Laughologist Causes Room Full of People To Stop Thinking

okay so put them through make them suffer alright okay well I'm given that this pod has focused on health I felt like it was important to start with actually a health warning there's something that all of you or almost all of you are doing right now which will probably negatively impact your health actually quite quickly I'm looking I'm scanning the audience I'm seeing you sir you're you're doing it sir you're doing it compulsively I would have to say madam over here I can see that both both of you are doing it I could see that almost everybody in this room is doing this somewhat terrible thing and of course you're going to see I am talking about thinking there is increasing evidence that thinking too much is being connected to a lot of pretty serious conditions I'll give you some examples stress anxiety depression in fact there's even research that shows the depression it's particularly aligned or connected with deep thinking and deep thinking itself is one of the most apparently negative things that we can do so of course now if you go to the Internet you can even get a measure of the problem according to the Internet pop psychology 90% of our problems are caused by our own thoughts not only that if you go to Hollywood we will find out at corrent our Hollywood star Anthony Hopkins that we are dying from overthinking that's actually killing us but I want to show you that there's actually some real science as well this is a 2013 study and you know what it said it says that thinking actually can damage your DNA and this is not a joke they did experiments on mice where they had mice basically up you know it's exposed to new situations or things where they had to think about things to try to figure out what was going on and they found that that behavior damaged the DNA of the mice so it may be that thinking itself is is damaging the brain according to pretty hard science now that brings us back here to IDs idea city it's a lovely conference it has wonderful food incredible people it's very stimulating but there is one serious problem with idea city is that it makes you think so what can we do about it well there's one really obvious choice and that's a choice that a lot of people have already made that is in fact you can choose stupidity now if stupidity actually has a lot of virtues but there is one problem with stupidity if you do something really stupid generally you have to think about it afterwards so you can see how that doesn't really help so I'm going to suggest something else that is to simply laugh now first you're gonna say is that really is that really a solution to thinking well take a look at some of these people are these people thinking no are these people thinking really not at all or these people you'll find out that people engage in the act of laughter at that moment are barely thinking at all afterwards maybe before possibly but at the time people are rarely thinking when they are truly laughing so I'm going to suggest that we do a little bit of laughter to try to dispel some of the thinking that's been going on here and a lot of people they think laughing they think oh that's kind of tough you know we need a comedian timing it's a little bit metaphysical actually promoting laughter I would suggest you that there's an easy way to last and it references today's talk there's a great talk earlier about the nature of the universe it could be a hologram and that's computational I want to show you the computational aspect of laughter it's a way for us to actually laugh let's call it laugher size that's a way to exercise laughter and it's extremely simple it just involves breathing out through your mouth in case you're wondering and I'll show you basically the technique so here it is this is the sound ha very good very good now I want to tell you something that was interesting about the sound how is that we share this laughter sound its fundamental computational laughter sound with most mammals and possibly all primates the difference is we did something kind of amazing which after a million years we stood up and we started making another sound we can make this different sandwiches like this ha ha ha ha ha exactly that is really what separates that's apparently from the rest of the primates which is kind of amazing now because you did it because you evolved and you can stand up I'm just gonna ask if you don't mind if you would mind standing up right now wonderful there's a million years of evolution happening right before our eyes beautiful ok now we're going to do a little bit of an experiment it's called a last way now this is this is an experiment there's no proof that it works I'm going to ask the cameraman if they could turn the cameras on the audience okay I'm going to film the audience with the face of the audience the theory the mathematical formula for contagious laughter one of them is eye contact the sound ha ha ha and proximity so I'm going to ask right now here's it here's what we're going to do see the mass that's the map we're going to start with the sound ha ha ha very quietly and we're just going to gently get louder and louder ok and we're going to get no limits you'll see how loud we can get first I mean it's going to ask you if we could turn the cameras on the audience so the audience can see itself ok ok even even the middle even the middle of screen here if possible ok so the audience can see itself beautiful now maybe a little bit wider so there's a little more audience can see itself this is the moment where the audience is becoming self-aware that's right okay so now look into your own eyes if you can if you can or somebody else's okay look into your eyes now take a deep breath in and we're going to gently start this gentle gentle very good there you go contagious laughter thank you very much you can sit down we're going to keep going now but I'm going to even show you that even at in a sitting position you can Ratchet it up a little bit so now we're going to do something else that stops you from thinking and that of course is to panic okay it's very rare that when you panic that you actually think very much so I'm going to we're going to ask that all of us panic simultaneously you can do it from the comfort of your chair so you won't there will not be a stampede no one will be crushed okay I'll do a quick demonstration of panic it's just a deep breath in and then basically you scream your head off similar heads up now if you don't know what you should do in this exercise just panic panicking will always be the right answer so here we go okay on the count of three I'm gonna I'll demonstrate a good panic first okay so deep breath in you go like this ahhh sort of like that okay okay so here we go all together big juicy panic one two deep breath in three oh yeah that was good that feel good to panic excellent now back to the slide okay so our next now I'm going to demonstrate a particular kind of lock okay now a lot of people are a bit judgmental about this left we're not making front we're not making fun of dumb people all of us have the capacity to be stupid we all do so this is a dumb lock this laughs is called the dumb laugh it's very simple all you do is you exhale on the sound a duh and then you keep going like a duh I want you to see how good it feels to liberate yourself from thoughts so here we're going to do it all together when take a deep breath in we're going to go ad duh then we're going to let the laughs go okay here we go deep breath in ah feels good feels good no thinking beautiful now this is a classic laugh that's called the Alabama knee slapper okay we're going to break it down technically this is how it works you take your right hand you lift it up you focus on it if you got to remember where your right hand is okay take a deep breath in think about all your thoughts all your ridiculous thoughts being around your right knee and now you're going to slap your hand down hard on your knee and that's when the laughs is going to happen okay so first look at your right hand deep breath in and now dad lefty-loosey double barrel action beautiful okay next loss this loss is called the arrow lot so arrow lot imagine you have a bow and arrow you're going to put the bow and arrow up in the air you can point it at me I'm used to it so put your arrow up that's right very good yeah bring it on okay so point your arrow up you can take a deep breath in as you breathe in inhale all the annoying thoughts you want to get rid of and then when you let the arrow fly that's when you last so here we go deep breath in [Applause] beautiful I can feel it very nice next lie okay so this laugh is called the claw claw and the way it works is that again same idea all those thoughts analysis focus and concentration think of all these annoying thoughts between your hands and you're going to bring your hands together when the clap occurs that's when the last explodes so here we go deep breath in think some thoughts whatever oh yeah I'm very important I have some thoughts to think deep breath in now one two three yeah good now we're going to try something crazy we're going to do all of the things we just did in combination just like a boxer so we're going to do the Alabama nice hopper the arrow lap and then the clap left quite kind of quickly okay that's the idea why are we doing it quickly so we can't think about what we're doing that's the idea so here we go first of the Alabama nice I put them up maybe for the screen up so people know if that's alright so here it's Alabama nice opera then it's going to be arrow laughs then it's going to be clap slap here we go Alabama nice hopper Arwa now its Popov back beautiful okay next point lot now this is a controversial laugh because apparently pointing is rude but it's very natural in life to the point so I'm going to ask you to point at me but I'm I'm going to point at you to to point at me okay he's going to point at me that's right hahaha you're in the audience ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha so now that's the idea now we're laugh a little bit louder though so deep breath in [Laughter] beautiful they say in life you should laugh at yourself but it's not that easy actually so I actually have an exercise it's called the self point laugh all you have to do is take that point laugh now that you had just point of view don't mind and now turn it back on yourself ok now you can throw in some adjectives or words to help you can say like doofus or dork or overthinks everything so you turn your fingers back and now take a deep breath in very good now next laugh this is a tough one but it's a great one it's called the stomp clap laugh okay this is a classic caveman laugh what you do is you stomp and you clap and then you really explode okay are you doing it for the demonstration right now there we go I couldn't ask for a better demonstration that's a psalm clock block so here we go so here the technique is deep breath in that's a technique a good stomp let's shake this building then a clap and then a few more stomps and claps that's basically it okay so here we go this is a lot for real now don't think deep breath in good okay you might have seen this coming now we're doing it combo point lock self point laughs stop stomp clap laugh and then just for good measure we're gonna panic okay okay okay so here we go you guys ready got it okay so deep breath then we're going for the point lock [Laughter] [Applause] [Laughter] Wow okay just last thing is that's alright Lhasa in life we have a lot of stress because it's a constant pressure to know what's going on and I'm going to suggest you that when you liberate yourself in that pressure when you admit that you don't know what's going on it's very relieving so here's our line if you can just say the sentence may say this to the person next to you just say I have no idea what's going on doesn't that feel good does that feel good now I'll tell you what's going on we are going to attempt a world record today right now the largest mass maniacal laugh ever attempted that's what's going on okay I'll show you how we do it we just need the screen if you don't mind this is the maniacal laugh or the diabolical laugh is an old classic it has a technical structure the phrase for example starts with the freight so we'll use I have no idea what's going on seems suitable then you have your first slide very good excellent then you have your second lock then the third loss which is the craziest stomp clap arrow whatever you want after that so we're going to try to do this all together and it really will be because it's such a crazy maybe stupid idea it's never been attempted before on mass we're gonna see if we can all do it together that's why the structure is up there okay so here we're going to all temptu do this together and apparently it will be some kind of world record so here we go starts with a deep breath in and we say the sentence I have no idea what's going on [Laughter] very good so I can ask you at this point if anybody have any thoughts of course not my work here is done thank you [Applause]

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  • makes sense, some people laugh at banality and find it extremely funny… not much thinking going on there . Maybe contagious laughter is similar to yawns being contagious.

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