LendIt Fintech USA 2018 Highlights

Welcome you all to LendIt FinTech USA
2018! All right, we’re so excited that we get to bring together the investors, the
technologists, people that really make fintech move forward. The great thing
about LendIt is it’s one of the only places we can go and literally find a
tremendous number of companies and people that not only we want to – but we
have to – speak with. LendIt has quickly grown into one of the largest financial
services conferences in the world. So at Wells Fargo we have a belief that
fintechs and all of you would be really important for the capabilities that we
are bringing to market. When Bitcoin finally came, I thought – woah! – this is
awesome. We want to participate in events where
we’ve got people working on all kinds of challenging problems. That’s what excites
us at Quicken Loans and so I think that’s the type of audience you find
here at LendIt. Here we gather as a community to
recognize those companies that have really done outstanding work in the past
12 months. To have this many top of the food chain fintech folks is just remarkable.

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