillor! It is
only a year before you can stand for the council. In our borough
it was 15 months before you could vote for the councillor. It is absurd and we wish to
racialise it but for a reason, the
national executive committee decided to oppose which is very
sad. So, I would like to very much hope that they change their
mind. I would like to move it but of
course, no, I am sorry, for purely,
purely tactical reasons, because we know that the NEC proposed
it, you know what has happened, friends in different parts of the hall will vote this down,
therefore, we have decided to withdraw it
on purely tactical grounds. We will be back on this. We do not want people to have to
on member of the party for years before they get to take part in this
democratic process. We want a vibrant deck accuratic
Labour Party, that is what we hope we will get in future
occasions. (Applause)>>: Item 26 previously withdrawn
by the Brent Central delegate. 27. Does the delegate from Leeds
Central CLP? Do we have a seconder?
>>: Thank you very much.>>: James Ward, Leeds Central,
CLP. This motion represents an opportunity to develop local
democracy. Local governments have been
stripped of power and have austerity policies. It is our responsibility to
build local governments anew. I appreciate the motion from the
Brent Central and the withdrawal. This motion is
similar but giving more powers to trade unions and to the party
members. This is a motion for
accountability for councils that have become steal and tired. The motion stale and tired. This motion is
chosen by the members of their party. The unions will ballot
the members as the party will. Creating a direct link between
campaigners, communities and local industry. Directly
electing the executive of Labour groups up and down the country
is a simple but an important step. Members and trade unions
across the UK can be empowered to take back control of local
authorities and hope to develop municipal socialism. Thank you,
Conference. It is motion 27. (Applause)>>: Thank you, Conference. That is all of our CLP and
constitutional amendments done. I will now take on the NEC
constitutional amendments. I will call the speakers in
threes. When you speak start by saying your name, your
constituencies or organisation that you represent. You can speak for up to two
minutes and the screen’s lecturn shows
you how much time you have left. The time is strictly enforced.
The colleague with the paper in the air.>>: Colleague at the back with
his hand in the air, thank you. In the corner about eight rows
from the back, please. That’s the first three.>>: Mike Catz, Jewish Labour
Movement. Against motion 6. Conference, I am sad to say that
trust between our partynd the Jewish community is at an all
time low. A party always with Jewish activists and trade
unionists at its heart. A movement that JLM has been a
part of for almost a century. The party has pro-ed time and
time again, unprepared and unwilling
to take action against institutional anti-Jewish
racism. So what is it that the Jewish community has asked for
in our party disciplinary processes? Independence! What is it that the JLM said was
needed in independence. What have many MPs and Shadow
Ministers urged the NEC to implement? Independence. Conference, the one thing that
the rule change does not deliver is independence. Far from it, it takes the NEC, a
body which we have to admit, is elected on the basis of faxal
loyalty and gives it power that the courts in the
1980s said it should not have. I’m afraid to say that one NEC
member has been suspended for rant
being rabid, Trump supporting rabbis, and
another who talks about Jewish conspiracies and a third calling for the equalities
and the Human Rights Commission to be abolished, so forgive us
if you don’t think we can rely on the NEC to
deliver fast-track justice. Fast track, turning a blind eye,
fast track letting your mates off the hook but not fast track for trust
within the Jewish community. And there are affiliates like
the JLM to be allowed to have been
expelled and this has destroyed the foundations of the great movement.
Conference we should stop the denial and deflections and wait for a
party that gives a damn. Take it from me, this party is
really not and worst of all, many, many
Jews are asking if this can ever be a home for them again. (Applause)>>: Good afternoon conference,
comrades, I’m from Southampton, hitching, strangely, I find myself
agreeing with the previous speaker in that I urge
conference strongly to reject card vote 6 and the disciplinary
changes. And I would like to ask those of our friends here
from the affiliated, the large affiliated organisations, if you worked in a workplace where your
boss could have an allegations made against you and then he a couple of his
Septembers can decide on if you could continue to work there,
based just on documentary or recorded evidence, that you
were not allowed to test in any way or ask how the evidence
whats gathered or if the evidence was proper,
would you be sapped with that as a process to be dealt with in
your workplace, I suspect not. So why vote for that kind of
process to be imposed on members of the
Labour Party? One of the great things about the Labour Party is that we believe
in human rights! We believe in natural justice, we believe in equity and freedom
that is what we stand for. So why are we putting forward a
process that does nothing but place members on to a travel air to
dismissal and expulsion? It is unfair, unjust and in my
professional opinion as a lawyer, it is also a process
that will be challenged in the courts. I make this offer in that I am
qualified as a barrister in Northern Ireland but called in
England in three weeks. Anybody in the hall, the party, subject
to this process, I expect it to pass, I will appear for you if
you challenge it in court pro-bono. (cheering and applause) I appreciate that our friends,
affiliate friends, you are bound by the decisions made by the
organisations, you are here as delegates, you are told how you
should organise the vote but I beg you please, to go back to
seniors when you have discussions about these thing,
ask them if this really is something that they think should
be supported? Please to find a way to maybe
head this off and stop this travesty
of justice that is imposed on the party. It really, we have
seen this over and over. Ask yourself … we have had the difficulties
that Mike Catz alluded to. I am not sure that I agree with
him but that is another issue. We have changes to 218 and 219
and changes to the IRHA imposed, has
it stopped, fixed or solved the problem? No, so why does this?
It is not. It is just another ratchet in members’ rights to be
reduced and members being abused. Thank you, can di.
(Applause) thank you Kennedy.>>: Andrew Berry, proud to be a
delegate from Islington, CLP. I am asking you to vote against
your incard vote 4. RLGC needs to make policies and
agree manifestos. They are our local Government
workers, the Unison activists like myself, we have to hold the councillors’
feet in the fire, not another wing of the Labour Party group. I welcome going back to this but
name is not an issue. in many ways this barely moves
the dials, substituting words like
dialogue with the LGC, with engage and
partnership. What does that mean? We need an LGC with the freedom
to direct our Labour group and agree the man pesto. Yes, to
formalise trade union representation, being a trade
union delegate myself, and it must be substantial and
meaningful. In my LCF yes a good
relationship. Yes a staff manifesto with the trade union
but it is not relying on goodwill. Giving a third of
votes to councillors and telling them to follow the policy of the group is blocking progress
that the members may want to make about holding the
councilors and Labour groups to account. It is a step backwards, vote it
down, comrades.>>: Conference, Suzanne Mathis. BAME representative. Conference, on behalf of my
Unite union, I am in support of rule change from 1-7 but want to talk in
particular about rule change 2. We welcome the changes for
BAME. As a proud woman who is also a
black woman, I am proud of my union,
Unite union, fortune as well, and
comrades who have supported this struggle for a greater diversity,
participation and representation throughout the Labour Party
movement. We have seen the impact of lack
of conference, at this time in the economic crisis, we are compounded by
increased discrimination and hatred,
racism, inequality and the Tory policies, it is often the blacks and the BAME
people, specifically, and protected characteristics that are
affected in the worth kind of way. Our voice must be heard
now. The proposals are important
steps in the right direction, we still value more to go. But the proposals are an
important step to facilitate and support
the group. Towards our movement we hope to
get people involved in every level of the party. Conference,
building representation and equality is all of our
responsibility. Together we have to continue this work and to make an effort so that
the Labour, properly reflects our
diversity community and society and takes on board some elements
of what the motion may be. I will finish by saying to our
BAME black fellows in this conference that power is given and power will be
taken, power determines and this
destiny, our destiny at BAME is determined by our journey. (Applause)>>: Good afternoon, Conference.
May name is Maggie Cousin. I am on the National Constitution
Committee. I am the longest serving member
of that particular committee. (Applause) Can I also point out this is not
my first Conference! My first conference was in fact
in 1959. (Applause) So, Conference, I am asking you
not to support the proposals by the NEC
to, more or less abolish the NCC.
Because, what is happening, what is happening here, is that the NEC,
the officers working directly to
journey and reporting to the NEC will be in fact taking decisions about the NEC
and on them you had a court where the
prosecution was actually presenting the case and the prosecution was
deciding on that case, you would be up in
arms as socialists. I ask you, think back as to why
the NCC was formed in the first place. We had legal opinion to say that
we should be separate. We had separate and we are and
we listen to cases. The NEC report the cases to us. We take
the decisions. May I say to you also, that the
reports you have heard that the NCC is responsible for any delays, this
is incorrect! What happened what happens is that there may
well be an injunction, or there could be sickness notes
passed to the NCC when it gets to the
NCC, often there is nob there to give us
the NEC’s report or submit evidence to us. So don’t blame the NCC for
delays, it is not us. Remember, that the staff report
directly to the NEC. Remember, that we want open
accountability and we should demand open accountability for anyone who is
charged. Safe guard those members who
have been charged. Make sure that we are
accountable to them. Thank you, Conference. (Applause) There were three indicators
before the next speaker starts. That was quick! You have been very patient, and
the person at the back, although we say don’t stand up, however,
I would not have seen you otherwise, so thank you.>>: Good afternoon, Conference,
I’m Kim Johnson, the black member’s representative for Liverpool
PLC. Speaking for BAME representations. Liverpool has a long established
black community yet we are not represented in our political
organisations. We have 90 councillors, only
four are black. It is an utter disgrace for a
city like ours. I support the fact that we need,
the way that we have all-women
shortlists, we need an all-black shortlist
to enable to push forward our black brothers and sisters into
the political agenda. Without this we will not have the same
rights that all white people have in this country. As black
people we are constantly fighting for representation. We
only have to look around the room to look at the fact that
something needs to happen to improve
representation for black political activists in this
country. Thank you. (Applause)>>: Thank you, Chair. The co-chair of Bristol campaign
forum. Along with Harriet Bradley. I want to speak about
4, 5 and 27. There are a lot of challenges to change the
relationship between local parties and Labour groups. I
hope that this conference will see progress. As is often, we
have seen the most positive and the most
progressive resolutions pressured to withdraw. I’m
afraid we are left with motions with serious flaws. Motion 4.
It is very, very lengthy. It sets out a new structure. You find it says in places,
local parties have to do something different if they
choose to, so this is not really a rule change, it is a change
in guidelines. If you go with the guidelines it
introduces a complicateed structure in which members are given a
permanent one-third minority on the committees with Labour group and I
filliates given a third each. I don’t think this will work. It
will not address the problems. Motion 5, contains good stuff
about electing Labour group leaders. It does say that this will be
only be trialled, though, amazely, although so many of our
cities now have elected Mayors, none of these make any mention of elected mayors and the impact
it has on how Labour groups and local
parties elite to local government. 27, also, introduces as
complicated structure which would give a
great deal of power to affiliates. I think we should
vote against all of these as they are not fit for purpose,
they have major failings and please, can the NEC consult with
people trying to make the relationship with local
Government work and bring something fit for purpose back
next year. Thank you. (Applause)>>: Colleagues, I have had a
request when the speakers go to the rostrum to indicate which
item that they are speaking about. Some delegates are
getting muddled.>>: Moore Uxbridge and south
Ruislip. Talking about the motions on
LGCs card votes 4 and 5, I believe. Both motions have much
to offer but there is too much information in the changes to
plough through in two hours and to speak to. We have concerns that currently
Labour group members have little accountability. In some cases we all know that
certainly individuals can pack out selection meetings and get
elected despite having little merit. The appeals system prevents LGCs
from rejecting poor quality councillor candidates and then they can sit
for comfortably for four years. Keeping the ability of elections
of group officers and positions on committees … sun sun … (issue with sound) as we have hardly any delegates attending our LGCs or CLPs. I
feel we should discuss this further. It is complex, there
are a large amount of changes. If it goes through with haste we
could be repenting for the next three years as we cannot change. Please vote card vote 4 and 5
down. Thank you.>>: GLCP I would like to speak on
item 6 on disciplinary procedures. We would like to restore
disciplinary powers to the NEC, it was
brought as Jeremy, like I do, believes that the extreme cases of prejudice,
whether it is anti-Semitism, Islamophobia,
other forms of racism, misogyny,
homophobia or trance phobia it should not take two years or
longer to deal with the case. We need quicker processes in
cases where extreme and abhorrent comments are made in
writing and the evidence there in black and white. All of these proposals do, are
to restore powers to the NEC taken from them in the 1980s.
So that we don’t have to wait pore than two years to resolve
extreme cases and let’s be clear, the cases are few. They are a tiny fraction of our
membership. As Jeremy has said they don’t represent our party. We are a party of equality. We can’t be taking two years to
deal with these individuals whose comments resemble those on
the far right. So let’s support Jeremy Corbyn
by voting for the NEC’s constitutional amendments on
disciplinary power. (Applause)>>: Can I thank all of the
colleagues that participated and spoke. Jim would you like to
respond to the points that have been raised? >>: OK, Conference. Right, I will go through it
sequentially. Card vote 8, indigo go. Welcome
to your first Conference. A wonderful speech for a first
contribution. I ask Conference to oppose for
the reasons explained, that is because the rule change would
fundamentally alter our national structures of the Labour Party
and our relationship to the regions and to the nations. Or card vote 9, there was a
mover and a seconder, I fully
understand the impassioned advocacy made but I can assure
you the working group, that you can feed into the working group,
and it will be a substantive process
that most certainly your voices will be heard. Card vote 10, it falls as there
was no mover. Card vote 12, falls because
there was no mover. Card vote 13 falls as there was
no mover. in terms of the delegate from
West Wirral. Thank you very much for agreeing to remit. Card vote 16, falls as no mover. Card vote 17, falls as no
mover. Card vote 18, thank you for the
detailed contribution and the passionate delivery of it.
Thank you for agreeing to withdraw. Card vote 19, thank you, again,
to the speaker from Wallasey for making clear the value of
in-house provision. If I die guess my day job is
under national office of local authorities and Unite we have an
insource first policy, as does the Labour Party so I recognise
and agree with everything that the delegate said. We look
forward to him feeding into the working group in relation to
this issue. Card vote 20, falls as no mover. Card vote 22 was remitted and I
thank you for that. Card vote 24, falls as no mover. And card vote 25, again, thank
you for agreeing to withdraw. And card vote 27, thank you for James and, I
believe, if my notes are right, the decision
is still to oppose, the NEC is
proposing pilots for the direct election of Labour Party group
leaders. Card vote 2, Susan and Kim,
thank you for your support. We agreed that the vital nature and
importance of the changes. Card vote 4, Andrew from
Islington north, we know your comments
about LGCs and the year-long review
undertaken of local government has produced proposals that bring, that we bring
together at a local level. The delegates who referred to 4,
5 and indeed 27, the rule change
addresses of points you raised and we have had are a year-long review involving
Labour tolders in local Government. Card vote 6, Mike, thank you for
your contribution. It would not be possible to outsource our
disciplinary system as this would end our independence as a
party. the second delegate against NEC disciplineary appearance is
mistaken about the effect of the rule change, members will have
the full ability to answer the evidence against them. Maggie,
the proposals don’t abolish the NCC in any way, it will still
decide on cases, requiring witness evidence. It is also
incorrect that officers will be deciding the cases, it
will be elected panels from NEC members.
Jo from Hull North thank you for the support for the NEC reforms to
disciplinary cases and for your commitment to end prejudice. Thank you, Conference, all of
the NEC recommendations stand.>>: Thank you, Jim. I have a
point of order or a point of clarity, please.>>: Hull North. When motions were being
described as having fallen because they did
not have a mover, I want to clarify if
that means that the 3-year rule applies.
It does not. Is>>: As far as I understand it
does not apply. Thank you. Thank you, Conference, we will
move on. Conference, I would like to ask
the chief scrutiny to present the results of the contemporary issues, ballot.
Thank you, Candice.>>: Chair Conference, I am your
Chief Scrutineer. I will give results of the
priorities ballot to to determine the motions to be
debated at the Conference. The ballot whats divided into two
sections, one for CLPs and one for trade unions and other
affiliated organisations. The National Executive Committee
agreed that the ten priority subjects achieving the greatest
percentage votes cast, and the 10 in the
affiliated and other organisational section will be
timetabled for debate. Should the areas be selected. Subject
area from the in connection highest ranking vote will be
added to the list, ensuring that the net result is that 22
subjects are sected. 10 by affiliated organisations
and 10 by CLPs. Other arrange thements are
arranged as advertised. I will announce the voting for
the constituencies section of the priorities ballot as a
number and the percentage of votes cast. They are, housing, 299 299,140.
8% of the vote. Schools. 250079, 7%. Brexit, 223,551, 6%. Green New Deal, 2 219,045, 6%. Social care, 212,543, also 6%. Mental health, 191,083, 5%. Ethical foreign policy, 180925,
5%. Yemen, 127,945, 4%. Good Friday
Agreement, 3%. Immigration, 105,219, 3%. Detention centre, 104,754, 3%. Foot poverty, 100 100,055, 3%.
NHS 3%. Public services, 940,4905, 3%.
Local authority cuts, 3%. Homelessness, 85,504, 2%.
Kashmir, 2%. Women’s pensions 82,230, 2%. Inclusive ownership, 2%.
Electrical registration 2%. Access to justice, 63,3082. 2%. Youth services 1%. Poverty 46,375, 1%. LGBTIQ education for all 4
a,955, 1%. Drug, 41,374, 1%. Autism and neuro-diversity, 1%. Armed Forces 32,199, 1%. Employment rights 30,259, 1%.
Equality for trance and nonbinary people, 30,222, 1%. Proportional representation,
30,000, 1%. Social security, 27,931, 1%. Sex work, 23,031, 1%. Industrial strategy, 22,00.71%.
Working hours, 1%. Moral infrastructure, 16,669,
less than 1%. High Street, 16,536, less than
1%. Insourceing 15 15,586, less than
1%. Probation Service, 13,940, less
than 1%. Asylum, less than 1%. Tax reform, 12,873, less than
1%. Click tax, 8,909, less than 1%.
Trite trite less than 1%. Data, 8,534, less than 1%.
Pension schemes, less than 1%. Royal Mail, 6,196, less than 1%. Wellbeing budget, 5,768, less
than 1%. Foreign national workers, less than 1%. Workplace deaths, 3,938, less
than 1%. Pensioners’ champions, 3,900,
less than 1%. Corporate governance, less than 1%. Building societies, 3,457, less
than 1%. Housing revenue account funding
3,464, less than 1%. Registering abstentions, zero,
zero%. Voting for trade unions and other affiliateed
organisation sections will be announced as a number and
percentage of the counts you are pleased to know. Green new deal, wow 1,618,285,
10%. Insourceing 1,585,732, 10%. Homelessness, 10%. Working hours, 1pm 300,332, 6%.
I think I read that right! NHS 1pm 270 270,425, 6%. Employment rights, 1pm 220pm
404, 6%. High Street Streets, … corporate governance, 1pm
210,231, 6%. Industrial strategy 1pm 210,000. Housing 585,587, 4%. Local
authorities, 3%. Mental health 561pm 345, 3%. The asylum, 555pm 873, 3%.
Electoral registration, 3%. Click tax, 55 555,096, 3%. LGBTI+ inexclusion education for
all, 550,,000 3%. Brexit, less than
1%. Schools, 38,307, less than 1%. Public services, 38,007, less
than 1%. Inclusive ownership, 27,600,
less than 1%. Ethical foreign policy, 26,643,
less than 1%. Detention centre, less than 1%. Good Friday Agreement, 25,567,
less than 1%. Youth services, 14pm 464, less
than 1%. Drugs 11pm 064, less than 1%. Housing ref few account, less
than 1%. Trident, 10pm 500, less than 1%. Food poverty, 10,155, less than
1%. Women’s pension, less than 1%. Proposal representation, less
than 1%. Social care, less than 1%. Autism and neuro-diversity, less
than 1%. Mine workers pension scheme, less than 1%. Poverty, 3,34, less than 1%.
Armed Forces, less than 1%. Access to justice, less than
1%. Immigration, 10209, less than 1
1%. Foreign national workers, 601, less than 1%. Data, 441, less than 1%. Probation Service, 404, less
than 1% buildings societies, equalities for trance and nonbinary people,
Kashmir, rural infrastructure, sex work, tax reform, universal
basic income, wellbeing budget and workplace deaths, all
receiving 0, therefore, 0%. Therefore, the results … the 20 topics timetabled for
debate are as follows: Green new deal. Insourceing. Homelessness. Working hours. NHS. Employment rights. High
Street. Corporate governance.
Industrial strategy. Royal Mail. Housing. Local authority
cuts. Schools. Brexit. Social care.
Mental health. Ethical foreign policy. Yemen. Good Friday
Agreement. Immigration. (Applause) The chair of the COC asked me to
announce that the meetings are to take place this evening at
the following times at the Hilton hotel in the following
rooms. At 6. 30, the subject is the inses in
in the Preston room. And at 6. 30, the industrial strategy in
the Stan more room. At 6. 30 the green new deal in
hawthorn. 6.30 housing in the Cambridge room. At 8pm it is social care in
presson. 8pm schools in Stan more. 8pm, working hours in hall 4.
8pm. Ethical foreign loyal and
finally homelessness and Cambridge al8pm also. Thank you
very much, conference. >>: Can I remind you that this
starts after Conference ends. We will go to card votes but for
ease, after all of the numbers remitted and withdrawn we
believe we have card votes 1-9, 19 and 27. We believe the card votes 1-9,
19 and 27. Conference we will take card
votes as discussed today. Changes have been agreed by the
NEC to be done by ballot in the ballot area tomorrow. Further
details in the CEC report. The votes on the NEC and
changes, the card vote numbers are on the screen behind me.
Please note those that have been withdrawn. Please put your votes in the
ballot boxes at the same time. The rules to voting are on the
screen. Thank you for your patience.>>: I have had a request to
remind people we are only voting on card votes 1-9, 19 and 27. Colleagues , can you sit down while the
votes are being taken. It is difficult to see when this
should be adjourned. Colleagues you are making it
difficult for the tellers to see whose
card votes are outstanding if you keep moving around. Colleagues has everybody voted
in no? In that case, if you are
blocking the way for the ones still trying to vote, can you
sit down for a second, please.>>: Colleagues, has everybody
voteed? There is a colleague over there
situating to vote. There is a box there. sit still waiting to vote.
There is a box there. Everybody voted in anybody else? Anybody else waiting to vote?
Clueings, if there is nobody else waiting to vote, the
Conference is adjourned. Thank you for your patience.

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