LeBron James MOVIE: The Dark King Rises

[Music] clearly LeBron James has been waiting to explode on the NBA scene for over 16 months now but exactly who is he and what can we tell you about LeBron James when I was living down in projects those hard times you see everything crackheads you know to drug do this to gunshots every night to police sirens and I think it just made me strong how good is LeBron James well simply put Dan LeBron James is the best highschool basketball player I have ever seen and I think as a 17 year old he’s better than Kobe Bryant was at the same age why because he is just as skilled as Kobe Bryant was but he is more physically imposing and six seven 235 pounds he is a man right now and he’s got an extraordinary skill level he’s also a brilliant pass or a guy that could play with other people find teammates and create shots for others he’s got a maturity level that most kids is a it’s just don’t have cover of USA Today the cover of ESPN magazine last year on Sports Illustrated’s cover what do you think is this too much or is it too much pressure for you well I think there’s no pressure for me I think if I come out and play my game and get my team involved in the game you know it’s a lot of notoriety for me and my teammates but I just go out play my game every night and give it our all and if we give it 110% like we did tonight God’s no pressure for us about all that college guys are MBA guys Quebec that in transition finally an opportunity with showy elevation [Applause] we have put him on a such a high pedestal that can’t live up to it even if he’s successful there’s gonna be those who say well he didn’t do this well he didn’t do that you know that’s not fair he’s only 17 with the first pick the Cleveland Cavaliers select LeBron James [Music] how bout the LeBron James story most of us have only seen film clips and parts of games great opportunity to see this young fella in person tonight what a great player he’s going to be you know one of the best parts about it is is athleticism but also they’re kind of him to be a leader he wants to win he’s won every year he’s been in high school but this is the pros he has the weight of a franchise on his shoulders this year to turn them around there is the man of the hour in probably the most anticipated debut of any first-year athlete in any sport do you know who that was of course we are Steve perfume and Steve Levy along the way two words headlining Wednesday night LeBron and enough is enough finally we not only turn off the hike machine but we throw it out the window time to see what all the fuss is about [Applause] I do think that the Bronte as good as advertised [Applause] this reminds me very much of young Michael Jordan who in his first three years in the NBA was unable to get the Bulls a winning record last night I was about six eight and uh you know everyone’s trying to know how much I’m about you know we look at like 250 plus here [Music] [Applause] three you got drink away [Applause] [Applause] deep three when I watch this guy play up close and in person as well as on TV his clearly the league in this boy has been bald he’s been in the best condition of anybody else he’s been focused night and night out like a locomotive coming at you has been the last three games in the fourth quarter he has been spectacular five walk nobody stop yes this is George desk this goes down as one of the all-time performances in James has all the star power there can possibly be I mean he’s 22 years old he’s getting to the finals way ahead of Michael Jordan this kid came into the league with more scrutiny than anyone since Patrick Ewing and he handled it very very well tonight two teams take the NBA’s biggest stage the phone says those two the step back and submit them that’s 41 points from abroad James at the beginning of the season before it started I said he could end up when Ilya get me beyond means nothing to me he’s got to get it done he’s got to get the ring this is not a good look for LeBron I think people are kidding himself about LeBron and his chances LeBron gets staying at ease get to the finals lose again I’m convinced that LeBron James will never win Wade his performance overall grade for LeBron James in game six what is it’s get mama to give him a d-minus in a do-or-die game on the road a game that people had favored them to win from from the start of the playoffs LeBron James had nine turnovers photos he had a terrible game didn’t seem passionate about it at all and is being considered a referendum on LeBrons entire NBA career to this point you know what he looked like one he looked to me like a guy who knew he was leaving town I was stunned there was signaled by LeBron James he’s not engaged a toy Cleveland fans wondering if that’s the last time he’ll take off the Cavalier Jersey well everybody is on pins and needles across the country particularly those teams who are in the running for LeBron James you ready to go the Brawn do you have any doubts about your decision oh no I don’t have any doubts at all we’ve had everybody else biting their nails so I guess it’s time for them to stop chewing the answer to the question everybody wants to know LeBron what’s your to see um this fall man very tough in this farm gonna take my talents to South Beach and join the Miami what you can never prepare for is [Music] fallout or the outcry of someone hurt and in this situation it was a state that was but his name is now in the Hall of Shame in Cleveland sports history but the lasting memory of tonight will be this shot his burning Jersey in Lakewood we’ve supported him for seven years now and for him to go on there and drag us through the mud for seven years established the heart he deserves everything he gets I hope he never wins anything in Miami but we also know you three kings came down here to win championships not one championship two not three not four not five nothing you regret how it ended if you like to apologize for the way it ended Padawan apologize Ron James of the Miami Heat at Quicken Loans unlike any other attempts never seen an electricity in a building and the intensity in the building the fans had their say tonight what would you like to say to them if you could on seven great years loves every park loved every moment from the growth when I was 18 year old kids which 25 year old man and you know just continue to greatness for myself here in Miami and I try to get better every day well I’m viewing it as the weakest move I’ve ever seen from a superstar plain and simple that’s just how I look at it as you said you feel the hate you sort of feel all this and people bring your Jersey on TV what does that turn you into they basically you know and you start to hear to villain now you have to be the villain you you know and I started to buy into it you know I started to play played a game of basketball at home and a level or at a my state that never played before mean angry we all admit he’s the most gifted player in the game today but we have never ever seen a player this gifted who flames out and fails so consistently in late-game situations look what you’ve been doing as great as it is and as great as you are ain’t enough the Dallas Mavericks are NPH first title franchise history on a lightly playoff run capped off by Dallas upsetting LeBron James Dwyane Wade if you don’t get it done I mean I don’t care I don’t care what he does in the regular season is my league in VP I don’t care he can come the first round the second round he’s the Conference Finals I don’t care I care about what you’re gonna do in terms of putting rigs on your fingers it is time I’m tired of this man being celebrated so what we know you’re great how about winning you know you try to do something or try to become something that you’re not it could change your habits it can change with you practice all over the years it can change the way you you know believe in things and see things you know I believe so much that I wasn’t feeling know these guys going after Batman and I believe thumping the champion I fuckin the Hall of famous throughout my client and they talked about the price that they paid in order to win to be crowned champions and this guy is walking around like he’s won the title it bothers me enough got it’s not period looking up the floor picks it up slow to get up he went down stay down for a bit you know when you fall and you fail so many times you just say you know you kinda just look yourself in the mirror and say well you know what are you gonna do about back out to change another trait Oh [Applause] [Applause] shop change for the record give it everything you’ve been through when the clock hit triple zeros what’s the first thing that ran through your mind it’s about damn time title it’s not a kid anymore he’s a grown man he conducts himself like a grown man on the court it’s terms of being the leader the level of focus is definitely elevated you know you got to look at him and understand that he no longer has that proverbial monkey on his back where championship has eluded him where people are still questioning and wondering when is he going to capture that elusive ring all of those things come into play tribute to him being far more improved than he was back five six years ago slaps the anvil it’s wrong sit down waitwhat James that’s release [Music] James on the attack dogs to the Rebbe there comes a show abroad you are constantly faced with the venom from the outside how when everybody is coming at you you perform at the level me I can’t worry about what everybody say about me I’m LeBron James from Akron Ohio from the inner city I’m not even supposed to be that’s enough every night I walk into the gelato I see at number six with James on the back I’m blessed so when everybody say about me off the court no matter I ain’t got no words Bron James we saw him put up a triple-double and got knocked out and essentially a five game sweep he can’t play any better than he played last year I don’t know if that looked like fatigue to me look more like frustration and emotion when you’ve bought so much into a season and you’re six minutes away from another team winning the championship it can Nichkhun Nichkhun mommy I think a lot of didn’t recognition that it’s over when you put 350 or so million dollars in the three players you’re demanding if you’re the owner if I was the owner of that team I’d be demanding they’d win and you cannot overstate my this is about the collapse of the Miami Heat if you have a guy with three MVPs and no rings and people are saying he’s the most over a guy of all time today what you got is people saying wow how many is he going to get oh are we near in the end on this year no we’re not this is like where Michael Jordan was in like 1993 no there’s this chapters and chapters to come I mean he’s still a young man he’s got half his career to go issue I got him playing another eight or nine years certainly five or six at the top yeah of his game it’s the second time going through all of this for LeBron James the last time you may remember he had teams come to him to make their pitches but this time James is leading the initial legwork to someone else’s agent is meeting with multiple teams how serious should we take this this is serious you know LeBron James is a real free agent seems that I’m seeing from LeBrun’s house outside Akron well that there are is like almost like a religious experience developing people are pilgrimage in Memphis and gathering this to me sums up to the LeBron experience in in Cleveland the moment of LeBrons decision was revealed just before 12:30 this afternoon fans downtown a rhombic you went into a frenzy it is that the fans were saying welcome back [Music] with all the success he found with the heat there’s one thing he couldn’t replace Ohio people that came to me and said LeBron you got to do what makes you happy i’ma do what makes my city it must stay and that’s why I came back I love you [Music] the last sentence is the only sentence that really matters the last sentence says I’m ready to accept the challenge I’m coming home and what he means by that is I’m expecting the challenge to bring a championship to Cleveland [Applause] [Music] comes a-running James get in Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James you have the best player in the world I don’t know if Cleveland has to deal with the state is going to throw that gym Steph Curry’s pulling up the minute he walks past half court it seems accent to hell long distance again but I think it’s a better than 80% chance to go to the states going I can’t see how Cleveland’s gonna come back from this and the dream season is now complete the Golden State Warriors of the 2015 NBA champions we haven’t seen the best of O’Brien now he’s taking off lebron james as an individual player is just better he’s bigger he’s stronger and he’s doing things that has never been done before he feels the stats up across the board night in and night out you talking about a kid who can easily average a triple-double if he choose again now he understands dis controlled the game see it takes a special person to know how to control both work itself jaeseok that’s not fair LBJ’s a basket of roses or distance again spacings very poor right now for the Cavaliers Thompson Thompson lines up a three play types of his second three-pointer [Music] 26 first half points it’s open it’s another trade [Applause] the Golden State Warriors are like take a commandment da finals run James and the Cavs now in a big hole as they head back to Oakland [Music] I don’t know how the man feels or obviously people have feelings and guesses feelings just got her what did you say clay said play said I guess he just got his feelings lebron james showed up and said i’m not ready for this to end i’m not gonna allow the reigning defending NBA champions to celebrate for a second consecutive year alley-oop to James across town he showed up last night fresh off of a 41-point performance in Game five at the Oracle he returned to the cube and did the same thing against the reigning defending champion and Chinese he won Steph Curry shot and it turns around talking smack to the reigning two-time League MVP and I suspect that comes Sunday night LeBron James is going to make his presence felt emphatically and go this thing is going to have to have an answer for that this is what game sevens are all about the NBA gets what it wants the NBA fans get what it wants we certainly get what we want and it’s two MVPs going up against one another and I couldn’t be more hyped about it I love this this is why I cover the NBA for the last 20 years for moments like this the Cavaliers become just the third team to force a game seven when three one in the final lebron james looked as cool and as ice-cold as they come when it comes to somebody being in this moment along with the pressure that comes with it he doesn’t seem fazed he seems focused he seems ready down 3-1 on the brink of elimination the Cleveland Cavaliers are now on the brink of history from becoming the first team in NBA history to overcome a 3-1 deficit and capture an NBA crap [Music] you’re a guy that the NBA basically has placed a mantle on your shoulders and essentially say carry this league into the next day did you ever feel like you didn’t want that responsibility no I’ve always wanted to be the leader I’ve always wanted what everybody else didn’t know I’m controlling my destiny I want when I be doing I don’t want people to say well he ended up the same way as this person or this player I won’t be able to say that LeBron James did it his way and now he’s staying on the bench watching the plan I see the fast-break loss like oh fuck and all of a sudden because I’m watching the head of the play and I’m watching this thing happening and all of a sudden I see a black blur go out of nowhere Donna Cleveland is a city of Champions once again the Cavaliers are NBA champions and the emotions for LeBron James who delivers on his promise to come home and bring a championship to his beloved hometown when I came back to bring a championship to the city I gave him everything that I had I put my heart my blood my sweat my tears to his David it gives all of us I don’t know why the man Hardy’s role there’s nothing to man above don’t put you in situations that you can’t handle I said of Sanwa diminish let’s say this is what he won’t [Music] [Music]

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