Lama Ole Nydahl: Inner Freedom

you so what concerns freedom of course there two kinds of freedom there’s the outer freedom you know the freedom of expression the freedom movement the freedom also from diseases and so on due to our good doctors and hospitals the freedom to have a good education also because of our social systems and so on there this kind of freedom which is very important you know and and and and very meaningful and here I seriously hope you know that we are not losing the freedom of expression right now that we are not losing the ability to say what we think even if we step on the toes of some gentleman from the Near East I really who like to beat their wives or stolen them whatever else they do right I mean I really think you know we what our freedom is more important than whether some gentlemen are happy about what we say or not say because this is the greatest thing we have if the freedom of speech goes every freedom goes everything is gone we’re back in the Middle Ages we everything we fought for everything or philosophers and dreamers fought for we threw out the window for some people who come here you know and don’t want to be like us want us to become like them right so that’s one thing so that is the outer freedom let’s be happy we have it and the inner freedom is sin actually what Professor victor frontal expressed in the way that between the experience and the reaction we have a choice we express it so my polish students and put it out in a wonderful t-shirt with a graph looking dawdlin looking like a backhoe and it actually you know and what it says is big dogs don’t need to bark right and this freedom to really set our own rules to say I played the First Division I don’t play in the second and third and fourth you know and all this this chance to really decide ourselves you know what we want to put into our minds and what things we want to contain and have inside this is exceedingly important now this is the greatest freedom and also here the freedom from things you know we always thought freedom oh you can have any religion of you that you want you know but also the freedom to not have any of that you know if you see look at history and you see they did this that and the other thing I do not want to be a part of that you know I will not have anything to do with that then in this case also you know you will say that it really is you know it really is great to have the freedom both to have and certain view and to be free of having a certain view press down over our heads it’s a very important thing you know and we should do our best that around the world all beings have a freedom the education to choose and the freedom to decide what they want

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