Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall at the Chase for Business Bizmobile

[lively guitar music] Michael: I have
always loved food and have had a passion for it. Cooking I would say was
the big entryway for me getting into the
restaurant business. We decided to open Ladybird
in the fall of 2014. We’re located at Mile 9.25
on the Atlanta BeltLine. The theme of the restaurant
is outdoor-oriented concept. We took a lot of inspiration from national parks, camping, hiking in the woods. Just having nostalgic
outdoor experiences. We have a really
rich, flavorful, kind of campfire
inspired cooking here. It’s inspirational, frankly, to see Ladybird full on a weekend, the amount of
energy in the room, people having a great time, making memories. [chatter and laughs] I heard a rumor going around that the Chase
BizMobile was in town. I’m really excited to head over to Krog Street Market and talk with the
experts at the BizMobile. I just came down to Krog Street Market, saw the BizMobile, ah, was able to do a consultation with David, who is a banker with Chase Bank. The meeting with David
was really interesting. Based on the performance
of our business, we have more options
than I thought in terms of different types of loans that we could tap into or access to help
our business grow. The BizMobile is a fantastic asset for small business owners to grow their business and build from what they’ve started. [engine revs]

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