Length Check And How To Grow Your Natural Hair #hairgrowthoil #ricewater #ricewaterrinse

hello hello hello crazy hello guys how are you today today’s Sunday and Italy Sunday anyway today is Sunday okay so I just came from church about some four hours ago before I stopped doing this video I just wanted to eat to filled my stomach and soon you know to prepare myself [Music] you guys won’t know that I’m kind of shy anytime to do talking video like this I always look for courage oh my godness mosquito’s biting me yeah anyways sorry for that um it sounds to do video like this I always look for courage always just think of how to to be you know that’s confident but not hungry people don’t know me they know I’m not as making I’m a sociopath I don’t make boots ooh laughs you know and so on and so forth but I never knew that this is a way for me to you know to be to discuss you know for my marry me which I’m a shy person guys I’m a shy face anyway I just want you guys to know this about me I mean shy person really okay now this video was requested by this is sister of mine you guys are all lovely okay very very system yourself or two for M she’s she’s she’s different okay I don’t bring jealousy in here anyway I love you guys I love you all what I’m trying to say here is that she makes me to love like crazy I don’t know I don’t know how you know you guys know me but I know you all okay the same thing about her I don’t know how but here’s something if I had missed me I feel I feel I see something I just like the way I do she just won’t on your shin she doesn’t know me in person Wow I don’t I don’t know let me do it all spring jello sitting here I know you guys love me I know of you guys are all the same okay no she asks me okay let me read what she said okay she said the bomb we can start to do length check and since that I use so yeah I’m going to talk about some things that I use okay I used a lot of things she really she guest in bondage she gets it really she said that she wants to know about all my code cautions really guys I used all my product I don’t use any put on all day okay everything I use on my hair really is all my concussion it’s all my concussion because it doesn’t give me build up does give me itchy doesn’t give me any problem cuz it’s what I mean it’s what you guys saw me doing in my videos okay I don’t put anything can i what I put his head I know it so I know what it’s not good on my scalp what can cause aggressive to my scalp I know them so this is what I miss I make sure I try to miss something not chemical and mix everything natural okay that would be good for my hair and my scalp because my main problem is my scar when my scalp we all know down healthy scar brings healthy hair if your scarf is see just that woman oh my god guys I have was bites by a mosquito here now hobbies I have a Miss mosquito coil well anyways as I was saying we all know that when you have a good scar be healthy scum it’s just like a soy when you have a fat type a soy ready to you plant there we go even we don’t play sanity natural relatives who grow from the bat when the land is not feta there’s not you can do a sec we’re going to treat it for years then for you can start not okay so what I mean but if I was copies helps you guys your hair will grow way you don’t need I don’t take I don’t take any how frying in future I’ll maybe I’ll try to take any I let me see hair growth piece but for now I’m not thinking of dots because I see her grow naturally okay maybe you might want you to grow fast you might watch it you won’t want to leave it I let it grow naturally okay before it’ll grow there are all year than you can mix and there are ways you can use the oiler that will make you to go fast one that we just missing oh yeah and you fear that the oil is okay no there are way to mix this all year and you do scalp massage I mean like me I do my scalp massage every night before I go to bed as I use my products I used Oliveira I use it to just massage my scalp because I’m very salty bacteria santa form oh it’s F so also grow your hair well so I use Oliveira just a silly doing to massage my scalp then in the morning I will use my shea butter or my carrot oh yay I will just rub it in my pan on my palm sorry I’ll rub it on my pond and I’ll put it on my pal Robert I’m you to massage my scalp my head so that I will pocket but the most thing is that I let my hair out just let me sit through twice it twice now just two times a week week I don’t allow my hair to stay more than two days because if it stays in the air model to do a to see dryness and because I wanted to start breaking and freezing that is why I did my freezing serum for her freezer duster on guys is very very very very good da sugamice help you because I have dry a crown micron a hair area is a Buddha type of texture is very drying from every other part of mine in fact in my head I have three type of hair texture it’s not listen test – I have an affront I have at the crown area not a damn map area so guys that is why I use tried study my hair the most thing is I you should study your hair and you have to try so many things to know what your hair like anyway I’m sorry this is what I did I have to try so many things and discover what my hair really want I know that my hair is it dry and frizzy inside so I go for always moisturizing product to moisturize my hair against dryness but I have dry scalp 1/2 lickings cup before midnight ok because of what I’m using and how I’m using it – so guys now let me go to the question she asks me fat she said they’ll be able to do length check ok guys let’s do the length check ok naturally let me put on my I’m going to because here in Italy we use a 17 meters so you said scimitar to measure natively ok fine way I know that CI engine and judo use inches okay so able to measure with my city mixer there are ways to check it online sorry glad I need to tell you guys in inch how my hair is in inch so today I am NOT going to because I have this mine I use my edge control which I also promised one of my subscriber I was going to do the video so I did edge control guide City know Callie hey edge control is very very strong it holds coil is hope sorry what am I saying it holds my hair very strong guys this is going to last 3 days I really I did it today by not go to last 3 days because it’s very very strong and I’m going to color then everyday I will just smooth it out with some water so fast I’m going to I know it’s not all the hair out CA because I have it’s gel down with my edge control so better however I’m going to Joseph ah I’m going to just stretch it in this form let’s do this we let me soon eat a little bit ok am I going to do it Rose you know ok then through here ok it gives me ah then it gave me 20 Sam you gave me 27 centimeter so now way to check 27 sets in each arm how okay three centimeter is ten and a half inch out of front here okay now I’m going to check here here this part of my head is the most longer part of my head you felt some time ago I was saying I used to cut off this my part of head yeah I used to cut because it grows more than every other parts let me say naturally everyone else in in in Africa my head at my crotch area is the most let me say shots are part of my head so I’m going to also do it like this I’m going to cheat myself because I really want to know okay how many inch wow this place said sexy sexy Mesa I think I’ll be busted two centimeter okay let me just I mean okay I see some little yeah button I can’t do everything well okay okay now let me mention my crown area my criteria guys I caught some inch of because the ends we is so teen because it was breaking okay it was breaking it was so thin so I have to it was long bet they were just Scouts country no there were no uniform so I have to cut through stats because I know where to go so I knew because this I did a thorough hmm guys I love that serum I love it so it’s very happy my my my crop area now so let me make sure my crotch area I don’t want to miss your parents what have not gone this measurement not even within myself while I love this question because I also need to know I’m using if it’s walking bad guys what I’m using every product I’m doing is walking on my head really if you watch at the beginning of my video and watch where we are now you will see how my hair has really really grow up okay time to eat like this okay here gives me that 10 points 5 min the centimeter so I checked it’s a cinch it gave me 4 points 5 inch ok so this is very very strong ok now lets me tell us my bark yeah my head is awesome ok let me just forget about Linda’s test do my bath area here that’s my knob area will directs the thing is there for me to measure in this phone okay I have it twenty twenty point theory I have 20 points yeah well three centimeter so you’re not seen she also asked me my hair regimen okay guys um apart from the shampoo that we all do okay I have a particular way which I do my shampoo I put some video also days ago the last video I posted how I do my shop I do true type of shampoo one is to reach my head and my scalp the other one is to please and and let me say and treat my scalp from bacteria which i mix with tea tree and lemon because lemon Stacia oil guys please if you have if you don’t monetary value most oh yeah you are mixing lemon essential oil a is very very cool apart from its content it’s a me see a lot of bitumen is very very good just miss it on your hair conditioner or your shampoo is very very good if you don’t like it to be be assisity to the tree or not every oil and everybody used a that is might be good to know because it would mean I don’t like like example I don’t use those maybe oh yeah I love rosemary oh yeah I don’t use even foundries I use it very very very little because it costs a lot of I have insensitive to rosemary oh yay okay so it can cause my scalp to be inky and irritative from people say this kind o is good at is this bad it’s just that my skin insisted to Ruth Marie oh yeah so like lemon oh yeah Wow guys I love lemon oh yeah to mix my shampoo or put it on my conditioner or anything i preserved lemon oh yeah seriously coat just because I love it on my head on my scalp guys really then my hair regime a guys is what you guys saw me doing in all my video my fault Harry Jimmy is my shea botanist my shea butter mix is what has my scalp I have a location okay and we know that shea butter coconut oil does do we mix them it’s just in my to do you miss them and mostly the greatest thing in this my mixture is my and Rivera is my al Rivera cuz Oliveira is very good for my scalp it heals my scalp irritation it heals my scalp redness is huge my scar from in chief um it’s so on and so forth I can’t name them now from those ten dust cap so those saw scar those I authorized I do have not if I don’t use it okay not this period when I don’t use it okay you can remember when I said I love I I didn’t know that man once my redeemer was my shea butter mix know was when my hair was growing okay this is this is my um my edges this is my edge that was breaking out last time which I have to treat out okay glass you see how it has grown okay it has chrome okay so this is it it has but what’s also going to do video of how I treat it everything I will do a video about it so if my edges are wrong really because I returned to my hair regimen but I stopped using this regime and not because I think I didn’t know it was doing Santi to my head we’re gonna have the lots of products now can I use these uses okay fine by the time one more two more three months I begin to find my hair was you know just irritate seem young where my hair my scalp is really testing me it is start to break out you don’t be breaking out really guys it’s a rubbish eyes I don’t pray you guys have the experience it’s a bad thing okay your hair your scalp you’ll be reaching you continuously you’re hunting always be there you know touching and in this case your hair a big we become fragile and break out this is how this is how a pitcher does so when I discover something was missing in my regime and so what is going on then before I figure it out of saying I said okay I think it is shea butter mix so I did it again really I I know I knew the only thing noses in my regime a and I also stopped missing is my oil for my tea tree sorry for my hot oil treatments then now guys I’m not seen is my oil which I did last time for hair growth and for for you which is my car rod cookin Cuba and the mango which I mixed together this oil is very cool that was the same oil I used to my people last before my shampoo which the video I post this oil is nice okay it’s is nice this my crime area yes is naturally dry rough when I was small it’s always dried up place all those are flicking this oil is very good okay this very oil is good to do your people by don’t use it as my hot we’re used on people okay but I don’t too hot it again then in spite down wonder my creamy which I used to moisturize its now I go forced with my shape butter mix after the shop or the conditioner I will not use my shea butter mix on my head as the base I don’t use oh yay I use because my hair is a dry hair when I’m in dry me extremely dry if I have to manipulate my head too much now you will see how I start to go dry you know that’s why I don’t want to let my hair as well then I will use my shape more time means to moisturize my hair the base how he put my eye at sighs I just leave only the shea butter I’m not in happen okay because it will help me to it will have to treat my hair my scalp more than maybe loading only juice cream order cream on top my hair depend on the weather and on and on how I feel you know our heads off just like wings to like drinking water body tell you I’m testing so the same way i sees my head is how i also see my head sees my head that’ll make me to add cream now another creamy i love so when is the the hell that does they they cream for a given volume and thick ahead oh my god it’s a new regimen guys guys please that cream is very very very rich I’m not saying this because I must sinful any I am the one we need one day we are also going to talk about the the cream I did which wasn’t good to my head we are also going to talk about that bear is very creamy that’s rich thick and it also met in and keep moisture on your head because they summer I bought it she has this dragon freezing I semi because she has colored a Hey anyway she used it she came to background on for her sister because she found is very to convey it helps her to her hair too also koi way so guys so as for the regimen this is what I use for my hair Regina so now then other thing I do to keep my hair we don’t grow I think okay is that I don’t as I said at the beginning our Lake area just outside this maximum three days depending on how I seize my hair is see okay when I see that is going try you know we wait yes with my arm with my ginger and the abyss cause flower 3 which I also posted a video sometime it go I will link everything which I’m talking about now words I’ll be using how I did them I will link them down below you guys click on on the link down below to check how I did all this thing if you have dry hair if you have flicking your inches come on even if you have no master oh no my hair okay you can use it goddess or natural acting okay so guys um I will twist my hair every three days four days five days seven days Jose depend on how I found our paulus test my hair I want to test my own is own twist and we try to roll it to see if I have moisture or oily so as you can see my hair is very oily now okay so is very really I don’t consider she okay yeah you can see the shame so my best cream is my karotz creamy which I did last guys this dance I’m gonna hide moisturizing creamy carrot definitely I love carrots oh yeah it’s very good for my scalp it comes irritation guys there’s no harm in trying I’m not perfect but what I’m using is good for me as I’m using it so if you want you know if you are into it if I’m searching for video YouTube for anything anything you find it might be good so you might not be good to you to your body your scalp your head it doesn’t me that in is not working it’s working for who the body it is for if it’s not for your body I’ve tried so many things which i sees on YouTube they don’t some works it from don’t okay I – and do I do clothes then I do – I tell you one that is useful to me okay I removed one of it that we’re not useful the one I found this Shibata not the way they mix it okay I am that this is what I added to my shape what I miss which I wish I found then on YouTube was just normal okay I start to add some tea to mine I did it justly – I see some do you walk okay so the walls are fading I was it on youtube like this so do what sun-filled okay then I tried and awesome to just come to me and say let me try this for him so just comfortable let me try this for so by doing try it right so this is what was happening to me true I do I show it off because if it’s no good for me I just think there’s no need to give it to anybody cause I have I’m a kind of person that I have these questions that when something is not good for me why would I give you to somebody you know it’s like wickedness so I just throw it off so guys this my hair regime and everything you guys for me using doing I used it I used it because I really need to know what I’m doing okay I use it to my body for system maybe I’m just doing it for video to upload we don’t know guys if you know me well I know what I’m saying I don’t do it because of video I do it because it’s what I’m also going through you I really don’t need to know what I’m doing okay because it’s like I’m despite doubts now I have a book that I’m reading to see all this is how to mix them the quantity to miss okoma have mesquite all over me here the quantity to mix with them and not – because salty might be good just like coconuts oh yay so I’m a sensitive to coconut oil so guys I hope you all enjoy watching my video and as for those of you that was good to my channel for the first time my name is joy I hope you enjoyed my video I hope you also liked even though even if not my video of what I post but at least this specimen at least you ladies crazy Pacey please and we don’t want alone you can just click the red button subscribe to my channel and follow me up if not for my teens but for me so guys thank you for watching my video long free to subscribe if you are new year thank you so much for the sofa kala or in my subscriber I love you guys thank you for helping your sister out for supporting me please don’t be shy don’t be relaxed honest I don’t know how well we well we like chat with her look guys I’ve said it before I’m going to say it again if I don’t want anybody to talk to me why would I be here okay I’m here to make friends I’m here to meet people all over the world and get to know new people okay and you guys have brought so much to my heart and to my bestman life so I I would love you guys to be free in any question you want to ask feel free okay just feel free okay thank you all for watching my video god bless you all tangibly mmm [Music] [Music]

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  • thanks for your lovely video please can you make a daily leave in conditionner or daily oil for hair as it's falling and breaks thanks

  • u are such a beautiful warm person whoโ€™s personality and inner beauty just JUMPS right out at cha! I ๐Ÿ˜ Love ๐Ÿ’• it! Thank you my shy sister๐Ÿ˜‚ u do great every time you get on here๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ Thanks ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ for explaining your regimen..and girrrrrrl I about fell out my chair laughing ๐Ÿ˜‚ When I saw reaction on your face when you measured your hair. Even you were surprised ๐Ÿ˜ฒ! I KNEW your hair had grown like crazy but wooooow! Your hairs thriving ..I need a simple version of your gel cause I promise you, my edges be curled this way that way, here, there, and just standing at attention for no reason!๐Ÿคญ๐Ÿคญ๐Ÿคญ๐Ÿคซ๐Ÿคซ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜†..havenโ€™t found gel to tame these bad boys..but your edges were great! so please heeeelp a sista out..it was fun watching you. And that mosquito was just trying to get his 5 minutes of fame..bahaahaa..love you my beautiful friend and sister.. Philippians 4:13

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