Learn about the ElBraille 14 from Freedom Scientific

Hi, welcome to PATINS TV. I’m your host,
Jena Fahlbush, and today I have our Featured Solution and it as EYE can see.
I’m here with Greg Blackman and he’s going to show us the Elbraille
14 from Freedom Scientific. [intro music] Hi, I am Greg Blackman with EYE can see.
We are the local providers and dealers for Freedom Scientific, Optelec, and AI
Squared products now known as VFO in the state of Indiana and Kentucky. And I’m
here today to talk to you about a really cool new device from Freedom
Scientific and VFO called the ElBraille 14. The ElBraille 14 is a really cool new device
that combines a few different tools from Freedom Scientific into one larger tool
that does a lot of different functions. Essentially it’s the combination of the
ElBraille 14 itself and then the ElBraille is a Windows 10 based computer that is
driven by the Focus 14 Blue Braille Display and JAWS software. JAWS home
or pro version software. The ElBraille device itself essentially is a portable
Braille computer. It is a Windows 10 computer in a small portable device. It
is also a note-taker and a docking station for the Focus 14 Blue Braille
Display. So, essentially with the ElBraille the Braille user gets all of the
capabilities and functionality of a modern mainstream computer as his or her
laptop or desktop computer at home, in a small portable device with a refreshable
Braille display. So what I’m going to do briefly is talk about the Focus 14
Braille Display itself, and then how it interacts with the ElBraille. The focus
14 Braille display is essentially this small black box here with these blue
buttons, okay? The Focus 14 Braille display from Freedom Scientific has been
out on the market for a while now and it is a portable refreshable Braille
display. Fourteen cell Braille display with an eight dot Perkins-style keyboard here
that can connect via bluetooth or USB. It can connect wirelessly to your iOS devices,
to your portable devices and so it has always been a really nice portable
Braille, refreshable Braille display on-the-go that can work with
your portable devices. It has a nice little carrying case, great
battery life. So that is the Focus 14 Blue Braille Display, okay? The
ElBraille itself is the docking station for the Braille display, so the
ElBraille is… circles, comes around the Focus 14 and the Focus 14 actually
docks into the ElBraille. Here to the side there’s a micro USB cord that when you
first insert the Focus 14 into it, you have to insert the cord in first, and
there’s instructions on this, but you basically take off this little
tab here you insert the cord and then you dock the Focus 14 in there and
essentially at that point these are now one device. You have inserted the Braille
display into the ElBraille and they are together and again they are being
powered by the JAWS software. So once you have that together you can cover that up
and now you have your ElBraille device. So now you have a portable computer,
essentially, note-taker and refreshable Braille display that can do all of the
applications that you would want to do with your computer at home – checking
emails, searching the web, anything that you may do with any a regular computer,
you can now do in a nice portable format. Like I said, it runs on Windows 10. It has
memory already built into it. You turn it on. It powers and it runs on JAWS and
away you go. If you are already a JAWS user you can use your current license
and just get the Focus 14 and the ElBraille. If you’re already a current JAWS
user and have a JAWS license and a Focus 14, then all you would need to do is
the ElBraille. So, essentially to get the ElBraille working you would need those
three different parts: the ElBraille Note-taker, the Focus 14 Blue Braille
Display, and JAWS software. But if you have any of those components, you
wouldn’t have to get them. All in all, the ElBraille itself is pretty reasonably
priced and together, you know, there’s different you know combo prices
that we can work out. But once you get that all together, you have a nice
portable note-taking device, Braille display. It also comes with
a very handy carrying case here, because if you’re going to
have a note-taker like this, you certainly want to have it in a carrying
case at all times. So it fits really nicely in this carrying case
and snaps down, okay? Snaps down just like that. You can carry
any extra materials with you just like that and essentially now a Braille user has a
portable computer with them that they can use and access and do all the applications that they
would before. I can mention the battery life is incredible with these. So,
you get a long battery life.>>Jena: All right. Well thanks for being here
today, Greg. I really appreciate your time.>>Greg: Well thanks for having
me. Happy to be here.>>Jena: Yeah, and can you
tell us – are you offering any promotional deals for our viewers?>>Greg: Yes, certainly. If
you just want to mention that you saw this video, we have a
promotional offer on any part of the ElBraille, the Focus 14, the JAWS bundle.
If you have one or two of the parts, we would still offer a promotion. Then,
obviously, if you need all three, there’s a promotional price as well. Feel free to
contact me directly at my cell phone is area code 317-258-6747
and my email address all one word is [email protected]
and that is just one G at the end of Greg.>>Jena: All right. Awesome. Thank you
so much, and we’ll see you next time on PATINS TV. Find us by searching PATINS Project
on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube or on the web at patinsproject.com.

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