You do not understand the problem at all.
“If the individual evolves, the society dissolves.” The society exists only because the individual
is not allowed to evolve. All these powers have their prestige. They are not ready to
let man evolve, to let man grow to a point where they and their institutions will become
useless. There are many situations that will help you to understand. It happened in China,
twenty-five centuries ago: Lao Tzu became very famous, a wise man, and
he was without doubt one of the wisest men ever. The emperor of China asked him very
humbly to become his chief of the supreme court, because nobody could guide the country’s
laws better than he could. He tried to persuade the emperor, “I am not the right man,” but
the emperor was insistent. Lao Tzu said, “If you don’t listen to me … just
one day in the court and you will be convinced that I am not the right man, because the system
is wrong. Out of humbleness I was not saying the truth to you. Either I can exist or your
law and your order and your society can exist. So … let us try it.”
The first day a thief who had stolen almost half the treasures of the richest man in the
capital was brought into the court. Lao Tzu listened to the case and then he said that
the thief and the richest man should both go to jail for six months.
The rich man said, “What are you saying? I have been stolen from, I have been robbed
– what kind of justice is this, that you are sending me to jail for the same amount of
time as the thief?” Lao Tzu said, “I am certainly being unfair
to the thief. Your need to be in jail is greater, because you have collected so much money to
yourself, deprived so many people of money … thousands of people are downtrodden and
you are collecting and collecting money. For what? Your very greed is creating hese thieves.
You are responsible. The first crime is yours.” Lao Tzu’s logic is absolutely clear. If there
are going to be too many poor people and only a few rich people, you cannot stop thieves,
you cannot stop stealing. The only way to stop it is to have a society where everybody
has enough to fulfill his needs, and nobody has unnecessary accumulation just out of greed.
The rich man said, “Before you send me to jail I want to see the emperor, because this
is not according to the constitution; this is not according to the law of the coutnry.”
Lao Tzu said, “That is the fault of the constitution and the fault of the law of the country. I
am not responsible for it. Go and see the emperor.”
The rich man said to the emperor, “Listen, this man should be immediately deposed from
his post; he is dangerous. And he is very rational. What he is saying is right; I can
understand it – but he will destroy us!” The emperor understood it perfectly well.
“If this rich man is a criminal, then I am the greatest criminal in the country. Lao
Tzu will not hesitate to send me to jail.” Lao Tzu was relieved of his post.
He said, “I tried to tell you before; you are unneccesarily wasting my time. I told
you I am not the right man. The reality is that your society, your law, and your constitution
are not right. You need wrong people to run this whole wrong system.


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