Legal Residency Experience: Scott Chase

The UNH staff was great they helped narrow down some opportunities that would be interesting for me and that would allow me to do exactly what i was looking to do which is really to practice in court and learn the process really from the outset to the final words to the jury having the chance to go to the county attorney’s office and practice in the courtroom was a chance for me to figure out is that really what I want to do myself and the other extern were thinking maybe we should be transactional attorneys but then when you stand up and you can feel yourself getting comfortable and tackling it and be able to stand up and think on your feet it’s almost an addiction and I can’t wait to stand up in court again jury trials have been divided up we’ve had the opportunity to do what we want to do and for instance I’ve had the opportunity to stand in front of the jury and do openings closings direct examinations cross-examinations so as far as a story or something exciting that’s recently happened we were given an opportunity myself and one of the other legal externs to work on a case that involves a serious felony where somebody drew a firearm and actually started discharging it during a road rage incident now this is a pretty advanced case I’ve already had two chances to stand up in court and due to jury trials there was some question about whether or not this was the level that of case where an intern may not be appropriate to handle it but the legal residency where we are it gives them the chance to assess you and to be able to provide you the freedom to get involved so they were actually more than willing to let us get involved so I know already that I’ll be conducting the opening argument or opening statement for that case as well as splitting up the witnesses and getting a chance to actually work on this case that is going to go over three days with 20 witnesses and it’s you know I’m really looking forward to it and just a great opportunity

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