Last weekend of Winter Blast in downtown Detroit

well today is one of the final days to check out the 2019 Quicken Loans winter blast there is so much to do including giant slides and zip lines and you got to see this video I’m baited like his life was on the line Larry scroll the legend he has survived look at him look at him go he can’t breathe gosh you got me good party ticket and free we are here at the window glass again children rely right now is John Saunders a blonde that is a thrill I gotta tell you I want to ask you what you think my first time but I enjoyed it a little bit no it was just once you get over it it’s cold well yeah my you know you were 34 feet high you traveled 300 feet for the world’s longest mobile zipline this is a soaring eagle zipline they’re gonna go right now I think yeah and what we’re gonna start I think we have Ali and Anna that are going first here and again this has been a source of fun for us for years just the ability to do something right in the streets of Detroit here they come in hot they’re coming in hot [Laughter] because it’s like service you’re right it does and I mean this has been you know a great a great thing and a lots of other activities too this weekend this you can skate for free courtesy of Delta Dental as well we’ve seen some of the live music great food the ice sculptures are new we play some badminton or do some stuff and the temperatures are incredible it’s like a balmy 30 degrees out I mean just compared it’s so great to see our crowds you know progress you know throughout the weekend you know and this is great and I think we got a couple more folks that will zipline this morning and we’ll you know we open at 11:00 a.m. and go until 11:00 p.m. and 11:00 to 8:00 tomorrow so last on I’m going to challenge you to go on a zip on as well well so they have a weight restriction so my abs are not as good as yours or Nick’s or Priya’s but I think Nick and Priya should come down and we should do a little race between the two and I think Nick will win that race for sure just from a weight perspective more weight you know the faster you go all right so so Nick and Priya you heard John he challenged you to to a race here on the zip line and here comes two more two more Priya Priya might have a smoother ride she’s got the the hot yoga and that the and she’s got so she might be more aerodynamic that you then Nick so that could that could work all right Nick and Priya back to you guys I do want to point out and John doesn’t have one of our fans a earpieces so he can’t hear us so we’ll so we’ll take this outside later but Larry your death-defying experience compared to the naps that the children were taking burglary you just went right by that just oh that’s good a breezy Saturday morning meanwhile Larry is defying all Flair

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